Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lighting up lives

Alison Brettschneider, Courtney Nataraj, Kathlene Kocatas, Allison Aston, Dr. Gerald Laughlin, Dr. Barbara Landreth, Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa, Dr. Laura Forese, Whitney Chatterjee, Merrill Curtis, Martha Busconi, Erica Armstrong, and Tricia Hazelwood Moffitt at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center's 23rd annual Light Up a Life benefit.
Last Saturday, October 27th, the Pediatric Support Committee of the Phyllis and David Komansky Center for Children's Health at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center held its 23rd annual Light Up a Life benefit at the Field House at Chelsea Piers. More than 900 costumed children and parents enjoyed the Halloween carnival-themed party. There were games and attractions, including face painting, balloon art, batting cages, a rock-climbing wall, musical entertainment and relay races for the kids.
Kelly Ripa, Hello Kitty, Captain America, and Mark Consuelos
Olivia and Brad Aston
Dr. Gerald Laughlin and family
Silvia and Victoria Cardinale
Bridie Hatch, Amy Hatch, and Harlow Hatch
Dr. Barbara Landreth and Kelly Ripa
Kelly Cleary, Ben Britain, Jack Britain, and Sean Britain
Isabel and Anya Shiva
Dorothy Belshaw, George Belshaw, and Alice Belshaw
Erica Evans, Wesley Evans, Carter Evans III, and Carter Evans Jr.
Heather and Chloe McAuliffe
Emma and Sarah Nataraj
Alva Carlston, Lydia Carlston, and Ada Carlston
Dan and Jake Paduano
Nona Bianca, Jebbia Bianca, and Miles Bianca
Jackie Gold, Jordyn Flynn, and Claire Filler
Alice Weinberg, Maddie Weinberg, and Will Weinberg
Max Schwartzreich, Leigh Schwartzreich, and Dylan Schwartzreich
Charlie Eighton, Jojo Mignone, Caroline Mignone, and Allison Mignone
El Museo del Barrio held its special Super Sábado, also on October 27th, as they celebrated Mexico's beloved 3,000 year-old tradition that commemorates friends and relatives who have passed away.

El Museo's Día de Los Muertos Celebration featured myriad events for the entire familia! A vivid and vivacious procession led by Danza Group Calpulli Tletl-Papalotzin paraded through Central Park ending at El Museo's doorstep where children (and some parents) got their faces painted like calaveras, or sugar skull. The festivities culminated in a rousing mariachi performance by the Mariachi Academy of New York and Mariachi Flor de Toloache.
El Museo del Barrio's strives to celebrate the diversity of Latino, Latin American, and Caribbean cultures, has been bringing el Día de Los Muertos to El Barrio for more than a decade.
Yaz Hernandez, Vilma Vale-Brennan, Renee Domingo, and Esmeralda Pedroni Spinola
Ann Achilleoudis, Graziela Dauhajre, Alina Achilleoudis, Aris Achilleoudis, Adelle Dauhajre, and Arianna Achilleoudis
Marilu, Alvaro, and Nicole Domingo
Miles Tamis, Jennifer Tamis, Chris Tamis, and Henry Tamis
Placido Domingo, Renee Domingo, and Alvaro Domingo
Rocco, Cosima, and Leticia Presutti
Renee Domingo, Alvaro Domingo, Marilu Torres, and Alejandro Nunez
Caroline Karellas and Mike Karellas
Conrado and Tancredi Tenaglia
Juliet and Tristan Arrieta
Henry, Alex, and Charlotte Mishkin
Yvonne Soucy and Marilu Torres
Alexandra Capriles, Alexandra Capriles, Monica Capriles, Fernando Azpurura, and Capriles
Margo and Aylan Brenna
Chloe Kolikowski and Alexa Brennan
Chloe Kolikowski, Vilma Vale-Brennan, and Alexa Brennan
Martin and Carlos Rodriguez Pastor
Lisa and Allan Elson, and Alex Kavour
Michael and Sofia Brennan
Emilio Pedroni, Isabela Pedroni Spinola, and Esmeralda Pedroni Spinola
Sergio and Esmeralda Pedroni Spinola
Graziela Asturias, and Christian, Alexander, and Andreas Loucopoulos
Aitana, Gala, Gerardo, and Carmen Rodriguez
Monica Capriles, Fernando Azpurura, and Alexandra Capriles
Photographs by