Monday, June 4, 2012


The dinner scene at 583 Park Avenue for generationOn’s Annual Benefit.
Last Thursday night (May 31st) at Gotham Hall, The Paley Center for Media honored Tom Freston at its annual benefit dinner. The evening included live musical performances from Lady Rizo and The Fela! Band. There were special video tributes from Stephen Colbert, Oprah Winfrey, and Bono among others; and in-person salutes by Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter, the Paley Center’s Pat Mitchell, Hearst Corp.’s Frank A. Bennack, Jr., and Vice Media’s Shane Smith.
Pat Mitchell, Tom Freston, Frank Bennack
Pat Mitchell, Tom Freston, and Frank Bennack
Gil Freston, Bill Freston, Tom Freston, Jane Buffett
Gil, Bill, and Tom Freston, and Jane Buffett
Eleo Hensleigh, Michael Corbett
Eleo Hensleigh and Michael Corbett
Jim Wiatt, Sarah Oliphant
Jim Wiatt and Sarah Oliphant
Susan Lyne
Susan Lyne
Saad Mohseni, Cary Lowell, Terry McDonell
Saad Mohseni, Cary Lowell, and Terry McDonell
Lisa Wolff, Joe Ravitch, Tamyka Smith
Lisa Wolff, Joe Ravitch, and Tamyka Smith
John Sykes, Fab 5 Freddy Braithwaite, Judy McGrath, Michael Corbett
John Sykes, Fab 5 Freddy Braithwaite, Judy McGrath, and Michael Corbett
Brendan Scanlon, Alanna Rohan, Jack Rowen
Brendan Scanlon, Alanna Rohan, and Jack Rowen
Shayne Doty, Vishakha Desai
Shayne Doty and Vishakha Desai
Dexter Filkins, Carey Lowell, Saad Mohseni
Dexter Filkins, Carey Lowell, and Saad Mohseni
Anne Lucey, Preston Farr
Anne Lucey and Preston Farr
Lady Rizo, Seth Herzog
Lady Rizo and Seth Herzog
Tom Rogers, Gerry Byrne, Henry Schleiff, Bobby Friedman
Tom Rogers, Gerry Byrne, Henry Schleiff, and Bobby Friedman
Stacy McDonell
Stacy McDonell
Vanessa Luchen
Vanessa Luchen
Lloyd Grove
Lloyd Grove
Richard Pacheco, Dave Beck, Jay Grant
Richard Pacheco, Dave Beck, and Jay Grant
Neil Weiss, Virginia Weiss
Neil and Virginia Weiss
Dan Friedman, Elissa Friedman
Dan and Elissa Friedman
Amanda "Binky" Urban, Ken Auletta
Amanda "Binky" Urban and Ken Auletta
Jonathan Teo, Liz Cebron, Chris Paik, Josh Kushner
Jonathan Teo, Liz Cebron, Chris Paik, and Josh Kushner
Dave Morgan, John Walters, Joel Topick
Dave Morgan, John Walters, and Joel Topick
Gil Freston, Kelley Roper, Bill Freston
Gil Freston, Kelley Roper, and Bill Freston
Gil Freston, Kelley Roper, Bill Freston
Lady Rizo and Parker Posey
Kit Laybourne, Geraldine Laybourne, Herb Scannell
Kit Laybourne, Geraldine Laybourne, and Herb Scannell
Matt Blank, Parker Posey, Rob Roth
Matt Blank, Parker Posey, and Rob Roth
Susan Blond, Todd Lindenberg, Bernadette Downing
Susan Blond, Todd Lindenberg, and Bernadette Downing
Ed Bleier, Ken Auletta, John Huey
Ed Bleier, Ken Auletta, and John Huey
Gerrie McManus, Gerard O'Connor
Gerrie McManus, Gerard O'Connor
Susan Blond, Tom Freston, Bill Freston, Leslie Leventman, Diane Cassara
Susan Blond, Tom Freston, Bill Freston, Leslie Leventman, and Diane Cassara
Jonathan Brandstein, Laura Kate Brandstein, Tom Freston
Jonathan Brandstein, Laura Kate Brandstein, and Tom Freston
Randy Hoffman, Helena Hoffman
Randy and Helena Hoffman
Tom Freston, Karen Neuman
Tom Freston and Karen Neuman
Kristina Sorge
Kristina Sorge
Alicin Williamson, Larry Divney
Alicin Williamson and Larry Divney
Jerry Shriver, Debra Shriver
Jerry and Debra Shriver
Ali Zalenko, Daniel Kile
Ali Zalenko and Daniel Kile
Matt Nye, Jann Wenner
Matt Nye and Jann Wenner
Kevin Ramsawack, Karen Neuman
Kevin Ramsawack and Karen Neuman
Lisa Wolf, Joe Ravitch
Lisa Wolf and Joe Ravitch
Ken Auletta, Terry McDonell
Ken Auletta and Terry McDonell
Cynthia MacDonald, Bob Shaye, Eva Shaye
Cynthia MacDonald, and Bob and Eva Shaye
Eric Sacks, Jess Drabkin
Eric Sacks and Jess Drabkin
Scott Schiller, Missy Schiller
Scott and Missy Schiller
Andrew Fox, Caroline Hirsch, Gerry Byrne
Andrew Fox, Caroline Hirsch, and Gerry Byrne
Jane Buffett, Bill Freston, Graydon Carter, Jann Wenner
Jane Buffett, Bill Freston, Graydon Carter, and Jann Wenner
Erin Gromen, Joel Topcik, Jennifer Juzaitis
Erin Gromen, Joel Topcik, and Jennifer Juzaitis
Doug Warner, Noah Magee, Ron Simon
Doug Warner, Noah Magee, and Ron Simon
Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, Janine Richardson
Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, and Janine Richardson
Sam Pasternack, Corinne LaPook
Sam Pasternack and Corinne LaPook
Judy McGrath, Eleo Hensleigh
Judy McGrath and Eleo Hensleigh
Rob Arango
Rob Arango
Carrie Oman
Carrie Oman
Bomi Odufunade, Edward Nahem
Bomi Odufunade and Edward Nahem
Jane Buffett, Anna Carter
Jane Buffett and Anna Carter
Mitch Scherzer, Andrea Mann, Landon Burdess
Mitch Scherzer, Andrea Mann, and Landon Burdess
Diane Brady, Tad Martin, Heidi Messer
Diane Brady, Tad Martin, and Heidi Messer
Amy Molen, Andrew Freston
Amy Molen and Andrew Freston
Farther uptown at 583 Park Avenue, same night, FEED Projects founder Lauren Bush Lauren and NPR CEO Gary Knell were honored for their roles in empowering children at generationOn’s Annual Benefit.

The soiree was hosted and co-chaired by longtime generationOn advocate Silda Wall Spitzer along with Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner and his wife Barbara, Kevin Arquit and Kathy Lacey, The Daily Show’s John Oliver, Avatar tough guy actor Stephen Lang, Eliot Spitzer, Sharon Bush, David Lauren, Jet Blue CEO Dave Barger and NYC Marathon winner Paul Tergat.
Lauren Bush Lauren and Gary Knell
Maggie Jones, Silda Wall Spitzer, and Andrea Dubois
Others on the generationOn Board include James Collins, Steve Cranford, Karen Davis, Mike Goorhouse, Elizabeth Hurvitz, Geoffrey Judge, Daniel Rosenberg, John Santoleri, Alandra L. Washington and Judee Ann Williams. The evening raised more than $700,000 for generationOn’s service clubs, schools, youth organizations, campaigns and youth leadership initiatives.  

The more than 300 guests attended. There was a heartfelt video of Neil Bush, father of Lauren Bush Lauren, honoring his daughter for her work founding The FEED ProjectsThe Hasbro Community Action Hero Awards were presented to six accomplished and deserving youngsters. These were followed by the presentation of the Inaugural Silda Wall Spitzer Children for Children Award to two college-aged achievers. The evening then took a humorous twist when the The Champion of Service and Education Award was presented to the former longtime head of Sesame Workshop Gary Knell. Knell tried to make his way to the podium when he was suddenly cut off by his own Muppet twin, who adamantly tried to prove his identity to the award’s presenter, NPR newswoman Jacki Lyden.
Sarabeth Spitzer, Silda Wall Spitzer, Jenna Spitzer, and Alyssa Spitzer
Lauren Bush Lauren and Paul Tergat
Kate Norley, John Oliver, and Concetta Bencivenga
Stephen Lang, Kevin Arquit, and Lucy Jane Lang
Lauren Bush Lauren, David Lauren, and Silda Wall Spitzer
Kienan Lacey, Kati Marton, and Kathy Lacey
Lauren Bush Lauren, David Lauren, and Sharon Bush
John Hays, Nuni Montaigne, Sonia Sackner-Bernstein
Dana Buchman
Kevin Arquit
Stephen Lang
William Lourcey and Lauren Bush Lauren
Also last Thursday night at Sway Lounge on 305 Spring Street, Lindsey Spielfolgel, Liz Shafiroff and Dimitra Bennett hosted Social Tees Animal Rescue’s Annual Event “Party For the Pups.” The organization rescues dogs and cats that are about to be euthanized, and they are very devoted to their cause. They actually take the animals into their apartments and then find homes for them. Right now Liz Shafiroff, for example, has had a pitbull named Lucille in her apartment for several weeks. Lucille is looking for a home. Liz would keep her but she already has too many other pets.
Jean Shafiroff, Lindsey Spielfogel, Elizabeth Shafiroff, and Betsy Spielfogel
Katlean de Monchy, Robin Cofer, Jacques Azoulay, and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps
Cari Matz and Robin Cofer
Ramona Singer
Dawne Marie Grannum and John Weiss
Carrie Firestone and Rachael Grace
Alexandra, Tardio-Joseph,and Lindsey Spielfogel
Leesa Rowland, Robin Cofer, and Cassandra Seidenfeld
Nancy Silberkleit and Dr. Robert Grant
Rose Dios and Liz Derringer
Dominick D'Alleva and Robin Cofer
Sharon Bush and Unik Ernest
On May 8, 2012, North Star Fund brightened a moody spring Tuesday, by bringing together more than 500 people to Metropolitan Pavilion for the social justice foundation's annual Community Gala.

The event raised $550,000 to support North Star's grantmaking program which, each year, supports 100 grassroots activist organizations working in all five boroughs of New York City.
Andres Perez, Kendall Jackman, Ryan Gibbs, and Lynn Lewis from Picture the Homeless
North Star's Executive Director, Hugh Hogan, started off the night by paying tribute to Toby D'Oench, the foundation's co-founder who passed away earlier this year. The evening was dedicated to Mr. D'Oench, who was a partner at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and a great-great-grandson of William Russell Grace, the founder of W.R. Grace & Co. and a mayor of New York City in the 19th century. In his reflections, Mr. Hogan said, "Toby's vision and commitment to North Star and the social justice movement more broadly, over many years, gave support to countless activists from Soweto to the South Bronx."

Accepting the North Star Award, given for individual commitment to social justice, were three honorees: Marjorie Fine, Director of the Linchpin Campaign; Benjamin Warnke, Founder and Principal of Alembic Community Development; and Kai Wright, Editorial Director of
Benjamin Warnke, Hugh Hogan, Kai Wright, and Marjorie Fine
Two grassroots groups, MinKwon Center for Community Action and Picture the Homeless, moved the crowd of seasoned philanthropists, fellow activists, labor leaders, journalists, and community development gurus when they each accepted the North Star Frederick Douglass Award for their work to create equality, economic justice and peace.

Award presenters included Gara LaMarche, Barbara Winslow, Elise Boddie, Mark Reed, Rinku Sen, Linda Oalican, and Kyung Yoon.
Rinku Sen, Luis Torres, Hugh Hogan, and Katrina vanden Heuvel
Timothy Shriver, Linda Potter, Benjamin Warnke, and Stephen Warnke
Vincent McGee, Abigail Disney, and Brian Howes
Anthony Simmons, Oona Chatterjee, Kevin Ryan, and Lori Bezahler
Jodi Lu Johnson, Dale Balasando, Karolina Zarychta, Cameron Honsa, and Asa Johnson
Chris McInerney and Marjorie Fine
June Makela, Michael Ratner, Anne Hess, and Marc Weiss
Cynthia Guyer and Marjorie Fine

Photographs by