Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Benefits

inside Haunch of Venison for The Drawing Center's Annual Auction 2012.
This past Monday night, the Drawing Center held its Ninth Annual Fall Benefit Auction at Haunch of Venison on 550 West 21 Street. The Drawing Center is the only non-profit organization in the United States that focuses solely on the exhibition of historical and contemporary drawings.
Outside Haunch of Venison
Alexander Gilkes leads the auction
Each year this auction provides critical support for their programs and exhibitions. Chaired by Stacey Goergen, Merrill Mahan, Rhiannon Kubicka and Candace Worth, the evening drew more than 400 including established and emerging artists, art patrons, and collectors, corporate executives and New York philanthropists.
Stacey Goergen, Brett Littman, and Brooke Shields
Merrill Mahan, Rhiannon Kubicka, Brett Littman, Candace Worth, and Stacey Goergen
Tina Lutz and Rhiannon Kubicka
Candice Mabey, Barbara Bulletti Newman, and Francine Wolterbeek
David Mann and Fritz Karch
Will Cotton, Rose Dergan, Michele Oka Doner, and Inka Essenhigh
Frederick Doner and Joost Elffers
Maggie Betts
Claudia Overstrom
Natalie Frank
Nancy Poses
Jay Lehman and Sally Morgan Lehman
Alexander Gilkes, Bevin Butler, and Alex Adler
Sol Kjok and Hilde Marstrander
Stacey Goergen, Suzanne Cochran, and Pam Goergen
Candace Worth, Pat Steir, and Brett Littman
Anne Cook, Jane Dresner Sadaka, and Lynn Halbfinger
Halla Schlub and James Salomon
Joyce Krawiecki and Nicole Gallo
Courtney Coleman and Bill Brockschmidt
Blair Voltz Clarke and Stacey Goergen
Cameron Shay
Emilio Steinberger, Emma Hall, Mililani Trent, and Aaron Baldinger
Waqas Wajahat and Elizabeth Scwartz
Iris Marden and Thomas von Lintel
Anika Taylor and Philae Knight
Ellie Rines, Alex Glauber, and Begum Yasar
Shannon and Brett Wheeler
Lang Pew and Warrie Price
Kate Shepard and David Humphrey
Nina Katchadourian and Deanna Lee
Kara Vander Weg and Candace Worth
Annalise Goldberg and Inka Essenhigh
Last Friday night, South Asian Youth Action (SAYA) held a gala event at Pier 60. SAYA is a youth in action organization with a mission to create opportunities for South Asian youth to realize their fullest potential. to learn more, visit:
Asmita Bhatia, Naresh Nagia, Greta Nagia, Ameet Goyal, and Alka Goyal
Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Nuchi Currier, and Bill Currier
Madyha Farooqui, Madhuri Parson, and Aliya Khan
Jaishri Kapur and Neelum Amin
Nushima Khokhar, Maheen Khokhar, Niti Walia, Santha Reddy, and Pratibha Reddy
Rasika Reddy, Girish Reddy, Rita Singh, Manoj Singh, and Devin Sharman
Usha Saxena and Aparna Tambar
Simi Ahuja and Shilpa Sanger
Linda Holiday, Angeli Gian, Ali Naqvi, and Adam Sharaff
Neelum Amin, Rasika Reddy, Gavin Berger, and Preethi Krishna
Neelum Amin and Aasiya Arif
Sri Reddy and Vani Birnbaum
Asmita Bhatia, Victor Menezes, Tara Menezes, Dyvia Rajaraman, and Hans Taparia
Varun Narendra, Dharanjit Kumar, Sudhanshu Narendra, and Divya Narendra
Jay, Rasika, and Sri Reddy
Anu Singh and Angeli Gian
Neelum Amin, Mona Sinha, and Gavin Berger
Rajan Singh, Salman Amin, Ravi Sinha, and Mkrini Vasam
Nadine Ali and Irum Hasan
Vaihari Patel and Jyoti Menon
S. Menon, Rachna Meitra, Kirin Mahendro, Nita Raj, and Rita Singh
Nicola Lewis, A.J. Storinge, Sangha de Nardis, and Mainardo de Nardis
The Junior Council of the American Museum of Natural History kicked off its 2012-2013 season on Thursday, September 27, with a private screening of Flying Monsters and a cocktail reception. Flying Monsters follows Sir David Attenborough as he sets out to uncover the truth about the enigmatic pterosaurs–a group of reptiles who ruled the skies about 220 million years ago and, after insects, were the first animals to fly. The audience will be immersed in the awe-inspiring world of the pterosaur and experience the enormous challenges these creatures faced to survive, let alone flourish, in prehistoric skies.

Co-chairs were Christy Corgan, Sarah J. Crews, Doug and Eva Heyman, Holly and Martin Okner, Zachary and Lori Pomerantz, Robin and Brad Roberts, Gaelin Rosenwaks, Heather and Ross Schulman, Iain and Zoe Wilson.
Junior Council members enjoy cocktails in the Hall of Mexico and Central America
Founded in 1994, the Junior Council supports the Museum’s mission to discover, interpret, and disseminate–through scientific research and education–knowledge about human cultures, the natural world, and the universe. Each year, Junior Council Members participate in specially arranged events that offer them an intimate view inside the Museum’s collections, activities, and exhibitions. Junior Council Members go behind the scenes at one of the world’s preeminent museums, meet some of the nation’s most distinguished and engaging scientists, and preview the latest exhibitions.
Andrew Flug and Paulette Fox
Meriwether and Tanner Powell
Alex and Valerie Twerdahl with Museum Curator Mark Norell
Co-chairs Zachary and Lori Pomerantz
Natalie Barak and friend
Steering Committee member Joseph Cavanaugh and Kate Deming with Steering Committee member W. Jameson McFadden and Aimee Schreiner
Last week, on the occasion of the 67th General Assembly of the United Nations, Sting & Trudie Styler, founders of the Rainforest Fund, received the honorary "International Green Film Award" — a Green Oscar for the ongoing and tireless work of the Rainforest Fund  — at Cinema for Peace New York 2012 held at The Harvard Club. State Secretary Hans-Jürgen Beerfeltz, of Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, announced a donation to the Rainforest Fund of $3 milllion dollars to be distributed over the next three years.

Noella Coursaris Musunka, model/entrepreneur and founder of The Georges Malaika Foundation was host for the event. Keynote speaker for Cinema for Peace New York was Amy Goodman, host & executive producer of the award winning news show Democracy NowJoe Berlinger presented the Green Oscar to Sting and Trudie Styler. Berlinger directed Styler in his film, Crude, which won a Cinema for Peace Award in 2010.
Jaka Bizilj, Amy Goodman, Sting, Jessye Norman, Trudie Styler, Thomas Kipp, Allan Buchman, and Noella Coursaris Musunka
Cheyenne Jackson
Eric Goode and Miye McCullough
Lynne Cherry and Olivia Bolar
Marie Wilson
Noella Coursaris Musunka
Stacey Tisdale, Mike Woods, and Wendy Diamond
Rachael Kun, Tim Morehouse, Noella Coursaris Musunka, and James Masters
Jessye Norman
Peter Thum
Allan Buchman
Amy Goodman
Faith Hope Consolo and Joseph Aquino
Hans-Jürgen Beerfeltz
Jaka Bizilj
Joe Berlinger, Trudie Styler, Sting, and Hans-Jürgen Beerfeltz
Joe Berlinger and Trudie Styler
Shonda Hornbeck and Lynne Cherry
Tim Morehouse and Rachael Kun
Ubah Hassan
Wendy Diamond and Roxanne Mankin Cason
Sting sings at Cinema For Peace New York
Also last week during the 67th United NationsGeneral Assembly session, a new U.N. initiative spearheaded by the global advocacy group Autism Speaks gained momentum with the backing of many in the developing world who want autism considered a major threat to global health.

At the Fifth Annual "World Focus on Autism" event, Bob and Suzanne Wright, co-founders of Autism Speaks, urged attendees to support the new resolution on autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and developmental disabilities that was introduced by Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina, prime minister of Bangladesh. The resolution calls for greater participation of the U.N. in recognizing autism as a public health crisis and encourages member nations to tackle developmental disorders at the local, national and international levels.
From left to right, Mr. Bob Wright (co-founder of Autism Speaks), Ms. Katie Wright (daughter of co-founders of Autism Speaks), H.E. the first lady of the Maldives Madame Ilham Hussain, Mr. Mike Lake and Jaden Lake, Her Excellency the wife of the Vice President of Nigeria Mrs. Amina Namadi Sambo, H.E. the wife of the minister of foreign affairs of Turkey Mrs. Sare Davutoglu, H.E. the first lady of Panama Mrs. Marta Linares de Martinelli, H.E.the spouse of the foreign minister of Serbia Mrs. Natasa Jeremic, H.E Mrs. Ban Soon-taek (wife of UN Secretary-General), Ms. Saima Wazed Hossain (daughter of prime minister Bangladesh), H.E. the prime minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina, Her Excellency the first lady of Guyana Mrs. Deolatchmee Ramotar, Mrs. Suzanne Wright (co-founder Autism Speaks), Her Excellency the spouse of the prime minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Mrs. Eloise Gonsalves, H.E. Dr. Liri Berisha spouse of prime minister of Albania,  Her Excellency the first lady of Namibia Mrs. Penehupifo Pohamba, HE the first lady of Albania Mrs. Odeta Mishani (front row), and HE the spouse of the prime minister of Croatia Mrs. Sanja Music
The "World Focus on Autism," sponsored by Autism Speaks, the world's leading autism research and advocacy organization, brought together more than 15 heads of state and first spouses in an unprecedented show of support to raise awareness of autism around the world and encourage collaboration among nations to improve service provision and share best practices. The event was held at and co-sponsored by the Roosevelt House at Hunter College and the Hunter Autism Research, Practice, & Policy (HARPP) Center.
H.E. Mrs. Amina Namadi Sambo, spouse of the vice president of Nigeria, with Suzanne Wright, co-founder of Autism Speaks
Mike Lake, Member of Canadian Parliament and son Jaden Lake, who has autism
H.E. Sheikh Hasina, prime minister of Bangladesh
Professor Saima Wazed Hossain with  H.E. Madame Ilham Hussein, first lady of the Maldives
H.E. Mrs. Irene deThalassinós,  H.E. Mrs. Ban Soon-taek, H.E. Mrs. Odeta Nishani, H.E. Mrs. Marta Linares de Martinelli, Mrs. Suzanne Wright, H.E. Mrs. Penehupifo Pohamba, H.E. Mrs. Deolatchmee Ramotar,  and H.E. Mrs. Eloise Gonsalves
Photographs by; R. Mickens (AMNH).