Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Autumn Balls

Dancing at Lenox Hill Hospital's Annual Autumn Ball.
Lenox Hill Hospital held its annual Autumn Ball gala this past Monday night at the Waldorf.  This year, they honored global humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Elie Wiesel with the Medal of Distinction award. 

Mr. Wiesel, a Romanian-born, Jewish-American writer, professor, political activist and Holocaust survivor, is the author of over 50 books, including Night, a work based on his experiences as a prisoner in the Auschwitz, Buna and Buchenwald concentration camps. 
Michael Dowling, Will Hiltz, Elie Wiesel, and Ellen Crown
Mr. Wiesel was also being honored in recognition of his lifetime commitment to humanitarianism, and for his support of the physicians and staff at Lenox Hill Hospital.

The Autumn Ball is the hospital’s most important annual fundraiser. This year’s theme, Supper Club, created by event designer Preston Bailey, encompassed all the classic elements of a traditional supper club for the 1,000-plus guests. 

The evening also included a performance by Cyndi Lauper. "Mr. Wiesel has been a hero of mine since the first time I read Night," Lauper told the guests. "It is so important that everyone read Night now and for all the generations to come."
The crowd pre-Cyndi Lauper
"For over a century, the Autumn Ball has celebrated the hospital’s committed benefactors and dedicated staff," said Michael Dowling, North Shore-LIJPresident and CEO. "With the monies raised, we will continue to support significant capital projects at Lenox Hill Hospital, Including an investment of $39 million in 2013.”

The Autumn Ball benefit committee included many prominent New York leaders in medicine, publishing, media, the arts and philanthropy: Jan Aronson and Edgar M. Bronfman, Jean and Ralph M. Baruch, Susan and Mark Claster, Ellen and Daniel M. Crown, Deborah and Philippe Dauman, Nancy and Robert N. Downey, Diane and Marshall Felenstein, Amy R. Frolick and Brad Eric Scheler, Cynthia and Joseph Germanotta, Victoria and Lloyd Goldman, Candice and Richard Goldstein, Diane and Paul B. Guenther, Patricia and Edward Gutman, Judith and William O. Hiltz, Elisabeth and Allen S. Kaplan, Starr Haymes Kempin and Jacques Kempin, The Honorable Ed Koch, Nancy and Jeffrey B. Lane, Phyllis and William Mack, Leigh and Charles Merinoff, Francesca and Richard B. Nye, Barbara and Donald Zucker, and Roy J. Zuckerberg.
Cyndi Lauper
Last Friday, The North Shore-LIJ Health System announced that it has established a dedicated  North Shore-LIJ Hurricane Relief Fund to assist the New York City community and the health network's employees who have suffered catastrophic devastation as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

Proceeds from Monday night’s gala will be donated to the employee relief fund, as well as charities supporting other disaster victims in the community.

The 16-hospital health system has already learned of more than 400 employees whose families have been displaced from their homes due to fire and severe flooding.
Post-Cyndi Lauper
As a first step, North Shore-LIJ is trying to get help to employees who have lost their homes temporarily or permanently, or who have no means of transportation. In addition to housing and transportation, the health system will assist in providing employees in getting medical attention, crisis counseling, meals and other third-party resources.

Those wishing to support the effort can send a donation by check payable to the North Shore-LIJ Hurricane Relief Fund and mail it to: NSLIJ Health System Foundation, 125 Community Drive, Great Neck, NY, 11021, or contribute online at
Michael Dowling, Richard Goldstein, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Elie Wiesel, Cyndi Lauper, and Bob Woodruff
Bob Downey, Lorna Savage, Adine von Burchard, and Roy Zuckerberg
Nancy Skoglund, Kathleen Dowling, and Peter Skoglund
Judy Hiltz and William Hiltz
Victoria Goldman, Lloyd Goldman, Ellen Crown, and Dan Crown
Elie Wiesel and Marion Wiesel
Laurie Costantino and Peter Costantino
Shyama Matthews, Michael Strongin, Evan Bornstein, John Sujit, and Dr. Drorit Or
Kathleen Dowling and Laurie Costantino
Ralph Nappi, Maureen Nappi, Candy Goldstein, and Richard Goldstein
Dr. Nancy Lipsitz, Dr. Rafael Ortiz, Dr. Emille Agrait, and Dr. David Langer
Chinny Trivedi
Kristina Hanley and Kimberly Short
Dennis Dowling, Lynn Dowling, Dr. Ira Nash, and Dr. Beth Nash
Ed Roos and Maryann Roos
Ralph Baruch and Jean Baruch
Joe Daniels, Lauren Weisberg, Victoria Dunham, and John Regan
Sulavha Patel and Dr. Nirav Patel
Paul Guenther, Diane Guenther, Ellen Crown, and Dan Crown
Matthew Claster, Cindy Doninger, and Bari Claster
Dr. David Seinfeld and Smadar Seinfeld
Dr. Jane Farhi and James Barron
Dr. Imran Ashraf, Dr. Jennifer Montes, Dr. Brian Walters, and Dr. Naiem Nassiri
Alison Newman and Elle Winter
Edith Kopelwitz, Nikki Fontanella, and Jutta Weiss
Michele Ateyeh and Dan Scheffey
Abigail Yap, Jenny Suh, Aaron Ness, and Serena Ness
Teresa O and Svetlana Acquista
Dr. Dave Robbins and Brook Christopher
Prushar Dungrani and Ruchi Dungrani
Kay McEnroe and Bob Downey
Emily Ryan and Adam Ryan
Dr. Neha Rathod and Dr. Barthid Rathod
Nancy Lane, Jeffery Lane, Cece Asch, George Asch, and Phyllis Mack
Andrew Harms, Meg Panzer, Ryan Osterman, Kim Mason, John Lyddane, and Jessica Bresnan
Dr. Shyama Matthews, Ron Barrett, and Dr. Surekha Maddula
Gayle Sobel and Dr. Howard Sobel
Dr. Stephen Warren, Dr. Constance Chen, Dr. Lauren Cassell, Jacques Blinbaum, and Dr. Len Horovitz
Last Thursday night The Associates Committee hosted the Fountain House Fall Fete with cocktails at Emporio Armani, and dinner and dancing afterwards until midnight at the Metropolitan Club.
Kenn Dudek, Heather Hynes, Alexis Preston, Katie Tozer, and Jeremy Goldstein
Dorothy Lewis, Richard McFadden, and Diane Dunne
Kamie Lightburn and Mark Gilbertson
Sarah von Maltzahn, Dixi von Maltzahn, Florence Peyrelongue, and Jose Guerra
Caitlin Tashjian and Jack Lynch
Molly Denihan and Alison Coffey
Katie Tozer and Jeremy Goldstein
Reha Kocatas, Jennifer Oken, Chrissy Gaffney, and Tyler Gaffney
Megan Hamilton and Maddy Potvin
Kiliaen van Rensselaer and Dori Cooperman
Kamie Lightburn, Richard Lightburn, Michelle Smith, and Andrew Oshrin
Chrissy Gaffney and Tyler Gaffney
Mario and Maria Maccioni
Alexandra Smith, Andrew Schonebaum, and Dominique Kun
Asia Mernissi and Jason Bowman
Marybeth Winningham and Virginia Ritter
Mike Bracken, Lindsay Bracken, John Ferguson, and Elizabeth Pyne
Marnie Worth, Stephen Worth, Kamie Lightburn, and Richard Lightburn
Graziano de Boni, Kiliaen van Rensselaer, and Dr. Laura Ruof
Bill Manger and Lil Phillips
Adam Graev, Larry Graev, and Jeremy Goldstein
Jennifer MacLear, Bruce MacLear, and Richard Lightburn
Brooke and Robby Mountain
Sunny Biasi, Duane Biasi, and Sarah Goldstein
On Monday, October 22, 2012, supporters of the annual Park Avenue Tree Lighting were guests at a private reception during the International Fine Art & Antiques Dealers Show (IFAADS) at the Park Avenue Armory.  Brian and Anna Haughton, IFAADS founders, hosted the reception with First Republic Bank.  Island Restaurant and Eleni’s Cookies provided additional support.

Barbara McLaughlin, President of The Fund, welcomed everyone in The Glorious Food Café, this year transformed by interior designer Charlotte Moss into an elegant European garden parterre. Ms. McLaughlin was pleased to have the opportunity to thank so many of the Tree Lighting donors in person because contributions from the community are what make this uniquely “Park Avenue” event happen each year.
Charles Bergman, Barbara McLaughlin, and Parks Commissioner Veronica M. White
The tradition of lighting the trees on Park Avenue began in 1945 to honor the men and women who died in WWII. It has continued uninterrupted.  Today, the illuminated trees serve as a memorial to all who have lost their lives defending our country.  The Park Avenue Tree Lighting has always been privately funded. In the early years, the costs were covered by just a few families.  Today, The Fund relies on the support of a much larger community to ensure that this sparkling display continues.   

Joan Boening, the President of James Robinson, Inc., and Chairman of the IFAADS Vetting Committee, gave a gallery talk incorporating some of the highlights. Ms. Boening grew up on Park Avenue and is the fourth generation of her family to run the gallery, which is also located on Park Avenue.  She told the group, “One of the special things about this Fair is the lack of a dateline so one can see not only antiques but contemporary art as well.”  

Eleni’s Park Avenue Tree Lighting cookies.
At the reception Ms. McLaughlin announced that Eleni’s cookies will donate $1 for every cookie sold in her Carneige Hill store, the first two weeks of December.

The 2012 Park Avenue Trees will be lit following a ceremony that will take place on Sunday, December 2nd at 6:30 p.m. outside the Brick Presbyterian Church (Park Avenue & 91st Street).

Among the guests were: Michael Ambler, Gayle and Charles Atkins, Bonnie Barsamian and Daniel Dunn, Amy and Carter Beal, Gaily and John Beinecke, Charles Bergman, Tama and Brad Bernstein, Stacey Bewkes, Larry Scott Blackmon, NYC Parks Department, Evie Brown, Joanna Brumberg, Cricket Burns, Patricia Burnham Brock and William Brock, Beverly Caplan, Heidi and Jim Cherry, Sophie Coumantaros, Joyce Cowin, Dr. Roshan Cummins, Ron Daniel, Tom Danziger, Ann Darmstaetter and Eleanor Peterkin, Mary and Marvin Davidson, Becca Davies, Ghislain de Noue, Walter Deane, Harriette Delsener, Ann Embry, Dasha Epstein, Stephen Farrell, Michael Fisch, Maria and Ken Fischel, Michelle Flaum, Deborah Foord, Mary and Phil Foote, Margie Furniss, Martha and John Glass, Wendy G. Gold, Joanne and Roger Goodspeed, George Graham Family, Diahne Grosjean, Kathleen Hale, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Harris, Pamela Harris, Timothy Haskin, C. Lyn Henry, Jim Herbert (Chairman of First Republic Bank) and his Cecilia, Tania and Brian Higgins, Peggy Hill, Carolina and Cark Hribar, Mrs. Hamilton James, Jay Jolly, Marshall Keating and Judith Harper, Konrad Keesee and Barbara Broeder, Vickie Kent and Joseph Messina, Lionel Larner, Jessica Lappin (NYC Council Member), Patricia Lecomte du Nouy,  Stuart Levy, Mary Matthews, Michelle Mattia, Sylvia and John Mazzola, Maureen McCarthy, Marie and Thomas McCaskill, Cynthia McGrath, Kevin McLaughlin, Doug Miller and Jean Renfield-Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Robert O’Hara, Mel and Richard Oldenburg, Kristin and Dan Oliver, Rose and Richard Petrocelli, Ruth and Jack Phillips, Dr. and Mrs. Richard Raynor, Susan Relyea, Letitia Roberts, Samuel Sachs II, Andrew Sackin, Mary Schlosser, Elizabeth and Alfred Scott, Pam and A.J Schwegel, Ann and George Selden, Virginia Sheerin, Carter and Talbot Simonds, Jean Shafiroff, Jacqueline Slifka, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sofsky, Ronald D. Spencer, Esq., Judith Steckler, Joan Stout, Robert Swetnick, Arthur Thomson, Veronica M. White, NYC Parks Commissioner, Mikel Witte and Jane Wyeth.
Bonnie O'Hara, Bob O'Hara
Gaylee Beinecke and John Beinecke
Jonathan Kuhn, Pamela Schwegel, and AJ Schwegel
Carter Beal and Amy Beal
Maria McCaskill and Tom McCaskill
Maria Fishel, Kenneth Fishel, and Christina Rose
Patricia Burnham, Bill Brock, and Pamela Harris
Cricket Burns
Joan Boening and Michael Ambler
Mikel Whitte and Bettina Nelsen
Mary Davison and Marvin Davison
Barbara Saltzman, Bill Moran, and Lois Wagner
Richard Oldenburg
John Mazzola and Sylvia Mazzola
Sherry White, Jim White, and JoAnn Blair
John and Martha Glass
Tama and Brad Bernstein
Mel Oldenburg and Ronald Spencer
Konrad Keesee, Barbara Broeder, and Jerome Jacalone
Barbara McLaughlin and Jim Herbert
Jean Shafiroff
Slawomir Moch, Kathleen Lamborn, Michael Scully, and Marie Norton
Photographs by; Cutty McGill (IFAADS).