Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Primavera parties

John Heilemann, Elizabeth Rohatyn, Olga Votis, Tony Marx, Shala Monroque, Danielle Ganek, Darcy Rigas, and Danny Strong at New York Public Library's Spring Luncheon.
Over 350 guests mingled, lunched, and then listened to a political conversation in the Library's Celeste Bartos Forum.

Special guests John Heilemann (national affairs editor for New York magazine) and Danny Strong (Emmy-nominated filmmaker and actor) spoke in conversation with Rep. Herald Ford Jr. about Game Change, John's book about the 2008 election that Danny turned into this year's HBO film with Julianne Moore.

The spring luncheon raised over $600,000 to support the Library's mission to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our communities.

The New York Public Library gratefully acknowledges Asprey as the sponsor of the 2012 Spring Luncheon.
Eleanora Kennedy and Amanda Taylor
Frances Schultz and Nina Griscom
Tory Burch
Nyssa Koursas, Alex Stevenson, and Kristen Krusen
Donya Bommer
Elle Muliarchyk, Shala Monroque, Stephanie LaCava, and Irina Aleksander
Rep. Harold Ford Jr., John Heilemann, and Danny Strong
Joan Steinberg and Sue Wachenheim
Gayfryd Steinberg and Louise Grunwald
Guests from the Spring Luncheon
Alexandra Kotur and Anna Carter
Alina Cho and Alexandra Lebenthal
Olga Votis, Elizabeth Rohatyn, and Darcy Rigas
Caryn Zucker and Christine Schwarzman
Tuesday night at the Pershing Square Signature Center on 480 West 42nd Street, Venetian Heritage hosted its 2012 Gala with a production of Caro Luchinoabout the life and career of famed director of grand opera and film, Luchino Visconti, performed by Richard Gere and Tilda Swinton with clips of interviews with Visconti as well as from his films.
Tilda Swinton and Richard Gere
Guido Branca and Lavinia Branca Snyder
Wayne Maser and Alexander Vreeland
Alba Clemente and Richard Gere
Guido Torlonia, Alba Clemente, and Paolo Canevari
Archibald Cox and Judy Gordon Cox
Scott Small, Alicia Adams, and Daniel Adams
Princess Firyal of Jordan and Peter Marino
Isabella Rossellini, Ines Theodoli, and Guido Torlonia
Mario DeBenedetti, Alessandra Cicognani, Desiree Berggruen, and Olivier Berggruen
Barbara Nguyen and Gazelle Emami
Sandra Nunnerley, Edith Dicconson, David Epstein, and Wade Tajerin
Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni and Mariano Baino
Olimpia Pallavicino and Lavinia Branca Snyder
Daisy Soros and Adrienne Vittadini
Jordan Kisner and Maud Doyle
Richard Gere, Bryan Swardstrom, and Andrew Finklestein
Grazia D'Annunzio, Tilda Swinton, Stefano Tonchi, and Sandro Kopp
Olimpia Possati
Lisa Fine and Alessandra Cicognani
Maria Antinori and Veronica Bulgari
Michel Petruzzillo and Tania Beltrano
Isabella Rossellini and Ines Theodoli
Steven Harris, Guido Torlonia, and Toto Bergamo-Rossi
Micky Camerini and Yolanda Garretti
Chloe Malle, Alexander Vreeland, and Candy Pratts Price
Leila Heller and Ike Ude
Renato D'Agostin and Alessandra De Benedetti
Alberto Simone, Roberta Manfredi, Grazia D'Annunzio, and Isabella Rossellini
Lynn Nesbit
Countess Pierre-Louis de Pourtales and Nicholas Buck
Ann Nitze and Phillips Clarke
Prisca Franchetti and Lili Rossboch
Domitilla Dotti and Sciascia Gambaccini
Roberto Bolle and Tilda Swinton
Pierpaolo Martiradona, Pina Brianca, and Giuseppe Rossi
Caroline and Auke van Scheltinga
Vanessa Freedman, Toto Bergamo-Rossi, and Alejandra Cicognani
Maria Eugenia Maury and Gaetana Enders
Alex Hitz and Liliana Cavendish
Elisabeth Muhr, Muffy Miller, and Karlheinz Muhr
Maria Teresa Sansalone
Marina Galesi, Phillip Warner, and Susan Warner
Christopher Ong and Anna Ratman
Laura Henson, Richard Farley, Ann Caruso, Darren Henault, and Dini Von Mueffling
Sandra Nunnerley and Pierre Durand
Peter Marino and Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia
Tuesday night last week, Vanity Fair magazine hosted the Opening Night Party for the Tribeca Film Festival at the State Supreme Courthouse at 60 Centre Street.
Chris Taylor, Nancy Armstrong, Tim Armstrong, Desiree Gruber, and Kyle McLaughlin
Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict
Graydon Carter and Anna Carter
Janice and Billy Crystal
Veronica and Ray Kelly
Judge Judy Sheindlin
Amanda Burden, Charlie Rose, Vivi Nevo, Wendi Murdoch, David Rhodes, and Emma Rhodes
Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Leelee Sobieski, and Adam Kimmel
Michaela Bradbury and Clifford Ross
BethAnn Hardison, Charles DeCaro, Helena Christensen, and Rocco Laspata
Susan Solomon, Walter Issacson, Boaty Boatwright, Michael Barker, and Nora Ephron
Diane von Furstenburg
Helena Christensen
Donna Karan
Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower
Jessica White and Nicole Trunfio
Ron Meyer, Katie Couric, and Ron Perelman
Grace Hightower, Harvey Keitel, and Muffie Potter Aston
Desiree Gruber and Kyle MacLachlan
Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones
Brad Hall and Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Tory Burch
Anastasiya Siro
Jane Rosenthal and Robert De Niro
Alexandra Kotur and Muriel Brandolini
Catherine Zeta-Jones and Tommy Mottola
Ingrid Sischy, Christine Quinn, Chris Taylor, and Sandy Brant
George Wayne and Nicola Vassell
Raphael De Niro, John Sykes, and Robert De Niro
Amanda Burdon, Charlie Rose, and Jennifer Maguire Isham
Suzanne Ircha Johnson, Somers Farkas, and Daphna Kastner
Clifford Ross and Boaty Boatwright
Ashley Matthau, Charlie Matthau, and Dakota Fanning
Dakota Fanning
John Forte
Faisal and Bana Hassan
Drena De Niro and Rachel Roy
Lorraine Adams, Richard Price, Cindy Sherman, and Liz Swid
Emerson Barth, and Makenzie Leigh
Craig Hatkoff, Ann Harrison, Tim Forbes, and Jennifer Maguire Isham
Velia Majo and Aida Turturro
Dr. Anna Chapman, Alan Patricof, and Susan Patricof
Marjorie Gubelmann and Lynn Wyatt
Lily Cole and Wendi Murdoch
Cary Lowell and Katie Couric
Last Wednesday evening, The New York School of Interior Design honored textile pioneer Jack Lenor Larsen with a Lifetime Achievement Award and noted landscape designer Thomas Woltz with the school’s first Thomas N. Armstrong III Award in Landscape Design at its 2nd annual Spring Benefit, held at The Metropolitan Club, in New York. This year’s Benefit co-chairs were Mario Buatta, Ellie Cullman, Philip Gorrivan, Amy Lau, Stephanie Odegard, Campion Platt, and Barbara Slifka.  Honorary chairs were Mrs. Thomas N. Armstrong, III, Thomas N. Armstrong IV, Whitney B. Armstrong, Eliot Armstrong Foote, and Amory Armstrong Spizairri. The Vice-chairs included Graham Arader, Jill Dienst, James Druckman, Marina Kellen French, Elliot and Janet Greene, Agnes Gund, Hugh Hardy, Mary Ellen and Richard Oldenburg, Michael and Patricia Sovern, Henriette Suhr, Robert and Lynn Wankel.

Lou Gropp, long-time editor of House Beautiful Magazine and former NYSID trustee, presented Jack Lenor Larsen with the Lifetime Achievement Award. In memory of his father, Whitney Armstrong honored landscape architect Thomas Woltz with the first Thomas N. Armstrong III Award in Landscape Design.
Lou Gropp, Jack Larsen, Pat Sovern, and David Sprouls
Among those attending: Margaret Russell, Bunty Armstrong, Whitney Armstrong, Amory Armstrong, Patricia and Michael Sovern, Hugh Hardy, Barbara Slifka, Mary Ellen and Richard Oldenberg, Inge Heckel, Cynthia Hazen and Leon Polsky, Marina French, Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, Vicente Wolf, Mario Buatta, Steven Gambrel, Jill Dienst, Ellie Cullman, Agnes Gund, Thomas Kligerman, John Ike, Joel Barkley, David Scott, Christina Juarez, Richard Mishaan, Amy Lau, James Zemaitis, Jay Cantor,  Susan Wallace, Alessandra Branca, Geoffrey Bradfield, Philip Gorrivan, Lee Mindel,  Julie Dannenberg, Dennis Miller, Pauline Metcalf, Robyn Pocker, Peter Davis, Anne Korman, Ross Francis, Joan Hardy Clark, David Sprouls, Michael Manes, Mark Gilbertson, Barbara Israel, Kathleen Doyle, Matko Tomicic, Miry Park, Henry Neville, Peter Bentel, Paula and Colin Cabot, Tina-Maria Birch, Susan Nagle, Rebecca Bond, Susan Watts,  Etelle Higonnet, Guy Regal, Emily Eerdmans, John Danzer, Janet Mavec, Robert Stilin, Elliot and Janet Greene, Gerald Holbrook, Tom Robinson, Lynn and Noel Jeffrey, Inson Wood, Jodie and Bob King, Monica Cheslak, Alexa Hampton, Pamela Banker, Judith Gura, Brian McCarthy, Marilyn White, Sandra Nunnerley, Matthew de Marco, Alison Levasseur, and Lou and Jane Gropp.

The dramatic table decorations for this year’s NYSID Spring Benefit Dinner starred textiles that—very fittingly—were designed by one of the occasion’s honorees: Jack Lenor Larsen. Primavera in Red Ginger, Fiori in Cinnabar, and Nexus in Bronze, Eru and Gold—these are the evocatively named fabrics that sprang from the fertile imagination of Larsen, and that enriched the evening’s festivities thanks to the generosity of Cowtan & Tout.
Whitney Armstrong and Thomas Woltz
NYSID Professor and Alumni Association President Valerie Mead confected the table centerpieces to dialogue mellifluously with the Larsen materials, taking care that each element in the Dutch-style arrangements spoke as a separate visual element and at the same time harmonized with a chorus of other colors. Asiatic and Gloriosa Lilies; Phalaeonopsis (also known as Moth Orchid); White, Green-and-White and Double-Orange Parrot Tulips; Bear Grass; Dusty Miller; and assorted leaves and twigs—those are the names of the diverse ingredients that went into every table’s masterful floral focal-point, each composition attentively and individually assembled by a dedicated troupe of NYSID alumni: Michael Harold, Kathryn Madden, Alejandra Munizaga, Elsie St. Leger, Lori Watts and Missy Wolfe.

The benefit sponsors included Luxe Interiors+ Design Magazine, Lalique, and Cowtan and Tout.
Kathryn Madden, Elsie St Leger, and Alejandra Mumizaga
Michael Sovern and Pat Sovern
Etelle Higonnet and Thomas Woltz
Lou Gropp and Jack Larsen
Pat Sovern, Jack Larsen, and Thomas Woltz
Billy Kenny, Janet York, Bunty Armstrong, Emery Armstrong, and Matko Tomicic
Pat Sovern, Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, Inge Heckel, and Jack Larsen
Christina Juarez, David Scott, Ellie Cullman, Alison Levasseur, Guy Regal, Allison Davis, and Wendy Landau
Vincente Wolf and Matthew Yee
Matthew De Marco, Susan Wallace, Margaret Sullivan, and Ellen Fisher
Barbara Pierce, Janet York, and Bunty Armstrong
Geoffrey Bradfield, Roric Tobin, and Mario Buatta
Guy Regal, Patti Lau, Amy Lau, and Julia Noran
Julia Noran and Allis Ghim
Agnus Gund
Dianne Benson
Whitney Armstrong
Pauline Metcalf and Ross Francis
Sandra Nunnerley and Brian McCarthy
Lee Mindel and Margaret Russell
Lisa Gorrivan, Margaret Russell, and Philip Gorrivan
Pat Sovern, Agnus Gund, and Whitney and Emery Armstrong
Ross Francis and Alexa Hampton
Tara Chapas, Steven Gambrel, Amy Griffin, and James Anderson
Bunty Armstrong, Emery Armstrong, Susan Watts, and Janet York
Peter Davis and Mark Gilbertson
Richard Mishaan, Sandra Nunnerley, and Mario Buatta
Monica Cheslak and David Sprouls
Barbara Israel, Jill Dietz, Richard Mishaan, and Julie Dannenberg
Photographs by; Mary Hilliard (NYPL); (NYSID)
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