Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jewels of Summer

Scott Alper, Jessica Udell, Scott Udell, Sheri Lane, Darren Lane, Riki Udell, Jared Udell, Randi Udell-Alper, Bob Eisenstadt, and Zach Udell at the Animal Rescue Fund of The Hamptons' Jewels of Summer.
On Saturday, August 18th the Animal Rescue Fund of The Hamptons hosted Jewels of Summer, an evening of dinner and dancing on the ocean at the Bridgehampton Tennis & Surf Club.  

More than 250 attended and they raised more than $250,000 for ARF for cats and dogs in need. The event was chaired by Gale and Ira Drukier and Lisa and Brian McCarthy and all proceeds benefitted ARF, the leading animal adoption center on the East End of Long Island.
Music for dancing was provided by by DJ duo AndrewAndrew. The evening honored Candy Udell, President of LONDON JEWELERS and the founder of Rescue Paw Foundation, a New York based not-for-profit that provides grants for the establishment and operations of no kill shelters and spay/neuter clinics.  

Chuck Scarborough emceed, and Kathleen Rice, the Nassau County District Attorney, an animal advocate against dog fighting presented Candy Udell with ARF’s Champion of Animals Award. 
Among those attending: Kathleen Rice, Barry and Donna Slotnick, Raphael and Claudine De Niro, Judith Hope and Tom Twomey, Muriel Siebert, Elaine and Jerry Unterman, Jean and Martin Shafiroff, State Assemblyman Charles Lavine and Ronnie Lavine, Florence and Richard Fabricant, Frances Hayward and Robert Zimmerman.

Joining in the evening’s festivities was a selection of ARF cats and dogs available for adoption. Mona, a terrier mix was adopted by the Lavines.

To learn more about ARF: www.arfhamptons.org.
Ronnie and Charles Lavine with Mona!
Charitybuzz was the official online auction dealer for the event and promoted exciting experiences and packages including a baseball signed by Mariano Rivera, a getaway to Peters Island, NY Knicks and NY Giants VIP Packages, a Victoria’s Secret Runway experience and a round of golf at the exclusive Maidstone Golf Club. Interested bidders still have the chance to make offers online until Wednesday, August 29, 2012 at 3:00 PM by clicking here.
Candy Udell and Martin the Dog
Lisa McCarthy and Donald the Dog
Tim Claire, Lin Claire, Candy Udell, Rita Castagna, and Frank Castagna
Gale Drukier, Candy Udell, and Sara Davison
Suzanne Murphy and Donald the Dog
Sheri Lane, Steve Kalman, and Jill Kalman
Donna Slotnik and Barry Slotnik
Bob Gordon and Marcy Gordon
Kathleen Rice, Chuck Scarborough, Candy Udell, and Scott Udell
Gene Pressman and Christine Pressman
Christopher Robbins, Samantha Yanks, and David Yanks
Gale and Ira Drukier
Riki Udell and Jessica Udell
Doreen Eisenstadt and Linda Singer
Andrew Andrew
Faran Cohen, Marcy Czeizler, and Jayme Cohen
Leslie Stevens
Chuck Scarborough, Sara Davison, and Frances Hayward
Polly Bruckman, Jay Kuhlman, Sarah Alward, and John Trentacoste
Brian McCarthy and Steven Dunaif
Mayer and Fran Udell
Doreen Eisenstadt, Candy Udell, Linda Singer, Riki Udell, Jessica Udell, and Betsy Ferrara
Robert Albertson and Suzanne Murphy
Judith Hope and Dorothy Frankel
David Yurman and Dr. Jay Gladstone
Jean and Martin Shafiroff
Alana McCarthy and Haley Baldwin
Laurence Kimmell, Joanne Vitulli, and Joseph Vitulli
Fran and John Gutleber
Marcy Gordon and Diana Chudnoff
Also this past Saturday in Southampton, ARTWALK NY held a summer kickoff, a benefit for the Coalition for the Homeless. The 18th Annual ARTWALKNY will be held on November 7th at 82 Mercer, and honoring Jack Pierson. For more details, click here.
Steve Eckhaus, Sherry Eckhaus, Douglas Oliver, Sherry Oliver, Warren Terwilliger, and Aki Terwilliger
Brett Marcus Coady, Suzy Malick, Deanna Raida, Preston Wood
Brett Marcus Coady, Suzy Malick, Deanna Raida, and Preston Wood
Justin Friedman, Luka Vassilaros, Victoria Zaro, Tonio Vassilaros, Brian Brown
Justin Friedman, Luka Vassilaros, Victoria Zaro, Tonio Vassilaros,and Brian Brown
Talin Schlachet, Lara Schlachet, David Schlachet, Greta Poretsky, Cedric McNebb
Talin Schlachet, Lara Schlachet, David Schlachet, Greta Poretsky, and Cedric McNebb
Meghan Boody, Mary Gail Parr, Melody Dourof
Meghan Boody, Mary Gail Parr, and Melody Dourof
Lisa Weinstack, Brad Weinstock
Lisa Weinstack and Brad Weinstock
Carolyn Sterling, James Sterling, Bettina Prentice
Carolyn Sterling, James Sterling, and Bettina Prentice
Shelly Fremont, Eric Shiner, Jane Holzer, Eneas Capaldo
Shelly Fremont, Eric Shiner, Jane Holzer, and Eneas Capaldo
Mary Brosnahan, Lawrence Boschetto
Mary Brosnahan and Lawrence Boschetto
Mike De Paola, Wendy Cromwell
Mike De Paola and Wendy Cromwell
Suzy Malick, Patrick McMullan, Deanna Raida
Suzy Malick, Patrick McMullan, and Deanna Raida
Catlean de Monchy, Lawrence Boschetto
Catlean de Monchy and Lawrence Boschetto
Shelly Fremont, Austin Fremont, Vincent Fremont, Rex Crowe, Casey Fremont Crowe
Shelly Fremont, Austin Fremont, Vincent Fremont, Rex Crowe, and Casey Fremont Crowe
Lawrence Boschetto, Steven Kinder, Michelle Pavlu, Edward Pavlu
Lawrence Boschetto, Steven Kinder, Michelle Pavlu, and Edward Pavlu
Franco LaCosta, Natalie Kates, Fabrizio Ferri
Franco LaCosta, Natalie Kates, and Fabrizio Ferri
Bettina Prentice
Bettina Prentice
Joshua Liner, Lauren Sivis, Josh Sivis
Joshua Liner, Lauren Sivis, and Josh Sivis
Sheri Pasqarella, Francine LeFrak, Rick Friedberg
Sheri Pasqarella, Francine LeFrak, and Rick Friedberg
Jackie De Paola, Devon De Paola, Mike De Paola, Madison De Paola
Jackie, Devon, Mike, and Madison De Paola
Michael Friedman, Dylan Friedman, Cheri Friedman
Michael, Dylan, and Cheri Friedman
Bettina Prentice, Casey Fremont Crowe
Bettina Prentice and Casey Fremont Crowe
Omeed Malik, Brooklyn Elias
Omeed Malik and Brooklyn Elias
Hope Sandrow, Lowery Sims
Hope Sandrow and Lowery Sims
Nico Lemoal-Polumbo, Randy Polumbo, Meghan Boody
Nico Lemoal-Polumbo, Randy Polumbo, and Meghan Boody
Rex Crowe, Shelly Fremont
Rex Crowe and Shelly Fremont
Karen McKinnon, Billy Copley
Karen McKinnon and Billy Copley
Larry Harrison, Mary Brosnahan
Larry Harrison and Mary Brosnahan
Jennifer Landes, Priscilla Bayley
Jennifer Landes and Priscilla Bayley
On Sunday August 5, Tricia Kallett and Craig Klosk hosted a cocktail reception at their Sagaponack home introducing the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), the world's leading Jewish humanitarian organization. Kallett and Klosk co-chaired the event with Tina and Steven Price and Andrea and Zach Fasman. Among the guests at the sunset affair were: Jill and Bob Smith, Debbie Karol and Larry Levine, Hayley and Adam Foster, Shawn Frankel and Lance Korman, Lauren and Marty Geller, Ted Kauffman and Stacey Boral, Amanda Gimble and Myron Glucksman, Lauren Lesser and Brian Waterman, Meryl and Stephen Jacobs, Jodi Waterman, Kim and David Seeherman, JoAnn and Sam Silverstein, and Alyssa Weiss and Guy Billauer.
Andrea Fasman, Dr. Rick Hodes, Craig Klosk, Tricia Kallett, Molly Klosk, Dejene Hodes, Zach Fasman, and Steven Price
Fashion designer/artist Ilie Wacs, who was sent to fashion school in Paris after WWII by JDC after his time in the Shanghai ghetto, was also a guest. The event showcased the JDC's work in more than 70 countries and included Dr. Rick Hodes, the organization's life-saving medical director in Ethiopia, who was recently featured in the HBO documentary, Making the Crooked Straight, and This is A Soul by renowned journalist Marilyn Berger, also in attendance. Sarah Eisenman, JDC Assistant Executive Vice President, and Executive Director of JDC-Entwine - a global movement of thousands of young Jews engaged in overseas service, education and leadership - spoke about JDC's reach worldwide.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) is the world’s leading Jewish humanitarian assistance organization.  JDC works in more than 70 countries and in Israel to alleviate hunger and hardship, rescue Jews in danger, create lasting connections to Jewish life, and provide immediate relief and long-term development support for victims of natural and man-made disasters.  For more information, visit www.JDC.org.
Andrea Fasman, Dejene Hodes, Dr. Rick Hodes, Molly Klosk, Craig Klosk, Tricia Kallett, Steven Price, and Zach Fasman
Steven Price and Craig Klosk
Steven Price, Dejene Hodes, Ilie Wacs, JoAnn Silverstein, and Sam Silverstein
Judah Kraushaar and Sarah Eisenman
Amanda Gimble, Myron Glucksman, and Judah Kraushaar
Kim Seeherman, Tricia Kallett, David Seeherman, and Debbie Karol
Tricia Kallett and Craig Klosk
Shawn Frankel and Tricia Kallett
Hayley Foster and Adam Foster
Ted Kauffman and Stacey Boral
Eve Urvater, Ann Kelman, and Debbie Karol
Alyssa Weiss, Guy Billauer, Jill Smith, and Bob Smith
Lance Korman, Brian Waterman, Craig Klosk, Tricia Kallett, Lauren Lesser, Jodi Waterman, and Shawn Frankel
Marty and Lauren Geller
Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com