Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Our lady from Shanghai, New York's brilliant conduit with China, Yue Sai Kan, hosted her annual Chinese New Year Celebration welcoming the Year of the Rabbit, this past Sunday night at her Sutton Place townhouse.
Ken Wu, Cecilia Chang, Ping Lu, Brenda Kan, and Jing Hau
Norma Smith, John Desiderio, Kipton Cronkite, Yue-Sai Kan, and Iris Cantor
Yue Sai who came to New York as a very young woman, daughter of a Chinese artist from Hong Kong, is one of the great entrepreneurs of the economic emergence of China. She loves people and makes friends wherever she goes.
Candice Bergen and Alyce Faye Cleese
David Mason, Shauna Mei, and Chris Sifton
David Hryck, Petra Nemcova, Alia Varsano, and Paul Perkins
Felicia Taylor and Alyce Faye Cleese
Jeff Song and Ping Lu
Jacqui Safra, Kipton Cronkite, Jean Doumanian, and Lawrence Kaiser
Gabi Garzoni, David Mason, and Michelle Liu
Lizzette Kattan, Jeanette Chang, and Linda Silverman
Lawrence Kaiser and Kipton Cronkite
Brenda Kan, Joanna Bennett, and Yue-Sai Kan
Wendy Laister, Bruce Smith, and Salma Gaya
Melba Ruffo Di Calabria and Christian Curato
Joanna Bennett and Tony Bennett
Amanda Young Shortall, Alice Young, and Rima Fakih
Ling Tan and Ein Tan
Wang Yansheng, Charles Wang, and Shang Jiyuan
Valentin Hernandez, Yaz Hernandez, and William Haseltine
Marshall Rose and Ludovika Rossi Purini
Sallu Wu, Ling Tan, and Yue-Sai Kan
Pat Schoenfeld, Yue-Sai Kan, and Alyce Faye Cleese
Yue-Sai Kan, Ila Paliwal, and Rima Fakih
Zecki Dossal, Alia Varsano, Dr. Ruth, and Steve Orlins
Alia Varsano and Reja Bakh
Angela Chen, Yue-Sai Kan, and David Chu
David Chu, Serena Tan, and Anson Zhang
The reception for the opening of sculptor Will Ryman's "The Roses" on Park Avenue was held on Monday (see Guest Diary).
Alexandra Kasmin and Jim Joseph
Adam Chilenski and Lea Bonnier
Amanda Schneider and Ty Burski
Will Ryman, Jane Holzer, and Paul Kasmin
Juliette Premmereur, Hayden Dunbar, and Nicholas Olney
Christine Cachot and Candice Ku
Katie Baley and Mark Ledzian
Kim Light and Susan Sayre Batton
Ethan Ryan and Victoria Leacock Hoffman
Hana Soukupova, Drew Arron, Seren Ceylan, and Michael Shvo
Paul Kasmin and Alexandra Kasmin
Julian Flescher, Molly Ringwald, and Panio Gianopoulos
Christine Cachot and Candice Ku
Adrian Benepe
Ashley Harris, Natalie Decleve, and Jen Raddin
Emma Holzer, Ashley Holzer, and Harry Holzer
Grace Roselli, Robert Ryman, and Will Ryman
Michael Shvo, Seren Ceylan, and Nicholas Olney
Susan Sawyers and Barbara McLaughlin
Nathlie Provosty and Phong Bui
Paul Kasmin and Sara Fitzmaurice
Andrew Saffir, in association with DKNY Jeans and Deleon Tequila and amNew York hosted a screening of No Strings Attached at the Tribeca Grand last Thursday night, with an after-party at the Soho Grand.
David Zinczenko, Rachel Durran, Gregg Bello, Dan Abrams
David Zinczenko, Rachel Durran, Gregg Bello, and Dan Abrams
Zoe Lister Jones, Daryl Wein, Michelle Ruiz
Zoe Lister Jones, Daryl Wein, and Michelle Ruiz
Olivia Palermo, Daniel Benedict
Olivia Palermo and Daniel Benedict
Kate Walsh, Kelsey Grammer
Kate Walsh and Kelsey Grammer
Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore
Greta Gerwig, Fred Armisen
Greta Gerwig and Fred Armisen
Paul Haggis, Teresa Moore, Donna Karan, Andrew Saffir
Paul Haggis, Teresa Moore, Donna Karan, and Andrew Saffir
Akbar Hamid, Yale Breslin, David Lipke
Akbar Hamid, Yale Breslin, and David Lipke
Stephanie Rudnick, Duncan Schieb
Stephanie Rudnick and Duncan Schieb
Laura Day, Amy Sacco
Laura Day and Amy Sacco
Wendi Murdoch, Dasha Zhukova
Wendi Murdoch and Dasha Zhukova
Greta Gerwig, Abby Elliott
Greta Gerwig and Abby Elliott
Nick Raynes, Noel Ashman
Nick Raynes and Noel Ashman
David McCormack, Kate McCormack, Richard Raymond
David and Kate McCormack, and Richard Raymond
Paula Woods, Yogi Camron, Camila Olsen
Paula Woods, Yogi Camron, and Camila Olsen
Kevin Tekinel, Olivier Theyskens
Kevin Tekinel and Olivier Theyskens
Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump
Jackie Astier
Jackie Astier and Guest
Frederique Van Der Wal, Karen Duffy
Frederique Van Der Wal, and Karen Duffy
Stephen McCarthy, Paul Turcotte, Phillip Bloch
Stephen McCarthy, Paul Turcotte, and Phillip Bloch
Nicole Miller, Will Bancroft, Debbie Bancroft
Nicole Miller, and Will and Debbie Bancroft
Carol Alt
Carol Alt
Bettina Zhilka
Bettina Zhilka
Bai Ling
Bai Ling
Dylan Lauren
Dylan Lauren
Deborah Lupard, Drew Nieporent
Deborah Lupard and Drew Nieporent
Megan LeCrone, Sean Suozzi, Sophia Lumar
Megan LeCrone, Sean Suozzi, and Sophia Lumar
Also last Thursday night Patrick Duffy and Anthony Haden-Guest celebrated the launch of Anthony's new book, In the Meantime, at the Boutique Eat Shop on 559 West 22nd Street.
Katie McKay, Eithne Clark
Katie McKay and Eithne Clark
Jay Russ, Linda Russ
Jay and Linda Russ
Bjorn Ressle, Heeyuen Chun
Bjorn Ressle and Heeyuen Chun
Ena Swansea, Melinda Hackett
Ena Swansea and Melinda Hackett
Mr. Patrick Duffy
Mr. Patrick Duffy
Giora Polushko, Jordan Fox
Giora Polushko and Jordan Fox
Ron Cayen
Ron Cayen
Jonathan R. Stein, David Cashion
Jonathan R. Stein and David Cashion
Matteo Mize, Paul Quatrochi
Matteo Mize and Paul Quatrochi
Anita Sarko, Anthony Haden-Guest
Anita Sarko and Anthony Haden-Guest
Heeyuen Chun, Bjorn Ressle
Heeyuen Chun and Bjorn Ressle
Benna Douglas, Raymie Monagh
Benna Douglas and Raymie Monagh
Nico Kean, Robert Hawkins
Nico Kean and Robert Hawkins
Violetta, Arty Dozortsev
Violetta and Arty Dozortsev
Angele Parlange, Amanda Sromek
Angele Parlange and Amanda Sromek

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