Monday, June 11, 2012

New York Botanical Garden's Conservatory Ball

Gregory Long with co-chairs and committee members at The Conservatory Ball Benefit for the New York Botanical Garden, hosted by Chanel.
Last Thursday night at the New York Botanical Garden they held the annual Conservatory Ball, one of the most beautiful galas of the Spring social season in New York.
Cosby George, Caroline Williamson, Gregory Long, Gillian Miniter, and Ann Johnson
Grenville and Sandra Gooder with Charles and Pat McGill
Jean and Martin Shafiroff, Patti Fast, Carlos and Rosemary Ferrer, and Eric Fast
Todd and Emma Goergen, Cristina Cuomo, Sasha Lazard, and Ed Epstein
Michael and Colleen Clark, June Goodwin, Maureen Chilton, Jonathan and Candace Wainwright, and John Goodwin
Edith and Hamilton Kean with Katie Ridder and Peter Pennoyer
John Schumacher and Barbara Cirkva-Schumacher
Susan and Henry Johnson
Hunter and Alicia Baldwin
Stacey Bewkes
Cathy and Peter Morrell
Jeanne Jones, Julie Lanning, and Sabrina Forsythe
David and Jieum Waks
Hugh and Helene Tilney
Ted Smith and Eileen Smith
Steven Feldman and Suzanne Studier-Feldman
Julie Graham
Bill and Sarah Clark
Jeff and Diane Jennings with Diana and Charles Revson
Fe and Alessandro Fendi
Jay Diamond and Alexandra Lebenthal
Richard Miller, Elizabeth Miller, Helen Pennoyer, and Russell Pennoyer
Beth and Beau Taylor
Lydia and Mats Carlston
Curtis Brockelman, Alisa Brockelman, Meredith Feurtado, and Brian Feurtado
Marsha and Carl Hewitt
Monika and Matthew McLennan
Lisa and Daniel Brickman
Vivian Chambers and Alberto Barral
Damon Brandt and Nancy Boaz
Arthur York Allen, Mary Stewart Allen, Jacquie Garrett, and Rob Garrett
Margo Langenberg and Jamie Figg
Emilio and Esmeralda Pedroni Spinola
David Sherrill and Mary Alice Sherrill
Julie and David Tobey
Margaret Douglas-Hamilton and Michael Lonergan
Joe Wemple, Jill Spaulding, Tim Hogan, and Suzette Smith
Nico and Kim Landrigan
Angela Dotson and John Maitino
Tim George, Barbara O'Connell, and James Schukal
Susan and Mason Sleeper
Celso Gonzalez-Falla and Sondra Gilman
Vera Aryeh, Susan Burke, Jane Gammil, l and Mary Davidson
Michael Beddard and Susan Sterling
Lee and Jane Gammill
Bob Gossett and Vera Aryeh
Sylvia and Albert Safer
Nathalie and Ed Kaplan
Elizabeth Stribling and Guy Robinson
Debra Beard, Hans Utsch, and Julia Utsch
Antonia and Spiro Milionas
Dr. Howard Fillit and Jeannie Pearman
Dr. Gervaise Gerstner and Bruce Blakeman
Bill and Anne Harrison
Arie and Coco Kopelman
Cynthia and Michael McClintock
Dr. Susan Krysiewicz
Mai Hallingby Harrison and Enno Ercklentz
Anthony DeGrezia and Yvonne Najor
Keith and Melissa Meister with Brett and Greg Heyman
Peggy Siegal and Alex Hitz
Philip and Carol Mehler
Suzanne Studier-Feldman and Amanda Tapiero
Jennifer Rominiecki and Gregory Long
Richard and Suzanne Clary
Shelby and John Saer with Rita and Peter Kiernan
Valentin and Yaz Hernandez
Tina Chai and Gretchen Gunlocke Fenton
Caroline Williamson, Arden Stephenson, and Tracey Huff
Rodman Drake and Jackie Weld Drake with Grace and Chris Meigher
Jessica Balboni, Joseph Cosgriff, and Joan Steere
Peggy Siegal and Karl Wellner
George and Kathy Moore with Hans Utsch
Monica Siskind
Anne Rohrbach
Lindsay Scree and Yvonne Najor
Virgina and Nicholas Bos
Steven Horsch, Barbara Robinson, Robert Douglas, and Linda Douglas
Cathy Rosenstock and Emily Lyons
Alex and Patricia Farman-Farmaian with Kathryn and Bill Tyree
Ronald Riqueros, Marianna Nolan, and Philip Berg
Heather Lindsey and Andrew Fry
Stephanie Loessler, Julia Weld, and Susan Lynch
Ashley Baker, Sylvester Miniter, and Laura Zeckendorf
Daisy Soros and David Patrick Columbia
Philip Toub and Hillary McAtee
Carla Martinez, Gretchen Gunlocke Fenton, and Arianne Gold
Marianne and Robert Engle
Todd and Emma Goergen
Ashley Baker and Davin Staats
Tina Chai, Joann Pailey, and Nancy Walsh
Christina Greeven Cuomo and Nate Berkus
Danielle Hirsch and Davin Staats
Rebekah McCabe, Keith Meister, and Brett Heyman
Colin McCabe, Lisa Blau, and Chris Kojima
Isabel Gillies
Arie Kopelman, Barbara Cirkva-Schumacher, and Bronson van Wyck
Michael Hogan
Kerry Pieri, Joyann King, and Chrissy Rutherford
Diana Revson and Jeff Jennings
Raymond Vargas
Eliot Nolan
Jay Jordan and Gretchen Jordan
Eaddo Kiernan
Maureen Chilton, John Wainwright, and Candy Wainwright
Tracey Huff
Joan Goodwin, Debra Beard, and Candy Hamm
Minalie Chen Hsieh and Leslie Burgstahler
Heidi and Tom McWilliams
George Hambrecht and Andrea Fahnestock
Ann Grauso, Alexandra Lind Rose, and Tamara Mellon
Andrea Fahnestock, Mish Tworkowski, and Susan Johnson
Monica Fiskind, Kimberly Putzer, Melissa Lis, and Heller Moses
Gregory Long and Maureen Chilton
Jonathan Bearman, Erika Bearman, Andrew Fry, and Heather Lindsey
Alicia Peristeris, Heather Lee, and Suzanne Scudier-Feldman
Kimberly Putzer, Alexandra Lebenthal, Caroline Williamson, and Nathalie Kaplan
Reed Finney, Susan Finney, and Coleman McCartan
Lydia Carlston and Mats Carlston
Suzanna Clary, George Whipple, and Courtenay Amerling
Gillian and Sylvester Miniter with Cosby George
Hamilton Kean, Susan Johnson, and Henry Johnson
Kie Cundey and Phyllis Toohey
Warren Stephens, Harriet Stephens, and Joseph Singer
Sophie Pera, Maria Escovar, and Rickie Desole
Amy Todd Middleton and Curt Middleton
Lisa Brickman, Daniel Brickman, and Jacqueline Segura
Kimberly Putzer and Heller Moses
Emily Lohrman and Tara Weedfald
Ann DuBois
Apostolos and Alicia Peristeris
Monica Fiskind and Melissa Lis
Beau Taylor and John Henry Moulton
Meredith and Brian Feurtado
Peggy Siegal, Deborah Norville, and Coco Kopelman
Mary Davidson and Julie Graham
Arthur Martinez, Liz Martinez, and Jeffrey Peek
Lee and CeCe Black
Sabrina Forsythe and Edward Smith
Mary Alice Sherrill and Sharon Jacob
Eric Javits and Edmundo Huerta
Damon Brandt, Nancy Boas, and Robert Rufino
Ashley Baker and Davin Staats
George and Sheila Stephenson
Shelby Saer, Anne Rohrbach, and Vickie Water
Kari and Carl Tiedemann
Karla Martinez and Brett Heyman
Patrick Callahan, Patsy Callahan, Dr. Susan Krysiewicz, and Thomas Bell
Anthony DeGrezia and Yvonne Najor
Sam Metzger and Caroline Geerlings
Heidi McWilliams and Chuck Royce
Joseph Cosgriff and Jessica Balboni
Jean and Martin Shafiroff
Liliana Cavendish and Jamie FIgg
Rickie Tesole and Karla Martinez
John Sargent and Elix Toub
Amanda Tapiero
Colleen Clark, June Goodwin, Maureen Chilton, and Candace Wainwright
Alicia Peristeris and Suzanne Scudier-Feldman
Donald and Barbara Tober
Thomas and Patricia Shiah
Lydia and Mats Carlston
Fe Fendi and Alessandro Fendi
Memrie Lewis and Damon Brandt
Sylvia and Albert Safer
Coleman Burke and Susan Burke
Sarah and Derek Irby
Liz and Jeff Peek
Susan and Coleman Burke
Grace and Chris Meigher
Richard and Dana Neuman
Margo Langenberg and Jamie Figg
Patrick Condren and Sharon Bush
Bob Hardwick

Photographs by