Friday, November 30, 2012

25 and counting

Quest magazine's 25th Anniversary soiree at Doubles.
Wednesday night at Doubles, the private club in the Sherry, Chris Meigher, the owner/publisher of Quest, and Heather Cohane, the magazine's founder, along with DPC hosted a party celebrating the 25th Anniversary issue of the magazine. More than 200 attended, including Mayor Bloomberg and Diana Taylor.
Lisa Pfeifer, Chris Meigher, Chuck Pfeifer, Mayor Bloomberg, Diana Taylor, and Grace Meigher
Stan Ponte, Randall Gianopulos, and Mario Buatta
Jack Lynch and Nina Reeves
Patricia Burnham and Bill Brock
Christopher Mason
Amy Fine Collins
Dennis O'Connor, James Logatto, and Barbara Kataisto
Kathy Rayner, Michel Witmer, and Sabrina Forsythe
Marilyn White and Sharon Hoge
Michelle Lemunya, Robert Hughes, RImma Doubinskara, and Jackie Weisman
Linda Argila and Henry Buhl
Michel Witmer, Sharon Bush, and Sylvester Miniter
Ken Derry, Chuck Pfeifer, Lisa Pfeifer, and John Mosley
Ken Derry, Chuck Pfeifer, Lisa Pfeifer, and John Mosley
Kristina Matson and DPC
Mark Rosen and Arlene Dahl
Jose Pincay, Kate Edmonds Donner, and CeCe Black
Ale Meskita, Jim Mitchell, Matt Marco, Gloria Disnam, and Ada Zawbetti
Barbara Tober and DPC
Frederica Tompkins and Evelyn Tompkins
Janna Bullock and Kate Edmonds Donner
CeCe Cord, R. Couri Hay, and Iris Love
Wendy Carduner and CeCe Black
Barbara and Kevin McLaughlin with Jeannie Lawrence
John and Ingrid Connelly with John Castle
Richard Steinberg, Wendy Sarasohn, and Kathy Sloane
Daisy Soros and Muffie Potter Aston
Wendy Lehman Vanderbilt and Roy Kean
Kristina Matson, Delia Reche Kelly, and Niall Smith
Melinda Blinken with Chris and Grace Meigher
Melinda Blinken and Jackie Drexel
Anne Hargrave and Peachy Deegan
Don Burns and Greg Connors
Muffy Potter Aston, Karl Wellner, and Deborah Norville
Jeff and Liz Peek with Mark Gilbertson
Richard Steinberg and R. Couri Hay
Jim Logatto and Barbara Kataisto
Lisa Simonson and Howard Lorber
Sylvester and Gillian Miniter
Si Anthony, Howard Cox, and John McCloy
Geoffrey Bradfield and Amy Hoadley
Elyse Newhouse and Gillian Miniter
Julie Weindling and Phil Geier
Ellery and Marjorie Reed Gordon
Michael and Eleanora Kennedy
Kevin and Barbara McLaughlin with Michael Scully
Bob and Beth Hardwick
James Borynack and Billy Harbach
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Rosenbluth
Justin Concanon and Roric Tobin
Jean Shafiroff
Alexandra Lebenthal
Alex Donner and Lisa Simonson
John and Martha Glass
Geoffrey Bradfield and Heather Cohane
Elizabeth Peabody and Cole Rumbough
Lee and CeCe Black
Lily Hoagland, Mayme Hackett, and Gigi Benson
Cole Rumbough and Gregory Speck
Christine Biddle and Alex Donner
Alex Dube and Anka Palitz
Lisa McCarthy and Stephen Kong
Heather Cohane and Paul Beirne
Francis Hayward and Lionel Larner
JH schooling DPC
Michel Witmer, Dr Annette Rickell, and Lee Black
Edmundo Huerta, Grace Meigher, and Eric Javits.
Si Anthony, Grace Meigher, and Tony Manning
Grace Meigher and Amanda Meigher
Brian Stewart and Stephanie Krieger
Tatiana and Thorne Perkin
Peter Lyden, Cornelia Guest and Michael Schoen
John Demsey and Alison Mazzola
Dori Cooperman, John Mosley, and Lisa Pfeifer
Caroline Dean
CeCe Black and Nina Griscom
Denise Deluca, Daniel Morales and Kate Hemphill
Leslie Stevens
Peter Webster and Mary Hilliard
Jeanne Lawrence, Mai Harrison, and Stephanie Stokes