Friday, July 13, 2012

American Picnics, Love Heals, Art Rules

The Southampton Fresh Air Home held its 25th annual American Picnic on Friday, July 6th. The family event, often held on a property near the beach, raises money for the home’s expenses, providing a residential camp for children who are physically challenged. It’s an enormous pleasure for these children whose ordinary lives are often isolated and restricted from normal social activities and relationships. It is very important not only for them but for all who support it.

At the Picnic, there are games for children, all kinds of food carts and a display of fireworks over Shinnecock Bay by the famous Grucci pyrotechnics.  The evening raises more than 40% of the Home’s annual expenses, and brings a moment of joy into the hearts of many deserving children.
Melanie Wambold, Mark Epley, Mildrid Brinn, and Marianne Epley
Tarudl Geraghty, Kenny Maszkit, Hildegarde Soame, and Beate Sorenson
Tucker Johnston, Doug Feagin, Zach Peel, Frederick Masri, and James Hailey
Robert Hochberg, Harrison Hochberg, Jackie Hochberg, Jackson Hochberg, and Alexander Hochberg
Nick Barham, Laura Nicklas, Kathleen Ryan, Brent Nicklas, Karen Carwin, Valentina Assaf, Lisa Evans, and Erica Karsch
Morgan Hertzan, Beth Hertzan, Maron, Sadie, Samantha Yanks, and David Yanks
Katy McCormick, Elizabeth Ponce, Irene Ponce, Mario Ponce, and Danielle Ganek
Amy Goodfriend, Kelley Johnston, Doug Feagin, and Alison Feagin
Lucia Hwong Gordon, Karola Jain, Vittorio Assaf, Erica Karsch, and Elise Evans
Celia Knight, Celia Czelatka, Anthony Nieto, Alan Czelatka, and Matthew Czelatka
You can help with a contribution. Every dollar counts, no matter how many you can spare. Visit their site:
Christopher Cuomo, Mario Cuomo, Cristina Greeven Cuomo, and Bella Cuomo
Ros and Fran L'Esperance
Declan Hessler, Stephanie Hessler, Maclean Hessler, Dashell Hessler, and Steve Hessler
Ron Burkhardt and Cindy Farkas Glanzrock
Jackie Hochberg, Jackson Hochberg, and Robin Avram
Alexia and Alexandra Ryan
Shelia O'Malley-Fuchs, Gregory D'Elia, and Christl Maszkit
Kenny Maszkit, Christl Maszkit, and Mark Epley
Charlie Krusen, Lion Krusen, Blakesle Krusen, and Kristin Krusen
Martin Shafiroff, Jean Shafiroff, and Mark Epley
Jim Freeman, Laura Lofaro Freeman, and Andrew Freeman
Kim and Paula White
David Yanks, Sadie Yanks, and Samantha Yanks
Dan Del Rio and Maria Del Rio
Pam Michaelcheck, Bill Michaelcheck, and Lucy Lamphere
Cliff and Raya Knight
Margaret Watson, Peggy Mahoney, and Mary Ann Fitzgibbons
Susan Butler and Courtney Parmenter
Katy McCormick and Elisabeth Ponce
Barbara and Cece Glatt
Kristi and Emily Avram
Zoe and David Ganek
Kay Gilman, Carol Nelson, Tarudl Geraghty, and Mildrid Brinn
Valentina Assaf, Elise Evans, and Erica Karsch
Jane Ponterelli
John Freeman, Cole Bessent Freeman, and Scott Bessent
Muriel Siebert
Patrick McMullan and Ken Wolfe
Ian and Annabelle Snow
Grace Feagin, Chloe Fink, Gwenston Rossiter, and Caroline Johnston
Katie Reed, Ashley Forer, Teddy Reed, and Stephanie Monsalve
Carole and Fred Guest
Dara Sowell, Jean Shafiroff, and Lucia Hwong Gordon
Julian Navab, Alex Navab, Arabella Navab, Neva Avab, and Mary Kathryn Navab
Diana DiMenna and Tiffany Moller
Denise Incandela and Mike Cassidy
Vanessa Noel Toube
Arielle Royston and Sarah Saeli
Anne Mahoney, Peggy Hill, Peggy Mahoney, and Aidan Minick
Fiona Bradley and Melissa Biggs Bradley
Paulina Keszler, Michaela Keszler, Lulu Keszler, and Brendan Manley
Dashell Hessler, Declan Hessler, and Maclean Hessler
Peri Bogert, Cyrena Fink, and Larry Bogert
Cindy Farkas, Ron Burkhardt, James Brickley, and Vessela Brickley
Owen Klinsky, Elizabeth Dennis, and Maureen Klinsky
Last Saturday in Sagaponack, Charlotte Ronson, Hilary Rhoda, Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict hosted the 13th annual “Love Heals at Luna Farm,” celebrating the 20th anniversary of the founding of Love Heals, the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education.
Dana Auslander, Jessica Lichcenscern, and Nancy Rabinowitz
David Lipke and Kristian Laliberte
Amy Palmer, Stephanie Hirsch, Dana Auslander, and Laura Henson
Voula Nikolopoulos, Rimma Doudinskaia, and Dr. Michael Clarjen
Mandie Erickson and Haya Maraka
Hilary Rhoda and Nicole Trunfio
Anna Aranan, Graham Black, and Hannah Ricker
Laura Henson, Ted Sand, and Dini von Mueffling
Erin Cullison and Scott Lipps
Oat Ajimasook and Jamie Sharpe
Chris Wragge, Kelli Delaney, and Dr. Mark Kot
Sydney Sadick, Joann Jedell, and Amy Kamin
Ryan Hennessy and Annika Smith
Avis Richards, Stephanie Hirsch, and Kelli Delaney
Jeff Slonim, Dianne Vavra, and Michael Combs
Glen Arbeitman, Shari Farber, Jodi Eisenberg, Julia Mazrodian, and David Descoteaux
Celine Kaplan, Amy Socazio, and Mark Addison
Holly Bernesser and Cary Neer
Erika Seff, Lori Levine, Mimi Brown, and Heather Feit
Jennifer Avrams and Hallie Lorch
Lisa Yom and David Lipke
Kyle McEneaney, Charlotte Ronson, Nico Mizrahi, and Jamie Schneider
Elyse Taylor, Eric Taylor, and Arielle Patrick
Annette and Grace Cacucciolo
Mark Septembre and Anna Feo
Rob Schaffer and Dana Jones
Wendy Harris, Bronwen Baumgardner, and Jenn Press
Jared Fine, Amelia Nelson, Todd Gallagher, and Shany Ellenberg
Julib Zeff and Linda Benlevy
Lisa McNee, Karen McCarthy, and Karen Scacchi
Shany Ellenberg and Amelia Nelson
Polina Proshkina
Hilary Rhoda and Nicole Trunfio
Caroline Fare and Eric Villency
Leigh Rosen and Jamie Schneider
Cognac Wellerlane
Rebecca Minkoff
Ley Yoo
Dini von Mueffling and Peter Davis
Tessa Von Richthofen, Richard Johnson, Samantha Yanks, and David Yanks
Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict
Peggie and Tia Walker
Ben Pike, Eric Denataly, Wendy Hoffman, and Scott Celander
Alison Cronin and Sal Strazzullo
Dini von Mueffling and Tati von Mueffling
It was hotter than Hades last Saturday but that didn’t stop hundreds of the East End’s most prominent collectors, cultural figures, philanthropists, social dynamos and community leaders from flocking  to Gallery Valentine on East Hampton’s tony Main Street for an elegant kickoff reception for the Inaugural Edition of Art Southampton presented by Art Miami. Gallery Valentine with locations in East Hampton and Bridgehampton is the Official Host Gallery of Art Southampton which debuts July 26-30.

Art Southampton’s Partner – Director Nick Korniloff and Pamela Cohen Director Sponsorships + VIP Relations, along with Gallery Valentine owners Ryan Ross and Dara Ross and filmmaker Alexandra Fairweather were on hand to welcome and thank the members of Art Southampton’s prestigious Inaugural Host Committee which has so welcomed this endeavor to offer a world class art fair to a world class art community. 
Guests sipped on cool cocktails including a summery Bootlegger 21 Vodka libation infused with cucumber (white gazpacho for the drinking set), nibbled on delectable hors d’oeuvres such as seared scallops, spicy shrimp, tuna tartar and addictive mini-pulled pork tacos by Restivo while admiring the dizzying array of master works that filled the massive gallery including works by the late renowned sculptor John Chamberlain.

Filmmaker Alexandra Fairweather Chamberlain’s step-daughter discussed with guests her documentary on her renowned step-father’s career, “HEAARTBEAT” which will premiere at Art Southampton with two intimate screenings on July 26  and July 27 with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Ross School Chamberlain—Fairweather Scholarship Fund  and The Watermill Center/Chamberlain Residency Grant Fund.
Alicia Bythewood, Dan Bythewood, Pamela Cohen, Nick Korniloff, Ann Liguori, Scott Vallary, and Brie Bythewood
For more information or to purchase tickets visit: Limited seating is available and the screenings are expected to sell out quickly.

Guests included: Jean Shafiroff, Larry Ross, Joy Marks and Leif Bringlesmark, Dan and Alicia Bythewood with their beautiful daughter Brie, filmmaker Alexandra Fairweather, Ian and Grace Burliuk, Gary and Katherine Andreassen,  Peter, Elizabeth and Kate Haveles, Beverly Camhe, Andrea Gurvitz, designer Berry Brown, Carolyn Kendall Buchter and Ron Buchter, Sara Herbert Galloway, TV sports journalist Ann Liguori and Scott Vallary, artist Kevin Berlin, Susan Madonia,  Baroness Sheri de Borchgrave, Sherry Dobbin and Marc Fasanella, Heidi and Gay Wachtel, Ron Meyers and Erika Faust, Dawne Marie Grannum, Sophia Bishop, Dolores and Frank Berrafato, Carol and Alex Kogan, art consultants Laura O’Reilly and Pamela Willoughby, Walter Feiden, Chris Norwood, Yael and Daniel Falk, Steven and Maria Gavios, Edward Callaghan, John Wegorzewski, Ryan Horn and Jean Dodds, Gail Schoentag and scores more.
Amazing by Mel Bochner
Silence by Mel Bochner
Art Southampton will feature a carefully selected group of 50 international art galleries, with a strong focus on primary artists and select secondary market works. An advisory committee has been in place to assist in the vetting of gallery programs ensuring that the quality of art will be on par with the excellence of Art Miami allowing collectors, institutions, curators and art advisors to buy with confidence.

Art Southampton will take place from July 26-30, 2012 in a state-of-the-art 75,000 square foot Pavilion located on the sprawling 18-acre fairgrounds of the Southampton Elks Lodge, 605 County Rd. 39 in Southampton NY.
Gary Andreassen
Art Southampton’s Host Committee includes Gary and Katherine Andreassen, Angela Anton, Christopher Arnold, Ted and Ruth Baum. Ian and Grace Burliuk, Steven Bernstein, Haley and Jason Binn, Roger Blaugh,  Berry Brown, Henry Buhl, Liz Burns, Sharon Bush, Alicia and Dan Bythewood,  Lady Liliana Cavendish, Robert Chaloner, Gregory D’Elia,  Jamie de Roy, Sherry Dobbin and Marc Fasanella, Jeanine Edington, Tom and Maribeth Edmonds, Southampton Village Mayor Mark Epley, Millie Fellingham, Michael Forestano, Dora Frost, Judy and Rod Gilbert, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Dede Gotthelf, Audrey and Martin Gruss, Andrea Gurvitz, Jeannette Hecktoen and Neill Slaughter, Sara Herbert Galloway and Barry Klarberg, Ryan Horn,  George and Joan Hornig, Maryann Horwath and Michael Shaheen, George and Amy Kane, Carolyn Kendall Buchter, Andrea Kent, Michaela and Stephan Keszler, Gary Lawrance, Ann Liguori, Susan Madonia, David McDonnell, Bruce  Michael and Clif de Raita, Nicole Miller, Juan Montoya, Chris Norwood, Laura O’Reilly, Jere Paterson and Sarah Hunter Paterson, Cassandra Seidenfeld, Jean and Martin Shafiroff, Seren and Michael Shvo, Brenda Simmons, Martin and Nancy Stone, Mary Lou Swift Pamela Willoughby, Chris Wragge (Committee in formation).
Laura O'Reilly, Ryan Ross, and Pamela Willoughby
Gail Schoentag and Amanda Dickerson
Ian Shapolsky and Chris Norwood
Susan Madonia, Ian Burliuk, Grace Burliuk, and Daphne Hoge
Dolores and Frank Berrafato
Heather and Ryan Ross
John Wegorzewski and Edward Callaghan
Jeanine Edington and John Wegorzewski
Tom Kent and Elizabeth, Kate, and Peter Haveles
Baroness Sheri De Borchgrave and Yvon Ross
Joy Marks and Leif Bringslimark
Jeff Muhs, Beth McNeill Muhs, Nick Korniloff, and Pamela Cohen
Kevin Berlin and Sara Herbert Galloway
Matthew Satz and Francesca Channing
Yvon Ross, Ysabel Pinyol, and Baroness Sheri De Borchgrave
Sheri Dobbin and Mark Fasanella
Berry Brown and Dawne Marie Grannum
Berry Brown and Kevin Berlin
Jean Shafiroff and Pamela Cohen
Alexandra Fairweather and Nick Korniloff
Ron Myers and Erika Faust
Brie, Dan, and Alicia Bythewood
Ryan Ross, Heather Ross, Nick Korniloff, and Pamela Cohen
Katherine and Gary Andreassen
Ann Liguori and Scott Vallary
Carol Kogan and Alex Kogan
Photographs by; Tom Fitzgerald & Pam Deutchman (Art Southampton).