Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Midsummer Night Drinks

Scott Curie, Averitt Buttry, Rob Coburn, Steven Horn, and friends at the 12th annual Midsummer Night Drinks to benefit God’s Love We Deliver.
At Saturday night’s 12th annual Midsummer Night Drinks hundreds of friends and supporters gathered at Woodhouse Park, the stunning East Hampton home of Tony Ingrao and Randy Kemper, for a wonderful evening of fun, food and cocktails, all benefiting God’s Love We Deliver. This signature event supports one of New York City’s most beloved charities, the only organization of its kind that cooks and home delivers nutritious meals to clients living with severe illnesses, their children and senior caregivers.

Seen at the event were:  Donny Deutsch, Tamara Tunie and Gregory Generet, Alexandra Cohen, Aviva and Reid Drescher, Margaret Russell, Scott Bruckner, Jonah Disend, Alan Rogers, Jon and Rebecca Bond, Dennis Basso, Jon Gilman and Brad Learmonth, Bill and Jessica Koenigsberg, Mark Lanspa, Mark Moskowitz and Yuval Hadadi, Jeff Pfeifle, Robby Browne, Ford Huniford, Bruce Horten and Aaron Lieber, Peter Huffine, Gerald Madigan and Richard Pipia, Steve Markov and Jeff Meleski, Laura Michalchshyn, Lisa Sherman and Vicente Wolf.
Tony Ingrao, Tamara Tunie, Gregory Generet, Karen Pearl, and Randy Kemper
At “The Love Table,” guests were invited to “give ‘til you smile” and received a groovy item donated by Jonathan Adler for each gift to God’s Love.

Throughout the evening, in between dining, laughing and talking, guests also enjoyed the photo booth generously donated by Dirty Sugar Live. The evening’s “Downton Abbey” theme was made complete by the photography set-up which included parasols, bowler hats and other clothing and props from the era.

Delicious passed hors d’oeuvres such as curried large gulf shrimp, deviled eggs and crab cakes were catered by Canard, Inc. along with a selection of crudités, cheeses and tea sandwiches; guests also enjoyed a carving station and finger sweets. Pernod Ricard USA generously donated all beverages at the bar including the event’s specialty drinks, Absolut® Outrageous Cocktail, Absolut® Pomegranate Martini and Midsummer Night Drinks Beefeater® Gin and Tonic, all delicious concoctions for the warm summer evening. Guests danced the night away to the music compiled and spun by DJ Karin Ward.
Andrew Brandt, Gerry Madigan, Joe Eviatar, Eric Johnson, and Greg Macaraeg
God’s Love is the New York metropolitan area’s leading not-for-profit provider of life-sustaining meals and nutritional counseling for people living with life-threatening illnesses. God’s Love We Deliver is dedicated to cooking – and delivering – the specific, nutritious meals a client’s severe illness and treatment so urgently require. God’s Love supports families by providing meals for the children and senior caregivers of its clients. All of the agency’s services are provided free of charge, and in its history of more than 25 years, God’s Love We Deliver has never had a waiting list.

Visit for more information on the presence of God’s Love We Deliver in the New York City metropolitan area.
Rebecca Bond and Jennifer Ringelstein
Jack and Marnie McBryde
Em Findley, Kate Suhr, Jan Mehalik, Denise Pagan, and Karen Bdera
Jon Gilman, Joe Dolce, Brad Learmonth, and Sebastian Li
Scott Bruckner and Matt Ryan
Viv Polak, Michelle Francis, Lisa Sherman, Julie Lichtstein, and Neal Shrier
Scott Bruckner, Alexandra Cohen, and Karen Pearl
Scott Bruckner, Matt Ryan, Jeff Pfeifle, Susan Oher, Peter Hallock, Randy Kemper, and Tony Ingrao
Steven Horn, TR Pescod, Chad Leat, and Daniel Klaus
Tamara Tunie and Margaret Russell
Jeff Ringelstein, Jennifer Ringelstein, John Bond, and Rebecca Bond
Zach Smith and David Smith
Photo by Patrick McMullan, Matt Vermedahl, David Cholcher, TJ Luty, Stephen Covello, and LaMont Craig
Hewley Helstone, Donna Disend, Jonah Disend, David Ebershoff, and Irka Golub
Peter Hallock and Jeff Pfeifle
Hewley Helstone, Jonah Disend, and David Ludwigson
Gerry Madigan and Rich Pipia
Ken Quay and Louis Bradbury
Matthew Yee, Margaret Russell, and Vicente Wolf
Alan Golub and friends
Donna and Charles Turlinski
Steven Horn and TR Pescod
Alan Levin and Steve Saide
Carole Rosen and Esther Newberg
Dax Vlassis, Russell Diamond, Reilly Vlassi, and Mica Diamond
Scott Tegethoff, Laura Michalchyshyn, Chris Poore, Marjorie Kaplan, and Logan Jones
Steve Barr, Mark Lanspa, Mac Griswold, and Frank Ahimaz
Debbie Bancroft, Aviva Drescher, and Tiffany Dubin
Donny Deutsch and friend
Michelle Francis, Vivian Polak, and Sally Sussman
On Monday night, June 12, The American Institute for Stuttering (AIS), one of the few non-profit organizations in the United States that provides assistance to people of all ages who stutter, honored World Series baseball legend Tommy John and 9/11 Commission Chair and former New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean for overcoming their stuttering disorders to later achieve rewarding and influential careers that have made indelible contributions in their respective fields.

GMA contributor and former ESPN host Josh Elliott presented the award to John and highlighted his remarkable achievements.  In his acceptance speech, John said that being a popular sports figure didn’t make it any easier for someone who stutters and advised others with the problem to build up their confidence and not let anyone bully you.
American Institute for Stuttering Board of Directors
Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Clarence Page introduced the award to Governor Kean and created ripples of laughter recalling his recent appearance as a contestant on Jeopardy’s Power Players Week.

Vice President Joseph Biden, a longtime advocate of AIS, forwarded a congratulatory letter for each recipient that was read during the ceremony.  The Vice President shared his personal challenges with stuttering and commended the honorees on their perseverance and inspirational endeavors.

Barbara Walters made a surprise appearance to present the Catherine Montgomery Advocacy Award to her close friends Sir Harold Evans and Tina Brown.  The award is named for the beloved founder of AIS and is bestowed on individuals for their extraordinary contributions to the stuttering community.  Barbara dazzled the audience with her heartfelt and personal introduction of this remarkable couple and emphasized the amazing contributions that they have made to AIS since its inception.  She also shared poignant thoughts about her sister Jacqueline who was a stutterer, and witty remembrances of her grandmother that proved to be one of the evening’s most memorable highlights.
Guests of Honor Sam Waterston, Tina Brown, Josh Elliott, Barbara Walters, and Sir Harold Evans
Sam Waterston, star of HBO’s upcoming series The Newsroom, was a superb Master of Ceremonies.

Actress Emily Blunt, an AIS Board Member, sent a video greeting expressing her regret at missing her favorite event of the year.

Catherine Montgomery founded AIS to help free the 3 million Americans living within their own voiceless prison due to a stuttering communication disorder; AIS’ mission is to help these individuals gain the skills and confidence to speak anywhere at any time. As a tribute to its founder, this year the Institute has initiated an Advocacy Award in her name to acknowledge a person or company who has displayed a dedicated alliance to the stuttering community even though the award recipient does not stutter.
Clarence Page and Gov. Thomas Kean
The American Institute for Stuttering (AIS) is one of the few  501(c)(3) non-profit organizations in the United States that offers state-of-the-art speech therapy to people of all ages who stutter, guidance to their families, and much-needed clinical training to professionals. AIS offers a range of services, including early intervention therapy for children as young as two years old, support to school-age children (who are more often bullied than their peers), group therapy courses that accommodate diverse schedules, and a unique three-week intensive treatment program. AIS also teaches their innovative therapy approach to speech-language pathologists, who traditionally are inexperienced in treating stuttering, to meet the great need for specially trained therapists. AIS is committed to advancing public understanding of stuttering and worked in Washington, D.C. to increase federal funding for research of the disorder.

For more information about stuttering and AIS, please visit
Musician Myles "Mojo" Mancuso and Christine
AIS Client speakers Tim McCarren, Emanuel Castano, Julia Marzovilla, and Miki Pacheco-Berger
Marc Bouwer, Tina Bown, and Sir Harold Evans
Gala Chairs Michael and Riki Sheehan with Gov. Thomas Kean
Drew Massuci, Brett Russo, Nolan Russo, Jr., Tommy John, Linda Russo, Nolan Russo, Sr.
Derek Wood and Sir Harold Evans with a friend
Josh Elliott, Tommy John, and Charles and Randi McGivney
Michael Sheehan, Sander Flaum, Tony Hooper, and friend
Fathers and daughters, Katherine and Sam Waterston with Sir Harold Evans and Kate Evans
Auctioneer Barry Blaustein
AIS Clinical Director Heather Grossman
Sam Waterston and young AIS client speak Julia Mazovilla
Sander and Mechele Flaum
Clarence Page and Event Producer Christine Madden
CancerCare hosted its Annual Spring Gala year on Thursday, June 14 at The Mandarin Oriental in New York City.  The evening, which honored Golden Globe winning actress S. Epatha Merkerson for her cancer advocacy work, raised over $520,000 to benefit the nonprofit organization’s professional free support services, which are available to anyone affected by cancer. 

Ms. Merkerson is best known for her portrayal of NYPD Lieutenant Anita Van Buren in the long-running NBC drama series, “Law and Order.” Fans of the show will recall Van Buren’s diagnosis of cervical cancer during the series’ final season that shed light on the challenges of a cancer diagnosis.
Helen Miller, Whoopi Goldberg, S. Epatha Merkerson, and Susan Smirnoff
The celebratory event kicked off with a cocktail reception, with Board of Trustees President Susan S. Smirnoff, Chief Executive Officer Helen H. Miller, Committee Chairs Cornelia and Rob Spring, and Committee members H. Frank Doroff, John N. Evans, Renata and Flavio Figueiredo, Susan and Paul Friedman, Lisa and Robert Gerbino, Barbara and Kevin McLaughlin, Marsha J. Palanci, Edward C. Lauber, and Annette and Drew Pizzo. Guests included Beth and Tim Dwyer, Morton Ginsberg and Linda Loye, Christina Caruso of Tic Tac, Michele Gallagher of Panerai and Alfredo Martel of Caribou. 
Emily Wilson and Olivia Colson
C. Hugh Hildesley with Barbara and Kevin McLaughlin
Sotheby’s auctioneer C. Hugh Hildesley led a live auction that included two tickets to the 2013 Emmy Awards, and a five-night stay for two in a pied-à-terre in Paris.  Award-Winning Actress Whoopi Goldberg then took the stage to present S. Epatha Merkerson with this year’s Help and Hope Award, honoring her longstanding commitment to cancer advocacy.

Bloomingdale’s, Collection 18, the Gerbino Family Foundation, Janssen Biotech, John N. Evans and the Partners of Marks Paneth and Shron LLP, Medivation, Millennium, Novocure, Oglivy CommonHealth Worldwide and Ralph Lauren were the official sponsors of the 2012 Annual Spring Gala.  To learn more about CancerCare and to find out how you can support the cause, please visit
Kathryn Wilkening
Christina Raggio, Richard Comstick, and Jamie Comstick
CancerCare is a national nonprofit organization that provides professional support services to individuals, families, caregivers, and the bereaved, to help them better cope with and manage the emotional and practical challenges arising from cancer. Our services include counseling and support groups, educational publications and workshops, and financial assistance. All of our services are provided by our full-time staff of oncology social workers, and are offered completely free of charge.
Alfredo Martel, Sarah Townes, Jonah Eller-Isaacs, and Megan Fraboni
Annette and Drew Pizzo
Cornelia and Rob Spring
Beth Dwyer, Tim Dwyer, and Rick Dickens
Greenwich, CT – On Thursday, June 7, 2012, the Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence hosted its first annual Golf Classic at The Stanwich Club in Greenwich, CT. The day kicked off with a private luncheon on the patio, during which guests heard opening remarks from Master of Ceremonies and professional golfer Michael Breed, Jonas Center founder Donald Jonas, Jonas Center Advisory Board Member George Fox, and Brigadier General (Ret.) William T. Bester before guests and veterans proceeded to an exciting round of golf.

The evening portion of the Golf Classic included an awards presentation to the winning golf foursomes, but more importantly offered an opportunity for guests to give thanks to their veterans and focus on the new Jonas Veterans Healthcare Program. The event concluded with remarks from Chief Nursing Services Officer at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Cathy Rick, on the importance of nurses and philanthropic organizations such as the Jonas Center, while veteran Lieutenant Colonel Ric Anderson shared tales of his service and service-related injuries and the gratitude he has for the care he received from nurses throughout his recovery.  
Overall, the event welcomed an intimate group of passionate guests, nurses, educators and veterans who helped raise more than $300,000 to benefit the Jonas Veterans Healthcare Program. This initiative will launch in the fall and support 54 doctoral nurses nationwide who are at the forefront of progress in advancing the care provided to our wounded heroes.   The Jonas Center plans to aggressively expand the program in the future, thanks in large part to the generosity and interest from partners and friends.

Guests included: Barbara and Donald Jonas, George Fox, Brigadier General (Ret.) William T. Bester, Michael Breed, Robert Morris, Marvin Traub, Colonel (Ret.) Kelly A. Wolgast, Darlene Curley, Cathy Rick, Gabriel Botero, Ed Meyer, Arthur Sarnoff, William Sarnoff, Peter Malkin, Chuck Davis, John Powers, Fred Shuman and many more.
Gabriel Botero
Gabriel Botero
Donald Jonas, Brigadier General (Ret.) William Bester, Barbara Jonas
Donald Jonas, Brigadier General (Ret.) William Bester, and Barbara Jonas
Honored Veterans: Brigadier General (Ret.) William Bester, Thomas Amendola, Gabriel Botero, Kevin McMahon, Matt McDonald
Honored Veterans: Brigadier General (Ret.) William Bester, Thomas Amendola, Gabriel Botero, Kevin McMahon, and Matt McDonald
Wyot Woods, Steve Shim, Steve Flynn, Donald Jonas
Wyot Woods, Steve Shim, Steve Flynn, and Donald Jonas
Frank Grobman, Richard Grobman, Michael Breed, Lieutenant Colonel Ric Anderson, Brigadier General (Ret.) William Bester
Frank Grobman, Richard Grobman, Michael Breed, Lieutenant Colonel Ric Anderson, and Brigadier General (Ret.) William Bester
Donald Jonas, Oliver Mendel, Catherine Rick
Donald Jonas, Oliver Mendel, and Catherine Rick
Peter Malkin & Friend
Peter Malkin and friend
Hila Richardson, Tara Cortes, Judith Haber, Jane Kaup
Hila Richardson, Tara Cortes, Judith Haber, and Jane Kaup
Darlene Curley, Donald Jonas, George Fox
Darlene Curley, Donald Jonas, and George Fox
Ryan Cook, John Jonas, George Fox
Ryan Cook, John Jonas, and George Fox
Michael Breed, Colonel (Ret.) Kelly Wolgast
Michael Breed and Colonel (Ret.) Kelly Wolgast
Billed as a "dinner party with a purpose," Switch, the first annual New York fundraising dinner for the Eric De La Cruz Hope For Hearts Foundation was recently held at the Lower East Side's trendy Grotto Restaurant to raise money to help pay health insurance premiums for 24-year-old heart transplant recipient Colby Salerno.

The event was co-hosted by Hope For Hearts founder and NBC/MSNBC anchor Veronica De La Cruz, fellow MSNBC anchor Richard Lui, CBS's Steve Overmyer, Chanel's Gregory Schmitt, and New York's Lisa Singer and Brandon Yankowitz. Broadway star Angel Reed and animal rescue advocate and author Wendy Diamond joined more than 50 other attendees representing the fashion, finance, and media industries.

Colby Salerno.
Cellar Angels, a Chicago-based wine buying membership club that has joined in support of the Foundation, generously provided wine for the event, and Veev, a New York-based liqueur company, graciously donated the spirits. The focus of this year's fundraiser was to collect money for Salerno, a young heart transplant patient from Cheshire, Connecticut who recently received his new heart and is facing daunting insurance premiums.

Salerno was originally diagnosed with a congenital heart defect at the age of 12. To overcome the progressive scarring of his heart tissue, doctors recommended a heart transplant as the only viable treatment. After 166 days of living (and waiting) in the hospital this year, Salerno received his donor heart on May 29th, a major cause for celebration at the fundraiser.

"It's so fulfilling," stated De La Cruz, "to not only see one of the patients we have been honored to work with, Colby Salerno, finally receive his second chance at life, but also to see the continued commitment of the local community in donating their time, money, services and audience to pledge more support for the future."

More than 50 supporters attended the invite-only fundraiser, at which guests were asked to change seats after each of five courses. Guests picked numbers out of a champagne bucket and switched seats according to that number just before every course was served.
Brandon Yankowitz and Veronica De La Cruz
Angel Reed, Steve Overmyer, and Veronica De La Cruz
Hope For Hearts' support base in the New York area is particularly dynamic and involved, composed of an energetic community that has helped raise funds and awareness for organ donation at previous events. Besides the "Switch" dinner party, De La Cruz noted that regular charity events in New York and other regions are high on the Foundation's agenda of fundraising activities. 

The Hope For Hearts Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to transplant patients in need and offers awareness and education programs aimed at supporting those facing the challenge of obtaining a heart transplant. De La Cruz formed the Foundation in 2010 after the death of her younger brother, Eric, who suffered from severe dilated cardiomyopathy and was denied insurance coverage for a heart transplant due to his pre-existing condition. Eric De La Cruz passed away on July 4, 2009 while awaiting a heart transplant.
Those interested in learning more about the heart health and organ donation, as well as how to support the Eric De La Cruz Hope for Hearts Foundation, should visit the organization's website at
Jason Solarek, Martin Cody, and Angel Reed
Calista Quintalti and Courtney Nebons
Jhasvinder Khaira and Veronica De La Cruz
Richard Lui and Nikhil Khetarpal
Alex Mailman
Eddie Yedid and Christie Galasso
Chinh Doan and Veronica De La Cruz
Dr. Allen Towfigh and friend
Mario Ruiz and Kim Lee
Lori Goldberg, Lisa Singer, Wendy Diamond, and Calista Quintalti
Yoke Tan
On Tuesday, June 12th, J.McLaughlin hosted a book signing in honor of K. Cooper Ray's fabulous new book, Bill of Rites for The American Man. This smart and charming novel is an essential read for every gentleman. Ray gives tips on subjects ranging from manners, conversation, style to the correct cocktail to order at every occasion. Stylish New Yorkers braved the rain; flocking to the classic, American preppy storefront for an evening of mingling, shopping and book signing.

Guests included Fern Mallis, Marjorie Gubelmann, Mark Gilbertson, Roy Kean, Christopher Mason, Polly Onet and Jeffrey Caldwell.
K. Cooper Ray signing away
Tracey Bross, K. Cooper Ray, and Fern Mallis
Montgomery Frasier and Anita Sarko
K. Cooper Ray and Marjorie Gubelmann
Jack Lynch and Roy Kean
Christopher Mason and K. Cooper Ray

Photographs by Mike Divito (AIS); Patrick McMullan and Dawn Watson (God’s Love).