Friday, April 20, 2012

Brooklyn Artists Ball, Couture en Fleur, and much more ...

This past Wednesday, the Brooklyn Museum held its annual "Brooklyn Artists Ball." This year's Ball celebrated women artists and the fifth anniversary of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art.

Marisa Tomei
served as Honorary Chair. Carla Shen and Nilani Trent were Co-Chairs. Honoress included Elizabeth A. Sackler, Martha Rosler, Amy Sillman, and Mickalene Thomas.
Table Environments by Natalie Frank, Chitra Ganesh, Kate Gilmore, Kimberley Hart, Malia Jensen, Fay Ku, Liz Magic Laser, Simone Leigh, Nicola López, Carmen McLeod, Sheila Pepe, Kenya (Robinson), Valeska Soares, Swoon, Janaina Tschäpe, and Saya Woolfalk
Proceeds from the Brooklyn Artists Ball benefit the Museum's education, exhibition, and outreach programs.
Arnold Lehman, Martha Rosler, Amy Sillman, and Mickalene Thomas
Warren Eisenberg, Mitzi Eisenberg, Susan Feinstein, and Leonard Feinstein
Joe Finnerty, Robin Meltzer, Sherry Tenorio, and Patrick Smith
Nate Freeman, Mike Miller, Liz Magic Laser, Dori Kresge, and Michael Weiner
All Brooklyn Artists Ball attendees were invited to wear festive attire. And so they did ...
Natalie Frank and Elizabeth Sackler
Christina Harper and Jennifer Tucziarone
Marisa Tomei
Linda Yablonsky and Donald Baechler
George Sheldon and Yasgo Noguchi
Jay Lehman and Nicole Cohen
Nilani Trent, Jack Tamagni, and Carla Shen
Elyse Goldberg and Jesper Just
Sarah Robertson, John Reuter, and Cherylyn Ahrens
Anthony Haden Guest
Gloria Steinen, Elizabeth Sackler, and Jake Weiss
St. Claire Tucker, Steph Karasnoff, and Sabrina Linnette Diaz
Annelise Peterson
Susi Kenna
Muriel Siebert and Robert Engel
Susan Stroman and Hans Tester
Dr. Johnetta B. Cole and Judy Chicago
Jessye Norman
Charlie Soap and Gloria Steinem
Kevin Baker
Karen Wong and Adam Glick
Zenobia Marder, Cori Kresge, and Kenya (Robinson)
Kate Noto, Lily Dormant, and Christie George
Amelia Bolyard and Heather Hart
Fay Ku, Saya Woolfalk, and Sarah Shoff
The Horticultural Society of New York held its annual New York Flower Show on April 17th, 2012 at 583 Park Avenue. This year's theme was "Couture en Fleur."  

Designers included Fleurs Bella, Laura Clare, Nancy Swiezy, Rachel Cho, Renny & Reed, Zak Events, and more.

The evening honored James Taffin de Givenchy (Jewelry Designer), Jack Rogers (Footwear Designer), and Lee Anderson of Lee Anderson Couture (Fashion Designer) for their work within the design industry.

Guests included Mary Van Pelt, Chairman, Sharon Casdin, Andrea Henderson Fahnestock, Kamie Lightburn, Sheila Stephenson, Bruce W. Addison, Salvatore Bacarella, George Ball, Parks's Commissioner Adrian Benepe, CeCe Black, Teresa Carleo, Ethne Clarke, Marianne Engle, Nina Griscom, Jay Herman, Dennis S. Hersch, Millicent M. Johnsen, Nancy M. King, Janet Mavec, Mario Nievera, Henry Hope Reed, Elizabeth Scholtz, Hon. Dora Schriro, Frances Schultz, Anne Shearman-Betts, Jessica Tcherepnine, Sara Hobel.
Lee Potter and Paige Betz
George Hambrecht and Andrea Henderson Fahnestock
Huguette Hersch and NancyJane Loewy
James Taffin de Givenchy and Mary Van Pelt
Marianne Engle, Frances Schultz, Susan Shirk, and Sam Popkin
Lee Anderson, Lee Black, and CeCe Black
Frances Schultz and Bill Smith
Suzanne Levine, Mary Max, and Anne Shearman-Betts
James Taffin de Givenchy and Timothy Pope
Amber Hopkins, Nancy Amling, Laura Katherine Smith, and Elizabeth Burrell
Sara Hobel, Adrian Benepe, and Mary Van Pelt
Barbara Regna
Janet Mavec, Ingrid Abramovitch, and Sara Hobel
Pat Altschul, Mario Buatta, Mark Gilbertson, and Susan Gutfreund
Nina Griscom
Claudia Overstrom and Kamie Lightburn
Peter Max, Everett Lautin, Suzanne Levine, Anne Shearman-Betts, and Mary Max
Jean Shafiroff and Sheila Stephenson
On Tuesday, April 17th Earthwatch Institute hosted an evening celebrating the accomplishments of Earthwatch scientists and volunteers working to address the critical issues of global climate change and innovative environmental solutions. Unique and sustainable hors d'oeuvres were by New York restaurateur, Phil Winser of The Fat Radish.

The evening also included the first annual after-party hosted by the Earthwatch Junior Committee from 9:30 PM – 12 AM. The party featured cocktails and desserts by the Fat Radish, and New York City's DJ Huggy Bear.
Ed Wilson, President and CEO of Earthwatch, Jorge Colmenares, Bill Moomaw, and Kevin Anton, member of Earthwatch International and US Board of Directors
Guests included: Ed Wilson, President and CEO of the Earthwatch Institute, Jorge Colmenares, founder of Miracol Energy, Bill Moomaw, Kevin Anton, member of Earthwatch International and US Board of Directors, Bob Vila, Gretchen Grant, Richard Brewster, Barbara Brewster, Vita Reinoso, Tarin O'Donnell, Anna Lindow, Nina Lawson, Byron Anderson, Milos Alacaly, Jon Blanksteen, Jessica Bolback, Alexandra and Will Cart, Jared Dubey, DJ Huggy Bear, Eliza Glaster, Emma Hall, Willy Steigman, Courtney Murzin, Jon Tomashoff, Larry Sadaka, Dan Kessler, J. Michael Reinoso, Jake Kramer, Emily Starkey, Mark Quilhot, Adam Friedman, Cortney Maran, John Sten, Natalie Boyle, Katherine Tuckerman, Beryl Crofton-Atkins, Valarie Walker, Marianna Zabavina and many more.
Bob Vila, Gretchen Grant, Richard Brewster, and Barbara Brewster
Tarin O'Donnell, Anna Lindow, and DJ Huggy Bear
Vita Reinoso, Ed Wilson, and Nina Lawson
Marianna Zabavina and Milos Alacaly
Jessica Bolback, Valarie Walker, Willy Steigman, and Byron Anderson
Byron Anderson, Alexandra Cart, Courtney Murzin, and Jon Blanksteen
Jon Tomashoff, Tarin O'Donnell, Larry Sadaka, and Anna Lindow
Larry Sadaka, Tarin O'Donnell, and Jon Tomashoff
Dan Kessler, Tarin O'Donnell, and Jared Dubey
J. Michael Reinoso, Valarie N., Jake Kramer, and Emily Starkey
Mark Quilhot, Emma Hall, and Adam Friedman
Cortney Maran, Alexandra Cart, John Sten, and Eliza Glaster
Natalie Boyle and Katherine Tuckerman
William Cart, Beryl Crofton-Atkins, and Jared Dubey
This past Monday night, Liz Smith and Bette Midler conducted a "conversation" at a private (women's) club on the Upper East Side, ostensibly to raise money for the Maria Droste Counseling Services which provide psychiatric assistance to those who can't afford the regular therapist's rates.

It was kind of an interview, with Liz doing the interviewing and then taking questions from the audience (one question: What is a question you've never been asked that you'd like to answer. Answer: "Would you like jewelry?"). They talked for more than an hour and held the audience (laughing) in the palms of their hands.
La Liz and The Divine Miss M.
Among the happy attendees were Ms. Midler husband of 27 years, Martin von Haselberg; Joan Ganz Cooney, Lesley Stahl, Jeanne Vanderbilt, Gillis McGill, Ellen Levine; Harriet and Ron Delsener, Mary Wells Lawrence, Deeda Blair, Joni Evans. The event was organized by Elizabeth Peabody, who is raising the public profile of the Mareia Droste Counseling Services.
Maria McBride, Elizabeth Peabody, Betsy Selman-Babinecz, and Jan Sarro.
Lauren O'Keefe and Christina Atterbury Dever.
June P. O'Keefe, Winifred B. Atterbury, and Lauren O'Keefe.
Betsy Selman-Babinecz, Ginette Molina, and Chera Finnis.
Pamela Harris, Carolyn MacKenzie, and Lorna Graev.
Alana Trimmier. Jay Kernis.
Shirley Herz and Enid Nemy.
Terry Ramkissoon, Ron Delsener, Eleine Bricken, Leslie Perkin, and Susan Burke.
 Iris Love, Ann Radice, and William Stubbs.
Liz Smith and Amy Freitag.
Maria McBride (second from right) and friends.
On March 31, Venuses, hearts and flowers and images of Pinocchio were much in evidence when Nassau County Museum of Art unveiled its new exhibition, Sculpture / Jim Dine / Pinocchio at a special preview party for invited guests. Attendees especially appreciated the opportunity to meet artist Jim Dine who graciously discussed the works in the exhibition with visitors. The Dine exhibition and the Contemporary Gallery exhibition of works by NYC artist Steven Salzman remain on view through July 8.

Nassau County Museum of Art is located at One Museum Drive in Roslyn Harbor, NY.
Emily-Jane Kirwan, a director of NYC's Pace Gallery, with Jim Dine.
Museum Director Karl E. Willers, Ph.D. with Laura and David Grey, art collectors who are long-time supporters of the museum. Robert O. and Esther Mayer. Bob Mayer is co-chair of the museum's Corporate Committee.
Jonathan and Tracey Serko with Board President Clarence F. Michalis (center). Mr. Serko is a museum trustee.
Dr. Stephen D. and Jill Kremer. Jill Kremer is co-chair of the Journal Committee for the upcoming 2012 Ball, the museum's major annual fundraising event. Elaine Berger and Carol Wolowitz co-chair the museum's Contemporary Collectors Circle.
Jim Dine visits with museum guests.
Brad Emerson reports ... On a recent Saturday evening, The New York Yacht Club was the setting for a gala honoring distinguished pianist Seymour Lipkin on his 25th anniversary as Artistic Director of the Kneisel Hall Chamber Music Festival in Blue Hill, Maine. Also on the faculties of Juilliard and the Curtis Institute, Lipkin succeeded cellist Leslie Parnas and acting director Roman Totenberg in the position in 1987. The evening was hosted by Gregory Carroll.

Kneisel Hall Young artists perform.
A concert performed before the fireplace in the Model Room by a quintet of 2011 Kneisel Hall Young Artists, coached by violinist Laurie Smukler. Included on the program was Schubert's Quintet in C-Major, op. 163, which had been performed by the Kneisel Quartet at the old Aeolian Hall in a 1913 concert. Coincidentally, Aeolian Hall and the New York Yacht Club, a block apart, were both designed by Warren & Wetmore.

Kneisel Hall traces its origins to 1902, when Franz Kneisel, founder of America's first professional string quartet, began taking students to his vacation home for summer study.

After emigrating to America, Kneisel became concertmaster of the Boston Symphony Orchestra in 1884, when he was barely 20 years old. In 1905, he moved to New York to become the first violin director of the new Institute of Musical Art, now Juilliard. His daughter Marianne, also a violinist, married Otto Kahn's brother Felix Kahn, a director of Paramount Pictures, who built the hillside concert hall that is the core of today's campus as a gift to his father-in-law.

After a hiatus following Kneisel's death, the Kneisel Hall Chamber Music School was reestablished in 1953 by Marianne Kneisel, pianist Artur Balsam, violinist Joseph Fuchs and violist Lillian Fuchs. Marianne Kneisel utilized the original buildings given by her late husband and a library donated by Mrs. Gustave Schirmer, widow of the music publisher. Each summer some of the finest students from music schools across the country go there to study under a distinguished faculty including Joel Krosnick and Ronald Copes of Juilliard.
Shawn Moore, Gregory Carroll, Colin Brookes, Patrick McGuire, Geoffrey Herd, Elizabeth Lyon, Laurie Smukler, and Ellen Werner.
Timur Galen, Linda Genereux, Paula Deitz Morgan, Alan Kornerg, and Harold Koda.
Frank Marsteller, Beth Gutcheon, and Robin Clements.
Robert M. Clements and Mark Cluett.
Gregory Carroll and Seymour Lipkin.
Paula Dietz Morgan and Thurmond Smithgall.
Photographs by (Brooklyn Ball); Kristi Drago-Price Photography (Droste Counseling); Tina Guiomar & Matthew Dine (Jim Dine).
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