Thursday, October 24, 2013

Awards and Remembrances

Career Transition For Dancers' 28th Anniversary Jubilee, Broadway and Beyond! at New York City Center.
Last Monday noontime, the American Cancer Society of New York hosted its annual Mother of the Year Awards luncheon in the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel. Anne Hearst McInerney and Dr. Eliza Port were the awardees. Muffie Potter Aston delivered a memorial speech about the late Cynthia Lufkin, who received the award five years ago.
Cricket Burns, Myra Biblowit, Muffie Potter Aston, and Wendy Carduner
Erica Blumm and Ashley Engelman
Brooke Shields and Paula Zahn
Peggy Silbert and Maria Cuomo
Valesca Guerrand-Hermes and Amanda Hearst
Anne Akers, Jean Shafiroff, and Arlene Weidberg
Lenny Henkel, Gretchen McGary, Melisa Bellino, and Dr. Eva Dubin
Lauren Veronis and Cece Cord
Missy Weidhorn and Maddy Camay
Amanda Hearst, Anne Hearst McInerney, and Jay McInerney
Kimberly Rockefeller, Yasmin Aga Khan, and Muffie Potter Aston
Valesca Guerrand-Hermes, Cece Cord, Sandra Ripert, and Candice Ku
Jeffrey Port, Lauren Port, Elisa Port, Zachary Port, and Loni Rush
Karen Freedberg, Mariana Kauffman, Topsy Taylor, David Patrick Columbia, and Paula Zahn
This past Monday night at the Grille Room in the Four Seasons restaurant, Hilary and Wilbur Ross hosted a book signing for their friend (and interior decorator) Mario Buatta and his book: "Mario Buatta, Fifty Years of American Interior Decoration" (Rizzoli publishers). More than 200 guests and friends of the Rosses and Mr. Buatta were delighted to leave with a copy of this glamorous tome.
Iris Love and Mitchell Rosenthal
Leslie Foley and Muffie Potter Aston
Ted Geary, Dolly Geary, and Jack Geary
Louise Grunwald and Jamie Niven
Margo Langenberg and Jamie Figg
Joan Kron and Cathy Hardwick
Mary Jane Pool and Janet Loeb
Missy Taylor and Michael Ainsley
Suzanne Ainsley, Muffy Miller, and Lis Waterman
Gigi Benson, Iris Love, and Susan Lloyd
Mario Buatta, Jean Pearman, Gerry Lauren, and Lauren Veronis
Jean Pearman, Simon Pinniger, and Sydney Shuman
Ann Rapp and Roy Kean
Steve Simon and Blaine Trump
Caroline Roehm, Jonathan Marder, and Sharon Hoge
Susan Gutfriend, Allison Stern, and Leonard Stern
George Farias and Margaret Russell
Susan Warner and Amanda Haynes-Dale
Wilbur Ross, Hilary Geary, and Mario Buatta
Susan Gutfriend, Alfred Taubman and Bruce Bockman
Stephen Briganti and Kay Gilman
Jeanne and Herb Siegal
Deborah Norville and Cece Cord
Kirat Young, Nina Griscom, and Amy Fine Collins
On October 8th Career Transition For Dancers' 28th Anniversary Jubilee, Broadway and Beyond! Celebrating Theatre and Dance presented by ROLEX took place at New York City Center.

This year's Rolex Dance Award was given to Ann-Margret and was presented by last year's recipient Liza Minnelli. Super-star Ann-Margret is a two time Academy Award Nominee, winner of 5 Golden Globes, Emmy Award winner and a Grammy Nominee.
Liza Minnelli and Ann Margret
Jason Samuels Smith, Jimmy Tate, and Dule Hill
Broadway Dance Lab
Subway Ride, Drem Coney Island
This year's event featured electrifying appearances by today's best talent in theatre and dance. This one-night-only event featured show-stopping performances from Broadway shows such as A Chorus Line, Damn Yankees, and Tap Dance Kid, and others. There was a special performances by artists from American Repertory Ballet; Broadway Dance Lab; Cirque du Soleil; Dresden Semperoper Ballett; New York Song and Dance Company; Parelle Exit; Rosie's Theater Kids; World Cup All Star Cheerleading; with Benois de la Danse Winner; a world premiere from SMASH choreographer Josh Bergasse; the Jubilee Orchestra and others. The show was produced and directed by Ann Marie DeAngelo.
Karen Leslie Moscato, Mattia Pallozzi
Broadway Dance Lab
Subway Ride, Drem Coney Island
Rosie O'Donnell and Rosie's Theater Kids
Sara Brians and Randy Skinner
The 28th Anniversary Chairs were Anka K. Palitz and Susan and Stewart Wicht. Gala Chairs were Avery and Andrew Barth, Robert Dagger, Victor Elmaleh, James Fayette-AGMA, AFL-CIO, Darlene and Brian Heidtke, John Kimmins, Nigel Lythgoe, Nancy and Duncan MacMillan, Philip S. Masters, Michele and Ronald Riggi, Ann and William Van Ness, and Misty Widelitz. Janice Becker was the Dinner Chair; Ann Van Ness was the Auction Chair; and Craig Dix was the Journal Chair. Alexander J. Dubé, Mercedes Ellington, Vicki and Christopher Kellogg, Christina Rose, Irene and Fred Shen, and Michael A. Terlizzi Capezio Ballet Makers served as Vice Chairs.
Rick Roccini, Tommy Peel, Ann Margret, Roger Smith, Michele Riggi, Deny Dugan, and Ray Collins
Susan Wicht, Misty Widelitz, Stewart Wicht, Anka Palitz, Ann Margret, Michele Riggi, and Roberta Silbert
Jean Shafiroff and Patricia Shiah
Cynthia Gregory, Lloyd J. Miller, and Anka Palitz
Nigel Lythgoe and Robert Battre
Misty Widelitz, Lenny Lauren, and Roberta Silbert
Christopher and Vicki Kellogg
Pierre Dulaine
Richard Kielar, Fe Fendi Saracino, and Christian Zimmermann
Maggie Rady, Ann Margret, and Gianni Russo
Donald Tober, Christopher Walling, Celia Ipiotis, and Barbara Tober
Susan and Jerry Baker
Peter and Linda Hoffman
Joe Lanteri and Michael Cain
Elizabeth LaCause, Tina Sher, David Acala, Bryan Heir, Michele Herbert, Larry Herbert, Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, John Glre, and Liza Morris
Jon Berger, Kellie Bradshaw, Christopher Erk, Jason Yudoff, Lauralyn McClelland, Anthony J Russo, and Noah Racey
Monique Van Vooren
Richard and Donna Soloway
Barbara Taylor Bradford and Robert Bradford
Ann Marie DeAngelo with Maya
Michele Herbert
Victor Elmaleh, Sono Osato, Roberta Silvert, and Misty Widelitz
Mercedes Ellington and Edward Callaghan
Craig Dix and Gigi Fisdell
Ann Van Ness and Rex Reed
Dr. Alfred Kaltman and Bunny Grossinger
More than 200 members and friends filled Doubles for the Fall Fete Associates Committee Party. Co-Chairs Sloane Overstrom, Heather Georges, Bryan York Colwell, Paige Hardy, Leslie Heaney, Amy Hoadley and Mark Bryant enjoyed a delicious dinner of Almond Angel Hair Pasta and Rain Forest Bass with a Lobster Crust.  After serving the Tiramisu dessert the dance floor filled with Marissa and Matt Brown, Barbara and Peter Regna, Kathy and Othon Prounis, Kamie Lightburn, Mark Gilbertson, Polly Onet, Amy Hoadley, Mary Van Pelt, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, and John and Martha Glass.
Barbara and Peter Regna
Amory McAndrews, Sara Peters, and Sloan Overstrom
Amy Hoadley, Barbara Regna, and Polly Onet
Martha Glass and Nancy Sambuco
Mary Van Pelt
Esmeralda Spinola Pedroni, Emilio Pedroni, and Paige Hardy
David and Lisa Wolf
Susan Cushing and Kamie Lightburn
Polly Onet with Othon and Kathy Prounis
Alexandra and Nico Kanellopoulos
Peter and Marie Regina Sotos
Jennifer and and John Argenti, Claire McKeon, and Mark Gilbertson
Elizabeth Martin and Alexandra Scott-Brown
Lori and Adam Gottbetter with Virginia Apple
Kathy Prunis, Jennifer Powers, Walter Dean, and Eleni Gianopulos
Marissa and Matt Brown
Philippe Bigar, Stephanie Foster, and Kamie Lightburn
Mark Bryant, ML McCarthy, Frazer Rice, and Christina Kepple
The 32nd Annual San Francisco Fall Antiques Show arrived in style with a fabulous and fashionable launch party for show patrons, hosted by presenting sponsor, Brooks Brothers. Over 400 guests attended the event held at the beautiful and spacious new flagship store in Union Square. Signature drinks and wonderful hors d'oeuvres were passed throughout the top floors of the store, as guests mingled through the dapper suits and gorgeous dresses in the ladies and men's departments. Cigar rolling and Scotch tasting were a big hit with the guests. Being the clothing company that dressed the jazz age, Brooks Brothers could not be a more perfect fit for the show's Jazz Moderne theme this year.

The Fall Antiques Show takes place at the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason Center, starting today, October 24th, and runs through October 27th (the Preview Gala took place last night on October 23rd).
Victoria Zitrin, Enterprise Board Member and Michele Goss, Fall Antiques Show Co-Chair with Nill and Anya Levine
Bob and Ann Fisher
62 vetted art and antiques exhibitors from across North America and Europe will be on display. The show's Lecture Series will feature a stellar roster of lecturers this year, including Mario Buatta, Timothy Corrigan, The Duchess of Rutland, Stephen Sills and Suzanne Tucker.

Complimentary Guided Tours and Cocktail Hour in the Café are offered daily. The show benefits Enterprise for High School Students, a non-profit organization that helps prepare San Francisco youth for success in employment and higher education. For more information, visit
Candace Cavanaugh with Designers Circle member, Maria Tenaglia
Merrill Kasper and O.J. Shansby, Advisory Committee Member
Peter Stern, Christine Pelosi, Joe Montana, and Peter Kaufman
Vivien Kronengold, Brooks Brothers CMO and Arthur Wayne, VP of Public Relations with Ariane Trimuschat, Fall Antiques Show Director
Rosemary Baker and Phoebe Cowles, Advisory Committee Members
Michelle C. Harris and Wheeler S. Griffith, Enthusiasts Chairs with Maria Sullivan (middle)
Geoff Callan and Hilary Newsom Callan
Karen Caldwell and Mark Wagoner
John Urben with Victoria Zitrin and Michael Franzia, Enterprise Board Members
Peter Mueller and Alison Carlson, Enterprise Board Members with Riccardo Benavides
Victoria Stenmark, Young Collectors Chair
Ann Girard and Karen Kubin
Alonzo Williams, Brooks Brothers SF Store Manager with Barbara Cohen
Angela Free
Alexander Bie, Douglas Ley and Nadine Weil
Linda Mayne, Marin County Regional Chair
Lily Navabtour and Michael Chidambaram
Nancy and Jack Havens with Amy Kelly and Jonathan Rachman, Designers Circle Members
Tim Whalen, Joy Venturini Bianchi and Peter Stern
Anne Laury, Jorge Maumer and Dianne Yancey
Eric Petsinger and Troy Anicete

Photographs by Pattrick McMullan (ACS, Buatta); Annie Watt (Career Transition for Dancers); Cutty McGill (Doubles)