Thursday, March 22, 2012

Enhancing Your Mood

Donya Bommer, Stacey Graev, Kathleen Kocatas, Kate Allen, Jennifer Oken, Heather Georges, Sarah Goldstein, and Kandis Koustenis
On March 6, Giorgio Armani sponsored the Second Annual Fountain House Associates Spring Breakfast, entitled "Enhancing Your Mood and Memory: Hormones are Just Part of the Story." The event, which was held at Armani Ristorante, featured C. Neill Epperson, MD, Director of the Penn Center for Women's Behavioral Wellness and Shari Lusskin, MD, Founding Director of Reproductive Psychiatry at NYU Medical Center and NYU School of Medicine.

Each doctor spoke about issues pertaining to women's mental health. Among the topics discussed were how hormones impact depression in women and the dangers of chronic stress, which damages areas of the brain where memory, cognition, and concentration occur.
C. Neill Epperson, MD
Dr. Shari Lusskin, founding Director of Reproductive Psychiatry at NYU Medical Center and NYU School of Medicine
Andrea Roy, Director of Communications for Fountain House
The event was hosted by members of the Fountain House Associates Committee. The Chairs were Kate Allen, Donya Bommer, Kathleen Kocatas, Jennifer Oken, Katie Tozer, and Katie Zorn; Vice-Chairs were Nicole Cunningham, Heather Georges, Sarah Goldstein, Stacey Graev, Kandis Koustenis, Laura McVey, and Elizabeth Pyne.

Fountain House is one of the world's leading mental health organizations, providing employment, educational, housing, health and wellness opportunities to people living with serious mental illness. It was founded in 1948 on the premise that people can be active partners in their recovery and to ensure that people with mental illness have the opportunity to build healthy, productive and fulfilling lives. The effectiveness of the Fountain House approach is widely acknowledged and has inspired similar programs in more than 400 locations in 30 countries and 32 states.
Katie Tozer
Laura McVey, Kate Allen, and Donya Bommer
Graziano di Boni and Mark Gilbertson
Jennifer Oken, Janet Gaffney, and Kristin Ursano
Courtney Rae and friend
Elizabeth Dettori, Katherine Lipton, Sarah Goldstein, and Karin Pickett
Ilona Quasha and Lauren McMahon
Caroline Traugott and Kandis Koustenis
Heather Georges and Dina Simonian
Dina Simonian, Ann-Renee Stathis, and Kathleen Kocatas
Janessa Masone, Stacey Graev, and Margaret Gourd
Angela Saralegui with Mariana Peterman
Kathleen Kocatas and Paula del Rio
Alison Cody, Stephanie Christensen, Allison Niles, Alexandra Fisher, and friend
Mollie Anderson and Eloise Corcoran with a friend
Pam Owens, Katie Tozer, Mark Gilbertson, and Evelyn Tompkins
Adelina Wong Ettelson and friend
Aila Main and Jennifer Oken
Suzanne Salan, Jennifer Oken, Jennifer Argenti, and Fabiana Ramirez
Linda Garnett, Liz Anderson, and Stacy Clapp
Nicole Cunningham
Brooke Buchanan and Nydia Shipman
Alexandra Fisher and Annabelle Fowlkes
The Randall’s Island Sports Foundation hosted its Fielding Dreams NYC Gala on Thursday, March 15, 2012, to honor two influential community leaders and celebrate the continued success of Randall’s Island Park, a sprawling sports destination dedicated to healthy lifestyles for New York City children.

This year, the foundation honored Pamela Liebman, President and CEO of The Corcoran Group, and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez for their commitment to Randall’s Island Park and bettering children’s lives in New York City.
While transforming Corcoran into one of the nation’s most successful and prestigious real estate firms, Liebman, a mother of two, also has dedicated her time to advancing the wellbeing of children through a number of charitable and humanitarian organizations.
Mark Sanchez with the children from the Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education at the Youth All-Star Award Program
According to Pamela Liebman, “Randall’s Island Park is one of New York City’s great resources. It benefits all New Yorkers, but especially the thousands of the city’s children who get to go outdoors and have fun while learning to play any number of sports at a world class facility. The experiences Randall’s Island offers children are priceless and contribute to their development in many positive ways. It is vital to support the Randall’s Island Sports Foundation’s mission and its wonderful programs that nourish our children and make New York City a better place to live.”

One of New York City’s most revered and accomplished young athletes, Sanchez concentrates his philanthropic efforts on advancing the health and wellbeing of children, and particularly on reducing rates of childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes and improving the lives of Hispanic youth. Sanchez kicked off the evening by presenting a group of children from the Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education with the Fielding Dreams NYC Youth All-Star Award for their continuous participation in the Randall’s Island Sports Foundation’s free summer camp program, which includes a range of sports activities from soccer and lacrosse to horseback riding and dance fitness classes.
Shahab Karmely, Libby Karmely, Chris Mack, and Richard Mack
"I remember my days as a 'little-leaguer,'” Mark Sanchez said. “Looking back I realize that those were some of the most formative and important years of my life. For 20 years, the RISF has been providing this same opportunity for New York's children by developing safe and state of the art facilities right here on Randall's Island." 

Added Nancy Neff, co-Chair of the RISF Board of Trustees: “We are pleased to recognize two people who are so highly revered in their respective industries for being leaders and also facilitating and encouraging the health and wellbeing of children. We admire Pamela Liebman and Mark Sanchez for their commitment to the betterment of New York City youth — a mission we share, and which RISF will continue to foster alongside the transformation of Randall’s Island Park.”

The evening hosted a high-profile crowd of nearly 500 philanthropists, city officials, and leaders in sports, health, and finance industries, and was emceed by Willie Geist, Co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” and held at Skylight Soho. The evening was co-Chaired by RISF Trustees Michael Boxer, Mark Greene and Richard Mack, and vice-Chairs Justin Green and Kelly Kennedy Mack.
Susan Zises-Green, Justin Green, and Jenny Green
The dinner concluded with a live auction with renowned auctioneer CK Swett, of Phillips de Pury. Among the most coveted items sold: An invitation to join Mark Sanchez on set for a commercial shoot; two tickets to the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show — with prime seating and entrance into the exclusive VIP after-party; and a Bruce Weber photograph.

All proceeds from the gala will benefit RISF. Founded in 1992, RISF provides programs free of charge to thousands of children annually, working in close partnership with more than 120 local public schools and community-based organizations in Harlem and the South Bronx – communities with some of the nation’s highest rates of obesity, asthma, and diabetes.
Ken Daniels, Brad Peck, Kate Peck, and Aimee Boden
The sports fields project on Randall’s Island Park began in 2007 to address the enormous demand for outdoor athletic facilities in New York City, a need that led RISF, in partnership with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, to reconfigure and reconstruct deteriorating ball fields. The fields were a final component of a larger island-wide plan to revitalize the park, which also has led to the construction of Icahn Stadium track & field complex in 2005, the Sportime tennis center in 2009, wetlands restoration and miles of waterfront pathways.  

Randall’s Island Sports Foundation, Inc. (RISF) is a nonprofit organization working in conjunction with City leadership to realize the island’s unique potential by developing sports and recreational facilities, restoring its vast natural environment, reclaiming and maintaining parkland, and sponsoring programs for the children of New York City. For more information visit
Sports Honoree Mark Sanchez and Business Honoree Pamela Liebman
Sylvester and Gillian Miniter
Jennifer and Jay Nantz
Jack Hayflick and Dr. Christopher Starr
CK Swett and James Lipton
Michael and Melissa Boxer
Table Setting at the RISF Fielding Dreams Gala
Dan and Nancy Neff
Caryn Cohen, Karen Cohen, and Charlotte Cohen
Daryl Jones and Courtney Hall
Dustin Keller
Deborah and Steven Bernstein
Willie Geist
Dean Landis and Mark Greene
Mitch Davidson and Jennifer Rich
Last Thursday evening, Ovarian Cancer Research Fund’s Junior Board sponsored a dinner, drinks and hot chocolate tasting event to benefit the Fund.  The evening event, from 8 -11pm, at City Bakery was one of New York City’s best young professionals’ happenings this season.

The evening featured a silent auction and a host of eclectic treats, including sliders, mac & cheese, fried chicken and thick, rich, hot chocolate and assorted cookies and pastries.
This was the third annual OCRF City Bakery event which is part of the Junior Board’s annual campaign to increase public awareness for the symptoms and detection challenges of a disease that affects approximately 21,000 American women annually, of which fewer than 40 percent survive. The five-year survival rate for ovarian cancer has increased by only 8% in the last 30 years. We are at a critical crossroads for supporting research into unlocking the mysteries of ovarian cancer. Since 1998, Ovarian Cancer Research Fund has invested nearly $45 million in ovarian cancer research through grants to scientists at more than 62 leading medical centers in the US. This research has led to some of the best and most promising breakthroughs ... but more needs to be done.
Lisa Piazza, Shae Callahan, and Katie Dillon
Stefanie Ruch addresses the guests
The mission of OCRF is to fund research to find a method of early detection and ultimately a cure for ovarian cancer. OCRF helps patients and their loved ones understand the disease and its treatment, and also provides outreach programs to raise public awareness.

The OCRF Junior Board’s efforts are specifically focused on expanding awareness of OCRF and its mission to younger members of the community.
Natalie Auerback, Peri Edelstein, and Mila Skulkina
Bronwen Smith and Marc Gold
Lindsey O'Connell, Jamie Brown, Stefanie Ruch, and Marc Gold
Valerie Stoller and Marc Wasserman
Aimee Carroll, Emily Abrahams, and Amanda Farris
Kristen Peltonen and Catherine Roosevelt
Alyssa Barrie and Jon Simmons
Gerri and Marc Gold with Alyssa Barrie
Guy Billauer and Alyssa Barrie
Liz Cohen and Stefanie Ruch
Marc Wasserman and Gabby Stoller
Edwin Jager and Jonathan Ruch with Marissa and David Zackowitz
Lauren Gilray and Cary McFarland
Brett Rogoff and Jessica Eisenthal
Santo D'Asaro and Jamie Harrington
Abraham and Marielle Davis
Katie and Tom Hansbury
Ted Birkhatin, Samantha Bartels, and Tray Birkhatin
Aparna Blakrishnan and John Buethe
Steven Swancoat, Jasmine Eaglin, Melissa Chemick, and Lindsey Weeks
Steven Swancoat
Sarah Defeo shooting Lindsey Weeks, Melissa Chemick, and Jasmine Eaglin
Jon Zeidman and Sarah Defeo
Marcus Lots and Patrick Sierro
Stefanie Ruch and John Handsbury
Eileen Berdam, Kim Rosencrance, and Michele Costa
Heather Bloom, Lauren Ruderfer, Stefanie Ruch, and Carrie Paul
John Hansbury and Robin Zarel
Michael McKegney and Jill Weiner
Aman Kapadra and Jarret Cohen
On the afternoon of March 4, the Musical Olympus Foundation introduced this year’s young international classical superstars in the International Musical Olympus Festival Concert, which took place in Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall. Under the direction of President Irina Nikitina, Musical Olympus provided a rare opportunity to listen to winners and laureates of international competitions.

This year’s program featured saxophonist Ashu, 2008 First Prize winner, “The International Salon de Virtuosi Career," New York, performing Ibert and Piazzolla; cellist Christoph Croisé, 2010 winner of Grand Prix, The IBLA Foundation Grand Prize Competition, Ragusa, Sicily, performing Tchaikovsky; tenor Mario Chang, 2011 First Prize winner of The Francisco Vinas International Singing Competition, Barcelona,Spain, performing Puccini and Verdi; and pianist Alexej Gorlatch, 2011 First Prize winner, The ARD International Music Competition, Munich Germany, performing Beethoven, with Stilian Kirov conducting the Musical Olympus Orchestra. 
Musical Olympus Orchestra
Mario Chang
Christoph Croise
Alexej Gorlatch
Stilian Kirov
“The Musical Olympus Festival is truly a preview of the future of international classical music in formation,” says Ms. Nikitina. “I am honored to present five of the most promising musicians of their generation to the New York Audience. If classical music is to remain a vital, relevant art form that can attract fresh, young audiences, it needs the musicianship and passion of these five artists. They, together with their esteemed musical colleagues, are poised to reinvigorate audiences around the world using the universal language of music.”
Gay Estin, Tatiana Pouschine, and Claudio and Penny Pincus
Javier Timmerman, Gay Estin, Michael Klebnikov, and Eva Pomice
Ashu, Christoph Croise, Irina Nikitina, Stilian Kirov, Mario Chang, and Alexej Gorlatch
Richard Strother, Tatiana Pouschine, Ashu, and Ayesha Bulchandani
The International Musical Olympus Festival has come to be known as a "showcase of winners." Every year since 1996, it has celebrated the exceptional talents of over 350 young musicians from 17 countries who have been distinguished with top prizes at the most prestigious international music competitions. In 1997, the festival was recognized by the World Federation of International Music Competitions. Musical Olympus Festival concerts take place in St. Petersburg, Zurich, Berlin (Berlin Philharmonic) and New York (Carnegie Hall).
George and Marcia Gowen, Anastasiya Popova, and Stilian Kirov
Christoph Croise and guests
Ambassador Carl and Barbara Spielvogel, Russell Pennoyer, and Tatiana Pouschine
Katia Sokoloff, Lannyl Stephens, Anastasiya Popova, and Judith Rivkin
Irina Nikitina and artists
The Musical Olympus Foundation was established in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1995. Since 1997, it is operating under the patronage of the Russian Ministry of Culture. The foundation develops and implements a range of international cultural projects. The Musical Olympus Festival, the annual charitable ball and the "Express-line St. Petersburg-Moscow" program are among the most successful and widely recognized initiatives of the foundation.
Irina Nikitina and Mariam Azarm with a friend
David Masello and Wayne Lawson
Stephen Burlingham, Irina Nikitina, and Beverly Zabriskie
Peter Ruof, Irina Nikitina, and Stephen Burlingham
Ashu and Mario Chang
David Masello and Mario Mercado
Heidi Christenson, Richard Strother, and Lisa Tucker
Irina Nikitina and Christoph Croise
Jorge Martin with Claudio and Penny Pincus
Irina Nikitina and Ashu
Richard Strother, Tatiana Pouschine, Ashu, and Ayesha Bulchandani
Irina Nikitina and Stilian Kirov
Peter Frelinghuysen and Irina Nikitina
Ashu, Marcia Gowen, and Tatiana Pouschine
George Davison and friend
Irina Nikitina and Mario Chang
Spielvogels, Tatiana Pouschine, and Peter Frelinghuysen
Irina Nikitina and Alexej Gorlatch
Photographs by (Fountain House and Ovarian Cancer).
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