Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Showings

Clinton Howell cuts the ribbon at the inaugural Art and Antique Dealers League of America Spring Show.
Wednesday night at the Park Avenue Armory, they held the inaugural Art and Antique Dealers League of America Spring Show NYC with 65 galleries and dealers presenting. The evening benefited the ASPCA, and the evening's sponsor was
The crowd
Francoise Klein
Christopher Knight and Gerard Widdershoven
Mimi Staford, Nancy Dalva, and Zoey
Jack Kilgore and Abby Taylor
Peter and Barbara Regna, Michelle Rosenblum, and Matthieu Rosanvallon
Alice Howell and Clinton Howell
Tom Hooper and Tara Subkoff
Mia and Eva Fahler
Cindy Adams and Carlton Hobbs
Geoffrey Bradfield and Roric Tobin
Tom Gates and Sandra Long
Barbara Corcorcan and Bruce Littletiek
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner
Carol Prisant
Kimball Higgs and Michael Simon
Jean Chau, Dennis Rolland, William Secord, Wendy Moonan, and Bruce Bierman
Jim Druckman, Mario Buatta, and Lars Bolander
Nikita Wallin, Stacy McLaughlin, Jim Druckman, Alix Lerman, and Nasha Wallin
Ari Kopelman and Mario Buatta
Angus Wilkie, Len Morgan, and Jack Kilgore
Ellie Libby, Bryan Beckman, Ann C, and Ann and Susan Madonia
Federico Castelluccio and Yvonne Maria Schaefer
David Kleinberg and Clinton Howell
Richard Mafong, Young Chung, and Jon Eric Riis
Beth DeWoody and Lars Bolander
Samuel Botero and Tania Vartan
Jane Lattes
Ronald Mayne, DeBare Saunders, and Bennett Weinstock
Nikita Wallin, Serena Tufo, Alexander Jakowec, Nasha Wallin, and Michael Bruno
Nick Kendall and Susan Gutfreund
Howard Lorber with Kasia and Doug McCormick
Barbara Tober and Lauren Lawrence
Carolyn and Bruce Silberstein
Timothy Van Dam and Ron Wagner
Maria Azarm and Odile de Sehietere
Marina Killery, Guy Clark, James Andrew,and Harrison Morgan
Larry Lederman, Clinton Howell, and Kitty Hawkes
Terence and Alexandra Mack with Laura Kaplan
Cara Bloch, Carla Berebs, and Adam Staszkiewicz
Nikita Wallin, Nasha Wallin, Ellen Scarborough, and Lizzy Fraser
Christianne, John, and Richard Dimitri
Gordon Lish and Jonnie Greene
Emilie Baltz and Giovanni Bucchi
Eric Hunter Slater, Katya Fisher-Yoffe, Albert Isequilla, and Elizabeth Davydove
Brooks Houston, Georginia Schaeffer, and Sean OConnor
Michael Franks and Sean OConnor
Bill Sclight, Cheri Kaufman, and Michel Witmer
Lars Bolander and Bart Boehlert
Kimberely Bevan and Luke Morgan
Donna Turlinski, Ann Faxon,and Judy Bavasi
Erinn Cox, Kate Jordan, Heidi Aribernik, Bridget Trost, and Stephanie Hatzivassiliou
This past Tuesday night at Capitale, the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), North America’s oldest and the world’s largest organization devoted to archaeology, its Annual Gala.

It was an Irish-themed affair with the evening exploring the country’s archaeology, as well as an Irish ale and whiskey tasting, a contemporary Celtic feast created by native Dubliner and James Beard Award-winning Irish chef Cathal Armstrong, and live music and dance performances. There were auctions, of course, both live and silent, featuring archaeologically-themed items including once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences—a chance to dive to an underwater shipwreck, dig at Pompeii, and sail the Emerald Seas around Ireland following the route of 7th-century seagoing monks—along with dazzling jewelry, Celtic treasures, and more.
Ellen Steinmetz, David Boochever, Cathleen Asch, Charley Steinmetz, and Greg Goggin
George Lewis, Elizabeth Macauley-Lewis, Julie Herzig Desnick, and Dr. Robert Desnick
The evening’s pledge drive also gave guests the opportunity to directly support the preservation of threatened ancient sites in Ireland.

The 2011 Bandelier Award for Public Service to Archaeology was presented to   George F. Bass, the father of underwater archaeology. Mr. Bass has led and participated in some of the most famous shipwreck discoveries of our time, including a dive to map the rate of decay of the Titanic. His work over the past 40 years has made him a leading expert in the field of nautical archaeology, a field he founded. Bass also created the world’s leading institute in the discipline, the Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA) at Texas A&M University.
Allan Campbell, Carol Campbell-Herring, James Herring, Ms. Bass, and George Bass
Cemal Pulak, Debbie Carlson, Shelley Wachsmann, Ms. Bass, George Bass, Jennifer Bass, and Gordon Bass
The evening was hosted by Gabriel Byrne, the acclaimed actor and Irish Cultural Ambassador. The focus was on the culture and history of Ireland. Mr. Byrne’s interest in the ancient past stems from his studies in archaeology and linguistics, along with his excavations in Ireland, Italy, and Greece. Born in Dublin, he studied archaeology and linguistics at University College, Dublin. Mr. Byrne began his acting career in Ireland’s famed Abbey Theatre, and later joined London’s Royal National Theatre.

In 2010, the Irish Government named him their Cultural Ambassador. He has long-standing and strong ties to the creative communities in both Ireland and the United States and is uniquely suited to the task of strengthening the cultural relationship between Ireland and America. He will be taking a lead role, throughout 2011, in supporting and promoting Irish artists in the U. S., and in celebrating and fostering a deeper understanding of Irish archaeology, history, and culture.
Gabriel Byrne
Malin Banyasz and Ben Thomas
Shilpi Mehta and Amit Metha
Sandra Warshawsky
Jose Augusto Tenorio and Blanca Tenorio
Jenny Kuperstein, David Hagedorn, and Meshelle Armstrong
Josh Bernstein and Lily Snyder
Jean Kennedy Smith and Patrick Wallace
George Bass, Elizabeth Bartman, and Peter Herdrich
Jennifer Klahn and Cathleen Asch
Cynthia Meera Frederick and Vipul Bhandari
Lourdes, Guerrero and Victoria Kyle
Claudia Valentino, Kevin Quinlan, and Meegan Daly
Elizabeth Cho, Kook Cho, and Michele Kidwell
Elizabeth Macauley-Lewis and Julie Herzig Desnick
Ellen Lafollette and Charles Lafollette
Ellen Steinmetz and Charley Steinmetz
Also this past Tuesday night at Carnival at Bowlmor at Times Square and 44th Street, The Literacy Associates of Literacy Partners held their 3rd annual Literacy Associates Benefit.
Andrea Rosen, Jeremy Rosen, Erica Landsman, Rick Sambraus, Bryan Levy, and Lara Rothschild
Samantha Bruno, Jodi Vanerman, Lauren Banyar Reich, Emma Post, and Christy High
To learn more about the Literacy Associates of this wonderful organization called Literacy Partners, click here.
Alex Jameson and Alicia Klat
Lee Eastman and Margot Schupf
Lesile Koltz and Mary McBride
Kenneth Aldin and Alex Jameson
Luke Parker Bowles, Susan McLean, and friend
Kristen Watts and Lani Oshina
Linda Choong, Rachel Jacobson, and Amy Rosen
Mark Jackson, Alex Harris, Lisa Sharpey, and Paul Gleicher
Lisa Sharpey and Denise Albert
Nick Hunt
Michele Host and Gail Gove
Peter Hubbard, Andrea Rosen, and Kevin Callahan
Stacey Stone, May Chen, Jennifer Civiletto, and Peter Hubbard
Sharyn Rosenblum, Brianne Halverson, and Sarah Burningham
Mary Pat Gillin and Adrian Rubin
Vanessa Eastman, Lee Eastman, and Susan McLean
Jen Adams, Chris McConnell, and Crystal Ho
Jennifer Civiletto, Jillian Wise, and Megan McGuinness
Alisa Rottenberg and Tara Banks
Eorota Jemielita and Samantha Schnier
Alison Steedman and Barbara Perlov
Susan McLean, Josh Geraonti, and Genna Martinez
Samantha Chenier, Rachel Zar, Lily Himmelsbach, and Laura Siegmund
Erica Landsman and Andrea Rosen
Jennifer Civiletto, Peter Hubbard, and Marianne Civiletto
Jodi Vanerman and Emma Post
Two weeks ago on a Thursday, the Bone Marrow Foundation hosted its annual fundraising gala at the IAC building, 555 West 18th Street in Manhattan, to benefit thousands afflicted with life threatening cancer and other genetic disorders. The Foundation offers financial, medical and emotional support to children and adults seeking bone marrow, stem cell or cord blood transplants.

Chaired by celebrated interior designers, Charlotte Moss and Meg Braff, and vice chaired by Anne Byers and Amy Falls Rogers, the black tie gala raised over $500,000 for patients in need.
According to Bone Marrow Foundation Executive Director, Christina Merrill, “No transplant patient should ever feel alone. In my early career as a social worker in New York City, I was horrified to see families released into homeless shelters because they had sacrificed so much just to undergo life-saving, medical treatment.”

The Bone Marrow Foundation fills an unmet need helping families challenged with various cancers and genetic disorders to: find the right doctor, help with expenses for medicines and medical needs, cover travel and accommodations for care, understand medical insurance coverage, and cope with job vulnerability.
John McEnroe Band
Bob Merrill
Event co-chair Charlotte Moss expresses her compassionate feelings regarding The Bone Marrow Foundation: “My work on behalf of The Bone Marrow Foundation is a personal one. I was my brother’s bone marrow donor and fortunate enough to be able to spend an extended period of time with him prior to his transplant.  It was during this time that I became acutely aware of how family support is a key and vital ingredient in survival.  As a Board Member for The Bone Marrow Foundation and now as Co-Chair of the Gala I am able to focus my efforts on awareness, fund-raising, and outreach on behalf of these families.”
Linda Maloney and Elaine Textor
Meg Braff, Christina Merrill, Charlotte Moss, and Anne Byers
Kate O'Neill and Tim O'Neill
Anne Byers and Justin Patterson
Brooks Slocum, Virginia Pierrepont, and Paul Napoli
Christina Merrill and Katlyn Bolander
Anne Byers, Meg Braff, and friend
John Lari and Mettrie Lari
John and Kathryn Harlow
Mario and Lisa Deslauriers
Robbie Banker and Hartley Rogers
Cricket and Brian Mullaney
Daphne Scalamandre and Rhonda Banker
Obi Ihekweazu
Charlotte Moss
Great Bob Scott and Kevin Hearn
Mark Gilbertson and Meg Braff
Robert Lindgren and Walter Deane
Ragan Brackett and Gary Brackett
Hope Smith and Mark Gilbertson

Photographs by ANN WATT (Spring Show);
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