Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New York After Dark

Museum of the City of New York's "New York After Dark."
Last Tuesday night, the Museum of the City of New York's Director's Council held its annual "New York After Dark" party at The Pool Room at the Four Seasons. The evening was sponsored by Badgley Mischka and Graff.
Allison Rockefeller, Eric Javits, and Celerie Kemble
Bronson Van Wyck, Lydia Fenet, and Andrew Fry
Amy Fine Collins and Daisy Olarte de Kanavos
Annelise Peterson and Lesley Schulhof
Amanda Espy and Alexandra Hack
Jennifer Creel
Betsey Pitts and Simone Mailman
Alexia Hamm Ryan, Mary Snow, and Helene Comfort
Blair Husain and Chiara Edmands
Stewart Sundlun, Joanne de Guardiola, Patricia Duff, and Roberto de Guardiola
Eric Javits, Allison Rockefeller, Susan Henshaw Jones, (Museum Director), and Celerie Kemble
Bill Manger and Martha Glass
Caroline and Tom Dean
Elizabeth de Kergorlay and Gilles Bensimon
Mario Buatta
Carol Mack, Amy Fine Collins, Lisa Fine, Mary Hilliard and Rachel Hovnanian
Sam Dangremond and Stefanos Kasselakis
Chris Brown and Maud Ferrand
Helena Lehane and Geoffrey Bradfield
Claude Shaw and Lara Meiland Shaw
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Jeff and Ashley McDermott
Jill Roosevelt and Helen Lee Schifter
Nicole Mellon
Marco Scarani, Emel Zilek, Teresa Colley, and Bruce Colley
Mark Badgley and James Mischka
Kathy Prounis and Othon Prounis
Marianne Lafiteau and Henri Barguirdjian
Mark Gilbertson and Carol Mack
Shafi Roepers
Patricia Duff, Frederick Anderson, and Susan Magrino
Thom Filicia, Cristina Greeven Cuomo, and Greg Calejo
Lindsey and Reed Coleman
Muffie Potter Aston and Mark Gilbertson
Somers Farkas
Tracy Snyder and Jamie Tisch
Natalie Leeds Leventhal and Christian Leone
Whitney Douglas, Robert Douglas, and Claudia Overstrom
Wilbur Ross and Hilary Geary Ross
Last week, Africa Foundation held its annual gala dinner, raising $240,000 for rural community development in Africa. The distinguished guest for the evening was Honorable George Monyemangene, South African Consul General. Keynote Speaker was Dominic Salvatore, Distinguished Professor and Director of the Ph.D. Program in Economics, Fordham University. Master of Ceremonies was Richard Wiese, Host and Producer of ABC series "Born to Explore." Eliza Osborne, Vice President, Sotheby's, was auctioneer. Guests included Alex Kuczynski, Chris and Richard Mack, Frances Schultz, Jennifer Creel, Jennifer Kennedy, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Nina Griscom, Patty Raynes and Sara Ayers.

Africa Foundation has transformed the lives of Africa's rural people through Education, Health Care and facilitating Income Generating Activities.
George and Louise Monyemangene
Richard Wiese, Nicci Wiese, and Dominick Salvatore
David Jack and Brendalyn Stempel
Krista Krieger, Karl Krieger, Anita Sorensen Wallace, Konrad Krieger, and Katherine Krieger
Margery Koven and Jay Koven
Vance Kershner, Nancy Pearson, and Karl Krieger
Frances Schultz, Bill Smith, and Nina Griscom
Gaynor Rupert and Xander Ferriera
Peggy and Alberto Mejia
Xander Ferriera and Hanneli Rupert
Alex Kuczynski, Caspar van Winterfeldt, and Lisa Firestone van Winterfeldt
Stewart Paperin, Lisa Firestone van Winterfeldt, Caspar van Winterfeldt
Fernando Gentil, Lisa Gentil, Gabriella Gentil, and Fernando Jr. Gentil
Lucia Hwong Gordon
Chris Moore and Liz Kelly
Gary Komarin and Karen Kelley
Heather Carrington and Carrie Maloney
Paola Rosenshein and Arnold Rosenshein
Bartle Bull and Kathleen Vuillet
Virginia Tracy and Jennifer Kennedy
Ramona Singer, Gabe Nies, Jacqueline Segura, and Susan Dunne
Enyinne Owunwanne, Sabah T Dweh-chenneh, Dawne Marie Grannum, Peter Jallah, and Folake Eniola
Carrie Mackin and Noel Kurdi
James Coleman and Cynthia Ott
Laura Nicklas and Brent Nicklas
Karon Cullen and Tom Dittmer
Tiffany Moller, Jennifer Creel, and Amanda Taylor
Sara Ayres
Jake Bright
A pre-gala cocktail reception was held by Michele and Lawrence Hebert at their beautiful Park Avenue home on Thursday, October 11th to celebrate the upcoming Gala: Rolex presents JUMP FOR JOY! A Dance Variety Spectacular - Career Transition For Dancers' 27th Anniversary Jubilee.

This annual star-studded event will be on Monday, November 5, at 7:00 pm at New York City Center. Angela Lansbury will host the acclaimed show which will be followed by a Supper in The Grand Ballroom at The Hilton New York. The Chairs are Anka K. Palitz and Susan & Stewart Wicht.
The Herbert living room
The Rolex Dance Award will be presented to Liza Minnelli. The Career Transition For Dancers Outstanding Contributions to the World of Dance Awards will be awarded to: Joni Berry, Michele Herbert, Gerald M. Appelstein, and Arthur Murray International (celebrating its 100th Anniversary).

Career Transition For Dancers, with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, has helped over 5,500 professional dancers nationwide identify their unique talents in preparation for establishing new careers when dance is no longer an option. Since its founding in 1985, the organization has provided more than 55,000 hours (equivalent to over $6 million) of one-on-one career counseling and program services at no cost, and has awarded millions of dollars in scholarships for education, entrepreneurial grants, and certification programs.
Lorne Herbert, Larry Herbert, Michele Herbert, Michele Riggi, and Chris Riggi
Ron Riggi and John Falk
Tom Bell and Anka Palitz
Ann Marie D'Angelo, Nina Loory, Anka Palitz, and Michele Riggi
Elizabeth Lacause, Melanie Brown, Marsha Wallace, and Lauren Gorden
Rina Desai, Dana Lutt, Michele Herbert, Mallory Sobel, and Marjorie Horne
Peter Nicholson, Jerry Applestein, and Carla Uzel
Lee Glantz performs
Jerry Applestein and Malinda Cloobeck
Rena Desai and Madhu Ruia
Patricia Perlmuth, Anthony Kane, and Susan Kane
Richard Kielar and Dr. Susan Krysiewicz
Claire Carter and Cynthia Fischer
Ann Marie D'Angelo,Mimi Bermant Adler, and Cynthia Fischer
Anka Palitz and Carl Hewitt
Xiuli Meng and Aubrey Reuben
Denise Rich and Michele Herbert
Lorne Herbert and Vicky Herbert
Lauren Day Roberts and Lucia Hwong Gordon
Chris Riggi, Ron Riggi, and Larry Herbert
Brooke Milstein, Tom Shiah, and Patricia Shiah
Grymes Cannon, Michelle Rella, Troy Curtis, and Lorne Herbert
Richard Kieler, Christain Zimmermann, and Alex Dube
Michelle Rella,Michele Herbert, Michele Riggi, Chris Riggi, Denise Rich,Madhu Ruia, and Alisa Roever
Larry Herbert, Stewart Wicht, and Michele Herbert
The National Meningitis Association (NMA) along with actor Richard Thomas, Lynn Bozof, Sara Herbert Galloway, Edward Callaghan, John Wegorzewski, Errol Rappaport, Joanna Goldenstein and Heike Vogel hosted a rare private viewing of the works of iconic photographer Robert Farber at his atelier and garden of his elegant Upper East Side townhouse.

The evening benefited NMA’s educational campaigns to raise public awareness that meningitis is a vaccine preventable disease.
Running Horses 1989
Seeing Montana 1993
Farber is equally famed for his art photographer and commercial work. His fine art work was established with the publication of his first book in 1976, “Images of Woman.” It was also the beginning of his commercial career. Since his commercial and fine art career had parallel growth, his commercial work had become indistinguishable from his fine art work. His ads and editorial campaigns in fashion, for fragrance ads, liquor, hotel, and travel are reflected in his books “American Mood,” “By the Sea,” “Moods,” and “Natural Beauty” and his fine art nude books are responsible for many years of photographing beauty. The late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis brought Farber into Doubleday for the publication of his award winning book "By the Sea".

Robert Farber has graciously agreed to donate 20% of all sales from his works in his show through October 22nd to benefit the educational efforts of the National Meningitis Association to make the public aware that meningitis is a vaccine preventable disease.  
Walking the dog 1991
Empire Diner 1979
Gia in the Cathederal 1979
Among the crowd admiring the art were Lorraine Cancro, Roberta Lowenstein, Jeffrey Altshuler, Dana and Tom McGovern, Jeffrey Greco, Joyce Brooks, actors Gary Swanson and Joe Sirola, Ulrika “Red” Nilsson, Laurie Krotman, Susan Shattuck, Jane Nussbaum, Lorenzo Fariello, Erika Kapin, Suzanna Bowling, Patrick, Beth and Jill McCaffrey, Judy Gilbert, Donald and Rose Billings, Thomas Cook, Anna Uvlieva, Andrea Warshaw-Wernick and Joel Wernick, Joanne Moissaides, internationally acclaimed pianist Chosan Nguyen and scores more.

Despite the somber issue of meningitis, particularly with the news of the deaths around the country from contaminated steroids, the crowd had plenty to celebrate.

To learn more about NMA Please go to www.nmaus.org
Artist Robert Farber
Chosan Nguyen in front of Hollywood 1982
Joanne Moissiades and Suzanna Bowling
Judy Gilbert and Jeffrey Altshuler
Dana and Tom McGovern
Errol Rappaport, Ulrika RED Nilsson, and Robert Farber
Joyce Brooks and Lorraine Cancro
Andrea Warshaw and Joel Wernick
Anna Ivlieva
Montana Thomas, Gary Springer, Richard, and Georgiana Thomas
Judt Gilbert and John Wegorzewski
Gary Springer and Errol Rappaport
Laurie Krotman and Susan Shattuck
Valorie on the couch image with Erika Kapin
Andrea Warshaw Wernick and Gary Swanson
Steve Jensen and Kevin Laue
Joe Sirola and Laurie Krotman
Lorraine Cancro, Errol Rappaprt and Sara Herbert Galloway
Pat McCaffrey, Jeff Greco and Thomas Cook
Sara Herbert Galloway and Andrea Warshaw Wernick
Richard Thomas and John Wegorzewski
Patrick, Beth, and Jill McCaffrey with Rose Billings
Photographs by www.AnnieWatt.com (Africa); Rob Rich (Jump for Joy).