Thursday, March 29, 2012

Anniversaries and inaugurations

The Bronx Museum of the Arts Spring Gala and Auction at Three Sixty.
This past Tuesday, the Bronx Museum of the Arts hosted its 40th Anniversary Spring Gala and Auction at Three Sixty on 10 Debrosses Street. They honored gallerist Bonni Benrubi; artist Willie Cole; choreographer, actor and writer Darrin Henson; Architect Daniel Libeskind; Robert Sancho, VP Development and External Affairs at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, and Sciame Construction Company. There was a special performance by the Dave Valentin Quintet. Honorary Chairs were Kathleen and Henry Chalfant.
Frank Sciame, Daniel Libeskind, Joe Mizzi, Robert Sancho, and Darrin Henson
James McKenzie, Felix Sarpong, Miriam Tabb, Bernadette Satterfield, C. Debra Thomas, and Bobby Gonzalez
Don Savelson, Claire McGregor, and Jim McGregor
Douglass Rice and Marilyn Greene
Armando and Anna Marino with a friend
Joan Krevlin and Claire Danes
Holly Block and Laura Blanco
Frazier Holloway, Liz Christinsen, and Gary Hattem
Darrin Henson and the Henson family
Ron Cavanaugh and Julie Sengle
Kevin Lawrence and Linda Blumberg
Richard Ekstract, Don Savelson, Eileen Ekstract, and Jane Wesman
Kevin Lawrence, Darrin Henson, and Danet Samerth
Nicole Gallo and Mia Cole
Shaari Gross, Lesley Glick, and Betsy Kilmartin
Daniel and Rachel Libeskind
Anthony Meyers, Edwin Ramoran, and Lauren Click
Kari McCabe and Angela Fernandez
Marya Weathers and Carla Peterson
Christopher Dixon and Dinda Elliott
Bill Aguado and Julia Herzberg
Maria Elena Gonzalez, David Reed, and Linda Blumberg
Michael Canter and Juan Tamargo
Menon Sloame and Naomi Hersson
Elizabeth Brady and Sig Balka
Jennifer McGregor, Michael McKenzie, and Jane Dickson
Rick Stein, Gema Alaba, Joan Bankemper, and Joshua Stein
Robin Cembalest, Ken Seth Armstead, and Jerry Otero
Jules Slutsky and Matt Lacari
Julian Schnabel and Joe Mizzi
John Moore and Christopher French
Robert Sancho
Alexis Johnson and Steve Henry
Henry Chalfant and Charlie Ahern
Willie Cole and Douglass Rice
Armando Marino, Ruth Corn Roth, and Laura Blanco
Faisal Almahdi, Ahlam Amahdi, Ruth Corn Roth, and Gordon Roth
Angela Fernandez and Douglass Rice
Helen Portugal and Ruth Corn Roth
Tim Rollins and Jennifer McSweeny
Last Monday night, DIFFA's Dining By Design Gala Dinner was held at Pier 94 and honored Alfredo Paredes. DIFFA stands for Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS. It is a charity supported by the industry and all their friends to raise money and awareness to fight AIDS. At this particular event, many designers participating did the tables ...
New York University table
Fashion Institute of Technology table
Artistic Tile table
Ralph Lauren table
Marie Mekko Studios table
Pratt Institute table
Mark Cunningham table
Jonathan Adler for Kravet Collections
Joseph Stabalito Interior Design table
Nile Johnson for Philosphy Design Studio
La Crema table
Tilton Fenwick LLC table
Do Moore Designs table
Herman Miller table
Libby Langdon table
Architectural Digest Table
Slade Architecture table
Shawn Henderson Interior Design table
David Mizzoni and Timothy Anderson
New York School of Interior Design, Design Within Reach table
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner table styled by Alexa Stevenson
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner table styled by Alexa Stevenson
Frances Power, Karen Ford, John Heist, Jennifer Csigaras, Jermine Thicket, Karen Eliot, and Nicholas Pennink
Susan McMann, Lara Cohn, Libby Langdon, Tammilyn Leyser, and Lauren Macon
Linda Gaunt, Leslie Jane Seymour, Adam Glassman, and Lynn Roberts
This is a passionately supported organization and their evening brings out a glittering cross section of the design and creative people in New York.
David Lauren, Lauren Bush Lauren, Ricky Lauren, and Ralph Lauren
Isabel and Ruben Toledo
Shawn Henderson, Jeff Cagle, Bill Shea, and Frank Selbaggi
Ralph Lauren, Alfredo Paredes, and David Rockwell
Lyn Schroeder and David Rockwell
Marie Aiello and Sandra Ripert
Lauren Garfield, Jeffrey Chapman, and Amy Malinsky
Juan Carlos Menendez and Peter Marino
Michael Musto
Brandon Grant and Chandra Cook
Charles Fagsn
Sarah Leon
Troy Hanson, Dale Cohen, and Siamak Hakakian
Bradford Shelhammer
Ami Dia
Dollet Kemper and Shawn Morrison
David Rockwell, Nicholas Pennink, Peggy Bellar, Alfredo Paredes, and Ralph Lauren
Susan Blond and Ian Ralfini
Anna Mesaikos and Jackie Weeman
Jonathan Adler, Margaret Russell, and Simon Doonan
Leslie Steiger, Micah Steiger, Susan Blond, Rick Wolf, and Ronni Wolf
Elizabeth Bolognino and Roxanne Hanna
Mike Hennessy, Paula Hennessy, Olivia Hennessy, and Marcia Kirkley
David Barber and Michael Scalese
Ron Tumpowsky and David Sheppard
David Sheppard and Fern Mallis
Libby Langdon
Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman
Bill Shea and Frank Selbaggi
Ana Karina Hakakian, Merna Corliss, and Jae Hah
Randy Florke and Sean Maloney
Eric Ripert
Cindy Allen and Peggy Bellar
Olivia Hennessy
On Saturday March 24th at her Park Avenue apartment, Dr. Young Yang Chung celebrated the US launch of the Seol Won Foundation. Congratulatory remarks were delivered by Barbara Tober of New York, Chris Hall of Hong Kong, and Judith Rutherford of Sydney, Australia, in a lively presentation moderated by Vivian Lee of NY Channel 1 News.

Composer Jasun Martz, who has worked with artists including Michael Jackson, created a symphony in honor of the Foundation's inauguration, and guests received an autographed copy of the cd.
Dr. Nancy Kemeny, Dr. Young Yang Chung, Barbara Tober, and Vivian Lee
The Seol Won Foundation sponsors art exhibitions and educational efforts—such as lectures, workshops, and study programs—that advance knowledge and appreciation of world textile arts and promote cultural understanding between peoples East and West. To learn more about the Seol Won Foundation and its exciting roster of activities visit
Dr. Helga Wall-Apelt
Alan Yamahata
Yvonne Rabie and Lee Talbot
Douglas Yoo, Hyung Mo Jung, Dr. Young Yang Chung, Jin Min Kim, and David Yoo
Alan Kennedy and Colin McKenzie
Gina Yoo, Douglas Yoo, and Peter Ha
Soyoung Lee
Chan Gillham
Michael Burr and Michael Teller
Judith Rutherford, Dr. Young Yang Chung, Chris Hall, and Vivian Lee
Dr.. Daniel Libby
Erin-Eunyoung Byunn
Monika Gude, Maximilian Olson, and Eleana Olson
Miako Miwako, Associate curator at Asia Society Museum
Andrew and Lorraine Kransdorf
John Vollmer and Willow Chang
Jason Martz and Ellen Payne
Barbara and Donald Tober
Heng Wee, Dr. Young Yang Chung, Annie Wee, and Chris Hall
Walter Borton and Elizabeth Caskey
Grace Choi, Susan Kwok, and Hae Lin Lee

Photographs by (DIFFA, Bronx Museum); (Seol Won).
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