Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Parrish

Parrish Art Museum Midsummer Party in Southampton, NY
The Parrish Art Museum in Southampton held its annual Midsummer Party last Saturday night at the museum's arboretum on Jobs Lane.This year they honored the "creative spirit of the East End," including director/choreographer Patricia Birch, visual artist Chuck Close, author/historian  Barbara Goldsmith, interior designers Tony Ingrao and Randy Kemper, musician G.E. Smith, and dancer/choreographer Paul Taylor

This was the final gala held in the Jobs Lane / Southampton space, and a last hurrah and farewell before the museum will move to the new Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill, designed by Herzog & de Meuron and opening November 10th.
Chuck Close, Terrie Sultan, Patricia Birch, Barbara Goldsmith, Paul Taylor, Taylor Barton-Smith, Tony Ingrao, and Randy Kemper
Elizabeth Haveles, Peter Haveles, Gale Drukier, Ira Drukier, and Dorothy Lichtenstein
The event also celebrated the fact that Parrish is closing in on its capital campaign goal, with 95% raised to date. Also fun, the Museum's Landscape Campaign also offers the opportunity to help landscape the new site — from a $30 hybrid poplar to an entire garden.

Co-chairs of the event were Debbie Bancroft, Carlo Bronzini Vender, Etta Froio, Dorothy Lichtenstein, Michele Pesner, Douglas Polley, Frederic M. Seegal, Marcia Dunn Sobel, and Alexandra Stanton.
Laura Laumont, Collins Ward, Louisa Rechter, Brad Vanderstarren, Rachel Pollard, Julien Baccash, and Joanie Payson
Dr. Heidi Waldorf, Sharon Giese, Dr. Erin Gilbert, and Kimberly Giese
Emily Smith, Alina Cho, Robert Zimmerman, Frances Hayward, Sharon Bush, and Katlean de Monchy
Clay Tompkins, Karen Tompkins, Carey Fieldcamp, Gloria Fieldcamp, Ladd Willis, and Cindy Willis
The Midsummer Party is one of the major highlight of a summer season calendar jammed with parties big and small.  It is also the Parrish Art Museum's most important fundraising event of the year.

The evening began with cocktails and viewing of The Landmarks of New York and Liminal Ground: Adam Bartos Long Island Photographs, 2009-2011. The Landmarks of New York comprises ninety photographs of New York City's more than 1,200 landmarks, accompanied by descriptive and historical text. Liminal Ground features sixteen lush photographs that capture the evanescence of the everyday.
Calum Gair-Stevenson, Adriana Farietta, Todd Hutcheson, Stacy Engman, Richard Chang, and Maria Baibakova
Jessica Maher, Lisa Wassong, Priscilla Zoullas, Stephanie von Watzdorf, and Molly Aston
Emma Becker, Alison Price Becker, William Becker, Patricia Birch, Peter Becker, and Kristin Becker
Margo MacNabb Nederlander, James Nederlander, Jimmy Nederlander, Charlene Nederlander, Frances Hayward, and Grethe Holby
Dinner by Glorious Food was served at 7:30 accompanied by Music by the inimitable DJ Tom Finn which ran right through to 1 pm. And there was a whole lotta shakin' goin' on.

After the dinner guests were joined by the AFTER TEN party crowd gathered by co-chairs Anne Huntington, Carolina Portago, and Serena Stanfill Tufo. Decor for the evening was created by Claire Bean, Floral and Event Design.
Haley Binn, Jason Binn, Jimmy Cohen, and Lisa Cohen
Marco Paparella, Karen Mastrandrea, Lynn Levy, Nazee Moinian, and Joseph Moinian
The Parrish's annual gala is a social gathering of the Hamptons' most sophisticated art collectors, artists, socialites, entertainers, philanthropists, and business leaders. Over the years, thanks to these people and those supporters who came before them, this museum as grown into a major institution in the East End of Long Island.
April Gornik and Eric Fischl
Cameron Shay, Elizabeth Fekkai, and Alexis Manice
Almond Zigmund and Jason Weiner
Lisa and Samantha Perry
Olivia Chantecaille and Ren Grady
Jonathan Wells and Sharon Giese
Alex Douzet
Geoffrey Bradfield and Debbie Bancroft
Michael Combs and Lida Morley
Alicia Longwell, Barbara Grodd, and Dorothea Rockburne
Polina Proshkina and Yan Assoun
Jordan Wilcox, JP Cole, and Rob Fonseca
Jackie McKay and Jeff Burch
Andrea Glimcher and Bosco Sodi
Meg Blackburn and Jenny Isakowitz
Linda Shelton, Abby Terkuhle, Eva Faye, and Thomas Van Winkel
Michelle Travis and Lucas Rossignol
Liza Rand, Stewart Lane, and Bonnie Comley
Ryan Ross and Heather Ross
Maria Veronica Leon and Lucia Vallarino
Frederico Azevedo, Gail Freeman, and Jonathan Wells
Conrad Clevlen
Lauren Schwartz, Heather Ross, and Ryan Ross
Michael and Alessandra Bush
Whitney Fairchild and Alexandra Stanton
Betty Birnbaum and Suzie Blitz
Kristin Buttner and Jessica Mitchell
Gabriel Gibbs
Lorena Bedoya, Jill Tauber, and Amanda Nortman
Alixe Laughlin and Betsy Maloney
Greta Tufvesson, Christina McDonald, and Veronica Arzeno
Jody Donohue and Scott Chiles
Lewis Koppelman and Etta Froio
Brittany Weeden and Jared Abrams
Ian Shapolsky, Ysatel Tinyol, Baroness Sheri De Borchgrave, and David Braunstein
Halsey Stebbins and Owen Hoffman
Gracie Berkowitz and Ed Moses
Jean and Martin Shafiroff
Maureen Bash, Elisa Scott, and Colette Arredondo
Serena Tufo, Lizzie Reifenheiser, and Casey Cook
John Christensen, Carolina Portago, and George Moringer
Daniel Gosselin and George Pontos
Suzanna Lee and Manish Vora
Michael De Anda, Rachelle, Raphael diTommaso, and Nicole Libsschik
Charlotte Schryber and Ben Schryber
Leslie Brille and Mary Kathryn Navab
Julie Zeff and Renee Ryan
Jackie McKay and Tripoli Patterson
Rachel Carter and Travis Meyer
Scarlett Hinson and James Bell
Noreen Ahmad, Amir Ahmad, and Anne Huntington
John McLaughlin and Sarah Hanson
Kyle DeWoody and Harry Dubin
Michael Levy and Jessica Hodin
Muriel Siebert and Mildrid Brinn
Joseph Fichera and Patricia Duff
Meg Blackburn and Mark Segal
Stephanie Madison and Valentina Monte
Xenia Platt, Campion Platt, Tatiana Platt, and Fox Platt
Terrie and Donald Sultan
Terrie Sultan and Dan Rizzie
Chris Arnold and Ted Kruckel
Bonnie Clearwater, Keith Pollock, and Nina Zagat
Yung Hee Kim and Patrick McMullan
Allison Morrow, David Granville-Smith, and Elizabeth Granville-Smith
Mark and Elizabeth Meyer
Kelli Shaughnessy, Domna Stanton, and Jim Stanton
Jacques D'Amboise and Barbara Goldsmith
Christine Pressman, Gene Pressman, Alina Cho, and Emily Smith
Debbie Bancroft and Geoffrey Bradfield
Frances Hayward, Patricia Birch, and Immi Storrs
Donna and Richard Soloway
Ellen Lewis, Donald Sultan, Dorothy Lichtenstein, and Ralph Gibson
Amanda and Glenn Fuhrman
Brad Comisar and Kelli Delaney
R. Couri Hay and Sharon Bush
Patty Raynes
Robin Cofer, Sara Herbert-Galloway, and Joy Marks
Bonnie Clearwater and Haley Binn
Polina Proshkina, Katia Stotsky, and Lana Smith
Gillian and Sylvester Miniter
Jonathan Sobel, Marcia Sobel, Sara Fitzmaurice, Molly Fitzmaurice, and Allison Morrow
Vaughn and Michael Dorrian
Larry Perse, Carrie Perse, Jill Tauber, and Larry Tauber
Grethe Holby and Malcolm Morley
Liliana Cavendish, Di Mondo, Carolina Portago, and Ingrid Drotman
Alice Aycock and James Salomon
Ira Drukier, Gale Drukier, David Wassong, Christine Pressman, and Gene Pressman
Avis and Bruce Richards
Christophe de Menil
Jan and Randy Slifka
Gregory D'Elia and Angela Hearst
Carlton and Beth Rudin DeWoody
Anne Huntington, Chloe Richards, and Josy Hamren
Alyssa Micciulla and Frederica Tompkins
Fiona and Eric Rudin
Tim Schifter and Helen Lee Schifter
Alexis and Priscilla Zoullas
Lydia Carlston
Andrea and Marc Glimcher
Photographs by
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