Thursday, October 3, 2013

Autumn kick-offs

Central Park Conservancy's kickoff for "Autumn in the Park" at Valentino on Madison Avenue.
On Monday, September 30, Central Park Conservancy gathered New York City philanthropists and socials at a cocktail party inside Valentino store on the Upper East Side to kickoff "Autumn in the Park." Guests mingled inside the chic boutique, sipped champagne, and shopped in support of Central Park Conservancy. The evening served as a kick off of "Autumn in the Park," annual fall bash that will be held on November 19. In support of this event, percentage of the proceeds from September 23 until October 7 at Valentino will benefit the Central Park Conservancy.

Last night's hosts included Central Park Conservancy Trustee Gillian Miniter, Kitty Kempner, Deborah Roberts, Fiona Rudin, along with Sarah Arison, Elizabeth Kurpis, Julia Loomis and Julianna Simmons. Other notable guests in attendance included Central Park Conservancy President & CEO Doug Blonsky, Natalie Cole, Suzanne Cochran, Alexandra Lebenthal, Adelina Wong Ettelson, Alexandra Lind Rose, and Fe Fendi.
Elle King and Emily Wilson
Gillian Miniter, Eleanora Kennedy, Alexandra Lebenthal, and Deborah Roberts
The mission of the Central Park Conservancy is to restore, manage, and enhance Central Park, in partnership with the public. The Conservancy aspires to build a great organization that sets the standard for and spreads the principles of world-class park management—emphasizing environmental excellence—to improve the quality of open space for the enjoyment of all New Yorkers. The Conservancy is committed to sustaining this operating model to provide a legacy for future generations of Central Park users. For more information on the Conservancy, please visit our website at
Joey Lico and Julia Loomis with friends
Doug Blonsky and Jane McIntosh
Eleanora Kennedy and Elyse Newhouse
Lauren Fitzpatrick, Joey Lico, John David Robbins, Julia Loomis, and Sarah Arison
Alexandra Lind Rose and Elizabeth Kurpis
Sarah Arison, Sonia Nassery Cole, and Nathalie Cole
Leah Kelly and Michelle Mallol
Amber Elliott
Iris Egbers
Adelina Wong Ettelson, Yaz Hernandez, Yliana Yepez, Gillian Miniter, Doug Blonsky, and Liz Peek
Karen Klopp and Nancy Paduano
Elizabeth Belfer and Clare McKeon
Karen Klopp, Bob Cochran, and Nancy Paduano
Nathalie Kaplan and Suzanne Cochran
Cole Rumbough and Melissa Berkelhammer
Fe Fendi, Serena Miniter, and Gillian Miniter
Emily Wilson
Julia Loomis, Elizabeth Kurpis, Julianna Simmons, and Sarah Arison
Gillian Miniter, Di Mondo, and Serena Miniter
This past Tuesday evening, The Society of MSKCC and Max Mara kicked off the 25th Annual Preview Party for the International Fine Art and Antique Dealers Show.

Since 1989, The Society has hosted an annual Preview Party for The International Fine Art and Antique Dealers Show. The party, which attracts more than 1,000 guests, helps fund The Society's many programs. Held every October at the landmark Park Avenue Armory, it lets supporters of The Society get a first look at some of the finest art and antiques in the world and raises money for a worthy cause.

The 2013 Antique Show Preview Party will take place on Thursday, October 24th. The Chairmen are Catherine Carey, Nancy Coffey Nagler, and Shafi Roepers. The Design Chairmen are Ann Omvig Maine and Charlotte Moss. The event is being sponsored by Leviev, Max Mara, and Traditional Home.
Lisa and David Klein
Anna Safir and Eleanora Kennedy
Melissa and Chappy Morris
Melanie Holland and Martha Glass
Jennifer Creel and CoCo Kopelman
Lavinia Bianca Snyder and Annette Rickel
Caroline Lo Arcos, Lavinia Bianca Snyder, CoCo Kopelman, and Leslie Perkins
Kate O'Neill, Maria Giulia Maramotti, and Lilly Bunn
Amanda and Grace Meigher
Nathalie Kaplan and Courtney Moss
Neil Susjha and Lavinia Bianca Snyder
Catherine Parey, Maria Giulia Maramotti, Shafi Roepers, and Martha Glass
Robyn Joseph, Hilary Dick, and Elizabeth Fuller
Elizabeth Kurpis and Michel Witmer
Annie Cardeluf and Stephanie Griswold
Andreas Kruger, Jacqueline Kruger, and Thierry Behaeghel
Shoshanna Gruss
Karen Karlsrud
Hannah Bronfman
Sloan Overstrom and Mark Gilbertson
Stephanie Griswold, Hilary Dick, and Jennifer Creel
The Coalition for the Environment recently celebrated in Cannes, France to promote preservation of the environment by honoring Christopher Peacock and Olga Kushnareva. The reception was part of the kickoff party for the annual Better World Awards which helps environmental causes annually and will be held in NYC April 2014 at Christopher Peacock NYC.

The event helping the Coalition for the Environment and Better World Awards was held at the new flagship show house, Charles Cameron, which features Christopher Peacock Home both kitchens and wooded fitted panelings.

Hosted by Charles Cameron owner Olga Kushnareva along with Christopher Peacock and Robert Hughes (Global Director of Christopher Peakcock worldwide) the top 300 and eco-conscious guests joined the reception from Dubai to Geneva to London to New York City.

The guest list included: James and Roxanne Naser (Geneva, formerly Manhattan), Patricia Bonus, interior designer from Palm Beach and Milllbrook, with Patrice Bernan poloplaying fun hearted Brazilian, Olga Kushnareva, owner of Charles Cameron, Mr. Christopher Peacock of Greenwich Connecticut, Mr. and Mrs.  Pascal Granero of the Prince Albert II of  Monaco Foundation, Interior designers Nathalie Ludwig and Hélène Roubaud, Dylan Brown, Gina de Franco, LALIQUE's Giselle Saint Pierre,  Ferragamo’s Patrick Malaussena, Regis Gallenne of Roberto Cavalli, and Suki and  Katina Ward from London.
Cannes Croisette
Several guests from Monaco limousined over to Cannes in the end of summer heat wave, including Darrell Hall from YACHT Zoo, Carin Zemel, Anna Rockall and Eugenia Smerkis, from Germany, Princess Angela Von Hoenhoert, Mr. Holger Brunhardt, Mr. Johan Christer Novsjo, Mr. John Martin Bengtsson, Angelo Rasmus  Hogsat, Salvatore, Mr. and Mrs.Giovanni Cusmano (Milano, Roquebrune, London and Gstaad),  Mr. Alan Egalouev, Maria Marchenko (Moscow), Nathalie Tartary, Nadine Thil, Olivier Kerhamon, Alexandra Danshov, Olga Kushnareva,Victoriya Greshnev, Georgy Bogomolov, Anastasiya Vasin, Rada Goremykin, Svetlana Dolgorukov.

From a live concert to an amazing luxury gifts give-away which included a drawing for a glamorous, 2,000 Euro LALIQUE vase, scarves from Feragamo and Cavalli, Perfume, Tuscany by Ferragamo and luxury beaute by Borghese and Daniel De Winter-Monaco, guests were also treated to live cooking demonstrations in the Christopher Peacock kitchens with all American foods meeting the best of France such as hot French fries and mini sirloin burgers topped with foie gras and a flaming ice cream meringue for an encore.
Angelo Rasmus Hogset, John Martin Bengtsson, and Johan Christer Novsjo
Guests gathering for the concert
In the other display rooms, guests roamed tasting Champagne and Rose from the Winery of Brad Pitt and Angelina’s Chateau Miraval. The Hollywood couple joined forces with the Perrin family, wine makers and owners of Chateau Beaucastel in France's Chateauneuf-du-Pape region, to create a range of wines at their estate Chateau Miraval. Whilst only 6000 bottles were made, the Cannes event featured the fine wines. While the Perrin family has taken most of the responsibility for the wine production, Brad and Angelina consulted on the new bottle and redesign, which carries the names 'Jolie-Pitt and Perrin'.

Outside the showroom an ice sculpture cleverly designed a crystal peacock looking almost LALIQUE-like. Signature drinks called the "Peacock" with Peacock plumes infused on trays and everywhere.
Christoper Peacock
Gina de Franco with chef Stephane Raimbault and models from Herlod Scherman Paris
Jack Melki of Maison Herold Scherman Paris and Robert Hughes of Christopher Peackcock with models from Maison Herold Scherman Paris
Joe Pascarella
Iona Doohan
Regis Galenne
John Smith and Katina Ward
Patricia Bonus with Patrice Bernan
Natalie Tartary (right) and friend
Alexandra Danshov, Olga Kushnareva,Victoriya Greshnev, and Georgy Bogomolov
Alexis Gion
Alen Egalouev and Maria Marchenko
Anastasiya Vasin, Rada Goremykin, and Svetlana Dolgorukov
Dylan Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Pacal Granero
Giovanni Cusmano and Cristina Cusmano
Nadine Thil (far left) enjoying the spread
Submitting their names to win Lalique price
Alexandra Yevdokimov

Photographs by Billy Farrell (CPC); (MSKCC).