Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Museum of the City of New York's Winter Ball

Heather Mnuchin, Burwell Schorr, Allison Rockefeller, Andrew Roosevelt, Susan Henshaw Jones, Mark Gilbertson, Shafi Roepers, Calvert Moore, and Nicole Mellon
Last Thursday night in the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza, the Director’s Council of the Museum of the City of New York held its annual Winter Ball. More than 500 of New York social set attended. Many of those attending have been doing so since they were considered the “junior committees” and so it’s been popular for a long time. Mark Gilbertson is the guiding hand behind it and as time has passed, it’s become one of the major social galas of the Spring season in New York. The numbers tell you that. The Plaza seconds it. And what it is is a dinner dance, plain and simple though not exactly. Not a lot of speeches or pitches. A perfect for seeing and being seen and old friends. And dancing.
Cocktails ...
The chairs were: Mark Gilberston, Phoebe Gubelmann, Celerie Kemble, Nicole Mellon, Heather Mnuchin, Calvert Moore, Allison Rockefeller, Shafi Roepers, Andrew Roosevelt, Burwell Schorr.
Jeffrey Sharpe, Georgina Schaeffer, Sam Dangremond, Michaela English, and Dr. Douglas Steinbrech
Orin Kramer, Hillary Ballon, Kirk Henckles, and Bambi Putnam
Caroline Fare, Eric Villency, Imogen Lloyd Webber, and Dr. Douglas Steinbrecht
The vice chairs were:  Allison and Jay Aston, Sara and Charlie Ayres, Marisa an Matthew Brown, Amy Fine Collins, Helen and Stuyvie Comfort, Jennifer Creel, Caroline and Tom Dean, Ellen Niven Deery, Lauren and Ted Duff, Whitney Fairchild, Libby and Terry Fitzgerald, Jared du Pont Goss, Valesca Guerrand Hermes, Ros and Fran L’Esperance, Laura Lofaro Freeman, Cynthia Lufkin, Mary Kathryn and Alex Navab, Betsey and Rob Pitts, Kathy and Othon Prounis, Tara and Michael Rockefeller, Alexia Hamm Ryan,  Kathy and Andrew Thomas, Katie Tozer.
Jamie Tisch and Zani Gugelmann
Jennifer Creel, Liam Neeson, Wanda McDaniel, andBarry Frediani
Kim Taipale and Nicole Miller
Liam Neeson, Linda McDaniel, and Graziano de Boni
Zack Bacon and Ann Colley
Patricia Duff, Mark Gilbertson, and Debbie Bancroft
Lauren Remington Platt
Kara Young and Peter Georgiopoulos
Kelly Van Ingen and Alixe Laughlin
Yliana Yepez and Laura Bocly
Michel Witmer and Alison Minton
Laura Lofaro Freeman, Tiffany Miller, Dara O'Hara, and Lisa Errico
Richard Ziegelasch and Alexandra Lebenthal
Greg Colejo and Thom Filicia
Amanda Espy, Dara O'Hara, and Burwell Schorr
Sasha Cutter and Darren Hsu
Kathy and Andrew Thomas
Andrew Roosevelt, Jill Roosevelt, Bettina Heusch Mirsepahi, and Edward Mirsepahi
Polly Onet and Amy Hoadley
Andrew Thomas, Dana Hammond Stubgen, and Cosmo Miller
Cristina Greeven Cuomo and Caryn Zucker
Martha Glass, Dr. Nathan Saint-Amand, and Bambi Putnam
Jamee Gregory, Peter Gregory, Ros L'Esperance, and Fran Le'sperance
Nathalie Kaplan and Alexandra Kotur
Steve Ketchum, Cindy Ketchum, Dana Schiff, and Scott Schiff
Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti
Kristin Kennedy Clark and Christina Addison
Lesley and David Schulhof
Gilles Mendel and Heather Georges
Sara Ayres, Nathalie Kaplan, and Heather Mnuchin
Melissa Morris and Barbara de Portago
James Fallon, Evelyn Tompkins, and Graziano de Boni
Carol Mack
Alex Acquavella and Laura Stoloff
Kathy and Othon Prounis
Blair and Fazle Husain
Rafael Gill and Michelle Smtih
Hartley duPont and Philip Gorrivan
John de Neufville and Ali Wise
Anjali Melwani, Prakesh Melwani, and Ros L'Esperance
Robert Buxton and Jonathan Becker
Christopher Spitzmiller and Mary Hilliard
Wayne Safro and Patricia Duff
Dr. Steven Butensky and Di Petroff Butensky
Mark Gilbertson, Mary Snow, Ian Snow, and Alexa Hamm Ryan
Lucy Phillips and Kiliaen Van Rensselaer
Liam Neeson and Jamie Tisch
Marisa Noel Brown, Matthew Brown, and Michael Milstein
Vicky Ward and Nicky Emmanuel
Zani Gugelmann, Gillian Hearst Simonds, Amanda Hearst, and Meredith Dunn
Nancy and Jim Talcott
Lydia Fenet, Sloan Overstrom, Connie Anne Phillips, and Leslie Stevens
Nick Hunt and Steve Eichner
Helena Lehane, Jonathan Farkas, Roy Kean, and Chiu-Ti Jansen
Todd Delaney and Lydia Fenet
Shelly Saxton, Walter Dean, Amy Hoadley, Webb Egerton, Polly Onet, and Todd Romano
Melissa Berkelhammer and Drew Grant
Edmundo Huerta and Andrea Karambelas
Somers Farkas
Taylor and Hannah Robinson
Tatianna Smith and Remington Curts
Laura Bocly and Richard Hottinger
Mark Gilbertson, Gilles Mendel, Mary Alice Stephenson, and Joe Motta
Karl Wellner and Deborah Norville
Jean Williams and Susan Henshaw Jones
Lisa Selby and Ronald Braso
Danielle Tosi and Tolemy Erpf
Cristina Greeven Cuomo and Caryn Zucker
Melanie Lazenby and Alvin Valley
Amanda Taylor, Reed McIlvaine, and Kelly McIlvaine
Vanessa and Don Trump
Yana Balan
Amelia and Perry Raftopoulos
Anne and George Baker
Bettina Heusch Mirsepahi and Wendy Hoh
Suzanna Chong and Ben Rotenstreich
Yana Rowley, Bill Vrattos, and Elizabeth Fuller
Anna Vidus
Malcolm and Jennifer Nolen
Thorn and Tatiana Perkin
John Richter and Nina Ford Richter
Dick Potter and Oya Christopher
Jonathan Rosen and Mary Ann Oklesson
Frederick Anderson and Natalie Leeds Leventhal
Alvin Valley
Princess Alexandra of Greece and Winsome Brown
Melissa Berkelhammer and Tim Taft
Debbie Silverman and Anthony Ames
Alexandra Lebenthal and Jay Diamond
Dr. Drew Schiff
Christina Addison and Heather Mnuchin
Alexis Van Der Mije and Timothy McAndrew
Dennis Paul, Matthew Mellon, and Teddy Wong
Alexandra Lebenthal and Jay Diamond
Susan Magrino Dunning and Alvin Valley
Barbara and Peter Regna
Alexandra Kotur and Jonathan Becker
Ara Hovnanian and Allison Rockefeller
Lindsey and Reed Coleman
Peter and Allison Rockefeller
Elizabeth McGehee
Scott Currie and Susan Magrino
Frederick Anderson, Eric Javits, and Douglas Hannant
Rachel Hovnanian and James Fallon
Susan Henshaw Jones
Lee and Nick Potter
Jeffrey Sharp and Imogen Lloyd Webber
Tom and Heather Leeds
Amy Fine Collins and Michael Scalisi
Michelle Smith
Rima and Neil Parachini
Jay Diamond and Alexandria Lebenthal
Eric Villency and Caroline Fare
Dennis Basso and Michael Comminatto
Allison and Peter Rockefeller
David and Victoria Metzner
James and Jennifer Cacioppo
Derek Henault and Michael Bassett
Allison Aston
Chip and Burwell Schorr
Elizabeth McGehee, Sergio Orozco, and Sylvia Hemingway
Carol Holmes McCarthy and Phillipe Delouvrier
Dara and Ted O'Hara
Chappy and Melissa Morris
Manon Roux
Barbara and Peter Regna
Peter Pennoyer and Kattie Ritter
Olivia Chantecaille and Ren Grady
Anne Marie Belli and Joseph Fichera
Graziano de Boni and Heather Mnuchin
Tamara Mellon and Shafi Roepers
Alan and Julie Behr
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Fernanda Kellog
Susie Criner and Kate Bellin
Helena Lehane and Geoffrey Bradfield
Alexandra Kotur and Christina Cuomo
Anastasiya Siro and Polina Proshkina
R. Couri Hay
Ashley McDermott
Connie Anne Phillips and Richard Ziegelasch
Travis and Nick Acquavella
Phoebe Kemble and Jennifer McDonald
Roric Tobin, Catherine Moellering, and Justin Concannon
Sloan and Alex Overstrom
Kristen and Charlie Krusen
Carol Mack
Lucinda Bitar and Valesca Guerrand Hermes
Kristi Garced
Amy Dwek and Philip Gorrivan
Jamie Tisch, Dennis Basso, and Tamara Mellon
Zani Gugelmann and Christian Langbein

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