Monday, March 26, 2012

End of winter

Members Lucy Jane Lang and Cator Sparks arriving The Frick Collection's annual Young Fellows Ball by horse-drawn carriage.
This past Thursday night over at the Frick Collection they held their annual Young Fellows Ball. This is usually an “end of winter” event but what with the 70 degree temperature outside and the canopies of pink magnolia blossoms festooning over the terraces and the property as well as in Central Park across the street, it was more like sumer is a-cumin’ in.

More than 600 guests (also supporters) gathered at the Fifth Avenue mansion amid the fin-de-siècle splendor of the former Frick family residence, for the Belle Époque Ball, sponsored by Donna Karan New York.  The event planners and designers took their inspiration from the current special exhibition Renoir, Impressionism, and Full-Length Painting. This must-see show brings together nine grand-scale depictions by the painter of life in Paris in the 1870s and 1880s -- including several enchanting images of Parisian dancing couples in fashionable dress.

At about 9:15 p.m. 17 members and friends (Cator Sparks, Price Latimer Agah, Lucy Lang, Scott Asher, Linnea Wilson, Sarah Maslin Nir, Kate Fleming, Jane Ko, Fay Cantor Stephens, Olivia Windisch, Alex Cohen, Ariana Lindermayer, Ryan Hayward, Musa Okwonga, Alice Kabukaru, and Charlotte Vignon arrived from the Plaza in three horse-drawn carriages for a most grand entrance.
Musa Okwonga and Sarah Maslin Nir
This is also traditionally a ball – no dinner seating but cocktails and drinks bars, hors d’oeuvres tables. Caterer Olivier Cheng provided both savory food and desserts. Passed hors d’oeuvres were blinis with caviar and chive crème fraîche, chive French toast with salmon tartare and lime fraîche, truffled shrimp crisp, mini croque monsieur, filet of beef on pea blini, spring roll of duck confit and green apple, wild mushroom gruyere tart with herb salad, fallen spinach soufflé  And at the tables in the Music Room: country pate, Jambon de Bayonne, chilled shrimp with French cocktail sauce, ratatouille, quiche Lorraine, roasted beet tartare. After 10:30 p.m., guests were offered passed sweets: tarte fine aux pommes, profiteroles, chocolate hazelnut domes.

William Grant & Sons provided Hendrick’s Gin, Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch, Milagro Tequila, Stoli Vodka, and Littet. Anna de Codorníu generously donated the Cava for the evening. Wines were supplied by Castell de Raimat. Three thematically inspired cocktails were offered: Belle Jardin cocktail made with Hedrick’s Gin, L'Etoile Blanc cocktail made with Stolichanaya Vodka, and La Marche Jolie cocktail made with Milagro Silver Tequila.

Couples were also reported having fun imitating the dancing couples depicted in Renoir’s works, enjoying masterpieces collected around the turn of the 20th century by Henry Clay Frick, as well as paintings in the galleries by Degas, Fragonard, Goya, Manet, Rembrandt, Turner, Vermeer, Whistler, and others.
Chairmen in Donna Karan Claiborne Swanson Frank, Joann Pailey, Olivia Chantecaille, Sloan Overstrom, Lydia Fenet, and Clare E. McKeon
Steering Committee members, and various guests wore gowns by Donna Karan, including Olivia Chantecaille, Lydia Fenet, Claiborne Swanson Frank, Clare McKeon, Sloan Overstrom, and Joann Pailey, as well as Caitlin Davis, Pauline Eveillard, Sarah Irwin, Lucy Jane Lang, Amory McAndrew, Elisabeth Saint-Amand, Sara Gilbane Sullivan, and Jennifer Wright.

In the gift bags, guests found Donna Karan Cashmere Mist fragrance and Donna Karan Lenox votives. The bag also featured a Renoir notepad from the Frick Museum Shop and products from Chantecaille, Financier Patisserie, Tervis Tumbler Co., and Prestat Chocolate.  The Frick’s brilliant Horticulturist and Special Events Designer Galen Lee developed a fanciful scheme for the Ball with Head of Special Events Colleen Tierney.

The evening raised approximately $240,000 which will provide essential support for the Frick Art Reference Library and the Frick’s education program, which serves New York City public schools in all five boroughs.
Steering Committee members (with Deputy Director and Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator Colin B. Bailey in the middle) Caitlin Davis, Jennifer Wright, Clare E. McKeon, Lydia Fenet, Joann Pailey, Elisabeth Saint-Amand, Sloan Overstrom, Clare E. McKeon, and Lucy Jane Lang
The Frick’s Young Fellows parties are primo social events on the Manhattan scene for all the obvious reasons – black tie, dressy, and in a spectacular venue built a century at (at the end of the so-called Belle Epoque).  The crowd runs age-wise from 20 to 30-something (with some guests extending beyond that range) and the ticket is a bargain for New York fundraisers: $300 per person with Benefactor tickets at $500 per person. Benefactors were eligible for a drawing of a private behind-the-scenes tour for two of the Frick.

The Chairmen were: Olivia Chantecaille, Lydia Fenet, Claiborne Swanson Frank, Clare McKeon, Sloan Overstrom, and Joann Pailey.
Guests in the Oval Room, among them Chairman Clare E. McKeon (in green Donna Karan gown)
Wes Gordon, Olivia Chantecaille, Clare E. McKeon, Cator Sparks, Lucy Jane Lang, Alexandra Lebenthal, Jay Diamond, Caitlin Davis, Lydia Fenet, and Elisabeth Saint-Amand enjoy talking among the Renoirs in the East Gallery
Guests enjoy the West Gallery
Seen in the crowd: Tatyana and Werner Ahlers, Julia Arnhold, Paul Arnhold, Colette Arredondo; Frick Deputy Director and Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator Colin B. Bailey; Ashley Baker, Edward Barsamian, Erika Bearman, Fiona and James Benenson, Lesley M. M. Blume, Hannah Bronfman, Jeffrey and Connie Cocroft Brown, Larissa Buchholz, Jeffrey  Caldwell, Fay Cantor-Stephens, Olivia Chantecaille, Annika Connor, Jennie Tarr Coyne and Christopher Coyne, Caitlin and Michael Davis, Christian de La Chapelle, Justin de La Chapelle, Martin Dawson, Rickie De Sole, Jay Diamond and Alexandra Lebenthal, Pauline M. Eveillard, Andrew Fenet, Hilary Fenet, Lydia Fenet and Chris Delaney, William H. FitzGerald, Isabelle Forbes, Jade Frampton, Claiborne Swanson Frank, Michael Gilbane, Tom Gold, Wes Gordon, Sarah and Christopher Irwin, Cena Jackson, Lucy Jane Lang, Elizabeth G. and Jon Kurpis, Christopher T. Leach, Harrison LeFrak, Page Leidy, Aliza Licht, Chloe Malle, Amory and Sean McAndrew, Timothy McAndrew, Clare McKeon, Lara Meiland-Shaw and Claude Shaw, Serena Merriman, Priya Mohindra, Tinsley Mortimer, Sarah Maslin Nir, Dalia Oberlander, Sloan and Alexander Overstrom, Joann Pailey, Julie Pailey, Nina Patterson, Tatiana and Thorne Perkin, Di Petroff, Alexandra Porter, Saara Pritchard, James Reginato, Katherine Reibel, Elisabeth Saint-Amand, Alexander and Sarah Saint-Amand, Megan Salt, Georgina Schaeffer, Maggy Frances Schultz, Oliver Schulze, Cator Sparks, Sara Gilbane Sullivan, Charlotte-Anne Swerling, Phillip A. Thomas, Frederica Tompkins, Alexis Van Der Mije, Tielman Van Vleck, Konstantin von Bismarck, Frick Director Ian Wardropper and Sarah McNear, Linnea Wilson, Jennifer Wright, Joe Zee.
Timothy McAndrew and Alexis Van Der Mije
Cator Sparks in mourning
Susan Chen, John Morabito, Patrick Mitchell, and Keeli Fink
Steering Committee members Sarah Irwin and Caitlin Davis with Chairman Lydia Fenet
Jesse Patterson and Megan Gunning
Hilary Fenet and Andrew Fenet
Amory McAndrew and Lydia Fenet
Tom and Charlotte-Anne Swerling
Enrichetta Ravina, Ninve Adams, and Timothy James in the Fragonard Room
Maggie Frances Schultz and William Richmond-Watson
Erika Bearman and Umindi Francis
The Garden Court
Paul Arnhold, Molly Howard, Wes Gordon, Julia Arnhold, and Max Francois-Poncet
Annabelle C. Soudavar and Hannah Bronfman
Julia Azevedo
Chairman Lydia Fenet (in Donna Karan) and Chris Delaney
Kate Reibel
Elizabeth Kurpis
Lara Meiland-Shaw
Sarah McNear, Frick Director Ian Wardropper, and Steering Committee Member Caitlin Davis
Sloan and Alexander Overstrom
Guests enjoy the Garden Court
Phil Gaucher, Rebecca Regan, and Lacary Sharpe
Tom Gold and Colin B. Bailey (Frick Deputy Director and Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator)
Linnea Wilson and Ryan Hayward
Olivia Thatcher, Christopher Grubb, Kevin Bonebrake, and Winnie Scheuer
Olivia Chantecaille with Vogue's Chloe Malle
Michael Pecnik and Allison Ecung
R.A. Shore and Chairman Olivia Chantecaille re-enact Renoir's dancing couple for Bill Cunningham
Andrea Chung and Mauricio Ardila re-enact Renoir's dancing couple
Alexander and Sarah Saint-Amand, Elisabeth Saint-Amand, and Sloan Crosley
The Garden Court
Tatiana Perkin and Amory W. McAndrew
David Bergendahl, Ashley Passik, and Oliver W. Schulze
Kim Le and Annika Connor enjoy desserts by caterer Olivier Cheng
Frederica Tompkins and Cyrus Massoumi
Trent Ward and Alexandra Duisberg
Lesley M. M. Blume
Aliza Licht, Danielle Vreeland, and Peter Speliopoulos (all of Donna Karan New York) on the dance floor in the Music Room
The crowded dancefloor during the Young Fellows Ball
Two Thursdays ago (March 15th), William Lauder, executive chairman of The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., and William T. Dillard III, vice president, Dillard’s, Inc., were honored by the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and the FIT Foundation at the college’s annual benefit gala, Two People, Two Companies, One College Make a Difference, at Cipriani 42nd Street.

More than 600 attended the evening where FIT celebrated the honorees’ outstanding leadership and achievements in retailing. The event raised just under $2 million to benefit FIT’s Educational Development Fund, which provides scholarship, technology, and student services support, among other priorities.

FIT President Dr. Joyce F. Brown welcomed guests. Leonard A. Lauder, chairman emeritus, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., and father of William P. Lauder, presented the award to Mr. Dillard. William T. Dillard II, chairman and CEO, Dillard’s, Inc. and father of William T. Dillard III, presented Mr. Lauder with his award. Singer-songwriter Natasha Bedingfield performed.

As a special feature of this year’s gala, 28 FIT Packaging Design majors were challenged to design a new package for pleasures, the fragrance from Estée Lauder. A team of judges from Estée Lauder and Dillard’s selected Nina Juang as the winner who received $5,000 in cash.  Rob Stevens and Alica Tagliasacchi were named runners-up and each received $1,500 in cash.  The winning designs were displayed at the gala.
Carolyn Murphy
Natasha Bedingfield
Italo Zucchelli
Tia Walker
Jane Hertzmark Huzis and Constance Jablonski
Johnny Belk
Jane Hertzmark Huzis and Dr. Joyce Brown
Beverly Mack
John Pomerantz and Wes Card
Sky Ferreira
Manny Chirico
Jane Hertzmark, William P. Lauder, and Aerin Lauder
Cindi Leive
William T. Dillard III and Tabatha Dillard
William P. Lauder and Leonard A. Lauder
Jane Hertzmark Huzis and Francisco Costa
Oh Land
Lisa Perry
John Demsey
Camille Rowe
Lily Donaldson
Mary-Anne Freda and Fabritzio Freda
Also last Thursday, March 15th, the Paul Taylor Dance Company held its black tie New York Season Gala with a 7 pm performance at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center, followed by a dinner, Dutch Auction and dancing on the Promenade. Alan Cumming was emce and C. Hugh Hildesley of Sotheby's was auctioneer.
Sharon Kinney, Michelle Fleet, Dan Wagoner, Elizabeth Walton, Paul Taylor, Michael Trusnovec, Amy Young, Francisco Graciano, Renee Kimball Wadleigh, and Heather McGinley (current and original cast of Aureole)
Patrick Duffy, Michael Trusnovec, VJ Carbone, Howard Axel
Derek Betts, Kathryn Aberlin, Mary Beth Aberlin, Robert Aberlin, Noah Aberlin, Angie Dix, PJ Simmons
From the Acropolis in Athens, Greece to the loading dock of a factory in Pella, Iowa, Paul Taylor's dancers perform the choreographer's works in venues of every size and description around the world.
Paul Taylor
Alan Cumming
Michelle Fleet
Bettie de Jong and Paul Taylor
Heather McGinley
Norton Belknap
Hugh Hildesley
John Tomlinson
Blair Aull and Richard Feldman
Kevin Costin, RoAnn Costin, and Stephen Schwartz
Susan Manzo and Richard Feldman
Beverly D'Anne and Deborah Pemstein
Lisa Labrado and Michael Trusnovec
Joan Bowman and Joelle Sander
Amy Fine Collins and Somers Farkas
Tom Ciano, Sara Throne, and Richard Feldman
Yvonne Rieber and Cornelia Heinz
Wednesday night at the Neue Galerie, Toby and Itzhak Perlman hosted a kick-off event for The Perlman Music Program's upcoming Annual Spring Benefit slated for Thursday, May 3rd at the Park Avenue Armory and Daniel.
Guests were treated to an exclusive tour of the collection of Ronald S. Lauder, which features some of the most important works by early 20th-century masters such as Kandinsky, Cézanne, Picasso, and Schiele. Afterward, alumni of The Perlman Music Program performed works by Saint-Saëns, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, and Beethoven. 
Jennifer Liu, violin and John Root, piano
Michelle Ross, violin
Fang Huang, piano and Molly Carr, viola
Jennifer Liu, violin and John Root, piano
Special Guests included Edie Landeck and Michael Coles, Katie Nojima, Maureen Nash, Hannah Pakula, Keren Saks, Riva Ariella Ritvo-Slifka, William and Laura Zeckendorf.  Spring Benefit Committee members include Arlene and Alan Alda, Ran and Christine Blank, Barbara Goldsmith, Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder, Toby and Itzhak Perlman, Kate Capshaw Spielberg, Steven Spielberg, Sidney and Morgan Stark, Kristy and Jim Clark, Marjorie M. Fisher, Linda and Paul Gridley, Laura Sloate, and Suzie and Bruce Kovner, Toby and Itzhak Perlman, and Svetlana and Herbert Wachtell. 

For the past 18 years, Toby and Itzhak Perlman have brought promising students from across the globe to a little island in the Hamptons. Each summer, these talented young musicians enjoy an energizing yet noncompetitive environment that allows them to flourish. PMP now envisions a future that includes year-round programming in expanded, state-of-the art facilities. For information about The Perlman Music Program, visit
Ella and Talila Gafter
Braylan Ritvo and Riva Ariella Ritvo Slifka
Hannah Pakula
Sandra Janitschek and Stephanie Bermig
Ron Oehl, Howard Wiesenfeld, and Michael H Coles
Heinz Widauer
Toby Perlman
Michael H Coles and EdieLandeck
Christine and Randall Blank
Itzhak Perlman and William Zeckendorf
Ron Oehl and Howard Wiesenfeld
Laura and William Zeckendorf
Jerry and Elise Pustilnik
Photographs by Mary Hilliard (Frick); (FIT, Paul Taylor); (Perlman).
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