Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Notable Occasions

Veronica Bulgari, Carnegie Hall Executive and Artistic Director Clive Gillinson, Ilaria Bulgari, Carnegie Hall Trustee Nicola Bulgari, Grazia Raimondi, and conductor Luigi Piovano with Ensemble díArchi Fenaroli at Carnegie Hall Notables' Eighth Annual Notable Occasion
On Thursday May 10th, the American Friends of the Louvre's Young Patrons Circle hosted their fifth annual spring gala with the Honorable Philippe Lalliot, Consul General of France, at the French Consulate in New York City. This year's theme, Musée Mondial: Musée du Louvre, highlighted the fact that the Louvre is not only a French institution, but also a global museum serving as a steward of humanity's greatest artistic treasures. The group raised $35,000 through their silent auction, ticket sales and sponsorships. Proceeds will help American Friends of the Louvre continue its efforts to support the Louvre, raise awareness of its collections and ongoing scholarly endeavors around the world, and improve educational tools and visiting conditions for American and other English-speaking visitors.
Notable attendees of the event included His Imperial Highness the Prince Napoléon, The Borgias actress Lotte Verbeek, Andy Warhol muse and superstar Ultra Violet, and Joann Pailey (Elle Magazine). Sponsors of the event were Baccarat, Longchamp, The Standard Hotel and Veuve Clicquot.

The sixteen-piece silent auction comprised a private champagne reception and scarf-tying party at the Hermès boutique, a painting by Damian Stamer, photographs by Rush Zimmerman and Elle Muliarchyk, tickets to a taping of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and the 2012 Pirelli Calendar by Mario Sorrenti, among others.
Dovile Drizyte, Molly McLoone, Colleen Frank, Olivier Cassegrain, Stephanie Disegni, Nina Richter, Annette Vass, Malorie MacDonald, Emily Shumann (Longchamp Team)
Dovile Drizyte, Molly McLoone, Colleen Frank, Olivier Cassegrain, Stephanie Disegni, Nina Richter, Annette Vass, Malorie MacDonald, and Emily Shumann (Longchamp Team)
American Friends of the Louvre acknowledges the Young Patrons Circle Advisory Council, whose dedication made this event possible. Council members are David Chines, Daniel Colón, Jr., Anne de la Guéronnière, Anne Huntington, Elizabeth Kurpis, Alixe Laughlin, Charlie Manzo and Meghan Thrash. AFL also salutes the support of this year's Host Committee whose members included Olivier Cassegrain, Christina Eberli, Edward Farwick, Jaime Jiménez, Christine Kaculis, Harrison T. LeFrak, Quinn Pofahl, Gillian Hearst-Simonds, and Kingsley Pipes Woolworth.
American Friends of the Louvre ("AFL") was founded by the Musée du Louvre to strengthen ties between the Louvre and its American public, and to formalize the long-standing generosity of American patrons. Approximately one million Americans visit the Louvre each year, making it the most visited museum by Americans after the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
Through special fundraising events and activities in New York City, the Young Patrons Circle supports AFL's mission to raise awareness for the Louvre's collections and museum expertise. Now in its fifth year, the Young Patrons Circle's annual benefit has become an anticipated celebration of Franco-American support for the Louvre Museum.
Anne Huntington, Emma Korvin (wearing Baccarat), Christina Eberli
Anne Huntington, Emma Korvin, and Christina Eberli
Liddy Berman (wearing Longchamp), Susi Kenna
Liddy Berman and Susi Kenna
Joey Lico, Lacary Sharpe, Lisa Yom
Joey Lico, Lacary Sharpe, and Lisa Yom
Forbes Marsh, David Griffin, Richard Gabriele
Forbes Marsh, David Griffin, and Richard Gabriele
Harry Stendhal
Harry Stendhal
Edward Farwick (The Standard), Daniela Maerky
Edward Farwick and Daniela Maerky
Emma Korvin (wearing Baccarat), Christina Pacetti, Liddy Berman (wearing Longchamp), Eva Fedderly
Emma Korvin, Christina Pacetti, Liddy Berman, and Eva Fedderly
Marie-Laure Charrier, Thomas Pernette
Marie-Laure Charrier and Thomas Pernette
Alixe Laughlin, Emma Korvin
Alixe Laughlin and Emma Korvin
Kate Boudria, Daniel Colon
Kate Boudria and Daniel Colon
Eddie Ubell, Taima Vertucci
Eddie Ubell and Taima Vertucci
Christine Mastrangelo, Craig Marcus
Christine Mastrangelo and Craig Marcus
Colin Butler, Stacey Lalljee
Colin Butler and Stacey Lalljee
David Chines, Sue Devine (AFL), Daniel Colon
David Chines, Sue Devine, and Daniel Colon
Deni Tseretopoulos, Carter Brady
Deni Tseretopoulos and Carter Brady
Jennifer Collins, Courtney Collins
Jennifer and Courtney Collins
Hooman Mehram, Emel Dilek
Hooman Mehram and Emel Dilek
Gemma Kahng, Anne Huntington
Gemma Kahng and Anne Huntington
Kristin Mularz, Charlie Manzo
Kristin Mularz and Charlie Manzo
Mary Nelson Sinclair, Wallis Dolan, Marissa Montgomery
Mary Nelson Sinclair, Wallis Dolan, and Marissa Montgomery
Charlie Manzo, Craig Marcus
Charlie Manzo and Craig Marcus
Allison Schrager, Sarah Stein-Sapir, Anne de la Guéronnière
Allison Schrager, Sarah Stein-Sapir, and Anne de la Guéronnière
Jon Kurpis, Elizabeth Kurpis
Jon Kurpis and Elizabeth Kurpis
Elizabeth Whitman, Christopher Laconi
Elizabeth Whitman and Christopher Laconi
Michael Rosen, Meredith Rosenberg
Michael Rosen and Meredith Rosenberg
Ahmar Ahmad, Noreen Ahmad
Ahmar Ahmad and Noreen Ahmad
Raphael Paul diTommaso, Anne Huntington
Raphael Paul diTommaso and Anne Huntington
Ultra Violet, Helene Jourdan-Gassin
Ultra Violet and Helene Jourdan-Gassin
Dovile Drizyte, Molly McLoone
Dovile Drizyte and Molly McLoone
Nina Richter, Colin Stark, Quinn Stuebe, Stacey Callahan, Morgan Sheff, Sean Donohue
Nina Richter, Colin Stark, Quinn Stuebe, Stacey Callahan, Morgan Sheff, and Sean Donohue
Katherine McGehee, Curtis Young, Elizabeth McGehee
Katherine McGehee, Curtis Young, and Elizabeth McGehee
Daniel Colon, Lotte Verbeek
Daniel Colon and Lotte Verbeek
Sue Devine (AFL), Philippe Lalliot
Sue Devine and Philippe Lalliot
Thomas Pernette, Meghan Thrash, Curtis Young
Thomas Pernette, Meghan Thrash, and Curtis Young
Gilles Guilbert, Philippe Lalliot
Gilles Guilbert and Philippe Lalliot
Daniela Maerky, Debbie Silverman, Elle Muliarchyk
Daniela Maerky, Debbie Silverman, and Elle Muliarchyk
Sam Wathen, Joyce Sitterly, Whitney Larkin
Sam Wathen, Joyce Sitterly, and Whitney Larkin
Becca Marcus, Charlie Manzo, Melissa Ozga
Becca Marcus, Charlie Manzo, and Melissa Ozga
Jaime Jiménez
Jaime Jiménez
Olympia Arco, Jean-Christophe
Olympia Arco and Jean-Christophe
Marissa Montgomery, David Chines, Wallis Dolan
Marissa Montgomery, David Chines, and Wallis Dolan
Melissa Ozga, Stacey Lalljee, Elizabeth Kurpis
Melissa Ozga, Stacey Lalljee, and Elizabeth Kurpis
Lotte Verbeek, Thomas Pierce
Lotte Verbeek and Thomas Pierce
Liddy Berman (wearing Longchamp), Michael Greenglass, Eva Fedderly
Liddy Berman, Michael Greenglass, and Eva Fedderly
Miya Ando, Shelter Serra
Miya Ando and Shelter Serra
David Chines, Alixe Laughlin
David Chines and Alixe Laughlin
Scott Sanders (DJ)
DJ Scott Sanders
A week ago Tuesday, they held the annual POSH Gala in the Regency Room at the Pierre Hotel. They honored Lizzie Tisch, interior designer Robert Couturier and Chris Fiore, President of Henri Bendel. More than 200 attended.

The evening was hosted by Hamish Bowles, Amy Fine Collins, and Lorry Newhouse. Margaret Russell, Editor in Chief of Architectural Digest, presented Couturier with his award.

Among the guests: Anne Hearst and Jay McInerney, Arlene Dahl and Marc Rosen, Nina Griscom, Iris Apfel, Carolyn Roehm, Dennis Basso, Kris Jenner, Alex Hitz and Christina Steinbrenner

Rosanna Scotto of WNYW-TV’s Good Day New York introduced the evening.  A highlight of the evening was a fast paced and exciting auction, where more than $100,000 was raised within seven minutes by honoree Tisch’s husband, auctioneer Jonathan Tisch. POSH events throughout the year raise approximately $1.3 million dollars to fight vision loss.
Lizzie Tisch and Amy Fine Collins
Sharon Handler Loeb and Robert Couturier
Arnie and Paola Rosenshein
Kyle DeWoody
Mark Ackermann and Kris Jenner
Robert Couturier, Lizzie Tisch, and Chris Fiore
Carl and Iris Apfel
Jonathan Tisch, Lizzie Tisch, and Mark Ackermann
Mario Buatta and Yanna Avis
Lorry Newhouse
Sharon Handler Loeb, Darren Henault, and Somers Farkas
Arlene Dahl and Marc Rosen
Bettina Zilkha
Jonathan Farkas and John Castimatidis
Robert Zimmerman
Jean Shafiroff and Mark Ackermann
Margaret Russell, Robert Verdi, and Lizzie Tisch
Chris Fiore and Lori Berg
Rosanna Scotto and Rick Friedberg
Alex Hitz, Gayle Atkins, and Brad Collins
Margaret Russell and Somers Farkas
Marc Rosen, Carolyne Roehm, Simon Pinniger, and Lynn Nesbit
Margaret Russell and Jay McInerney
Dennis Basso, Caroline Dean, and Jonathan Tisch
Margo Castimatidis and Catherine Adler
Jean Shafiroff, Mario Buatta, and Lucia Hwong Gordon
Suzanne Mados and Kevin Marshall
Mark Locks, Kris Jenner, and Jaime Jimenez
Sharon Handler Loeb and Amy Fine Collins
Dori Cooperman, Jonathan Tisch, Chris Meigher, and Grace Meigher
Nazee Moinian and Amy Fine Collins
YungHee Kim and Angela Ho
Naeem Khan and Iris Apfel
Mark Gilbertson and Tiffany Dubin
Margo Castimatidis, John Castimatidis, Somers Farkas, Frederick Adler, and Catherine Adler
Margo MacNabb Nederlander
Carolyne Roehm and Jay McInerney
Darren Henault, Grace Meigher, and Edmundo Huerta
On Thursday, May 17 Nicola Bulgari and the Carnegie Hall Notables hosted the Eighth Annual Notable Occasion with violinist Grazia Raimondi and Ensemble d'Archi Fenaroli conducted by Luigi Piovano, performing works by Britten, Mendelssohn, Puccini, and Bartók in Zankel Hall. After the concert, the Notables gathered at Remi for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.

The Eighth Annual Notable Occasion is generously underwritten by Nicola Bulgari. The evening will benefit music education in the New York metropolitan area by supporting the many music education programs created by Carnegie Hall's Weill Music Institute.
Violinist Grazia Raimondi with Ensemble díArchi Fenaroli in a private performance for the Notables
The Eighth Annual Notable Occasion is part of a series of annual special events offered for Carnegie Hall Notables members. The Carnegie Hall Notables, a membership and ticket program for music enthusiasts in their 20s and 30s, is an exciting and energetic community of young people committed to advancing music education and the arts. Through original events, discounted ticket prices to concerts, discussions with world-famous composers and musicians, and music events throughout New York City, Notables members are invited to intimately experience the exceptional power of music.

The annual roster of events is curated by the Notables Committee, a diverse group of artists, socialites, and entrepreneurs in their 20s and 30s led by co-chairs Jimmy Zankel and Cody Franchetti. Contributions to the Notables support the vital music education programs and online programs of Carnegie Hall's Weill Music Institute, which annually serves over 350,000 children, students, teachers, parents, young music professionals, and adults in the New York metropolitan area, across the US, and around the world.
Carnegie Hall Executive and Artistic Director Clive Gillinson, Veronica Bulgari, Ilaria Bulgari, and Carnegie Hall Trustee Nicola Bulgari
Alexis Minasian and Jonathan Potter
Victoria Li, Shiann Yamin, and Kim Hastie
Max Jones
Ryan Brown and Elizabeth Bardauskis
Heather Strekal and Danny McHatton
Wendy Diamond and Alexander Goldberg
Francine OíKeeffe, Matt Quam, Adriana Herrera, and Katina Scott
Cindy Chin and friend
Niral Parikh and friend
Carnegie Hall Director of Development Susan Brady with Colin Touhey and Carolyn Wolcott
Nazee Moinian
Clive Gillinson and Nicola Bulgari
Allison Tick and Michael Bretholz at Remi
Genghis Barbie serenades guests at Remi
Guests in the atrium garden at Remi
Sima Schloss, Tina Tang, and friends
Lee Hallman, Brooks Thomas, James G. Brooks Jr., and Anna Lemanski
Luke Gay, Cecily and Joel Denny, and Mary Wible Vertin
Matt and Linette Semino
Guests enjoying the reception at Remi
Alheli Alvarado and Ayano Maehara
Cookie River at Remi
The National Academy Foundation held its annual gala on May 7th, honoring Joan and Sanford I. Weill of the Weill Family Foundation and Verizon Communications. The event took place at Cirpirani's on Wall Street and featured a special performance by Lang Lang.

The Gala Benefit is the National Academy Foundation's signature event, and celebrates the meaningful interactions between business leaders and academy students that position young people for lifelong success, invigorate the workforce, and help to build a stronger economy.
Mali Lipscher, Carla Schirm, Jessica Stepman, Jeff McCall, Luisa Mendoza-Chavez, Alicia Kong, Jackie Burgos, and Natasha Ghatak
The Benefit is truly unique in that students were at the heart of the evening. Each year, students from academies across the country attend the event to showcase their work, practice their networking skills, and meet role models from the business community. Click here to see the list of academies who presented at the Benefit.

The event was NAF's 30th Anniversary Benefit. Attendees heard from NAF students about how their academy education, made possible by everyone's support, adds purpose and promise to their lives.

The National Academy Foundation is a network of 500 career-themed academies that opens doors for underserved high school students to viable careers. During the 2011-12 school year, 60,000 students attended NAF academies across 39 states, D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands. NAF's national rate of seniors graduating at 97% testifies to the effectiveness this effort.
Luisa Menzoda-Chavez, JD Hoye, Ursula Burns, and Linda Huber
Carolyn Berkowitz and Sanjiv Yajnik
Jackie Burgos, Sandy Weill, and Luisa Mendoza-Chavez
Bob Benmosche, Sandy Weill, and Jim Robinson
JD Hoye with Carrie and David Marriott
Barbara Friedman
Lisa Dughi, Eugene Ludwig, Maura Dughi, and Bob Dughi
Michelle Dutton, Rose Kirk, and Brianna Dutton
Lisa Dughi, Bob Dughi, Maura Dughi, and Alan Tuck
Roger Klatt, Lowell McAdam, Barbara Converso, and Gordon Kenyon
Serge Tisman and Ida Liu
Joan Weill, JD Hoye, Jim Robinson, and Sandy Weill
Joan Weill, Lang Lang, and Sandy Weill

Photographs by Craig Chesek (Notables)
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