Friday, January 20, 2012

Opening Nights

Richard III Opening Night Benefit at BAM in The Lepercq Space.
This past Wednesday night, collectors, interior designers and art-insiders descended upon the long-anticipated Metro Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion to take a sneak peak at the new incarnation of what was once called the American Antiques Show. A jewel-box of a fair with 35 specialists in Americana and folk art, Outsider Art, Art, mid-20th century furniture, tribal and oceanic art, textiles, paintings, sculpture Asian Art, American flags, 17th-19th century American furniture and decorative art brought out their finest material.

The place was packed with well-wishers who were abuzz about how sensational the show looks with its new global outlook towards art collecting. According to those in the know, the new mantra is no more boundaries as collectors and designers mix and match styles and disciplines. Period rooms are passé!
Taking in the scene were the Collector Circle co-chairs Mario Buatta, Jamie Drake, Ellie Cullman, Thomas Jayne, Miles Redd, Bunny Williams, Ron Wagner and Timothy Van Dam. Wagner and Van Dam created a whimsical room-setting at the entrance of the show, which included a steam punk piano, an arresting music-making sculpture in Steampunk style, a design movement originating in the 1980s that blends Victorian-style embellishment with sci-fi newness. For the sculpture—which is the size of a baby grand piano and has a playable, digital-era keyboard—artist Sam Ostroff forged, twisted, hammered and welded more than 600 pounds of steel plate, bar and pipe.

Spotted in the packed crowd were: Audrey Gruss,Victoria Wyman, Jerry Lauren, Michel Witmer, Jean Shafiroff, Ilene Wetson, Geoffrey Bradfield, Roric Tobin, Ron Bricke and Michael Hil, Bennett Weinstock, Jamie Drake John Rosselli, Caroline Kerrigna Lerch, Mark Lyman, Michael Franks, Carolyn Sollis, Penny Drue Baird, Wendy Moonan, Sharon King Hoge, Stephen and Wendy Lash, Marilyn White, Anne Meszko, Kate Shanley, Eric Bryant, Brook Mason, Brian Stewart, David Duncan and many more.
Frank Maresca
Eva Maria Worthington
Kerry Schuss, Maxwell Projects
Marybeth Welch, Marcy Burns American Indian Art
Paul Baker, The Whistle Pig
Pianist Richard Bennett, Bruce Rosenbaum, and Sam Ostroff creator
Jerry Lauren, Sy Rapaport, and Eleanore and Steven Score
Mark Limeman, Tim Hill, Amy Finkel, and Allan Katz
Richard Lebert, Dennis Milstein, Sharon Lipton, and Jeffrey Lipton
Bunny Williams and John Rosselli
Stephen Lash, William Cullum, Thomas Jayne, and Wendy Lash
Amy and Nancy Johnston
Mario Buatta and Marilyn white
Audrey Gruss and Victoria Wyman
Lynn Hancock, Allison David, Ellie Cullman, Lizzy Dexter, and Jenny Fischbach
Isabell Spahr, Yana Wirth, and Andrea Suomo
Jonathan Parisen, Maryanne Amato, and Tim Button
Steven Score and Patrick Bell's purchase
Bennett Weinstock
Alice Hoffman, James Adams, and Rubens Teles
Marc Whitehead with Patty and Sam McCullough
Jean Shafiroff, Bunny Williams, and Carolyn Sollis
Sy Rapaport, Sharon King Hoge, and Jerry Lauren
Bunny Williams, John Rosselli, and Brian Stewart
Penny Drue Baird and Dennis Rolland
Susan Frame and Bill Siegal
Ron Wagner and Timothy Van Dam
Catherine Cahill and Bill Bernhard
Roric Tobin and Geoffrey Bradfield
Wendy Moonan and Sharon King Hoge
Jamie Drake
Marcy Masterson
Kitty and Randal Robinson
Mimi Fery and Ilene Wetson
Michael Hill and Ronald Bricke
Lynne Ditman and Penny Katz
Mark and Sara Hayden
Kate Shanley and Eric Bryant
Michael Franks and Mark Lyman
Tim Hill, and Kendra and Allan Daniel
Jay Hostetler
Also on Wednesday night, The Olana Partnership held its 2012 Frederic E. Church Award Gala at the New York Public Library in the Celeste Bartos Forum. Olana honored Martha Stewart, Founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and Morrison H. Heckscher, Lawrence A. Fleischman Chairman of the American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Frederic E. Church Award (FEC) is a celebration of art, landscape and culture. Lucy W. Waletzky, MD and Lulu C. Wang served as the event’s co-chairs.

With 265 guests in attendance, the Gala raised more than $670,000 for The Olana Partnership. C. Hugh Hildesley of Sotheby’s conducted a live auction which included a painting by famed Hudson River School-inspired artist Stephen Hannock perfectly framed by Eli Wilner and Co, and a day in the country with Martha Stewart. The evening was catered by Daniel Boulud.
Lulu Wang, Lucy Walentzky, Martha Stewart, Morrison Heckscher, and Sara Griffen
Tom McWilliams, Heidi McWilliams, Deborah Royce, and Tom Griffen
Betsy Rogers, Carol Ash, Jack Warner, Eli Wilner, and Lucy Waletzky
The Olana Partnership honored Martha for her commitment to American culture, decorative arts and landscape design. Frederic E. Church was a visionary of his time in the fields of art, architecture, landscape and design. Ms. Stewart has consistently turned her passion for history, architecture, landscape, design, furniture, and art into major public accomplishments. Frederic Church’s greatest work of art is Olana, his home and designed landscape. Ms. Stewart has helped Americans see how they can make their homes and gardens a work of art.
Clifford and Kyla Hart
Linette Semino
Dara Mitchell and Hugh Hildsley
Jacqueline and Mortimer Sackler
Debra Force, Jim Freeman, and Laura Lofaro Freeman
Thomas Woltz and Stephen Orr
Morrison Heckscher, Martha Stewart, and Eli Wilner
Phoebe Gubelman and Tantivey Gubelman
John Rafferty, Bridget Ritter, and John Hays
Carmen Molina and April Hunt
Charles Birnbaum, Susan Winokur, Mark Prezorski, and Jeanne Meyer
Helen Drutt English
John Legere and Marcia Lippman
Kari Talley
Carmen Molina and Rebecca Desman
Deborah Royce and Iliana Moore
Stephen Orr and David Mann
Kitty Hawks and Sarah Medford
Simon Hornby, Phoebe Gubelmann, Owen Davidson, and Jennifer Merschdorf
Laure Duverger and Anett Martinsen
Memrie Lewis, Tom Savage, Fritz Karch, and David Mann
Floss Frucher and Sandy Frucher
Stephen Hannock
Rose Harvey and Ned Sullivan
Rick Sharp and Rose Harvey
Peter Kenny and Emily Rafferty
On Tuesday night at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Syracuse University announced the launch of the Janklow Arts Leadership Program, a new M.A. program named for the great literary agent and College of Arts and Sciences alumni, Mort Janklow.

The program will provide students with core competencies in leadership and administration, marketing and public relations, law and public policy, and financial management specifically targeted at arts institutions.
Mark Nierenhausen, Linda Janklow, Morton Janklow, Dr Nancy Cantor, and George Langford
Len Ellman, Ed London, Elaine London, and Elise Ellman
The program was unveiled with an announcement and panel discussion at Lincoln Center featuring Barbara Walters as moderator. Panelists included Glenn Lowry, director of MoMA, Kate Levin, Commissioner of New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Andre Bishop, artistic director of Lincoln Center, Chancellor Nancy Cantor, Arts and Sciences Dean George Langford, Mark Nerenhausen, the program's founding director, and Mr. Janklow himself.
Barbara Walters
Liz Robbins, Frances Beatty Adler, and Kate Levin
Linda Fargo
Agnes Gund
Olivia Flatto
Frances Hradil, Glenn Ellman, and Carol Brzozowski
Arthur Klebanoff and Morton Janklow
Alan Alda
Morton Janklow and Barbara Walters
Glenn Lowry
Tatiana Lefkowitz and Mary Lerner
Mary Karr, Dr. Nancy Cantor, and Martin Bandier
Wednesday night at BAM Harvey Theater on 651 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, they held a Richard III benefit celebrating the opening of the Shakespeare classic starring Artistic Director of the Old Vic, Kevin Spacey in the third and final session of the Bridge Project -- a three-year series of co-productions by BAM, the Old Vic and Neal Street.
Table décor by Fleurs Bella for Richard III Opening Night Benefit at BAM
The evening began with cocktails and a banquet dinner at the BAM Lepercq Space at the Peter Jay Sharp Building. Following the performance at the Harvey Theater, the cast and guests including Candice Bergen and Marshall Rose, Hugh Jackman, Mamie Gummer, Rachelle Lefevre, Bobby Cannavale, Agnes Gund and Pat Schoenfeld, joined gala chair Amy Schulman, Rena Desisto, and hosts Alan Fishman (BAM Chairman), Karen Brooks Hopkins (BAM President) and Joseph Melillo (BAM Executive producer).
Judith and Alan Fishman, BAM Board Chairman
Event Chairman Amy Schulman and BAM President Karen Brooks Hopkins
Agnes Gund and friend
Bobby Cannavale
Pat Schoenfeld
Candace Bergen and Marshall Rose
Kevin Spacey
BAM President Karen Brooks Hopkins and BAM Executive Producer Joseph Melillo
Rachelle Lefevre and Mamie Gummer
Hugh Jackman
"Opulent Vision," a group exhibition of fordPROJECTat 57 West 57th Street, opened on Tuesday night. This exhibition brings together a group of artists who have been part of fordPROJECT's first year. The collection of works highlight many parallels of the contemporary cultural landscape. It fills the gallery's penthouse space with vivid colors, rich wallpaper, paintings of inspired interiors, and a site-specific installation. The exhibition runs through February 17th.
Annika Connor and Kristen Schiele
Jeffrey Walkowiak and Henry Lyon
Joseph Mazzarelli and Nick Fyhrie
Paul Kasmin and Saint Clair Cemin
Marvin Cohen and Steve Grunta
Kristen Schiele
Honey Karvounis and Katy Hamer
Sandra Hamburg
David Victor Rose
Stephen Shanabrook and Kara Finnerty
Doriet Fischer, Keelin Erman, and Julian Porcino
Doriet Fischer and Keelin Erman
Julia Lovallo and Cassandra Tighe
Annika Connor and Peter Felfe
Karen Boyer and Anne Dayton
Shawn Punch
Steven Robson
Sean Kelly and Anneke Swinehart
Helen Kauppila and Serene Chuah
Francesca and Charles Andrews
Craig Love, Kristin Love, and Geoff Bentz
Alison and Dhibaut Degryse

Photographs by (Metro); Elena Olivio & Etienne Frossard (BAM).
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