Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Ballet, Calvary, and High Line

Friends of the High Line and AOL celebrated the opening of Section 2 of the High Line.
This past Tuesday night, the School of American Ballet held its annual Workshop Performance Benefit honorting Robert Fribourg with a performance at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater at Lincoln Center. Mr. Fribourg has been the Chairman of the SAB Board from 2004 until this year. He has also been a major supporter of the School and the ballet.

The annual Workshop Performances are SAB’s only public performances and a rare opportunity for the lucky attendees to get a glimpse of the ballet world’s future young stars.

A Benefit Dinner and dance were held in the school’s studios at Lincoln Center followed the performance. More than 600 arts patrons, corporate supporters and New York’s social world attended.
SAB Students
The evening’s chairs were Paige Bluhdorn, Sasha Galantic, Elizabeth McCreery, Stacey C. Morse, Suzanne Allen Redpath and Jack Watters. The Young Patron Chairs were Amanda Brotman and Chelsea Clinton.

Past Benefit Chairs have included Kenneth and Maria Cuomo Cole, Gillian Wynn Early, Coco Kopelman, Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox, Ann Reinking, Vera Wang and Laura Zeckendorf. Past sponsors have included Tiffany & Co. and Movado.
Peter Malkin, Isabelle Malkin, Eliza Malkin, Monica Dodge, Jessica Stein
Peter, Isabelle, and Eliza Malkin, Monica Dodge, and Jessica Stein
John Bradbury, Barbara Vogelstein, Fran Fergusson, Susan Perkins, Rod Perkins
John Bradbury, Barbara Vogelstein, Fran Fergusson, and Susan Rod Perkins
Louisa Swain
Louisa Swain
More than 900 attended the performance (600 of whom attended the dinner afterwards). Among those attending: Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinksy, Coco and Arie Kopelman, Liz Peek, Paige Bluhdorn, Sterling Hyltin (New York City Ballet), Sasha Galantic, Maria Kowroski (New York City Ballet), Janie Taylor (NYCB), Sebastien Marcovici (NYC B), Amsale Aberra, Jill and Harry Kargman, Teresa Reichlen (NYCB), Rachel Heller, Dr. Amiya Prasad, Jack Watters (Corporate Chair), Adrienne and Ghighi Vittadini, Susan Fales-Hill, Peter Martins and Darci Kistler, Marjorie Van Dercook (Executive Director, SAB), Duane Hampton, Liz McCreery, Laura Zeckendorf, Albert Evans, Mary Snow, Julia Koch, Jack Waters, Jock Soto (SAB Teacher and former New York City Ballet Principal dancer).

THE SCHOOL OF AMERICAN BALLET is the preeminent academy for classical dance in the United States. Faculty, students and alumni all share an ethos of rigor, passion and professionalism. The School is shaped by the artistic principles of founder George Balanchine, who developed a uniquely American way of dancing emphasizing speed, musicality and expansiveness. Led by Artistic Director Peter Martins, SAB is the official school of New York City Ballet. In addition, no other American school has placed as many students with professional companies domestically and abroad.
Marjorie Van Dercook, Robert Fribourg
Marjorie Van Dercook and Robert Fribourg
Julia Koch
Julia Koch
Kelly d'Amboise, Christopher d'Amboise
Kelly and Christopher d'Amboise
Duane Hampton, Eve Rounds
Duane Hampton and Eve Rounds
Mary Snow, Liz McCreery
Mary Snow and Liz McCreery
Susan Fales-Hill, Bristol Fales-Hill
Susan and Bristol Fales-Hill
Teresa Sorkin, Paige Bluhdorn, Bethany Parish, Robert S. Hall
Robert S. Hall, Teresa Sorkin, Paige Bluhdorn, and Bethany Parish
Adrienne Vittadini, Gianhuigi Vittadini, Coco Kopelman
Adrienne Vittadini, Gianluigi Vittadini, and Coco Kopelman
Zoe Zien, Suzy Pilarre
Zoe Zien and Suzy Pilarre
Jeanne Finlay, Karen Sherman
Jeanne Finlay and Karen Sherman
Amy Bordy, Garielle Whittle
Amy Bordy and Garielle Whittle
David Arbitman, Flora Arbitman
David and Flora Arbitman
Marjorie Van Dercook, Bud Shulman
Marjorie Van Dercook and Bud Shulman
Sophie Kargman, Jill Kargman, Harry Kargman
Sophie, Jill, and Harry Kargman
Helen Haje, Suzi Redpath
Helen Haje and Suzi Redpath
Elaine August, Anna Veronica Munoz
Elaine August and Anna Veronica Munoz
Nancy Green, Elizabeth Peck, Stephen Green, Mary Peck
Nancy Green, Elizabeth Peck, Stephen Green, and Mary Peck
Nina Diefenbach, Karen Hughes, Phyllis Toohey
Nina Diefenbach, Karen Hughes, and Phyllis Toohey
Lauren Martin, Mary Forsyth
Lauren Martin and Mary Forsyth
Francis McCreery, Francis McCreery, Liz McCreery
Francis, Francis, and Liz McCreery
Arch Higgins, Peter Boal, Melinda Roy
Arch Higgins, Peter Boal, and Melinda Roy
Kellie Abreu, Kathy Draghi, Beth Fischer
Kellie Abreu, Kathy Draghi, and Beth Fischer
Liz McCreery, Marjorie Van Dercook, Laura Zeckendorf
Liz McCreery, Marjorie Van Dercook, and Laura Zeckendorf
Dr. Amiya Prasad, Rachel Heller
Dr. Amiya Prasad and Rachel Heller
Faith Petrides, Ellen Levine, Perry Granoff
Faith Petrides, Ellen Levine, and Perry Granoff
Peter Horvitz, Amanda Brotman
Peter Horvitz and Amanda Brotman
James Lipton, Kedakai Lipton
James and Kedakai Lipton
Kristin Kennedy Clark, John Clark
Kristin Kennedy Clark and John Clark
Nancy Lassalle
Nancy Lassalle
Lisa de Ribere
Lisa de Ribere
Peter Kayafs, Randy Bourscheidt, Josef Astinza
Peter Kayafs, Randy Bourscheidt, and Josef Astinza
Ari Kopelman, Sophie Kargman, Coco Kopelman, Harry Kargman
Ari Kopelman, Sophie Kargman, Coco Kopelman, and Harry Kargman
Jack Watters, Martha Newton
Jack Watters and Martha Newton
Anna Bluhdorn, Audrey Bluhdorn
Anna and Audrey Bluhdorn
Albert Evans, Peter Martins
Albert Evans and Peter Martins
Tiffany & Company hosted a luncheon this past Tuesday in their executive dining room for the chairs of Southampton Hospital's 53rd Annual Summer Party.
Lucia Hwong Gordon, Katlean DeMonchy
Lucia Hwong Gordon and Katlean DeMonchy
Sharon Kerr, Alison Mazzola, Amy Hoadley
Sharon Kerr, Alison Mazzola, and Amy Hoadley
Jean Shafiroff, Jean Remmel FitzSimmons
Jean Shafiroff and Jean Remmel FitzSimmons
Daisy Schwimmer, Aimee Garry
Daisy Schwimmer and Aimee Garry
Laura Lofaro Freeman, Nancy Stone, Lynn Hammer
Laura Lofaro Freeman, Nancy Stone, and Lynn Hammer
Fe Fendi, Christina Cuomo
Fe Fendi and Christina Cuomo
Raya Knight, Sharon Kerr
Raya Knight and Sharon Kerr
Carola Jain, Sarah Fiszel
Carola Jain and Sarah Fiszel
Colombe Nicholas, Helga Loring
Colombe Nicholas and Helga Loring
Kristine Klug, Daisy Schwimmer
Kristine Klug and Daisy Schwimmer
Beth Canavan
Beth Canavan
Melanie Wambold, Cindy Willis
Melanie Wambold and Cindy Willis
Friends of the High Line and AOL celebrated the opening of Section 2 of the High Line this past Tuesday evening.
Rainbow City by FRIENDS WITH YOU
Lisa Maria Falcone
Bill Farber and Jan Farber
Gary Handel and Melissa Fisher
Lisa Maria Falcone and Dr. Fredric Brandt
Edmund Bingham, Tara Morris, and Kenneth Lyon
Hall Hammond, Pat Hammond, Jeff Hammond, and Robert Hammond
Auzelle Epeneter and Syl Tang
Andrew Heid, Catherine Nguyen, and Michael McGrory
Anita Sarko and Wendy Lerman
James LaForce
Adam Nettler and Joan Robinson
Kid America and Melia Marden
Karin Kohlberg and Oliver Mahrdt
Lowell and Sandra Mintz
Tury Sandoval, Robert Hammond, Joshua David, and Sam Borkson
Nicholas Stern and Rem Grady
Amanda Burden, Ric Scofidio, and Liz Diller
Lisa Anastos and Zev Eisenberg
Lisa Switkin and Richard Kennedy
Olivia Chantecaille and Lisa Anastos
Lizzie Tisch and Hope Sidman
Peter Wilson and Scott Sanders
Joshua David and Robert Hammond
Robert Zimmerman and Mario Palumbo
Sanem Gok, Jeremy Kaplan, and Sidney Wasserman
Tessa Roush, Jay Kriegel, and Kathryn McAullife
Bill Ackman and Karen Ackman
Tom Grizzle
John Alschuler and Diana Diamond
Taking in the view
Also this past Tuesday night, Calvary Hospital helds its 28th annual Awards Gala at the Pierre. Carlos Hernandez, Managing Director, Global Head of Equities and Prime Services JP Morgan Investment Bank received the Calvary Medal in recognition of his distinguished career, exceptional integrity and philanthropic commitment.

Broadway’s Melissa Errico performed for the black tie crowd.
Rev. Joachim Adione, Rev. Dawson Ambosta, Sylvester Ileka, and Rev. Herb DeGaris
Since its founding in 1899, Calvary Hospital has been devoted to providing care to adult patients in the advanced stages of cancer. Operated in connection with the Archdiocese of New York, Calvary is a voluntary, not-for-profit hospital, embodying a tradition of caring through its many programs and services.
Jeremy Irons and Melissa Errico
Michael Brescia, Swati Grayson, and David Grayson
Louise Parent and Dr. Michelle Carlson
Jen Buckley and Terrance Colter
Jan Amorosi, Stratford Wallace, and Kathleen Wallace
Joe Ross and Valerie Acerra
Lawrence and Marla Berg
Melissa Errico and Patrick McEnroe
Maria and John McKenna
Martin O'Neil and Eugenia Carrington
Frank Calamari and Carlos Hernandez
Ingrid and John Connolly
Alessandra Tocco, Sandie O'Connor, Carlos Hernandez, and Nelli Childs
Ashley Staats and Amy de Gennaro
Dr. Chris Comfort, Fran Nunziata, Bette Heben, and Ed Heben
Cathy and Ron Rezza
Denise Moloney and Joseph Smith
David May, Susan Schneider, and Dennis Schneider

Photographs by Patrick McMullan.
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