Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wildlife Wonderment

Last Thursday night at the Central Park Zoo, the Wildlife Conservation Society held their annual gala benefit with the theme “The Coasts of Patagonia,” highlighting the WCS’ conservation work in that part of the world. This is always a very fashionable affair held at the very end of the Spring social season in New York. It’s black tie and the women dress in long dresses in colors that reflect the coming summertime. Cocktails are held around the Sea Lions Pool and despite the formality, there is an air of relaxation among the guests who can’t help enjoying the atmosphere (which is underscored by the seals at play and at feeding).

They honored Dr. Juan Carlos Castilla, professor of marine biology at the Catholic University of Chile; fashion designer Maria Cornejo, who is Chilean, and Dr. Steven Sanderson, who is completing his term as CEO of the Society in July.
Designer Preston Bailey, who performs magic with his floral designs, decorated the reception area as well as the three dining sections set up in the Zoo’s pavilions.
This is one of the most relaxed of New York formal events. Many of the guests are well established New Yorkers and long time supporters of the Wildlife Conservation Society, mixing with the newer supporters, many of whom share their enthusiasm for the Society’s purposes. The “lure” is the pleasure of the environment on a beautiful summer-like night in the middle of the city. There is bare minimum of speeches and acceptances to the point where if you stepped away for five minutes, you miss it. There are strings playing during the dinner, which begins at twilight and after dessert, the younger set appears and the DJ begins to spin.
Mark Borthwick and Maria Cornejo
George Wambold and Angela Hearst
Chris and Paula McKenzie
Kelly Keelan and Ross Koller
Christian Simonds, Gillian Hearst, Scott Buccheit, and Naeem Delbridge
Eric Lowrey and Cynthia Loh
Jeanne Keating
Susan Breitenbach, Sharon Kerr, and Samantha Breitenbach
Justin and Amanda Steil
Amie and Tony James
Erwin Gonzalez, Carla Ruben, and Preston Bailey
Al Kahn, Jillian Crane, Michele Felsher, and Gary Felsher
Malcolm and Cathy Price
Renke and Pamela Thye
Michele and Gary Felsher
Kate Maloney and Helen Johnson
Raleigh Leahy, David Cranston, Lauren Cranston, and Melissa Hawks
Dr. Steve Sanderson, Maria Cornejo, and Dr. Juan Carlos Castilla
Rachel Heller
Marianna Rounick, Stephanie Hessler, and Heather McAuliffe
Jean and Martin Shafiroff
Melissa Berkelhammer
Kate Loscalvo, Britain Muhl, Jesse Mckallap
Doug Chadwick, Cathy Horyn, and Art Ortenberg
Nancy Kuhn and Bernard Nussbaum
Jessica Feingold and JF Thye
Dr. Juan Carlos Castilla and Dr. Steve Sanderson
Drew Grant and Elizabeth Brown
Cynthia Reich and Nicole Robinson
Adrianna Casa, Cristian Samper, Wendy Luers, and Ward Woods
Sasha Feldman, Zack Pasanen, and Danielle Roever
Clementine Reid, Jack Pitney, and Caroline Kelso
Krista Killian, Lauren Grafer, and Carla Killian
Patty Calabrese and Ann Hunterberg
Steven Beltrani and Erin Cohen
Olga Mikelic and Andrew Lucre
Jeffrey Ganz and Elizabeth Brown
Jamie Dahill and Samantha Andriano
Katrina McDonald, Camilla Crane, and Michelle Mahon
Brooke Woodard and Evan Riley
Lauren Powell and Ted Gushue
Ishani Vellodi, Bridget Murphy, and Kate Durnan
Maureen O'Connor and Paige Donnelly
Sydney La Londe and Erin Donahue
Taryn Talmadge and Grace Kelly
Peter Whitcomb, Valeria Mykyta, and Eric Sheehan
Olivia Jessup and Sarah Coleman
Steven Loessler and Savannah Engel
Lindsay Sullivan and Anne Battey
Sarah Gaston, Jordan Taylor, and Kate Salzman
Alex van Hoek and Kylie Gattinella
A tradition of this annual evening gala is the After Party, which brings out the younger set. It begins about nine-thirty and by ten o'clock the party is underway. This year was a record -- they had more than 900 attending, and on the dance floor the joint was jumping. You can see by the pictures that they were enjoying the night.
DJ Cassidy
Rebecca Warner, Lauren Hawkins, Lynden Bolpe, Isabele Garcez, Courtney Cronin, Ana Guimaraes, and Caroline Nype
Emily Hottensen, John Shaddock, Carter Boardman, F.E. Castleberry, and Elizabeth Brown
Sean Quinn, Christine Layng, Katie Bluhm, and Erin Donahue with friends
Craig Workman, Melissa Wasiewski, Akbar Hamid, Veronica Arndorser, and Michael Defisher
Ashlyn Lovejoy, Bella Slagsvol, Maddy Casella, and Katie Lovejoy
Melissa Pesch, Allissa Favrikanc, Daniel Bise, Johanna Anchundia, and Maria Lykos
Carla Vass, Juliana Traut, Francesca Gottardo, and Krista Kucheman
Alexa Rosen, Jennifer Chu, Betsy Maloney, and Bunny Laughlin
Lynden Volpe, Caroline Nype, Ana Guimaraes, and Lauren Hawkins
Milena Duke, Fifi Knott, John Harrison, Rebecca Zoller, and Charlotte Woltz
Alessa Brooksmith, Alexander Baird, Madeline Gordon, and Lucie Miller
Alexander Baird, Brittany Dawson, Jackie Bland, Scott Banerjee, and Maggie Paplepp
Scott Buccheit, Gillian Hearst Simonds, and Adam Robison
Chloe Malle and Reed Simonds
Anna Schkolnikov and Naeem Delbridge
Maria Cornejo, Cindy Sherman, and Anne Christiansen
Reed and Suzanna Simonds
Malcolm Price
Justin Taylor and Lizzy Fraser
Lorenzo Borghese and Tinsley Mortimer
Samantha and Susan Breitenbach
Jillian Crane and Al Kahn
J.F. Thye and Jessica Feingold
John Wambold Jr., George Wambold, Melanie Wambold, and John Wambold
Kate Maloney and Helen Johnson
Andrew Fulton, Ally Collier, Davis Ravnaas, Julia Villanova, and Andrew Rice
Nicole Phelps, Alexa Brazilian, and Anne Slowey
Cathy Price and Linda Fraser
Jennifer Gould Keil
Patrick Li, Whitney Vargas, and Adam Glassman
Jean Shafiroff, Lorna Livingston, and Jamie Figg
Janice Blakely, Lizzy Fraser, and Julia Stein
Stephanie Hessler, Steve Hessler, and Marianna Olszewski
Sydney Wasserman
Kirby Hosea and Sybil Bunn
James Tang and Victoria Harman
Connor O'Brien and Christina Kaczynski
Marina Thompson, Jeffrey Thompson, Claudia Thompson, David Cummins, and Andrienne Nolan
Erin Cohen and Steven Feltrani
Kelsey Breining, Rebecca Regan, Lacary Sharpe, and Melanie Lazenby
Sylvester Miniter, Margo Langenberg, and Hunt Slonem
Lauren Powell and Ted Gushue
Andrew Lucre
Joan Jedell, Gillian Miniter, and Guy Harley
Elizabeth Brown, Sam Dangremond, and Carola Lovering
Dorie Golkin, Clelia Zacarias, Natalie Rodriguez, and Emily Balter
Maggie Malloy, Charles Clarke, and Sam Andriano
Carson Sieving
Julianna Simmons and Samia Qader
Juliana Traut and Krista Kucheman
Cameron Scott and Virginia Powell
Monika Lesniak, Cari Smith, Melissa Pesce, and Melanie Lazenby
Lauren Davenport, Alecta Hill, and Christine Pedersen
Stephanie Brag, Oliver Blodgett, Ascanio Serena, and Ashley Hill
William Sinclair and Justin Korsang
Desiree Gallas, Michael DeFischer, Melanie Lazenby, and Rebecca Regan
Elissa Niemiera, Charles Bakke, and Amy Pompea
Stephanie Wong
Anne Karoubi and Brian Atkinson
Emily Demchyk and Colleen Leihey
Kate Morgenier and Kat Carmichael
Eliza Wilkenson, Olivia Dong, and Annie Warren
Olga Mikelic, Michael Mikelic, and Pala Dzko
Justin Korsant, Peter Armstrong, and Joe Rault
Brett Finkelstein and Tyler Gaffney
Christina Mallon and Rebecca Lewis
Catherine Dewey and Matthew Douglas
Pamela Suskind and Cody Baird
Billy Kreitsek Jr. Brendon Mahar, Candace diConza, and Loren Cole
Bonita Taylor
Christine Mosley, Sheila Raju, Dani White, and Tara Tunney
Matthew Brag and Sara Engle
Megan Falcone and Kirby Hosea
Marianne and Eddie Brennan
Christina Altman and Samuel Leeds
T. Valentine and Elizabeth Durkee
Dave Knott, Christine Paras, Alexander Farkas, Sara Eisman, and Drew Schneider
Stacy Van Ingen and Anait Bian
Elouise Frishchkorn and Emily Hanna
Jackie Rohrbach and Jenny Smith
Jackie Bland and Brittany Dawson
Walter Hoffman and Lauren Synar
Catherine Grinfell, Larry Haertel, and Pfeifer Marley
Clelia Zacarias, Pfeifer Marley, Catherine Grenfellm, and Natalia Rodriguez
Iman Nanji, Katherine Kapnick, and Christina Najjar
Eric Lowrey and Cynthia Loh
Karen and Marlie Kiernan
David Stein and Maggie Kempner
Ali and Jessie Hebenstreit
Lizzy Edelman and Emily Holmes
Christian Bjelland, Fredrica Tompkins, Jaime Sterne, Alecta Hill, Lauren Davenport, and Oliver Schultz
James Moore and Lauren Sonas
Christine Paras
Oliver Striker and Stephanie de Franco
Paige Woodruff and Danial Neczypor
Matteas Detjan and Julia Azevedo
John Brandis, Jacqueline Kenook, and Christian Russell
Lizzy Duffy, Malaika Benjamin, and Emily Allen
Chelsey Breining, Matthew Douglas, and Rebecca Regan
Peter Burns and Grace Kelly
Alex Cecil and Savanna Engle
Courtney Kenefick and Jess Bergeron
Katie Straut and Zack Pasanen
DJ Cassidy and Micah Jesse
Robert Lavan, Mara Siegler, and Katie Olds
Jackie Bland and Maggie Taplett
Chelsey Breining, Miles Hammond, Alex Cecil, and Jason Ehrlich
Eleanor and Ashley Pardoe
Jeser Lannung
Lauren Davenport and Nicholas de Kwiatkowski
Jeff Ryan and Christina Manzi
Christen Paras and Alexander Farkas
Drummond Rice, Elizabeth Kern, Kylie Gattinella, and Alex van Hoek
Rebecca Regan and Sebastian Bland
John Lawrence, Phillip Gaucher, and Oliver Blodgette
Michael Allwin and Lilly Galef
Brie Kahler and Charlie Razook
Jesper Lannung and Brittany Dawson
Jacqueline Kencook and Christian Russell
Amanda Starbuck and Alex Mejia
Sandy Cass, Zinia Kim, Marissa Komisar, and Laura Mari
Jack Fennebresque and Sims Lansing

Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com