Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reflections and Receptions

Patrick McMullan at his annual St. Patrick's Day Party at Pacha.
Christopher Forbes and Jack Morris Jr. hosted a private reception at the Forbes Galleries Tuesday night for "Hulings Reflections: Celebrating the Life of Clark Hulings."
Kip Forbes, Mary Belfi Hulings, Elizabeth Hulings, and Jack A. Morris
Joan Bayer and Morgan Bayer
Louis Vincent and Alex Geana
Kip Forbes
Morgan Bayer and Sheila Schwartz
Lee Rosenfeld and Warren Potash
Kristen Kunc
Nedra Matteucci and Pittman Shay
Tia Walker
Mary Jo Mayfield and Dr. Richard Robin
Ashley Zink and Alex Zink
Ari Helgason and Bibhu Mohapatra
Kevin Burns
Joyce Cuthbert and Kristen Kunc
Julia Alarcon
Edgar Aramboles and Bonnie Kirschstein
Elizabeth Hulings and Patrick Diamond
Angelina Lippert and Josh Linam
Derek Warburton and Nicholas Parnell
This past Monday night at the Metropolitan Pavilion, Angela Lansbury and Congressman Barney Frank presented an award to Broadway producer Tom Kirdahy at the 5th annual Center Dinner to support LGBT community.
Angela Lansbury, Tom Kirdahy, Barney Frank
Angela Lansbury, Tom Kirdahy, and Barney Frank
Guido Auen, Eric Baker, Pete Dorogoff
Guido Auen, Eric Baker, and Pete Dorogoff
Stefan ?, Bill Aarons, Shelly Fox Aarons, Mario Palumbo
Bill Aarons, Shelly Fox Aarons, and Mario Palumbo
"The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center provides a home for the birth, nurture and celebration of our organizations, institutions and culture; cares for our individuals and groups in need; educates the public and our community; and empowers our individuals and groups to achieve their fullest potential."
David Hyde Pierce, Glennda Testone
David Hyde Pierce and Glennda Testone
Juan Pablo Moncayo, Greg Zaffiro
Juan Pablo Moncayo and Greg Zaffiro
John Glover
John Glover
Kirsten Gillibrand, Glennda Testone
Kirsten Gillibrand and Glennda Testone
Charlotte Ray
Charlotte Ray
Christine C. Quinn
Christine C. Quinn
Kipton Kronkite
Kipton Kronkite
Terrence McNally, David Kirdahy
Terrence McNally and David Kirdahy
Charlotte Ray, Angela Lansbury
Charlotte Ray and Angela Lansbury
Tim Chow, Mario Palumbo
Tim Chow and Mario Palumbo
Patrick McMullan's annual St. Patrick's Day Party was held last Thursday night at Pacha. Do you think the kids had fun?
Patrick McMullan and Oliver Stone
Cindy Guyer, Kyle Sheldon, and Cassandra Seidenfeld
Liam McMullan, Aesha Waks, and Rachel Heller
Devorah Rose
Patrick McMullan
Michael Musto and Antonio Fiumara
Amber De Vos
Cassandra Seidenfeld, Ann Rapp, and Jean Shafiroff
Rachel Heller and R. Couri Hay
Yass Grayele and Shawn Sadri
Andrew Fitzsimons
This past March 10th, at Haunch of Venison in New York, Isca Greenfield-Sanders opened a show of her work from the last ten years, "The Ocean Between."
Adam Weinberg, John Elgerfield, and Raymond Learsy
Isca Greenfield-Sanders
Sarah Goulet and Andrew Goldstein
Emma Hall, Jody Egolf, and Betsy Feinberg
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and Chai Vasarhelyi
Steven Learner and Richard Butler
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Isca Greenfield-Sanders, and Karen Greenfield-Sanders
Two weeks ago on Tuesday, March 8th, fashion designer b michael was toasted at a private cocktail party at the home of Henni and John Kessler in Palm Beach, titled "Friends and Fashion for Autism Speaks."
Robert St. Croix, Brickson Diamond, Biba St. Croix, John & H
Robert St. Croix, Brickson Diamond, Biba St. Croix, John and Henni Kessler, and
Connie Stein, Lisa Abramson, Henni Kessler, Ellen Harris, Lo
Connie Stein, Lisa Abramson, Henni Kessler, Ellen Harris, and Lois Goldstein
Susan & George Cohon, b michael, Mark-Anthony Edwards, Brick
Susan and George Cohon, b michael, Mark-Anthony Edwards, and Brick
Donald Aronson, Jill Leitner, Christine Andreas, Al Kery
Donald Aronson, Jill Leitner, Christine Andreas, and Al Kery
The 80 or so guests in attendance were treated to an informal fashion show. b michael was in Palm Beach to finalize plans with the International Polo Club of Wellington for his upcoming awareness event for Autism Speaks on Sunday April 10th 2011.
The event will be sponsored by Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and Mary Wilson of the Supreme will perform.
Mark-Anthony Edwards, John Kessler, Henni Kessler, b michael
Mark-Anthony Edwards, John and Henni Kessler, and b michael
Al & Sandy Parven
Al and Sandy Parven
Patty & Mel Alperin
Patty and Mel Alperin
Jackie Kaminsky, Cliff Friedricks, Carol Rosetti
Jackie Kaminsky, Cliff Friedricks, and Carol Rosetti
Dick Robinson, Christine Andreas, Sally Robinson
Dick Robinson, Christine Andreas, and Sally Robinson
b michael, Mark-Anthony Edwards
b michael and Mark-Anthony Edwards
Paul & Lynne Kramer
Paul and Lynne Kramer
Mark-Anthony Edwards, Leslie Gray Streeter, Scott Zervitz
Mark-Anthony Edwards, Leslie Gray Streeter, and Scott Zervitz
Enid Rogow, b michael, Toni Holt Kramer
Enid Rogow, b michael, and Toni Holt Kramer
Louise & Barry Snyder
Louise and Barry Snyder
Christine Andreas, John Kessler
Christine Andreas and John Kessler
Connie Stein, Ellen Harris
Connie Stein and Ellen Harris
Enid & Louis Rogow
Enid and Louis Rogow
b michael, Sally & Dick Robinson
b michael with Sally and Dick Robinson
Mark-Anthony Edwards, Shamin Abas
Mark-Anthony Edwards and Shamin Abas
Bonnie & Ira Hollenberg
Bonnie and Ira Hollenberg
John & Henni Kessler
John and Henni Kessler
Susan & George Cohon
Susan and George Cohon

Photographs by (Forbes, The Center, St. Patrick's); Billy Farrell Agency
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