Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Old and new

On Friday, November 11, the New England Society in the City of New York hosted its 206th Annual Dinner at the Metropolitan Club. Members and friends gathered to honor Charles Kittredge, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Crane & Co., with the Reginald T. Townsend Award, as well as to honor the current and past New England Society scholarship recipients.

Kittredge, a sixth-generation descendent of Crane & Co. founder Zenas Crane, took over the helm in 2007, and since then has greatly expanded the 210 year old company through innovative modernization. He is also known for his involvement with the Zenas Crane Fund for Student Aid which provides college scholarships.
Veterans Corps of Artillery
Ron Gold Conducting
Cocktail reception
Dinner toasts
Upon accepting his Townsend Award, Kittredge shared the story of his New England ancestry. His gracious words and personal message were enthusiastically received by the 170 guests in attendance. The dancing and celebrating continued until midnight. A terrific evening was had by all thanks to co-chairs Jay Sherwood and Karen and Stuart Bevan.
Stuart and Karen Bevan
Anne Miller and Rick Perkins
James Barton, Susan Baker, Nancy Barton, and Charles Baker
Nancy and Tom Farrell
Liz Apgar, Nancy Swiezy, and Chris Apgar
Richard Johnson, Harry Chung, Jay Sherwood, and Peter Felfe
Veterans Corps of Artillery, Anne Elser, and Jennifer Mitchell
Rachel Santangelo, David Santangelo, Eric Rothman, and Ian McClatchey
Steve Kukoda, Amy D'Agostino, and David D'Agostino
Robert Bell, Gail Gaston, and Gregory Gumbs
Sarah Hudson, Ronald Gold, and President Caroline Camougis
Judy Bliss, Melissa Zack, and Terry Smart
Tom Hill, Kate Edmonds Donner, and Alex Donner
Stuart and Karen Bevan, President Caroline A Camougis, and Jay Sherwood
Rev. John Smith and Zita Davidson
Allison White and Peter Felfe
Guy Robinson and Elizabeth Stribling
Alan Feuer
Alex Donner and Doran A Mullen
Anne Elser and Fred Elser
Susan Kittredge and Honoree Charles Kittredge
Coleen and Tom Hill
George Doyle
President Caroline Camougis and Honoree Charles Kittredge
Charles Baker and Larry Golding
Wendy Carduner hosted a Champagne Reception at Doubles to celebrate the Olmsted Visionaries, a new subcommittee of the Women's Committee of the Central Park Conservancy. The Olmsted Visionaries is a group of civic-minded and forward-looking individuals who care about Central Park and have included the Conservancy in their estate plans.

100 guests sipped champagne and learned more about the Central Park Conservancy and estate planning from Conservancy President, Douglas Blonsky and attorneys Paul Comeau and Katherine Cauley of Hodgson Russ LLP. In the crowd were the Olmsted Visionaries Committee members Wendy Carduner, Robyn Joseph, Eleanora Kennedy, Betsy Messerschmitt, and Nancy Missett. Also Marcia Mishaan, Anna Kennedy Safir, Douglas Thomas, Nyssa Kourakos, MK O'Saughnessy, Mai Hallingby, Joyce Cowin, Kamie Lightburn, Judith Churchill, Hillie Mahoney, Suzie Aijala, Women's Committee President Anne Harrison, Kristi Witker, Paige Hardy, and Paxton Quigley.

For more information on the Olmsted Visonaries and the Women's Committee of the Central Park Conservancy, please visit
Kay Toll, Doug Blonsky, and Joyce Cowin
Barbara Regna and Margo Langenberg
Margaret Hedberg, Mikel Witte, and Lila Prounis
Michael and Eleanora Kennedy, Katherine Cauley, and Paul Comeau
Laura Hall and Judith Churchill
Daniel Ahlberg and Annette Rickel
Jackie Yale and Heidi Sheinman
Linda Kurtz, Suzie Aijala, Kamie Lightburn, and Paxton Quigley
Marcia Mishaan, Anna Kennedy Safir, and Wendy Carduner
Nancy Missett, Eleanora Kennedy, Wendy Carduner, Robyn Joseph, and Betsy Messerschmitt
Anki Leeds, Anne Harrison, and Eleanora Kennedy
Patricia Weeks and Margo Langenberg
Linda Kurtz, Suzie Aijala, and Denise Hoogland Malkin
Marilyn Calderwood and Dodge Olmsted
Kristi Witker and Douglas Thomas
Mary Karen O'Shaughnessy, Nyssa Kourakos, Sally Minard, and Catherine Colley
Giosetta Capriati, Mai Hallingbly, and Hillie Mahoney
Gilda's Club New York City (GCNYC) honored Dr. David Schenkein, Dr. James Allison, and ID Media on Thursday, November 17, 2011 at its 16th Anniversary Benefit Gala at the Pierre Hotel.

The efforts of these individuals have helped shape the course of medicine for thousands of patients living with cancer and their families. Dr. Schenkein joined Agios in 2009 as the CEO and has been a hematologist and medical oncologist for more than 20 years. He has published more than 75 peer-reviewed articles. Under his leadership as the former head of oncology drug development at Millennium and Genentech, multiple novel and important oncology medicines have come to market. Agios is passionately committed to the fundamental transformation of cancer patients' lives through scientific leadership in the field of cancer metabolism.
Dr. Allison is a leader in the field of immunology, particularly in developing ways to help the immune system recognize and destroy cancer cells. His research is focused on the mechanisms that regulate the immunological response of T lymphocytes. He found a molecule, CTLA-4 that plays a critical role in turning off T cells. He went on to show that antibodies to CTLA-4 could induce rejection of tumors in preclinical animal models. Allison was involved in the generation of antibodies to human CTLA-4 which have been extensively tested in clinical trials in a variety of human cancers. It was recently shown to significantly increase survival in late stage melanoma patients, with about 25% surviving 4+ years. This antibody, Ipilimumab, was the first drug ever to show survival benefit in late stage melanoma. It was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of melanoma.

In addition, a special presentation of "The Bill Modell Heart of Gold Award" was made to ID Media for their outstanding volunteer efforts within our community.
Robert Easton, Dale Paden, Lily Safani, Migdalia Torres
Robert Easton, Dale Paden, Lily Safani, and Migdalia Torres
Diana Williams hosted the event for her seventh year in a row. "We are honored to have Diana's continued support as part of this important event, and to help us share our story," said Lily Safani, CEO of GCNYC. A new addition to the evening was auctioneer, C. Hugh Hildesley, from Sotheby's.

Donations made will enable GCNYC to raise awareness and help fulfill its mission to provide social and emotional support for everyone living with cancer in New York City, including their families and friends – FREE of charge.
Cocktails ...
... and dinner.
Gilda's Club New York City creates welcoming communities of free support for everyone living with cancer - men, women, teens and children - along with their families and friends. The innovative program is an essential complement to medical care, providing networking and support groups, workshops, lectures and social activities, all free of charge. Gilda's Club provides the program in beautiful, non-residential homelike settings: its clubhouse is a four-story brownstone on West Houston Street in Manhattan, with seven sites in Brooklyn and the Bronx as part of its community satellite program. Visit for more information.
Debra Coughlin, Lynn Fantom, Liz Deutsch, Diana Williams
Debra Coughlin, Lynn Fantom, Liz Deutsch, and Diana Williams
Shannon Pereira, Jan Campbell, Jasmine Ferrer
Shannon Pereira, Jan Campbell, and Jasmine Ferrer
Robert Eastman, Dr.Jim Allison, David Schenkein, Mark Alles
Robert Eastman, Dr.Jim Allison, David Schenkein, and Mark Alles
Amy Daroukakis, Young -Eun Choi, Juanita McGonagle, Desiree Flores
Amy Daroukakis, Young -Eun Choi, Juanita McGonagle, and Desiree Flores
Frank Russo, Ann Russo
Frank and Ann Russo
Gigi Robins, Miss Teen USA Danielle Dody, Margaux Robins
Gigi Robins, Miss Teen USA Danielle Dody, and Margaux Robins
Robert Eastman, Joan Eastman, Rachel Eastman
Robert, Joan, and Rachel Eastman
The  Schenkein family
The Schenkein family
Diana Williams, Eileen Jackson
Diana Williams and Eileen Jackson
Jason Aryeh, Ellen Lubman
Jason Aryeh and Ellen Lubman
Kristin McCann, Hugh Hidesley
Kristin McCann and Hugh Hidesley
Caption/Description: David Schenkein, Lynn Fantom, James Allison
David Schenkein, Lynn Fantom, and James Allison
Matt Young and Calie Traber
Matt Young and Calie Traber
Sam Waksal, Constance Sheridan, Kevin Sheridan
Sam Waksal, Constance Sheridan, and Kevin Sheridan
Jennifer Goulding, Anastasia Semienko, Ron Vigliotta, Kerstein Allen, Nigel Whitebread
Jennifer Goulding, Anastasia Semienko, Ron Vigliotta, Kerstein Allen, and Nigel Whitebread
Ellen Roth, Merrill Roth
Ellen and Merrill Roth
Corinne Pemberly, Melissa Pemberly
Corinne Pemberly and Melissa Pemberly
Gabriel Cavazos, Allison Cavazos
Gabriel and Allison Cavazos
Aaron Schwimmer, Martin De Jong, Lorenzo Paoletti, William Ho
Aaron Schwimmer, Martin De Jong, Lorenzo Paoletti, and William Ho
Caption/Description: Lakisha Smith, Norman Lane
Lakisha Smith and Norman Lane
Caption/Description:  Lynn Fantom, Luisa
Lynn Fantom and Luisa
Caption/Description: Max Horn, Rachel Krieger, Ari Schnitzer, Tracey Doolin
Max Horn, Rachel Krieger, Ari Schnitzer, and Tracey Doolin
Caption/Description: Kristin McCann, Michael PosillicoTracey Doolin
Kristin McCann, Michael Posillico, and Tracey Doolin
Caption/Description: Steve Israel, Anna Kacanghyan
Steve Israel and Anna Kacanghyan
Caption/Description: Julian Adams, Patty Levin, Nick Leschley
Julian Adams, Patty Levin, and Nick Leschley
Volunteers with Gift Bags
Volunteers with gift bags
Last Wednesday night at the Four Seasons restaurant Love Heals, the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education celebrated its 20th Anniversary Gala, honoring Julianna Margulies, Cristina Greeven Cuomo and Michael Lorber, with a performance by Daphne Rubin-Vega and Anthony Rapp of Rent.
Lisa Sandler and Donny Deutsch
Emily Mortimer
Eric vin Kuersteiner and Adriel Reboh
Jerrold Gertz and Carol Gertz
Victoria Leacock Hoffman and Hal Rubenstein
Elizabeth Lyons, Julianna Margulies, and Dini von Mueffling
John Courtabasso and Joellen Courtabasso
Josh Charles and Christine Baranski
Stefani Greenfield and Jeff Mahshie
Debbie Bancroft
Jennifer Gould and Alison Brod
Alexandra Lebenthal
Jean Shafiroff, Eric Rudin, and Simone Levinson
Dionyse Fitzwilliam and Jeffrey Lawrence
Coralie Paul and Dennis Paul
Amy Plum and Dr. Gervaise Gerstner
Anthony Rapp and Daphne Rubin-Vega
Carol Lewis
Tia Walker and Melissa Meyers
Julianna Margulies, Alan Cumming, Hal Rubenstein, and Christine Baranski
Charles von Mueffling and Kiane von Mueffling
Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox
Andrea Greeven Douzet, Chris Cuomo, Christina Greeven Cuomo, Ranier Greeven, and Regina Greeven
Dini von Mueffling and Julianna Margulies
Christina Greeven Cuomo, Chris Cuomo, and Matilda Cuomo
Julian Niccolini
Kiane von Mueffling and Coralie Charriol Paul
Tara Lowenberg and Greta Monaghan
Stephanie Hirsch
London Harris and Dede Harris
Elise Feuerman, Jerry Gertz, and Carol Gertz
Lauren DeNiro and Emily Mortimer
Patricia Duff and Adam Lippes (Love Heals); (NES); Cutty McGill (CPC); Rob Rich/ (Gilda's Club).
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