Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Called into duty

Guests gathered at Jazzed in January, New Yorkers Rebuilding New Orleans, a benefit for the Preservation Resource Center.
Jazzed in January 2012: New Yorkers and New Orleanians Working for Preservation Resource Center held their Main Event last Thursday night at the Top of the Standard, at the Standard, New York. ABC News Anchor Rob Nelson was emcee, with music by Henry Butler and the Derek Douget Band.

Alexa Georges, Greg Morey, Holly Sharp Snodgrass,
and Karen Solomon served as the evening's co-chairs.
The Derek Douget Band
Anne Redd, Henry Butler, Anne Shearman Betts, and Susan James
Lynn and Tom Long with Beverly Lamb and Janet Tallerine
Wendy Angus, Baker Smith, John Skvarka, and Anna Ellis
Roger Wilson, Alexa Georges, Mark Settembre, and Anna Maio
George Lancaster, Alexa George, Nick Broho, and Jeffrey Jacob Wade
Jacques Cattier, Stuart Gayle, Rachel Hayes, Jean Kang, and Katherine Chung
Ben Bologna and gang
Since 1974, the Preservation Resource Center has been a critical force in breathing life back into New Orleans' at-risk homes and neighborhoods. Building on a history of restoring more than 1,300 properties and touching countless individuals with its outreach and advocacy efforts, the PRC continues its pursuit to preserve New Orleans' historic heritage.
Stephanie Meeks, Patty Gay, and Gary Officer
Dana Hansel, Debra Shriver, and Alexa Georges
Anton Drye, Alexa Georges, and Dr. Jackie Moline
Henry Butler and Patricia Clarkson
Rachel Hayes, Lisa Smith, and Ing Kand
Dr. R. Dale Le Blanc, John Skvarka, and Hal Williamson
Annie Gonzales and Orlando Gonzales
Patricia Clarkson and Gina Garrin
Rae Jung Wilburn, Bob Wilburn, and Pat Wilburn
Olga Skidmore, Timmy Skidmore, Alexa Georges, and Klaus Ortlieb
Jane Scott Hodges and Samantha Smith
Dorothy Clyne, Anne Gowlias, Dana Hansel, and Lisa Smith
Alan Caspi, Bryce Reveley, and Hunt Slonem
Jerry Shriver, Debra Shriver, and Thomas Jane
Lally Brennan, Hal Williamson, and Janet Tallerine
Julie Silvers, Lily Hines, Frank Gibb, Alejandro Rosales, Tyler Fagin, and Chris Snodgrass
Cindy Brennan, Davis J. Bland, and Angele Parlange
Hal Williamson, Gary Officer, and Gabrielle Officer
Dorothy Clyne, Anne Goliwas, and Dottie Charbonnet
Jessica Loyacono, Julie Cappa, Katie Ratt and friend
Susan Wormser, Brad Vogel, Grace Kaynor, and John Skvarka
Janet Tallerine, Jeremy Head, Stacey Head, and Karen Feldman
Also last week, the new "The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess" opened last Thursday night at the Richard Rodgers Theater.
Matthew Broderick, Mario Cantone, Nathan Lane, Cheyenne Jackson
The cast takes their bows
Matthew Broderick, Mario Cantone, Nathan Lane, Cheyenne Jackson
Matthew Broderick, Mario Cantone, Nathan Lane, and Cheyenne Jackson
They held the opening night party at the McKittrick Hote, a series of warehouses on West 27th Street now serving as a party space.
Mamie Gummer, Ben Walker
Mamie Gummer and Ben Walker
Kerry Butler
Kerry Butler
Arlene Alda, Alan Alda
Arlene and Alan Alda
Bill Irwin
Bill Irwin
Tommy Tune
Tommy Tune
Tamara Tunie
Tamara Tunie
Estelle Parsons
Estelle Parsons
Lisa Chinchero, Cory Brudish
Lisa Chinchero and Cory Brudish
Laura Osnes
Laura Osnes
Diane Paulus, Susan Lori Parks
Diane Paulus and Susan Lori Parks
Naida Rasbury
Naida Rasbury
Michael Alden
Michael Alden
Edie Falco
Edie Falco
Polly Bergen
Polly Bergen
Henry Louis Gates
Henry Louis Gates
Montana Thomas, Richard Thomas
Montana Thomas and Richard Thomas
Barbara Cook
Barbara Cook
Piper Perabo
Piper Perabo
Christine Ebersole
Christine Ebersole
Gavin Creel
Gavin Creel
Valerie Simpson
Valerie Simpson
Melissa Van Der Schyff, Claiborne Elder
Melissa Van Der Schyff and Claiborne Elder
Lin Manuel Miranda, Vanessa Nichols
Lin Manuel Miranda and Vanessa Nichols
Tanya Lee, Spike Lee
Tanya Lee and Spike Lee
Stephen Schwartz
Stephen Schwartz
?, Jefferson Mays
Jefferson Mays and friend
Lanie Kazaan
Lanie Kazaan
Norm Lewis and Audra McDonald
Joshua Henry and Roosevelt Andre Credit
Natasha Yvette Williams and Cedric Neal
David Alan Grier
JD Webster, Nathaniel Stampley, and Trevon Davis
Phillip Boykin
Diane Paulus and Nikki Renee Daniels
Diane Paulus, Diedre L. Murray, and Suzan Lori Parks
Audra McDonald and Peter Donovan
Last Tuesday night here in New York at the Ziegfeld Theater, Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox presented "Red Tails," the story of the Tuskegee Airmen, starring Nate Parker, David Oyelowo, Ne-Yo, Elijah, and Cuba Gooding Jr.
Tuskegee Airmen
Cast of Red Tails
Terrence Howard and family
"A crew of African American pilots in the Tuskegee training program, having faced segregation while kept mostly on the ground during World War II, are called into duty under the guidance of Col. A.J. Bullard."
Anthony Hemingway
Crazy Legs
Dr. Roscoe Brown
Lee Tergesen
Jamie Lucas, George Lucas, and Melody Hobson
Method Man
Marcus T. Paulk
Kimberley Locke
Tristan Wilds
David Oyelowo
Michael B. Jordan
Tika Sumpter
Antonique Smith
Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee
Celia Hart and James Earl Jones
Leslie Odom and Jr.
Deborah Roberts and Al Roker
Stephen Baldwin
Deborah Lee
Andre Royo
Yuna Yang and Jessica Oyelowo
Cuba Gooding and Jr.
Georgiana Roberts
Monique Coleman
Giancarlo Esposito
Wendi Murdoch and Tamara Mellon
Francis Ford Coppola
Last Saturday a week ago, there was an opening reception at the Leila Heller Gallery at 568 West 25th Street in Chelsea for Elizabeth Thompson's "Stories from the Everglades," the extraordinary river of grass unique to North America. The exhibition will be on view through January 28th.
Elizabeth Thompson
Everglades Déjeuner,
Oil on linen
57 x 81 in / 145 x 205 cm
Elizabeth Thompson and Guerrino De Luca. Elizabeth Sobieski, Tom Wolfe, and Gisue Hariri.
Ally Mintz, Melissa Barbagallo, and Lauren Pollock.
Camille Xin, Annysa Ng, and Raw Hwang. Finliy Luff and Nadia Rivest.
Guido Branca and Lavinia Branca Snyder. Kim Heirston Evans, Elizabeth Thompson, and Richard Evans.
Leila Heller, Shaikha Paula Al-Sabah, Edgar Batista, and Isabell Rodriquez.
Kambiz Shahbazi and Gisue Hariri. Ike Ude and Muna Rihani.
Roya Heidari, Nahid Taghinia-Milani, and Muna Rihani. Lois Nasser and Nancy Silverman.

Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com
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