Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer symposiums and soirees

Katie Tozer, Oscar Shamamian, Stephanie Loeffler, Evelyn Tompkins, Mark Ferguson, Bronson van Wyck, and Susan Henshaw Jones at Museum of the City of New York's annual Spring Lecture Symposium and Luncheon.
On Tuesday, June 5th the Museum of the City of New York held its annual Lecture Symposium and Luncheon co-chaired by Evelyn Tompkins, Katie Tozer and Stephanie Loeffler and sponsored by 1stdibs. The speakers of the symposium were Oscar Shamamian and Mark Ferguson, partners in their eponymous architectural firm; and Bronson van Wyck, co-founder of Van Wyck.

The 300 guests included movie director Whit Stillman, Christopher Mason, Leigh Keno of Antique Road Show fame and many of New York's most sparkling ladies: Tara Rockefeller, Gigi Mortimer, Zibby Tozer, Sheila Labrecque, Shafi Roepers, Sara Ayres, Judith Guest, Libby Fitzgerald, Caroline Dean, Ashley McDermott, Celerie Kemble, Carol Mack, Maria Villalba, Pam Owens, Nina Junot, Amelia Junquera, Gloria Fieldcamp, Tori Kempner, Clelia Zacharias, Blair Husain, Karen Tompkins, Caroline Garrity, Courtney Moss, Elizabeth Miller, Rachel Hovnanian, Kathy Prounis, Lindsey Pryor, Karen Glover, Suzie Bancroft, Stephanie Clark, Julia Gray and Vanessa Neumann as well as beloved man about town and museum trustee, Mark Gilbertson.
Evelyn Tompkins, Whit Stillman, and Caroline Dean
The luncheon was held under a beautiful white tent on the Museum's beautiful front terrace with a splendid view of Central Park and the gates of its conservancy garden. Hot pink and chartreuse covered tables were topped with bouquets of pink and white peonies and at each place to the delight of each guest was a stunning enamel bracelet by Sequin, Ltd. generously donated by its super chic owner, Kim Dryer, an organic skincare product by Tata Harper Skincare, and a gorgeous black and white vintage photograph of classic New York City scenes. Everyone left the event with dreams of new beautiful homes, fabulous parties to plan, and the city we all love!
Tracy Dart and Frederica Biggs
Alexia Fernandez and Gloria Fieldcamp
Barbara McLaughlin and Christina deForest Keys
Barbara Regna and Katie Tozer
Blair Husain and Courtney Moss
Celerie Kemble and Bronson van Wyck
Cindy Ketchum and Elizabeth Belfer
Anne Gray and Clay Tompkins
Elbrun Kimmelman and Cetie Ames
Karen Tompkins and Caroline Garrity
Gigi Mortimer, Nina Junot, and Libby Fitzgerald
Helen Houghton and Julia Gray
Emily Eerdmans and Maureen Footer
Karen Glover and Shafi Roepers
Kim Dryer and Judith Guest
Liz McCreery, Evelyn Tompkins, and Tara Rockefeller
Polly Onet and Amy Hoadley
Maria Villalba and Ashley McDermott
Paige Hardy and Julie Miller
Pam Owens and Amelia Junquieria
Rachel Hovnanian and Kathy Prounis
Sara Ayers and Leigh Keno
Shafi Roepers, Mark Gilbertson, and Carol Mack
Stephanie Clark, Christopher Mason, and Martha Glass
Susan Cushing and Stephanie Loeffler
Susan Henshaw Jones (standing), and Deborah Boillot
Susan Wallace and Tracey Ponterelli
Suzie Bancroft, Pamela Ludwick, Katie Tozer, and Zibby Tozer
Valeria Mogul and Ide Dangoors
Victoria Greenleaf and Pat Attoe
Last Wednesday over 200 guests attended New York Philharmonic Young New Yorkers Summer Party, presented by Breguet, at a private club on the Upper East Side.

The event featured a chamber performance by New York Philharmonic violinist Duoming Ba and bassist Satoshi Okamoto. The performance was followed by dinner and dancing as the 200 plus guests entered the dance floor to the sounds of DJ Ray and DJ Matty of Jarrell Entertainment.
New York Philharmonic violinist Duoming Ba and bassist Satoshi Okamoto
Event chairmen were Keith F. Connor; Sarah Jane and Trevor Gibbons, Blair Endresen Métrailler, G. Pennington Egbert, III, Laura and Ben Harris, Adrian Ulrich, Christopher George, Sandra L. Kozlowski, and Jill Yankaskas.

The event's vice chairmen were Emily M. Berger, Katharine Bradbury, Constance and Jeffrey Brown, Jason Dillow, Cinthia and Oscar Gil Vollmer, Andre H. Kelleners, Susan Oliver Kerridge and Douglas Kerridge, Brian J. Pitz, Barbara Regna, Mae R. Rogers, Missy Egbert Sheehan and William Sheehan, Stephanie A. Sirota, Anna Skjevesland, Alexandra D. Steel, and Benner A. Ulrich.
Penn Egbert, Jill Yankaskas, Trevor Gibbons, Sarah Jane Gibbons, Chris George, Blair Endresen Métrailler, Keith Connor, and friend
Event Chairmen Sarah Jane Gibbons and Jill Yankaskas
Fatima Sanandaji, Nicole Roulis, and Barbara Regna
Kate Bradbury, Lindsey Harper, and Brent Winston
Alison Minton
Liz Santelli, Seth Baert, Fina Goefron, and Marina Oeda of Breguet
Matthias Detjen, Júlia De Azevedo, Paolina Poe Azcarraga, and Nicolas Isham
Louisa Stelle, Andrew Ward, Alexandra O'Neill, and Henry Bodmer
Maximilian Sinsteden, Sacha Wagle, Justin Kush, Alexandra Porter, and Beverly Landstreet
Melissa Fisher, Blair Endresen Métrailler, and Constance Brown
Tommy Gilbert and friends
Keith Connor
Chris Lord, Nicole Homme, and Philip Gaucher
Chris George, Caroline Christman, and Andrew Ward
Stephen Levey, Mae Rogers, and Laetitia Vellut
Robert Goodfellow, Kimberly Cebrik, and Whitney Cox
Barbara Regna, Daniel Mitura, and Inga Thiessen
Stefan Nowicki, Grace Atwood, and Philip Gaucher
Laura Katherine Smith
Alexandra Porter and Tess Porter
Maximilian Sinsteden, Sacha Wagle, and Mark Gilbertson
Henry Bodmer and Daniela Märky
Beverly Landstreet and Alexandra Porter
Nathaniel and Jennifer Wilcox
Laurel Woloszyn, James Bohm, and Jackie Pierangelo
Virginia Powell and Penn Egbert
Last Wednesday night, a week, the New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM) held its 18th Annual Gala awards at a dinner at the Pierre and honored Thomas Harrison, Chairman of Diversified Agency Services Omnicom, for his leadership in health care issues, his involvement in several health-based organizations, and his contributions as a Trustee and Fellow of NYAM; and Jack and Susan Rudin, two New Yorkers who embody the truest meaning of public service, as NYAM’s 2012 Urban Health Champions for working to shape the many ways we think of urban health, especially through their support for policies and programs that meet the needs of medically underserved communities.
Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford, Nidhi Shah, Dr. Nirav R. Shah, Dr. George Thibault, Barbara Thibault, and Tom Harrison
The NYAM also hosts the Annual Lewis and Jack Rudin New York Prize for Medicine and Health, and the Lewis Rudin Glaucoma Prize established by the May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation.” The Rudin Foundation’s core support for NYAM's programs to stimulate the field of urban health research in the early years of NYAM’s pioneering work in this area and their recent support for the Age-friendly NYC initiative are among the many examples of their guided philanthropy.

Nearly 300 guests who attended the Gala including Herman Schaper, Ambassador to the United States from The Netherlands, New York State Health Commissioner Nirav Shah, MD, New York City Councilwoman Jessica Lappin, and Dr. Jacob Kumaresan, Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Centre for Health Development in Kobe, Japan, among many others.
Dr. Ruth Finkelstein and Councilmember Jessica Lappin
Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford and Mary Schmidt Campbell
Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford, William Steadman, and Dr. Lisa Baker
Tom Harrison and Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford
Barry Ensminger, Jill Markowitz, and Cyril Brosnan
Steve Rabinowitz and Commissioner Katherine Oliver
Joanna Cruz, Harold Deamues, Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford, and Diana Munoz
Dr. Lori Klein and Kyle Barich
Tas Dossal and Meghan Murphy
David Rankine and Melisa Guilliam
Dr. Nirav R. Shah, Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford, and Dr. Jacob Kumaresan
Norman Haffner and Dr. Jeremiah A. Barondess
Dr. Lori Klein, Kyle Barich, and Tom Harrison
Nicole Bouknight Johnson and Dr. Jeremiah A. Barondess
Dr. Barbara Green, Marilyn Margon, and Dr. Mary Ann Chiasson
Mike Doyle, Lorraine Thelian, Nicole Bouknight Johnson, and Julie Armour
Dr. Jack Rowe and Dr. Linda Fried
Jeffrey Rose and Dr. Jacob Kumaresan
Frank Kelley, Kristian Berardi, Anthony Frontino, and Marshall Wheeler
Dr. Terry Fulmer, Dr. Nariv R. Shah, and Nidhi Shah
Bill Wright and Lisa Genova
Dr. Steve Schoenbaum, Jan Hedley, and Don Weinbach
Linda Seligman and Norman Haffner
Catherine Grimes, Jimmy Lee, and Christine Lee
Noelle Fankhauser, Michelle Dionne, and Jenyne Engelhardt
Dr. Philip Ozuah and Tom Harrison
The Rug Company hosted a kickoff party for the 2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse at its Wooster Street store in New York City. This year's Showhouse is presented by Traditional Home magazine and will be open to the public Sunday, July 22 to Sunday, September 3, benefitting Southampton Hospital.

The Hampton Designer Showhouse, now in its twelfth year, is a showcase for America's premiere design talent.  Approximately 25 top interior designers and decorative artists will turn a lavish shingle style home into a decorating masterpiece. 
Gabby Goncalven, Lys Schwartz, Caroline Wilson, Taylor Siegel, Katie Leede
Gabby Goncalven, Lys Schwartz, Caroline Wilson, Taylor Siegel, and Katie Leede
This year's Showhouse is located at 80 Flying Point Road in Water Mill, NY built by Grande Design Residential Inc. This year's Sponsors are Barlow Tyrie, Circa Lighting, Dacor, Gloster, Hinkley Lighting, Juliska, Karastan, Lillian August, LX.TV Open House NYC, Natural Decorations, Inc., Pearson, Pratt & Lambert Paints, Raymond Vineyards, The Rug Company, Serena & Lily, Schumacher, Stanton and Thibaut.

The Hampton Designer Showhouse opens with a gala preview party at the Showhouse on Saturday, July 21 from 6:00-8:30pm and will be open to the public Sunday, July 22 through Labor Day, Monday, September 3, 2012. Showhouse hours will be as follows: Monday through Sunday, 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Children under six, infants, strollers and pets are not allowed in the Showhouse. Admission to the showhouse is $30 and includes the Showhouse Journal. Gala tickets are $225 each.
Amanda Peppard, Mercedes Courland
Amanda Peppard and Mercedes Courland
Amanda Price, Tori Mellott
Amanda Price and Tori Mellott
Maria Parasugo, Jon Walker, Victor Boccarossa
Maria Parasugo, Jon Walker, and Victor Boccarossa
Tony Manning, Janice Langrall
Tony Manning and Janice Langrall
Diane Guariglia, Mark Guariglia
Diane Guariglia and Mark Guariglia
Greg McKenzie, Judy Hadlock, Sean Bruns
Greg McKenzie, Judy Hadlock, and Sean Bruns
Jennifer Mabley, Austin Handler
Jennifer Mabley and Austin Handler
Susan Woods, Tara Seawright
Susan Woods and Tara Seawright
Sara Rossi, Jon Walker, Blaire Rzempoluch, Jordan Schaefer, Vicki Hubbard
Sara Rossi, Jon Walker, Blaire Rzempoluch, Jordan Schaefer, and Vicki Hubbard
Ric Barbatelli, Stephanie Barbatelli
Ric Barbatelli and Stephanie Barbatelli
MArk Humphrey, Barbara Dixon
Mark Humphrey and Barbara Dixon
Mario Buatta, Danielle Barr, Robert Passal, Antonio Parrotta, Jon Walker
Mario Buatta, Danielle Barr, Robert Passal, and Antonio Parrotta
Amanda Price, Mario Buatta
Amanda Price and Mario Buatta
Timothy Brown, Cesar Gabrira
Timothy Brown and Cesar Gabrira
Steven Stolman, Judy Hadlock, Louis Renzo, Janice Langrall
Steven Stolman, Judy Hadlock, Louis Renzo, and Janice Langrall
Keith Ohea, Libby Langdon
Keith Ohea and Libby Langdon
Gretchen Fuss, Kate Singer
Gretchen Fuss and Kate Singer
Chistiane Weiss, John Weiss, Skye Kirby
Chistiane Weiss, John Weiss, and Skye Kirby
Photographs by (NYAM); Lindsey Lindekins (NY Phil).