Monday, November 4, 2013

Awards of Excellence

Rod Gilbert makes the rounds at The Children’s Cancer & Blood Foundation's annual “Breakthrough Ball” at the Plaza Hotel.
The Horticultural Society of New York (The Hort) held their 20th Annual Fall Luncheon on October 29th, 2013 at the Metropolitan Club.

Henry Buhl,
co-founder of ACE – The Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless, received the prestigious Barbara A. Margolis Award. The two Award of Excellence recipients were Jessica Tcherepnine and Mario Buatta.
Jessica Tcherepnine is a world-renowned botanical artist and has been a board member of The Horticultural Society of New York since 1986.

Legendary interior decorator Mario Buatta was also the speaker at the luncheon. Famously known as the “Prince of Chintz,” Mario gave guests an inside look at his illustrious career, and spoke about his new book, Mario Buatta: Fifty Years of American Interior Decoration.
Jessica Tcherepnine and Mish Tworkowski
Jamee Gregory and Karen LeFrak
Kamie Lightburn and Mish Tworkowski
Jean Shafiroff and Mario Buatta
Guests included Elizabeth Barlow Rogers, Ann Johnson, Hilary Geary Ross, Memrie Lewis, Frances Schultz, Karen LeFrak, Kirk Henckels and Fernanda Kellogg, Audrey Gruss, CeCe Black, Eleanora Kennedy, Kamie Lightburn, Janine Luke, Andrea Fahnestock, Betsey Ely, Jacqueline Weld Drake, Jean Doyen de Montaillou and Michael Kovner, Martha Glass, Darren Henault, Susan Gutfreund, Mary Van Pelt, Jieun Wax, Donna Acquavella, Clelia Zacharias, Mish Tworkowski and Joseph Singer, Deborah Royce, Barbara de Portago, Mark Gilbertson, Lee Robinson, Brigitte Pettit, Mitzi Perdue, Nancy Paduano, Warren Miller, Barbara McLaughlin, Barbara Macklowe, Anna Safir, Nancy Sipp, Barbara Tober, Evelyn Tompkins, Joanna Rose, Elizabeth Stribling and Guy Robinson, Sheila Stephenson, Daisy Soros, Howard Christian, Missey Condie, Suzette de Marigny Smith, Sharon Wee, John Yunis, Ann Wozencraft-Willey, Donna Soloway, Lily O'Boyle, Lynn Manger, Michele Lindsay, Loida Nicolas Lewis, Huguette Hersch, Friederike Biggs, Viva Bhogaita, Lady Annabelle Astor, Pat Altschul, D. Brooke Harlow, Stephanie Loeffler, Kelly Mallon, Norma Dana, Lucy and Nat Day, Hartley du Pont, Jacquie Garrett, Ursula Lowerre, Karen Klopp, and Anne Shearman-Betts.
Ann Johnson, Phyllis Toohey, Eileen Judell, and Jean Jones
Anne Eisenhower and Susan Gutfreund
Andrea Fahnestock and Vanessa Smith
Clelia Zacharias and Audrey Gruss
Barbara McLaughlin, Barbara Chapman, Mary Van Pelt, Barbara de Portago, and Esmeralda Spinola
Cornelia Bregman and Sheila Stephenson
Daisy Soros
Darren Henault and Melissa Morris
David Kamp, Betsy Barlow Rogers, and George Vellonakis
Kelly Mallon and Lara Glazier
Viva Bhogaita, Leslie Johnson, and Frances Schultz
Fernanda Kellogg, Eleanora Kennedy, and Karen Klopp
Henry Buhl, Margarite Almeida, and James Cavello
Hilary Geary Ross, Jamee Gregory, and Donna Acquavella
Huguette Hersch and CeCe Black
Lee Robinson, Debbie Bancroft, and Mark Gilbertson
Last Wednesday night Mark Gilbertson gave his annual autumn cocktail party at a private club on Park Avenue. More than 250 guests came by and as it always is with Mark's party, a good number stayed right to the end. New Yorkers love a good cocktail party in the middle of the week. They get to see old friends, new friends, people they've never seen before (a few) and it's just an easy, pleasant relief from the daily routine.
Alexia Hamm Ryan
Charles Manger and Frances Schultz
Leonel Piraino, Nina Griscom, Rachel Hovnanian, and Dana and Patrick Stubgen
Mark Gilbertson and Mary Kathryn Navab
Danielle Ganek and Caroline Dean
Bronson van Wyck
Audrey Gruss
Thom Filicia, Susan Magrino, and Greg Calejo
Chip and Burwell Schorr
Emilia Saint Amand
Bettina Zilkha and Caryn Zucker
Marina Rust Connor and Mark Gilbertson
Muffie Potter Aston, Karl Wellner, and Mary Snow
Matthew and Marisa Brown
Carol Mack and Kirat Young
Valesca Guerrand Hermes, Jennifer Cacioppo, and Karen Klopp
Andrew Oshrin and Michelle Smith
Duncan Sahner, Elisabeth de Kergorlay, and Jamie Creel
Jonathan and Somers Farkas
Jill and Andrew Roosevelt
Peter and Allison Rockefeller with Tara and Michael Rockefeller
Julian Gatry and Jamie Tisch
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Hilary Geary Ross and Wilbur Ross
Anne van Rensselaer and Alixe Laughlin
Zibby Tozer and Lee Robinson
Kirk Henckels and Fernanda Kellogg
Dennis Paul and Nicole Mellon
The Children’s Cancer & Blood Foundation (CCBF) hosted its annual “Breakthrough Ball” benefit gala on Tuesday evening, October 29, 2013 in the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel. A stunning success, the evening raised over $1 million to provide medication, chemotherapy and other life-saving treatments to thousands of children at the Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology of New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

CCBF presented the coveted “Breakthrough Spirit” awards to Margo and John Catsimatidis, owner of Red Apple Group/Gristedes Food, and Amar’e Stoudemire, six-time NBA All-Star. The Catsimatidis are renowned for their philanthropic activities and their activism has fueled the hope of countless people through their community outreach and dedication to a plethora of charitable endeavors. Amar’e Stoudemire has proven himself an outstanding role model for children and adults alike, using his success and influence to creatively inspire and help at-risk youth. His foundation has changed the lives of many children, and Amar’e continues to spread his philanthropy through his commitment to multiple causes.
Barri Lieberman, Les Lieberman, Alexis Stoudemire, Amar'e Stoudemire, Dr. Patricia Giardina, Margo Catsimatidis, John Catsimatidis, Andrea Castimatidis Cox, and Christopher Nixon Cox
CCBF bestowed the prestigious Medical Breakthrough Award on former Chief of the Division and current Director of the Thalassemia Program, Dr. Patricia J. Giardina. A world-renowned expert on thalassemia, Dr. Giardina has fostered research that led to the development of new therapies to treat life-threatening blood diseases, and in doing so has effectively altered forever the way children receive treatment.

Long-time CCBF supporter, actor, commentator and philanthropist, Charles Grodin returned as emcee for the evening. Legendary Saturday Night Live alum Joe Piscopo, led a hugely successful live auction featuring Super Bowl tickets, a trip for 8 to Harmony Hill Jamaica, a custom cake by Buddy “The Cake Boss” Valastro and a Hamptons Golf Package with tee-offs at the most exclusive and highly rated courses. The magical evening concluded with a spectacular performance.
To the crowds delight, Tony Award winner Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria, Daniel Reichard and J.

Robert Spencer belted out songs including, “Walk Like a Man” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”

For over 60 years, CCBF has been proud to support the extraordinary team of doctors and researchers of the Division. CCBF’s support has attracted and retained a group of world- renowned experts on the treatment of multiple pediatric blood disorders and cancers, including thalassemia, hemophilia, sickle-cell anemia and leukemia. CCBF researchers have received international recognition for their work and are on the cusp of breakthroughs predicted to change the way the medical community treats children with cancer and blood diseases. Each year, our physicians treat more than 500 children through more than 8,000 inpatient and outpatient visits. Due in large part to funds raised at the Gala, CCBF is able to continue to support the life-saving work of our doctors and researchers.
Dr. Patricia Giardina and Amar'e Stoudemire
Tom Murro and Somers Farkas
Rob Gilbert, Charles Grodin, and Joe Piscopo
Erika Marsh, Amar'e Stoudemire, and Peter Marsh
Amar'e and Alexis Stoudemire
Peter Ma, Michael Saurino, Jim Leonard, Joseph Guzzi, and Keith Schultz
Logan Vairo, Matt Vizza, Christina Gherardi, Zeina Alvarado, David Sherman, Katie Kalafus, and Daniel Marshall
Margo Catsimatidis, John Catsimatidis, Andrea Castimatidis Cox, and Christopher Nixon Cox
Ivan Obolensky
Jonathan and Somers Farkas
Cliff Robinson, Joe Piscopo, and Vin Baker
Dr. Gerald Loughlin, Dr. Robert Kelly, Dr. Patricia Giardina, and Dr. Anna Kelly
Dr. Laurie Glimcher
Dr. Patricia Giardina and Ronald Iervolino
Vin Baker, Mitch Schamroth, and Lorna Schamroth

Photographs by Cutty McGill (Gilbertson); Julie Skaratt & Sylvain Gaboury (CCBF)