Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Season Spectacular

Statue of Liberty
Third Annual Sunset Cruise to benefit Friends of Animal Rescue.
This past Saturday in East Hampton at Guild Hall, they presented the Season Spectacular: Celebrating Steve Martin Performing with Steep Canyon Rangers. This was a whole evening that began with a pre-performance private reception at the Elie Tahari Boutique; then Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers went on at 7 at Guild Hall. Then at 8:30 Alec Baldwin and Martin hosted a post-performance dinner and conversation at the home Marty and Michele Cohen. It was a beautiful night, a great evening.
Kay and Albert Bellas
Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin
Eric Schneiderman and Elizabeth Ross
Ruth Appelhof and Nicky Sanders
Anne Stringfield, Steve Martin, Leila Straus, and Mickey Straus
Patsy and Jeff Tarr
Sandra Warshawsky, Barbara Lane, and Michele Cohen
Eric Fischl
Adrianne and Bill Silver
Joao Moraes, Luisa Moraes, Patricia Borges, and Patricia Lobaccaro
Michael and Jim Weigley
Ben Paige, Dianna Littman Paige, Kevin Snyderman, and Allesandra Schroeder
Marcia Lyons, Sheryl Minikes, and Nancy Weber
Adam Cohen, Marty Cohen, Michele Cohen, and Jamie Randall
Norm and Bonnie Lowe
Patrick Cristiano and Michelle Murphy
On Tuesday, June 21, 200 animal lovers set sail on the luxury yacht Atlantis, with a buffet dinner catered by Swifty's Events, for the Third Annual Sunset Cruise with esteemed guest host, The View’s Joy Behar, raising money and awareness for Friends of Animal Rescue (FOAR.org). FOAR is a non-profit organization providing financial assistance to small animal rescue groups throughout New York State who do not have access to other financial assistance. 100% of the monies raised will go directly to save animals in need.

Accompanying Ms. Behar, the charismatic cast of National Geographic’s hit series, Rescue Ink rounded out a special evening bringing together celebrity supporters, animal advocates and individuals pursuing placement of adoptable pets into loving homes and those seeking to end the needless euthanisation of innocent animals.

Of the 40,000 animals who pass through New York City shelters each year, 16,000 of them never make it out. No animal deserves to die because it’s fallen victim to animal cruelty. Please help us continue our mission of giving every animal in need a second chance at life.
Blaine Caravaggi,Katy Hansen, Joy Behar, Betsy Goldman
Blaine Caravaggi,Katy Hansen, Joy Behar, and Betsy Goldman
Rescue Ink-Pal, Jen, Katie, Big Mike
Rescue Ink's Pal, Jen, Katie, and Big Mike
Doug Halsey, Winnie, Chris Morris, Katy Ansen, Gina Amorelli
Doug Halsey, Winnie, Chris Morris, Katy Ansen, and Gina Amorelli
Second Chance Animal Rescue_Jay, Brutus, Jennifer Brooks, Christine, Fanny
Jay with Brutus, Jennifer Brooks, and Christine with Fanny
Jacob Tamanas
Jacob Tamanas
Wendy Diamond, Lucky Diamond
Wendy and Lucky Diamond
Robert Defendorf, Milton Zelman, Donna Horowitz, Marie Esposito
Robert Defendorf, Milton Zelman, Donna Horowitz, and Marie Esposito
Laura Simpson, Doug Halsey
Laura Simpson and Doug Halsey
Susan Pinsky, Gina Amorelli
Susan Pinsky and Gina Amorelli
Renee Schlather, Dale Schlather, Kristen Edmonds
Renee Schlather, Dale Schlather, and Kristen Edmonds
Peter Buttiglier, Jeanne Lincoln, Robert Caravaggi
Peter Buttiglier, Jeanne Lincoln, and Robert Caravaggi
Bernard Ragins, Dave Rubin, Ben Harvey, Scott Christian
Bernard Ragins, Dave Rubin, Ben Harvey, and Scott Christian
Teresa and Hank Westervuim
Teresa and Hank Westervuim
Rob Hinckley, Jackie Ferrer, Megan Guy, Todd Newman
Rob Hinckley, Jackie Ferrer, Megan Guy, and Todd Newman
Loretta Okoye, Jennie Keller, Marisa Manning
Loretta Okoye, Jennie Keller, and Marisa Manning
Ron Underberg, andi Brady, Emily Gilbert, Douglas Olney
Andi Brady, Emily Gilbert, and Douglas Olney
Robert and Blaine Caravaggi
Robert and Blaine Caravaggi
Ada Nieves, Roberto Negrin
Ada Nieves and Roberto Negrin
Renee Schlather
Renee Schlather
Carl and Trish Zive
Carl and Trish Zive
Kandis Koustenis, John Boulos
Kandis Koustenis and John Boulos
Allison Utsch
Allison Utsch
Jamie and Stephen Wachman
Jamie and Stephen Wachman
Marni Markell, Cindy Eldridge, Elena Chambers
Marni Markell, Cindy Eldridge, and Elena Chambers
Laine Alexandra, Betsy Goldman, Kial Afton
Laine Alexandra, Betsy Goldman, and Kial Afton
Chris Morris, Renee Ryan with Winnie
Chris Morris and Renee Ryan with Winnie
Kip Merritt, Sandy Merritt, Allison Utsch
Kip Merritt, Sandy Merritt, and Allison Utsch
Dave Rubin, Ben Harvey, David Janet, Anne Neczypor, Rebecca Zymczak
Dave Rubin, Ben Harvey, David Janet, Anne Neczypor, and Rebecca Zymczak
Vincent LaSala, John Muller, Clarke Nobiletti
Vincent LaSala, John Muller, and Clarke Nobiletti
Renee Ryan, Tiffany Norman, Diana Niles King, Belle McIntyre, Hank and Theresa
Renee Ryan, Tiffany Norman, Diana Niles King, Belle McIntyre, and Hank and Theresa
Michael Nobileth, Aleida Gonzalez, Winifred Teng
Michael Nobileth, Aleida Gonzalez, and Winifred Teng
Arlene and Keith Kamens
Arlene and Keith Kamens
Lisa Alexander
Lisa Alexander
Jamie Geller
Jamie Geller
Lynn Spencer
Lynn Spencer
Stephen Attoe, Pat Attoe
Stephen and Pat Attoe
Andy Deegan, Peachy Deegan
Andy and Peachy Deegan
Captain Fred Ardolino, Elaine Gaber
Captain Fred Ardolino and Elaine Gaber
Claudette Dukas, James Dukas
Claudette and James Dukas
Francesca and Simone Abrahams
Francesca and Simone Abrahams
On Saturday, June 25, The Mashomack Polo Club hosted the 14th Annual Mashomack International Polo Challenge Luncheon on Saturday, June 25, 2011. Presented by Town&Country, the day brought together over 500 patrons for this prestigious event which marks the official start of summer in Millbrook.

Louis Roederer hosted the Champagne Reception which was followed by a tented field-side luncheon and the exciting 12 goal International Polo Challenge. Four teams vyed for the coveted trophy in an afternoon of great sport. Presenting sponsor, Town&Country, along with Moncler sponsored teams from the United States. Hard matches were played against the Italian Team – sponsored by Castello de Vicarello and the French Team – sponsored by Berluti.
The Teams
The Town&Country USA team of Hannah Buchan, Parker Gentry, Bruce Colley and Agucho Zavaleta, were victorious in winning the Mashomack 2011 Polo Challenge Trophy. The Berluti Italian team of Max Langlois, Oliver Merrison, Philip Mactaggart, Don Lanlois, Tommy Franco were the runners up.

The Best Pony Award, sponsored by Heather Croner Real Estate, a Sotheby’s International Realty partner, presented to Capitana, owned and ridden by Don Langois.
Town&Country and Berluti in action
The Most Valuable Player Award sponsored by What2WearWhere.com, was presented to Bruce Colley by Karen Klopp.

Other aspects of the day included a silent auction offering many wonderful get away escapes – among them the Mandarin Oriental Group, YTL Hotels and The Mark Hotel. Children took part in the Parade of Flags, and enjoyed a Petting Zoo and a wonderful day in the Millbrook countryside.
Co-Chairs and Town&Country winning team – Hannah Buchan, Parker Thorne, Bruce Colley, Teresa Colley, and Davis Colley
Julian and Lisa Niccolini, Don Langois, Carlo Baccheschi Berti, and John Klopp
The Buchan family
A portion of the proceeds from this year’s event will help support local charities including The Foundation for The Pine Plains Community Center and Library, Inc, and The Pine Plains Fire House & Rescue Company.

The Chairmen of this year’s event were Hannah Buchan, Bruce and Teresa Colley, Karen Klopp, and Parker Thorne.
Co-Chairs Bruce Colley and Karen Klopp
Philip MacTaggart and Dagne Woodcock
Charles Marcellin and Jessie Kester
Everett Cook
Valerie Salembier and Paul Block
Teresa Colley
Don and Sylvia Langois with Nicole and Keith Cunningham
Duke Buchan with Don Langois and Heather Croner
Yuri Salnicof
Teresa Colley, Willie and Angela Lamarque, and Bruce Colley
Christopher Mason
Pamela Howard and Barbara Tober
Libby Mavrolean
Bruce and Davis Colley
Pam Taylor and Beau Polk
Wendy Carduner
Jennifer and Eric Oken
Katie Tozer and the boys (James and William)
Juliet Longuet, Bruce Colley, and Rhys Moor
Bob Thomas and Miriam Eaves
Cece Cord
Lisa Schwartz and Helen Blodgett
Wendy Carduner and the Doubles Junior members wanted to finish the Club’s 35th season with a bang. One loud enough to suit the sensational events that kept the club filled with good times all year long. So, co-chairs Christopher Breck, Michael Gilbane, Elizabeth Meigher, Nicole Hanley Mellon, Nick Papanicolaou, Tatiana Perkin, John Royall and Georgina Schaeffer came up with “Lilly or Louder.” “Lilly” refers to the popular Palm Beach designer Lilly Pulitzer, sometimes called the “queen of prep.” Her bold prints and bright colors have cheered up many a town, country club and soiree from Key West to Booth Bay and all across the country to San Diego and Seattle for the last 50 years or so.

Everybody seemed to get the idea. Take a look at the pictures and you will see what we mean. After all, a party just can’t be too bright or too bold.
Tabber Benedict, Stephanie Lawrence, Olivia Sandelman, Oliver Estreich, Christine Schott, Jason Erlich, Alexander Cecil, and Isabel Solmonsar
Committee members and guests included Bruce Anfindsen, Victoria Barba, Tabber Benedict, Alexis Bodenueimer, Peter Boss, Franklin Boyd, Hugh Boyle, Ariana Rockefeller Bucklin and Matthew Bucklin, Alex Cecil, Stephanie and Fred Clark, Leason and Chris Cercy, Margot Connolly, James Corl, Clare Cosman, Tracey Crane, Lee Denslow, Peter Enestrom, Daniel Entwistle, Jason Erlich, Oliver Estreich, Amanda Feinberg, Sarah Gould, Krsiten Grauer, Hattie Gruber, Angela Jillson, Fred Kahm, Stephanie Lawrence, Whitney Lee, Harrison LeFrak, Ally Maize, Fraser Maloney, Rob Maloney, Amory and Sean McAndrew, Keith Merrill, Scott Merrill, Tierney Model, Philip Nuttle, Amelia Osborne, Sloan Overstrom, Thorne Perkin, Sherry Pryor, Shannon Rasco, Laura Romeo, Olivia Sandelman, Samantha Sherman, Logan Shanneu, Asher Simcoe, Ash Shah, Isabel Solmonsar, Christine Schott, Jackie Valls, Alexis Vandermije, Alex White and Heather White.
Ariana Rockefeller Bucklin and Matthew Bucklin
Asher Simcoe, Hattie Gruber, Philip Nuttle, and Laura Romeo
Alexis Vandermije, Alexis Bodenueimer, and Tracy Crane
Heather White and Hugh Boyle
Stephanie and Fred Clark
Jackie Valls
Logan Shanneu and Charlie Haley
Christopher Breck and Amelia Osborne
Georgina Schaeffer and Shannon Rasco
Turquoise dream
Sloan Overstrom
The right tie
Isabel Solmonsar and Alex Cecil
Wendy Carduner, Christopher Breck, and Tatiana Perkin
Emily Salas and Daniel Crowley
Bruce Anfindsen and Fred Kahm
Peter Boss and Michael Gilbane
Stephanie Lawrence, Olivia Sandelman, and Oliver Estreich
Sherry Pryor Margot Connolly, and Ally Maize

Photographs by ANN WATT (FOAR & Doubles); PatrickMcMullan.com
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