Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From El Barrio to the East End

Evelyn Gutierrez Subramaniam, Matilde Farach, Karla Farach, Yaz Hernandez, Barbara Regna, Fe Fendi, and Chiu-Ti Jansen at El Museo del Barrio's 19th annual gala.
Last Thursday, a week, on May 17th, El Museo del Barrio hosted their 19th annual gala benefit at Cipriani 42nd Street. This is a big glamorous evening. They honored Narciso Rodriguez and the Bacardi family. Julianna Margulies presented fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez with the award for artistic achievement, honoring his career and longtime patronage of El Museo del Barrio.
Fe Fendi, Paola Fendi, Patricia Shiah, Chiu-Ti Jansen, Jean Shafiroff, Lucia Hwong Gordon
Fe Fendi, Paola Fendi, Patricia Shiah, Chiu Ti Jansen, Jean Shafiroff, and Lucia Hwong Gordon
Rene Rodriguez, Michael Villamor, PJ Pascual, Nicole Romano, Paola Isabella Rocha Tornito
Rene Rodriguez, Michael Villamor, PJ Pascual, Nicole Romano, and Paola Isabella Rocha Tornito
Carolina Herrera also presented an award to Yaz Hernández for her leadership and her generosity and years of service on the museum’s Executive Committee. Ruben and Isabel Toledo presented Bacardi U.S.A., Inc. with the 2012 Corporate Excellence in Arts Award as the company celebrates the 150th anniversary of their founding in Santiago de Cuba.

The glamorous fundraising evening was chaired by Nina Garcia, Alex González and Sarah Wolfe, and honorary chair Estrellita Brodsky.
Ruben Toledo, Yaz Hernandez, Carolina Herrera, Isabel Toledo, Narciso Rodriguez, Julianna Margulies, Robert Furniss-Roe
Ruben Toledo, Yaz Hernandez, Carolina Herrera, Isabel Toledo, Narciso Rodriguez, Julianna Margulies, and Robert Furniss Roe
Maria Eugenia Maury, Phil Suarez, Inmaculada de Habsburgo, Dan Henninger
Maria Eugenia Maury, Phil Suarez, Inmaculada de Habsburgo, and Dan Henninger
This year’s Honorary Committee members included Allora and Calzadilla, Glenda Bailey, Hamish Bowles, Katherine Brooks, Tania Bruguera, Luis Camnitzer, Paul Cavaco, Francisco Costa, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Teresita Fernandez, Nancy Gonzalez, Tonne Goodman, Salma Hayek, Carmen Herrera, Carolina Herrera, Jessica Katz, Michael Kors, David Maupin, Marta Minujín, Israel Moleiro, Angel Otero, Liliana Porter, Candy Pratts Price, Zoe Saldana, Angel Sanchez, Jose Solis Betancourt, Mario Testino, Isabel and Ruben Toledo, Stefano Tonchi, and Donatella Versace.

GDO Soul featuring Greg Denard provided live entertainment for the evening. The incomparable Zarela Martinez designed the menu for the dinner.
Anna Walker, Sherlock Hackley, Maria Consuegra, Tadd Walker, Melanie McKinley
Anna Walker, Sherlock Hackley, Maria Consuegra, Tadd Walker, and Melanie McKinley
Sondra Gilman, Lee Black, Norma Smith, Celso Gonzalez-Falla, Elizabeth Stribling
Sondra Gilman, Lee Black, Norma Smith, Celso Gonzalez Falla, and Elizabeth Stribling
The proceeds of this event will go toward El Museo’s Education programs, which reached 13,000 students from over 150 schools, plus an additional 46,000 children and adults through free cultural celebration and public programs last year.  These valuable programs help foster the next generation of critically thinking citizens in an environment that stimulates creativity, builds self-confidence, and fosters pride.  

El Museo del Barrio, New York’s leading Latino cultural institution, welcomes 230,000 visitors of all backgrounds to discover the artistic landscape of Latino, Caribbean, and Latin American cultures, represented in El Museo’s wide-ranging collections and critically acclaimed exhibitions, film, literary, visual and performing arts series, cultural celebrations, and educational programs.
Andrea Korn, Jacob Korn
Andrea and Jacob Korn
Cristina Roig Morris, Christine Cachot
Cristina Roig Morris and Christine Cachot
Dr. Patricia Harteneck, Helmut Wieser
Dr. Patricia Harteneck and Helmut Wieser
Lorea Canales, David Morgan
Lorea Canales and David Morgan
Judith Kaye, Michael Garcia
Judith Kaye and Michael Garcia
Claudia Talamas
Claudia Talamas
Paola Fendi, Fe Fendi
Paola and Fe Fendi
Sharon Handler Loeb, John Loeb
Sharon Handler Loeb and John Loeb
Paola Isabella Rocha Tornito
Paola Isabella Rocha Tornito
Beatriz Vidal
Beatriz Vidal
Richard Turley, Esther Gaffron
Richard Turley and Esther Gaffron
Serge Tismen, Ida Liu, Paola Bacchini Rosenshein, Arnold Rosenshein
Serge Tismen, Ida Liu, Paola Bacchini Rosenshein, and Arnold Rosenshein
Erica Rodriguez, Roberto Rodriguez
Erica and Roberto Rodriguez
Richard Presutti, Leticia Presutti
Richard and Leticia Presutti
Mark Gormley, Sarah Wolfe, Louis Wolfe, Sarah Wolfe
Mark Gormley, Sarah Wolfe, Louis Wolfe, and Sarah Wolfe
Evelyn Gutierrez Subramaniam
Evelyn Gutierrez Subramaniam
Vanessa Lawrence, Bibhu Mahapatra, Kristin Studeman, Gabriel Rivera-Barraza
Vanessa Lawrence, Bibhu Mahapatra, Kristin Studeman, Gabriel Rivera Barraza
Kika Rocha, Natalia De Ory
Kika Rocha and Natalia De Ory
Annette Stephens, Christian Cota, Phoebe Stephens
Annette Stephens, Christian Cota, and Phoebe Stephens
Emilio Ortiz, Silvia Ortiz
Emilio and Silvia Ortiz
Jamie Figg, Craig Dix
Jamie Figg and Craig Dix
Valerie Steele
Valerie Steele
Liya Sheer, Shai Tertner
Liya Sheer and Shai Tertner
Dana Hammond Stubgen, Dr. Patrick Stubgen
Dana Hammond Stubgen and Dr. Patrick Stubgen
Daniela Wong, (Wearing Rolando Santana), Rolando Santana, Amanda Ferrara, (Wearing Rolando Santana)
Daniela Wong, Rolando Santana, and Amanda Ferrara
Barbara Tober
Barbara Tober
Sharon Handler Loeb, Ambassador John Loeb, Margarita Aguilar
Sharon Handler Loeb, Ambassador John Loeb, and Margarita Aguilar
Michael Villamor, Donna Blank, Victor Vargas
Michael Villamor, Donna Blank, and Victor Vargas
Jackie Horowitz, Carlos Cuevas
Jackie Horowitz and Carlos Cuevas
Michael Garcia, Maria Laura Leslie
Michael Garcia and Maria Laura Leslie
Yaz Hernandez
Yaz Hernandez
Elizabeth Gormley, Erica Rodriguez
Elizabeth Gormley and Erica Rodriguez
Jaydy Michel, Rafael Marquez
Jaydy Michel and Rafael Marquez
Carolina Herrera
Carolina Herrera
Cindy Sherman
Cindy Sherman
Cindy Sherman, Stefano Tonchi
Cindy Sherman and Stefano Tonchi
Patrick McMullan, Chiu-Ti Jansen
Patrick McMullan and Chiu Ti Jansen
Christian Crews, Lucia Marin, Daniel Bacardi
Christian Crews, Lucia Marin, and Daniel Bacardi
Mark Davis, Yoly Davis
Mark Davis and Yoly Davis
Jordan Hathaway, Wayne Stephens, Anita Hodosi
Jordan Hathaway, Wayne Stephens, and Anita Hodosi
Serge Tismen, Ida Liu
Serge Tismen and Ida Liu
Tony Bechara, Jackie  Weld Drake
Tony Bechara and Jackie Weld Drake
Mary McCaffrey, Larry McCaffrey
Mary and Larry McCaffrey
Francisco Gonzalez, Janeet Baez
Francisco Gonzalez and Janeet Baez
Roberto Camacho, Narciso Rodriguez
Roberto Camacho and Narciso Rodriguez
Carmen Unanue, Olga Duke
Carmen Unanue and Olga Duke
Alexis Zambrano, Jesus Torres
Alexis Zambrano and Jesus Torres
Julianna Margulies, Keith Lieberthal
Julianna Margulies and Keith Lieberthal
Bibhu Mohapatra, Mackenzie Hamilton
Bibhu Mohapatra and Mackenzie Hamilton
Gabriel Rivera-Barraza, Eugenia Gonzalez
Gabriel Rivera Barraza and Eugenia Gonzalez
Jessica Garza, Michel Heredia
Jessica Garza and Michel Heredia
William Haseltine, Lucy Suarez
William Haseltine and Lucy Suarez
Daniel Broitman, Wayne Stephens, Pontus Borg
Daniel Broitman, Wayne Stephens, and Pontus Borg
Yliana Yepez, Angel Sanchez, Alexandra Lebenthal, Claudia Lebenthal, Jay Diamond
Yliana Yepez, Angel Sanchez, Alexandra Lebenthal, Claudia Lebenthal, and Jay Diamond
Nina Garcia, Carlos Mota
Nina Garcia and Carlos Mota
Guy Robinson, Elizabeth Stribling, Maria-Cristina Anzola, John Heimann
Guy Robinson, Elizabeth Stribling, Maria Cristina Anzola, and John Heimann
Jo Hallingby, Larry Kaiser
Jo Hallingby and Larry Kaiser
Michael Safir, Anna Safir, Michael Kennedy, Eleanora Kennedy
Michael and Anna Safir with Michael and Eleanora Kennedy
Cassandra Seidenfeld, Michele Gerber Klein
Cassandra Seidenfeld and Michele Gerber Klein
Craig Workman, Alex Miller, Ross Matsubara, Akbar Hamid
Craig Workman, Alex Miller, Ross Matsubara, and Akbar Hamid
Celia Calderone, Emilio Estefan
Celia Calderone and Emilio Estefan
Emily Smith, Marialaura Leslie
Emily Smith and Marialaura Leslie
Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, Noble Black
Bonnie Pfeifer Evans and Noble Black
Encarnita Quinlan, Byron Robertson, Rebecca Robertson, Robert Quinlan
Encarnita Quinlan, Byron Robertson, Rebecca Robertson, and Robert Quinlan
Toni Colon, Warren James, Yazmin Cortizo
Toni Colon, Warren James, and Yazmin Cortizo
Liz Peek, Bennett Marcus
Liz Peek and Bennett Marcus
Peter Regna, Arnold Rosenshein
Peter Regna and Arnold Rosenshein
Warren James, Valentin Hernandez Jr
Warren James and Valentin Hernandez Jr.
Alessandra Codinha
Alessandra Codinha
Jamie Farley, Jim Ciarlante, Jordan Hirsh
Jamie Farley, Jim Ciarlante, and Jordan Hirsh
Helena Martinez, Roman Martinez
Helena and Roman Martinez
Marcos Galvany, Toni Colon, Yazmin Cortizo, Jose Solis Betancourt
Marcos Galvany, Toni Colon, Yazmin Cortizo, and Jose Solis Betancourt
Charlotte Moss, Barry Friedberg
Charlotte Moss and Barry Friedberg
Dr. Joyce Brown, Liz Peek
Dr. Joyce Brown and Liz Peek
Marjorie Gubelmann, Chuck Price
Marjorie Gubelmann and Chuck Price
Nana Danielov, Raphael German
Nana Danielov and Raphael German
Patrick McMullan, Susan Magrino Dunning
Patrick McMullan and Susan Magrino Dunning
Encarnita Quinlan, Robert Quinlan
Encarnita and Robert Quinlan
Chris Brown, Nadia Kazakova
Chris Brown and Nadia Kazakova
Norma Smith
Norma Smith
Jacqueline Curiel
Jacqueline Curiel
Tiqui Atencio
Tiqui Atencio
Susan Magrino Dunning, Jim Dunning
Susan Magrino Dunning and Jim Dunning
Brian Reyes
Brian Reyes
R. Couri Hay, Janna Bullock
R. Couri Hay and Janna Bullock
What better way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon than wandering around the magnificent Water Mill estate of Joan & George Hornig. The celebration not only helped kick-off the summer in the Hamptons, but three weeks from now, on June 16th, is the Retreat's largest gala of the year; the 17th Annual Artists Against Abuse Benefit. This year, the Benefit will be honoring Joan Hornig by bestowing the Hope Award to Joan for all her work in philanthropy, as well as to Sag Harbor artist Dan Rizzie. The Retreat is the only domestic violence agency on the East End of Long Island offering comprehensive services to both women and children.
Tables set-up outside the restored barn
On the patio
The "High-Tea" event delighted guests with a selection of sparkling wines, beer and juices...as well as a varied selection of  hors d'oeuvres. The Hornigs were gracious enough to open up their newly restored 150-year-old barn (the only one of its kind on the East End), which will serve as a showcase for emerging artists as well as hold some of their favorite collections from all over the world. Guests were able to bid on silent auction items by some of the industry's top retailers and designers, as well as make donations to the Retreat by selecting "Buy It Now" items.
Alyssa Aguilera, Clotilde Dedecker, Maylan Dong, and Alicai Duque
Barbara Olton (President of the Retreat), James Lipton, and Kedakai Lipton
Bob and Randi Tabor
Dan Rizzie, Joan Hornig, and Richard D'Amato
Alexis Dechimay and Dan Rizzie
Dawn Watson, George Hornig, and Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele
Diana C. Zollicoffer and Clayton Calvert
Eileen Ekstract, Ann Chwatsky, Joan Listro, and Marie Rothschild
George Hornig and Dan Rizzie
Guests mingling
Helen Lucas-Liftig and Barbara Shapiro
Honorees Dan Rizzie and Joan Hornig
James Lipton and Dan Rizzie
Jane Preyser and Clotilde Dedecker
Jennifer Freedman, Jeffrey Friedman, Nina Gilman, and Elena Glinn
Karen Williams, Julia Hornig, and Bob Schwartz
Steve Reiss, Mary Mattingly, and Cynthia Griffin
Selection of refreshments
Some of the many designer auction items
On Wednesday, May 16, 2012, the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF) held its annual Bal du Printemps Gala at The Pierre in New York City. Nearly 300 supporters attended this yearly Spring gala which raised more than $550,000.  A major portion of the proceeds from this event will benefit PDF’s Ronald and Isobel Konecky Research Fellowship at Columbia University Medical Center.  Rosanna Scotto, Co-Host, FOX 5’s Good Day New York, served as Mistress of Ceremonies for the evening.

This year, Isobel Robins Konecky received the Page and William Black Humanitarian AwardKyle W. Blackmon, Vice President and Associate Broker of Brown Harris Stevens Residential, LLC, was the Dinner Chairman.  Page Morton Black was the Honorary Chairman.  Margo Catsimatidis, Jill Taub Drury, Stephanie Goldman-Pittel, Karen Burke Goulandris, M.D., Ph.D., Stevi Gurkoff and Arlene Levine were the Gala Co-Chairs
Debbie Finkel, Judy Gold, Stephanie Goldman-Pittel, Anna Merker, Wendy Hammer, Penny Rosen, and Debbie Sutnik
Back Row: David Farber, Jessica Meeny, Jack Drury
Front Row: Genna Farber, Stevi Gurkoff, Jon Gurkoff, and Gene Gurkoff
Dawne Allyne, Ron Streich, Cheryl Streich, Bob Benjamin, and Michael DeGeorge
The black tie evening began with a cocktail reception at 6:30 PM followed by dinner and dancing at 7:30 PM.  Guests were treated to an unexpected surprise when they viewed select scenes from the new movie A Late Quartet (RKO Pictures).  Directed by Yaron Zilberman and starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener, Mark Ivanir and Christopher Walken, the film features a world-renowned string quartet marking their 25th anniversary as one of its members faces Parkinson’s disease.

Every year, philanthropic leaders join together at Bal du Printemps to help raise funds to support PDF’s research programs as well as to honor outstanding members of the community for their work against Parkinson’s.  This event has been cultivated over the years by Page Morton Black, Chairman of the PDF Board and wife of the late William Black, founder of Chock full o’Nuts, a successful New York coffee and restaurant business, and creator of PDF
Matt Wheelock, Isobel Robins Konecky, Tim Wheelock, Jennifer Konecky Wheelock, and Robert Wheelock
Dr. Sheila Gordon, Robin Elliott, Caroline Johnston, and Nathaniel Johnston
Sandra Stern, Zach Schreiber, Lori Schreiber, and Kyle W. Blackmon
The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation supports research and ideas that will improve the lives and futures of people touched by Parkinson’s. PDF was the first national not-for-profit organization to focus on Parkinson’s disease.  Since its founding in 1957, PDF has invested $90 million in the research of leading scientists around the world and has committed an additional $37 million to support education and advocacy programs. 
Jennifer and Russell Stern
Sandra Stern, Evan Stern, and Lisa Stern
Dr. Craig and Blake Foster
William Konecky, David Barovick, and Joan Barovick
Margo Catsimatidis, John Catsimatidis, and Rosanna Scotto
Dr. Timothy Pedley and Mrs. Pedley
Dr. John J. Connolly, Ingrid Connolly, and Howard Morgan
Rebecca and Todd Cohen
Rhea Grous, Margo Catsimatidis, Bill Grous, and Mary Sliwa
Rosanna Scotto, Dr. Karen Burke Goulandris, Domna Stanton, and Robert Zimmerman
Charlotte Fahn and Dr. Stanley Fahn
Dan Antonovich
Robert Piersanti and Amy Sole

Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com (El Museo); Lisa Tamburini (Retreat)