Thursday, October 20, 2011

Save A Life

The scene at Capitale at the 3rd Annual Save A Life charity benefit.
This past Monday, October 17, guests gathered at Capitale to celebrate the 3rd Annual Save A Life charity benefit, raising awareness and money to benefit the Lifesaver Scholarship Fund at Caron Renaissance. “Caron Renaissance recognizes the need for families to receive quality treatment even if they do not have the means to pay,” said Sid Goodman, Executive Director of Caron Renaissance. Therefore, charity events like Save A Life play an important role in providing quality care to those in need.

The event, sponsored by Oster Media, included live music by Latin sensation Papaguyo, incredible live and silent auctions, passed hors d’oeuvres, open bar and gift bags.
Jane Oster, Julianne Wainstein, Jacqueline Sherry Coombe, Chloe Flower, Tinamarie Clark
Jane Oster, Julianne Wainstein, Jacqueline Sherry Coombe, Chloe Flower, and Tinamarie Clark
Petra Levin, Jane Oster, Jacqueline Sherry Coombe, Sid Goodman, Julianne Wainstein
Petra Levin, Jane Oster, Jacqueline Sherry Coombe, Sid Goodman, and Julianne Wainstein
Addiction is the number one health care crisis in America. By making a donation to the Caron Renaissance Lifesaver Scholarship Fund, you are directly sponsoring a life in recovery, a family trying to put back the pieces of their lives and access to treatment for those affected with this often fatal disease.

Hosts for the event included: Kelly Bensimon, Russell Simmons, Christopher Kennedy Lawford, Denise Vasi, Jacquelyn Sherry Coombe, Chloe Flower, George Wayne, Jane Oster, Michael & Julianne Wainstein, Morris Sutton, Pamela Hanson, Richie Akiva, Scott Sariano, Yasmin Dovas, and Tinamarie Clark.
David Rosenberg, Tinamarie Clark, Julianne Wainstein, Michael Wainstein
David Rosenberg, Tinamarie Clark, and Julianne and Michael Wainstein
Jacqueline Sherry, Avi Oster, Eliza Dushku
Jacqueline Sherry, Avi Oster, and Eliza Dushku
Famed actor, author, and advocate, Christopher Kennedy Lawford, addressed the crowd with an inspirational speech about his battle with drug and alcohol addiction for much of his young life. After being in recovery for more than 25 years, Kennedy Lawford dedicates most of his time and energy in raising awareness globally about the pressing public health issue of addiction recovery. He also is the author of The New York Times bestseller, Symptoms of Withdrawal: A Memoir of Snapshots and Redemption, where he illuminates his extraordinary life and the tragedies he has faced, offering a cohesive message of survival, hope and inspiration.

Caron Renaissance is part of the Caron Treatment Centers continuum of care, which also includes Bermuda, Boston, Dallas, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Wernersville, PA.
Julianne Wainstein
Julianne Wainstein
Caron Renaissance was originally Renaissance Institute of the Palm Beaches and was founded in 1990. The nonprofit program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and is licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Family Services. Caron Treatment Centers acquired Renaissance in 2003 as a longer- term care adjunct to its services. An early pioneer in longer-term residential treatment, Caron Renaissance combines clinical services in an office setting with supervised residential care. Over the years, Caron Renaissance has developed a complementary array of related clinical services as it has recognized the need to treat multiple addictions simultaneously. Long recognized for clinical excellence and recovery effectiveness, Caron Renaissance has continued improving its current services and developing new ones for both individuals and families.
Nicholas Forker
Nicholas Forker
Vincent Young
Vincent Young
Daniel Dresbach
Daniel Dresbach
Eliza Dushku, Christopher Kennedy Lawford
Eliza Dushku and Christopher Kennedy Lawford
Denise Vasi
Denise Vasi
Rolando Santana, Allie Rizzo
Rolando Santana and Allie Rizzo
Sky Nellor
Sky Nellor
Michael Wainstein, Derrick Koch
Michael Wainstein and Derrick Koch
Melissa George, Russell Simmons
Melissa George and Russell Simmons
Cora Son
Cora Son
Chloe Flower, Tinamarie Clark
Chloe Flower and Tinamarie Clark
Christopher Kennedy Lawford
Christopher Kennedy Lawford
Jane Oster
Jane Oster
Michael Kenneth Williams, Daniel Bailey
Michael Kenneth Williams and Daniel Bailey
Kelly Bensimon
Kelly Bensimon
Richie Akiva, Eliza Dushku
Richie Akiva and Eliza Dushku
Last Thursday night at the Park Avenue Armory, the New York Presbyterian Weill/Cornell Medical Center hosted their annual fundraiser with more than 1000 guests, raising a record $3.6 million and entertained by the beautiful, talented Broadway star Kelli O'Hara.
Teresa Teague, Nicholas Teague, Dr. Antonio M. Gotto, Jr., Alexander Teague, and Anita Gotto
Dr. Antonio M. Gotto, Jr., Sanford Weill, Dr. Herbert Pardes, and John Mack
Dr. Michael Stewart, Dr. William Shain Schley, and Dr. Erich Voigt
Sanford Weill, Dr. Fabrizio Michelassi, Joan Weill, and Dr. Caren Heller
Dr. Patricia Allen and Dr. Steven Corwin
Kelli O'Hara and Dr. Robert Grant
Dr. Steven Corwin, Arthur Klein, and Dr. George Heinrich
Charlotte Ford
Dr. Zev Rosenwaks and Arthur Mahon
John Mack, Dr. Herbert Pardes, Dr. Antonio M. Gotto, Jr., and Sanford Weill
Joan Hornig and Riverkeeper board member George Hornig hosted a fundraiser for Riverkeeper’s Indian Point Campaign Thursday evening, Oct. 13th, at their Park Avenue home. More than 100 guests attended the cocktail party and listened to remarks by Hamilton Fish, Publisher of the Washington Spectator and long-time Riverkeeper board member, concerning the threats posed by the Indian Point nuclear power plant located just 24 miles north of New York City. Riverkeeper President Paul Gallay described Riverkeeper’s multifaceted campaign to prevent Indian Point from being licensed to operate for an additional 20 years.
Hamilton Fish speaks
Guests listen
Hamilton Fish, Paul Gallay, Roberto Camacho, Kim Larsen, George Hornig, and Wade McGillis
Mishele Wells, Karen Klopp, Andy Russell, Renee Beaumont, and Ann Colley
Deborah Brancato and Dan Shapley
Mike Richter, Don Shaffer, Alicia Godsberg, and Karen Klopp
Guests included Riverkeeper board members Ann Colley, Peggy Cullen, Mike Richter and Paul Zofnass; Connie Dean-Taylor, Tori Greenleaf and Michael Kempner, Douglas Hand, Karen Klopp, Luz Leguizamo, Dany Levy, Laura Moore and Fred Tanne, Veronique Pittman, Ann and Joseph Tonetti, and Dar Williams. Proceeds from the event will support Riverkeeper’s landmark legal battle to close Indian Point and take a step toward a safer, cleaner, reliable and affordable energy future for New York City and the Hudson Valley.
Tom Cullen and Michael Washburn
Veronique Pittman, Michael Beneville, and Kimberly Beneville
Dar Williams and Michael Robinson
Donna Lee Ubertalli
Paul Zofnass and Ann Colley
David Mordecai and Samantha Kappagoda
David Gold, Seth Amgott, and Lydia Williams
Mishele Wells
Victoria Kempner and Joan Hornig
Barbara Matthews Handcock
Chris Bartle and Luz Leguizamo
Alex Mathieson and George Hornig
Sarah Kreitman
Rebecca Borden
Marina Blinova
Daun Hauspurg
Paul Adler and Phillip Musegaas
Liutauras Psibilkis and Evan Van Hook
Rosie Tovi and Michael Abelhock
Bertha Gonzalez
Dany Levy and Douglas Hand
George Hornig, Hamliton Fish, and Joan Hornig
Paul Gallay and Remy Chevalier
Christopher Kriz
Elise Cooper and Nancy Syrop
Kim Larsen
Jan Alane Wysocki
Valerie Post
Joe and Ann Tonetti
Connie Dean Taylor
Michele Gage
Jon Kamen
Earlier this month, The Animal Medical Center (AMC) in New York City unveiled its new $3.5 million state-of-the-art surgical unit, The Katharine and William Rayner Interventional Radiology & Endoscopy Suite, the only one of its kind in the world, made possible through the Katharine Rayner Fund for The Animal Medical Center at the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta as advised by Mr. and Mrs. William Rayner.

This revolutionary, hybrid operating suite, containing state of the art, imaging and diagnostic equipment – which rivals advanced human hospital operating rooms - will allow The AMC interventional specialists to continue to perform revolutionary, innovative procedures and dramatically expand their expertise into pioneering new clinical research efforts.

Katharine and William Rayner
While Interventional Radiology and Interventional Endoscopy (IR/IE) are well established tools in human medicine, The AMC was the first and only veterinary facility in the country to harness the power of IR/IE diagnostic and therapeutic options by offering complete IR/IE services led by world-class, veterinary interventional experts, Drs. Chick Weisse and Allyson Berent.

The new Katharine and William Rayner Interventional Radiology & Endoscopy Suite was built to leverage the remarkable expertise and capabilities of Drs. Weisse and Berent in an effort to advance IR/IE in veterinary medicine to the next level – by refining procedures currently used in people, tailoring the tremendous potential of these techniques to treat serious pet illnesses and enabling human and veterinary doctors to collaborate at a level never before possible in order to provide human level care to veterinary patients.

Complete with in-room cameras, this fully-integrated surgical unit has the capability to project live to 50 hospitals across the country.

Interventional Radiology combines minimally-invasive surgery with contemporary imaging techniques such as video x-rays or endoscopy to assist the veterinarian in guiding tiny instruments (such as needles, catheters and stents) to a designated area. IR/IE is used to treat cancer, diagnose and treat blood vessel abnormalities, open blocked urinary tracts, drain fluid from body cavities, and remove urinary stones. Both canine and feline patients benefit from IR because of smaller incisions, faster recovery times, and new options that were not previously available.
Dr. Alyson Berent, Dr. Chick Weisse, Robert Liberman, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Katharine and William Rayner, Trustees, and Kathryn Coyne, CEO
Katharine and William Rayner, Dr. Chick Weisse, Dr. Alyson Berent, Kathryn Coyne, and Robert Liberman
Kathryn Coyne, CEO, Robert Liberman, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Katharine and William Rayner, Trustees, Dr. Alyson Berent, and Dr. Chick Weisse
The Animal Medical Center located on the Upper East Side in New York City is a non-profit veterinary center that has been a national leader in animal care since 1910. As an academic veterinary hospital, The AMC promotes the health and well-being of companion animals through advanced treatment, research and education. The AMC staff is comprised of over 90 veterinarians who utilize an interdisciplinary team approach combining expertise across specialty areas and services to care for your pet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For more information about The AMC, please visit:
Kathryn Coyne
Dr. Ann Hohenhaus and Emilia Krimendahl, Trustee
Dr. Bill Muir and Janet York, Trustee
Over 170 young people filled the 1838 Jay Mansion in Rye, NY this past Saturday night for a "Zebra Soiree" to raise money for the sustainable restoration of John Jay's landmark home in Rye, NY. The event was hosted by the Jay Heritage Center's "Young Preservationists," a group of members 25 - 45+ who hope to fill the historic home with modern programs, not furniture.

Inspired by the zoological interests of one of the Jay Estate's later Gilded Age residents, the Van Norden family, guests donned festive black and white attire and proudly showed off their "zeal" for preservation. Co-chaired by Emma Hanratty and Caroline Wallach, the evening featured tapas and dancing along with tours of the Jay Heritage Center's (JHC) current exhibit on Abolition and the Civil War. JHC's green restoration practices have earned it local and national recognition through educational programs like "Our Footprints Matter" funded through grants by Con Edison.
JHC President Suzanne Clary and husband Rich
Young Preservationists Annie and Geoff Teillon with Meghan Kelly
Boo Reynolds, Nonie Reich, Peter Duncan, Busy Reynolds, Chris Reich, and Chris Duncan
Decorations Chair Lauren Spelman and Beth Baribault
Young Preservationists Co- Presidents Emma Hanratty and Caroline Wallach both of Rye
JHC Board member Kay Booth and friend Stephanie Clark
Jennifer Coleman, Kira Ryan, and Diane Pallone
New JHC Board member Bob Mennella and his wife Pat
Elizabeth Berg is ready for a champagne toast to the Young Preservationists!
Preston and Dennis Davitt loved the black and white Zebra theme
Hunter Baldwin, Mal and Kathleen Durkee, and Alicia Baldwin take in the JHC's Civil War Exhibit
Rebecca and Buck Schleifer, John and Emma Hanratty, and Bill and Lisa Collins
JHC Volunteers Taryn Clary, Mary Rose Morrison, and Sonia Occhionero

Photographs by Cutty McGill (Jay Mansion); (Riverkeeper); Eugene Mim (Save A Life)
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