Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Old fashioned cocktail parties and galas dinners

A cocktail reception at Doubles marking the 18th annual Quest 400 List.
Last Thursday night at Doubles, Quest Magazine and Chris Meigher and this writer hosted a cocktail reception marking the 18th annual Quest 400 List. What it is is an old fashioned cocktail party -- like what cocktail parties where a lot of people who know each other or know someone who knows someone get together at the end of a busy day in New York and just enjoy the company.
Misha Nonoo, Krista Krieger, Flo Fulton, and Porsha Ellis
Betsy Perry, John Jakobson, and Joan Jakobson
Lisa McCarthy, Mary Snow, and Alexia Hamm Ryan
RoAnn Costin, Amy Fine Collins, and Paola Quadratti
Kate Edmonds Donner, Alex Donner, and Martha Glass
Cynthia Lufkin, Dan Lufkin, and Cornelia Guest
Joy Ingham, Joe Pugliesi, Gillian Miniter, and Sylvester Miniter
Geoffrey Thomas, Mario Buatta, and Christopher Mason
Patricia Duff, Robin Kasimer, and Dana Hammond
Sharon Bush, Kate Edmonds Donner, and William Eubanks
Carl Tiedemann, Kari Tiedemann, Barbara de Portago, and Si Anthony
Robin Kazimer, Joel Kazimer, Caroline Roehm, and Katherine Bryan
A whole lotta talkin' going on. One of those parties where it's easy to be there and everyone's glad.
Jennifer Creel and Amy Fine Collins
Tantivy Gubelmann and Marjorie Gubelmann
Grace Meigher and S. Christopher Meigher
Cornelia Guest and Elizabeth Meigher
Debbie Bancroft
James Tang and Victoria Harman
Muriel Seibert and Dennis O'Connor
Lee and Cece Black
Wendy Carduner, Somers Farkas, and Peggy Siegal
Wilbur and Hilary Ross
Elizabeth Brown and Tripp Potter
Ellery Gordon and Marjorie Gordon
Tim Malloy and Lisa McCarthy
Grace Meigher and David Patrick Columbia
Redington and Robin Jahncke
Jeff Pfeifle and Kirk Basnight
Betsy and Bill Sandberg
Louise Masano and Todd Greeno
Ann Jackson and Ken Wilson
Stephen Attoe and Patricia Attoe
Jack Fennebresque and Christie Schiff
Peter Lyden and Vanessa Noel
Misha Nonoo, Page Leidy, and Annabel Vartanian
Ann Downey and Mona De Sayve
James Retz and Bonnie Devendorf
Muffie Miller and Anka Palitz
Lindsey Pryor and Toni Pryor
Daisy Soros and Phil Geier
Vera Blinken and Ambassador Donald Blinken
Rebecca Regan and Matthew Douglas
Katherine Gage and Kevin Condon
Mark Gilbertson and Whitney Fairchild
Tatiana Perkin and Alexandra Papanicolaou
Leonard Lauder and Anka Palitz
Christopher Mason and Mary Hilliard
Alexandra Lebenthal, Eleonora Kennedy, and Martha Glass
Michael Kennedy and Eleanora Kennedy
Shauna Mei and Tara Dhingra
Chappy Morris and Melissa Morris
Tatiana Smith and Remington Curtis
Hilary and John Block
Milly de Cabrol and Grace Meigher
Gillian Fuller and Marcia French
M.J. and Brad Hvolbeck
Cynthis Goodman and James Borynack
Sabrina Forsythe and Anka Palitz
Richard and Renee Steinberg
Stephanie Krieger and Brian Stewart
Ellen Christman and Roger Christman
Jackie Valls and Alexandra Papanicolaou
Cece Cord and Mai Hallingby Harrison
This past Monday night, the NYU Cancer Institute at NYU Langone Medical Center, an NCI-designated cancer center, held its annual gala at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan in support of the Cancer Institute’s progress in the fight against cancer on all levels: patient care, research, education, and prevention. Robert H. Benmosche, president and chief executive officer, American International Group, Inc. and Abraham Chachoua, MD, the Jay and Isabel Fine Associate Professor of Oncology, were both honored for their contributions to cancer research. Over 600 guests attended the event and $3.2 million dollars was raised in support of the NYU Cancer Institute.
Cocktail hour
The dinner reception
Robert I. Grossman, MD, dean and CEO of NYU Langone Medical Center, Lori Fink, chair of the NYU Cancer Institute Advisory Board and trustee of NYU Langone Medical Center since 2003, and William Carroll, MD, the director of the NYU Cancer Institute, thanked the honorees, the guests and faculty and staff at NYU Langone for their compassion, support and commitment to addressing cancer research, education, prevention and clinical care. For additional information on NYU Cancer Institute, visit:
Denise and Bob Benmosche, Laurence and Lori Fink, and Elaine and Ken Langone
Honorees_Abraham Chachoua, MD, and Robert H. Benmosche
David Joseph, Dr. Kathy Ann Joseph, Deborah Axelrod, MD, and Nelly Huppert, MD
Deborah Axelrod, MD, Dr. Andrew Brotman, Dr. Elisabeth Cohen, and Richard Shapiro, MD
Nehama, Bob, and Denise Benmosche, with Jacob Lieberman
Gladys George and Stewart Orshe
Phyllis Barasch with Martin and Connie Silver
Larry Fink, Ken Langone, and Elaine Langone
Cheryl Reeman, Denise Goodyear, and Megan Morrill
Edward Manley, Maya Manley, and Dr. Jeffrey Allen
Karen Speyer and James L Speyer, MD
Mike Warren and Rob Arango
Ellen and Wendy Banner
Laurence and Lori Fink
Michael Lichtenberg, Saba Balogna, and Dr. Bill Carroll
Cecilia Dahlback, Lisa Howey, and Kenan Turnacioglu
Brian and Abbie Walter
Dr. Nieca Goldberg and Dr. Robert Shapiro
Abraham Chachoua, MD and Dr. Ruth Oratz
Stanley and Tracy Shopkorn
On the afternoon of Saturday October 1st, the First Annual Pre-Walk Luncheon to Benefit Breast Cancer hosted by Tabber Benedict and Tia Walker got under way. A select crowd descended to the Soho residence of entrepreneur and former classical musician, Edward Scott Brady for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer fundraiser.

For several weeks Tabber Benedict, a New York based M& A Attorney, had planned the benefit luncheon to raise additional monies for the upcoming Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, slated for the weekend of October 15 & 16th. The inspiration for Benedict's involvement in the cause? The loss of his Aunt Sheila to cancer after the disease metastasized and claimed her life in 1997.
Tabber Benedict, Tia Walker, and Edward Scott Brady
Close friend and Breast Cancer Survivor Tia Walker served as co-host and guest speaker at the luncheon--speaking on early detection and awareness. Walker, elegantly dressed in THEIA and jewelry designed by Berry Brown, is the Founder of Save the Eggs, a conduit program that raises monies for Breast Cancer/Fertility related organizations. She was diagnosed in February 2008 and completed treatment in December of the same year.

Over light bites and beverages members of fashion, medical and society worlds chatted about the upcoming walk. Guests included: Dr. Mario Lacouture of Memorial Sloan Kettering, Designer Victor de Souza, Berry Brown of BB Gramercy, TV Personality Paul Johnson Calderon, TV Personality Karen Biehl and Celebrity Magician Matt Wayne, Model/Recording Artist Nick Hissom, Filmmaker Victor Medina San Andres, and socials Dawne Marie Grannum, Elizabeth Stockton Howard, Julia Wetherell, and Rachel Heller.
Tia Walker
The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is the Avon Foundation’s largest annual fundraising initiative, and also one of the largest fundraising programs in the country. From 2003 through 2010, the Avon Walks have raised more than $380 million - funds that are directly saving lives. The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer also raises extraordinary awareness as participants spend an entire weekend walking 39 miles through cities and towns around the country. In 2010 alone, thousands of donors supported more than 21,000 Walkers and Crew raising more than $55 million in the national 9-event series.

For more information on the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer please visit
Tabber Benedict, Gabrielle Greco, and Bill Chin
Victor Medina San Andres
Barry Brown, Victor de Souza, Dawn Marie Grannum,and Nick Hissom
Richard Batka and Eva Szymanski
Karen Biehl and Matt Wayne
Kalin Kassabov, Petar Kassov, and Tabber Benedict
Gabrielle Greco, Elizabeth Howard, and Rachel Heller
Josh Ehre

Photographs by (Quest 400); (Pre-Walk, Langone).
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