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Sons and Daughters

New York-Presbyterian Phyllis and David Komansky Center for Children's Health "Plates for Pediatrics" Benefit Dinner.
Delia von Neuschatz reports for NYSD: This past Satuirday night (January 28) at the Yale Club at 50 Vanderbilt Avenue on the corner of 44th Street, the first New York Continental Chapter, National Society, Sons of the American Revolution hosted a gala ball with the Daughters of the American Revolution. The Sons and Daughters Gala Ball was held in honor of their respective Presidents General, Mr. Larry J. Magerkurth and Mrs. Merry Ann T. Wright.

The Louisville, Kentucky-based Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) seeks to “maintain and expand the meaning of patriotism, respect for our national symbols, the value of American citizenship, and the unifying force of "e pluribus unum" that was created from the people of many nations -- one nation and one people.”
Larry and Barbara Magerkurth.
Merry Ann T. Wright and Melissa Zack.
The SAR (not to be confused with the Sons of the Revolution - SR), and the Washington, DC-based DAR are non-profit organizations which place special emphasis on education. They conduct historical research and raise funds for local scholarships and educational awards. They are also active in the preservation of sites and documents related to the American Revolution. 

The SAR’s petition to Congress to make Revolutionary-era documents available to the public and to store them in a fire-proof building led to the creation of the National Archives in 1913.  Today, the SAR and DAR’s comprehensive Genealogical Research Libraries in Louisville, Kentucky and Washington, DC are open to the general public.
The Veteran Corps of Artillery.
The SAR boasts many notable members, including many US Presidents and a few foreign dignitaries including: George W. and George H. W. Bush, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter, Calvin Coolidge, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Franklin D. and Theodore Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, Harry S. Truman, Douglas macArthur, George S. Patton, Winston Churchill and King Juan Carlos I of Spain.

Noteworthy members of the DAR include: Susan B. Anthony, Lillian Gish, Grandma Moses, Ginger Rogers, Rosalynn Carter, Laura Bush, Elizabeth Dole, Janet Reno, Phyllis Schlafly and Bo Derek.
Richard Gregory and Charles Thomas Galbraith.
Sarah Lynch and Agathe Planchon.
Robin Roman and Emily Senay.
Ray and Brenda Mechmann with Grace Zhao.
Wesley Oler. Michael Sivy.
Paula Timmermann and Kamal Gidwani.
Nancy Jones, Mary Steppacher, and Lois Lazzarino.
Melissa Zack, Wilhelmena Kelly, and Eugenia Askren.
Mary K. Steppacher and Melanie Jones.
Lt. Col Hailey Clancy and Lt. Col. Michael Clancy.
Lois Thatcher with Wilhelmena Kelly and Anthony Wilkins.
Laura Congleton, Eugenie Harrison, and Cynthia Clark.
Katherine Gibson and Charles Cowing.
John Kleiss and Melissa Zack.
Angela Stewart and Daniel Ruiz-Isasi.
Col Jerome Richard and Mia Lancaster.
Col. Jerome Richard and Lt. Col. Michael Clancy.
Donna Deanehan with Warren and Julie Fristensky.
Dr. Linda Stillman and James Rodgers.
Margaret Stocker, Richard Sage, and Lynn Luehrs.
Frank A. Casucci III, Barbara Magerkurth, and Kathleen Anderson.
Jama Jandrokovic, Nancy Shackelford Jones, and Marianne Ward.
Last Thursday night at the St. Regis Roof, the New York-Presbyterian Phyllis and David Komansky Center for childen's Health" hosted their "Plates for Pediatrics" Benefit dinner.

Proceeds from Plates for Pediatrics will benefit three programs: Child Life Services, a program that helps alleviate children's fears surrounding the hospital experience; The Pediatric Simulation Center, a medical education resource for patient safety and patient care; and The Perinatal Center, which provides a multidisciplinary approach to fetal diagnoses, counseling and care.
Amanda Poses, Kathleen Kocatas, Allison Aston, Dr. Robert Kelly, Dr. Gerald Loughlin, Jennifer Pinkos, and Marcie Pantzer
Courtney Czepiga, Blair Butler, Dr. Dix Poppas, Tanith O'Brien, Doreen O'Brien, Bernadette Khan, Dr. Gerald Loughlin, and Sharon Granville
Dara Quinlan, Erica Samuels, Jennifer Pinkos, Kathleen Kocatas, Angela Clofine, and Andrea Ranawat
Dr. Gerald Loughlin, Tanith O'Brien, Doreen O'Brien, and Dr. Dix Poppas
Dr. Gerald Loughlin, Anna Kelly, and Dr. Robert Kelly
Allison Aston, Ammara Yaqub, and Alexis Bryan Morgan
Bernadette Khan and Sharon Granville
Allison Aston, Stephanie Coleman, Marcie Pantzer, and Heather Sargent
Barbara Loughlin, Dr. Gerald Loughlin, and Dr. Dix Poppas
Courtney Czepiga and Blair Butler
Tara and Darol Ryan
Courtney Czepiga, Tanith O'Brien, and Blair Butler
Brice and Lizzie Markus
Angela Clofine, Rob Cihra, and Alison Cihra
Dr. Anna Kelly, Dr. Robert Kelly, Kathleen Burns, Dr. Gerald Loughlin, and Barbara Loughlin
Jay and Katama Eastman
Kim Schrader and Candice Postel
Chiragh Sareen, Divya Sareen, Dr. Varinder Singh, Susan Singh, David Gartside, Archana Vats, Manish Mittal, and Ritu Mittal
Stacy Shapiro, Russell Poses, and David Shapiro
Vinay Gupta and Rena Russell
Bara Tisch, Brett Heyman, and Marcie Pantzer
Dr. Kevin Ching, Dr. Sujit Sheth, and Dr. Praveen Raju
Christina Floyd and Stephanie Coleman
Vaughn Dorrian and Allison Aston
Jennifer Oken, Andrea Ranawat, Ammara Yaqub, Angela Clofine, and Erica Samuels
Also, last Thursday night, The Young Collectors Night at the Winter Antiques Show drew a big crowd of collectors, designers, connoisseurs and young New Yorkers. All to benefit the East Side House Settlement.
Ann Maffei, John Eaton, Marshall Heyman, and Ariel Ashe
Kathy Abbott, Clinton Howell, and DPC
Jean Shafiroff
Brynnan Light and Corinne Hyde Plumhoff
Tracy Stern and Dr. Anthony Berlet
Ellen Rosengard, Peter Tillou, and Jacqueline Beck
Lynde Easterlin, Camille Morris, and Jennifer Gresingger
Tatiana Miron, Anna Burke, and Elizabeth Meigher
Jared LaFrenais, Keith Copley, and Jamie Drake
Sharon Bush, Jean Shafiroff, Renald White, and Eula Johnson
Tom Booth, Lauren Wells, and Ben Preston Fridman
Dawne Marie Grannum and Shannon Hales
Rafael Solano, Grace Sielaff, and Jonathon O'Hea
Caren Brooks
Barbara Dixon and Vera Djonovic
Steven O'Banion and Tim Andreadis
Kate Reynolds and Sydney Frazier
Yakov, Natalie Berman, and Malcolm Harris
Linette and Matt Semino
Thomas James, Chelsea Wick, and William Cullen
Rod Keenan
Jean Dixon West
Larry Laslo
Mary Urbam, Michael Hamilton, Beth Ram, and Edwin Hile
Kimberly Babcock, Lauren Birnstein, and Ashley Ma
John Carlo and Christina Rossetti
Tricia Treaccar, Caroline Unks, and Joy Wai
Kat Carmichael and Kate Marshall
And also last Thursday night, Vanessa Noel hosted a Jamaican Bash at her townhouse. A longtime homeowner at Round Hill in Jamaica, Vanessa is chairing Jamaica's largest fundraiser, The Hanover Charities's "Sugar Cane Ball" in February.
Meg Nolan van Reesema, Jeffrey Caldwell, Jessie Oswald, Ian Gumprecht, Aileen Gumprecht
Meg Nolan van Reesema, Jeffrey Caldwell, Jessie Oswald, Ian Gumprecht, and Aileen Gumprecht
Felicia Taylor, Larry Leeds, Nazee Klotz
Felicia Taylor, Larry Leeds, and Nazee Klotz
Alex Graybeal, Alexandra Thom, Michael Thom
Alex Graybeal, and Alexandra and Michael Thom
Amy Capetta, Terri Hines, Tenisha Percell, Danny Baruch, Mike Dean
Amy Capetta, Terri Hines, Tenisha Percell, Danny Baruch, and Mike Dean
Ed Siegel, Hayler Griffith, James Reginato
Ed Siegel, Hayler Griffith, and James Reginato
Sylvia Kiouzellis, Vassilis Kokkinidis
Sylvia Kiouzellis and Vassilis Kokkinidis
Anthony Haden-Guest, Christopher Mason, Peter Lyden
Anthony Haden, Christopher Mason, and Peter Lyden
Hadley Nagel, Jon Nagel, Susan Nagel
Hadley Nagel, Jon Nagel, and Susan Nagel
Hannah Carpentier, Vanessa Noel
Hannah Carpentier and Vanessa Noel
Adrienne Prassas, Michael Thom, Connie Anne Phillips
Adrienne Prassas, Michael Thom, and Connie Anne Phillips
Andrew Lauren, Vanessa Noel
Andrew Lauren and Vanessa Noel
Larry Leeds, Elliot Rabin
Larry Leeds and Elliot Rabin
Felicia Taylor, Connie Anne Phillips
Felicia Taylor and Connie Anne Phillips
Kester Keating, Frederick Anderson
Kester Keating and Frederick Anderson
Larry Leeds, Ann Rapp
Larry Leeds and Ann Rapp
Kipton Cronkite
Kipton Cronkite
Gennaro Pecchia
Gennaro Pecchia
Virginia Healey, M.L. McCarthy
Virginia Healey and M.L. McCarthy
Denise Walls, Marita Monroe
Denise Walls and Marita Monroe
Barbara Camp, Win Foreman, Eva Wadkins
Barbara Camp, Win Foreman, and Eva Wadkins
Suebelle Robbins, Nancy Pearson
Suebelle Robbins and Nancy Pearson
Sarah McCain, Bobby McCain
Sarah and Bobby McCain
Justin Noel, Nicole Orkins
Justin Noel and Nicole Orkins
Andrew Dayton, Eva Costka
Andrew Dayton and Eva Costka
Jeffrey Billhuber, Vanessa Noel
Jeffrey Billhuber and Vanessa Noel
Steve Jablonski, Jeannne Schisholm
Steve Jablonski and Jeannne Schisholm
Scooter Laforge, Coby Koehl
Scooter Laforge and Coby Koehl
Jeanne Chisholm, Ben Ali Haggin
Jeanne Chisholm and Ben Ali Haggin

Photographs by; Annie Watt (Young Collectors); Delia von Neuschatz (SAR)
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