Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Party Benefits

Ari and Danielle Lerner, Brad and Robin Roberts, Sachi Shah, Rushabh Vora, and Lori and Zachary Pomerantz outside the Rose Center for Earh and Space.
American Museum of Natural History's Junior Council concluded its 2010-2011 season with a panel discussion and cocktail reception on the Museum’s Arthur Ross Terrace.

Panelists included Museum Provost Michael Novacek, Dean of the Richard Gilder Graduate School John Flynn, Curator David Hurst Thomas, and Associate Curator John Sparks, who discussed current Museum expeditions. Following the panel, guests enjoyed cocktails and live jazz.

Co-chairs included Lisa and Paul Canty, Christy Corgan, Sarah J. Crews, Doug and Eva Heyman, Dana Wallach Jones and Michael T. M. Jones, Holly and Martin Okner, Zachary and Lori Pomerantz, Andrew and Zibby Right.
Isabelle Jette, Tom Pambrun, Bailie Slevin, Stanley Hum, and Jess Duby
The Museum is the professional home to a scientific staff of more than 200, including a core group of more than 40 curators. Each year, Museum scientists embark on over 100 expeditions to locations including the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and the forests of Madagascar, to research an array of projects and to continue building the Museum’s renowned natural history collections, which include more than 32 million specimens and cultural artifacts.

The American Museum of Natural History’s Junior Council is one of New York City’s most stimulating membership groups for young philanthropists. Founded in 1994, the Junior Council supports the Museum’s mission to discover, interpret, and disseminate, through scientific research and education, knowledge about human cultures, the natural world, and the universe. Each year, Junior Council Members participate in specially arranged events that offer them an intimate view inside the Museum’s collections, activities, and exhibitions. Junior Council Members go behind the scenes at one of the world’s preeminent museums, meet some of the nation’s most distinguished and engaging scientists, and preview the latest exhibitions.
Chris George and friend
Rachel Randolph, Allison Ecung, and friend
Natalie Smith, Avi Barak, and Andrew Goodwin
Robin Roberts and Danielle Lerner
Erin Ahrens and Irene Moxson
Sachi Shah and Rushabh Vora
Mark and Jessica Kleinknecht
Hilary Prentice and Katherine Brown
Lori Pomerantz, Carla Franklin, and Zachary Pomerantz
Lincy Thomas, Sujeet Indap, and Mae Llorente
Nandini Parthasarathy and Adri Guha
Robin and Natalie Garner
Mark and Lauren Posner with Michael and Alisa Nogen
Ross and Heather Schulman with Martin Okner
Julie Marchesi and Valerie Erering
Ari Lerner and Brad Roberts
Alex Wellman, Daniel Peck, and Alex Bierce
On Saturday evening, June 25, 2011 Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford and Royal Pains star Mark Feuerstein hosted the annual Phoenix House Summer Party Benefit honoring fashion designer Elie Tahari and Julie & Bruce Menin for their dedication and commitment to the organization.

The party was at the gorgeous oceanfront home of Margie and Michael Loeb in Southampton, NY. Donna D’Cruz was the DJ for the evening.
The gorgeous oceanfront home of Margie and Michael Loeb in Southampton, NY
Phoenix House is a leading non-profit provider of substance abuse treatment and prevention services, serving more than 7,000 men, women (including women with children), and teens each day at more than 120 programs in 11 states – California, Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia.
Elie Tahari and Frank Doroff
Tony DiSanto, Virginia DiSanto, and Tony DiSanto
Margie Loeb, Michael Loeb, Heide Banks, Howard Meitiner, and Pamela Morgan
Jason Binn and Mark Feuerstein
Katlean de Monchy and Lucia Hwong Gordon
Karan Sogomick, Kate Schmier, AkazIt Kas, Chloe Meitiner, and Alex Wood
Kelly Rutherford and Mark Feuerstein
Shawn Sachs, Marla Fortner, and Mark Fortner
Mike Heller, Mark Heller, and Rachel Heller
Michelle Minkoff, Robin Minkoff, Linda Shapiro, Goldie Eismann, and Jeanine Burge
Tommy Silverman and Donna D'Cruz
Kelly and Jay Sugarman
Elisa Sternberg, Charles Regansburg, Regina Bidden, and Erica Grossman
Dr. Mitchell Rosenthal, Rikki Klieman, William Bratton, and Howard Meitiner
Rose Marie Bravo with Julie and Bruce Menin
Dr. Mitchell Rosenthal, Josephine Woodward, and Anne Keating
Beth Ostrosky Stern
Dr. Mitchell Rosenthal, Stephanie Doroff, and Frank Doroff
Pamela Morgan, Barbara Dildabanian, and Kelly Gerber
Alex Pretko, Sarina Wong, Cary Hall, Bozhena Lisko, and Connor Murphy
Chloe Cole, Charlie Walk, John Franco, Rose Franco, and Taryn Southern
Cary Hall, Connor Murphy, Alex Pretko, Sarina Wong, Bozhena Lisko, and Dr. Mitchell Rosenthal
Dan Boylan, Shari Feld, and Tony van Jones
On a beautiful June evening, over 250 people enjoyed cocktails and admired the 360-degree view of the New York skyline from Greystone Property Development’s penthouse and rooftop terrace at 180 E. 93rd Street. It was a party to kick off the American Cancer Society’s inaugural Hamptons summer bash, Festive in Flip Flops. The event, co-chaired by Sherri Abruzzese and Gopa Dobson is set for Saturday, August 20th at the Bridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club. It will be fun summer evening for guests of all ages with the hot band The Touch.

Doug Benach of Greystone Properties, Richard Steinberg of Warburg Realty, Julie Dannenberg and Peter Davis of AVENUE magazine and R. Couri Hay hosted the event.

Dominic D'Alleva, Robin Cofer, and Wendy Sarasohn
Among the guests were: Cynthia Lufkin, Mary and Michael Levine, Jenny and Greg D’Alba, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Wendy Carduner, Bill Koeningsberg, Cece Cord, Geoffrey Bradfield, Diana Feldman, Louise and Stephen Kornfeld, Jonathan Goldberg, Roni Cohen, Dr. Nicholas Toscano, Cassandra Seidenfeld, Mark Gilbertson, Maggie Norris, Melissa Berkelhammer, Elaine Sargent, Jean Shafiroff, Dr. Robert Grant, Sharon Bush, Logan Scott, Karen Klopp, Cricket Burns, Vebørn Sand, Lynette Dallas.

Mr. Benach presented Mrs. Abruzzese with a check for $2500 made out to the American Cancer Society to support its critical programs and services on Long Island.

For more than 50 years, the Society has been providing critical patient services to individuals on Long Island. During the past year, they have assisted cancer patients with nearly 2,000 rides to and from their treatments. Camp Adventure on Shelter Island hosts 150 children each summer. This fun-filled, sleep-away camp is for children with cancer and their siblings, ages 6-18. The Society has two Long Island research facilities – Stony Brook University and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories.

At Festive in Flip Flops, guests will gather for a wonderful evening beginning with cocktails followed by dinner and dancing. There will be live and silent auctions. For tickets beginning at $500, please contact Tedd Smith at 631-300-3175 or tedd.smith@cancer.org.
Gopa Dobson and Sherri Abruzzese
Karen Klopp, R. Couri Hay, and Cece Cord
Maggie Norris and Dr. Nicholas Toscano
David Lees and Renee Landegger
Richard Steinberg, Louise Kornfeld, and Stephen Kornfeld
Jamee Gregory and Maggie Norris
Melissa Berkelhammer, Dr. Robert Grant, and Jill Brooke
Jean Shafiroff and Sarah Scofield
Richard Steinberg, Renee Steinberg, and Doug Benach
Michael Levine and Mary Levine
Joseph Abruzzese and Bill Koeningsberg
Julie Dannenbrerg and Peter Davis
Joseph Abruzzese, Michael Levine, Mary Levine, and Bill Koeningsberg
Jill Brooke, Julie Dannenberg, Cynthia Lufkin
Richard Steinberg, Louise Kornfeld, and Stephen Kornfeld
Gail Karr and Dr. Nicholas Toscano
Christine Schott, Sharon Bush, and Wendy Carduner
Cricket Burns and Mark Gilbertson
Sherri Abruzzese, Doug Bennett, and Richard Steinberg
Peter Davis, Julie Dannenberg, and Logan Scott
Sherri Abruzzese and Gopa Dobson
Roni Cohen, Diana Feldman, and Cynthia Lufkin
Paola and Arnold Rosenshein and Doug Benach
Wendy Carduner and Richard Steinberg
Sherri Abruzzese, Doug Benach, and Cece Cord
Bryan Johns, Alice Judelson, and Alec Call
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Cricket Burns and Mark Gilbertson
Anita Sarko and Wendy Lerman
Bryan Johns, Alice Judelson, and Alec Call
Sarah Scofield and Dr. Robert Grant
Geoffrey Bradfield, Roric Tobin, Renee and Richard Steinberg
Dr. Howard and Gayle Sobel
Vebørn Sand and Lynette Dallas
Gordon Pennington, Cricket Burns, Doug Dechert, and friend
Diana Feldman, Sherri Abruzzese, and Jean Shafiroff
Alexandra and Joe Anza
Jill Brooke, Cynthia Lufkin, and Sherri Abruzzese
American Ballet Theatre held its annual Golden Circle Luncheon on Thursday, June 16 at in the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel. Over 250 guests enjoyed a special viewing of a collection of ABT’s recently restored ballet costumes over champagne and Raspberry Mint Ice-Tea in the Grand Ballroom Foyer, and then proceeded into the Ballroom for a three-course seated lunch.

The Golden Circle Luncheon is hosted each year by ABT’s Golden Circle Council who honors someone for their dedication and commitment to the Company and the world of dance.
Guests were treated to a viewing of a collection of ABT’s recently restored ballet costumes
The Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel
This year’s honoree was ABT Board Member Anka Palitz. Generous underwriting support was provided by Guerlain. Gifts of jewelry were donated by Sequin.

Remarks honoring Anka were given by Golden Circle Council President Ellen Monk and ABT Executive Director Rachel Moore.
Anka Palitz
Anka Palitz and Ellen Monk
Rachel Moore, Anka Palitz, Ellen Monk
Rachel Moore, Anka Palitz, and Ellen Monk
Notables in attendance included Vicki and Chris Kellogg, Pat Shiah, Zita Davisson, Jean Volpe, Donald Kramer, Sharon Patrick, Wendy Evans Joseph, Theresa Khawly, Lotos Club President Anne Russell, Ann Van Ness, James Borynack, ABT Artist in Residence Alexei Ratmansky, ABT Principal Veronika Part, ABT Principal Michele Wiles, ABT Soloist Carlos Lopez, Ruth Newman, and Emily Reifel.

The event raised $77,000 for American Ballet Theatre.
Elise Evans, Michelle Hershenson, Gary Snyder, Ellen Monk, Stan Cohen
Elise Evans, Michelle Hershenson, Gary Snyder, Ellen Monk, and Stan Cohen
Faye Simper, Andrew Martin Weber, and Faye Weber
Ahmet Cakmak, Arlene Cooper, Noriko Cakmak
Ahmet Cakmak, Arlene Cooper, and Noriko Cakmak
Chris Kellogg, Vicki Kellogg, Sandy Kriser, Gregory Kriser
Chris and Vicki Kellogg with Sandy and Gregory Kriser
Malcolm Thomson
Rachel Moore, Anka Palitz, Patricia Shiah
Jean Shafiroff, Anka Palitz, and Patricia Shiah
Rachel Moore
Rachel Moore and friend
Teresa Khawly, Dr. Roberta Leff
Teresa Khawly and Dr. Roberta Leff
Ellen Liman, Paula Butler, Alex Dube, Jan Goetz
Ellen Liman, Paula Butler, Alex Dube, and Jan Goetz
Arlene Cooper, Carlos Lopez, Rachel Pivnick, Jean Volpe
Arlene Cooper, Carlos Lopez, Rachel Pivnick, and Jean Volpe
Donald Kramer, Anka Palitz
Donald Kramer and Anka Palitz
Sukie Weiner, Irene Shen
Sukie Weiner and Irene Shen
Joan Taub Ades, Ellen Monk, Anka Palitz
Joan Taub Ades, Ellen Monk, and Anka Palitz
Leslie Ettinger, Marlyn Rush
Leslie Ettinger and Marlyn Rush
Chris Kellogg, Vicki Kellogg
Vicki and Chris Kellogg with a friend (left)
Sydney Howk, Emily Gegner, Ellen Kammer, Hannah Lavell
Sydney Howk, Emily Gegner, Ellen Kammer, and Hannah Lavell
Donald Kramer, Brian Heidtke
Donald Kramer and Brian Heidtke
Alexi Ratmansky, Tatiana Ratmansky
Tatiana Ratmansky and Alexi Ratmansky
Ruth Newman
Ruth Newman
Mary Ann Goodman, Larry Shaw
Mary Ann Goodman and Larry Shaw
Michele Wyles
Michele Wyles
Lauren Day Roberts, James Borynack
James Borynack and Lauren Day Roberts
Dr. Roberta Leff, Brian Heidtke
Dr. Roberta Leff and Brian Heidtke
Liana Engle, Briana Brady, Madeline Eckett Oden
Liana Engle, Briana Brady, and Madeline Eckett Oden
Judy Grubman, Jamie Becker
Judy Grubman and Jamie Becker

Photographs by R. Mickens (AMNH); ILIR BAJRAKTARI/PatrickMcMullan.com & Sunny Norton (ACS); Joe Schildhorn / BFANYC.com (ABT).
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