Friday, March 1, 2013

Blizzards, bubbles, and baubles

Over 100 garden lovers came to look at the Jay Estate to learn how they can help at its 1st Annual Hort Lunch.
On Thursday, February 7, just 1 day before historic blizzard Nemo hit New York, almost 120 landscape lovers attended the 1st Annual Hort Lunch at the historic Jay Estate in Rye. Bundled in scarves and many wearing gardening "wellies," they braved temperatures in the low 30s to take a good look at New York State's oldest man managed meadow and imagine its future.
After sips of hot chocolate outside on the Jay veranda, the crowd walked back to the 1907 Carriage House for a cozy box lunch and iced tea in mason jars. They heard opening remarks by Charles Birnbaum, Founder and President of The Cultural Landscape Foundation who commended the Jay Heritage Center and local garden clubs for their vision to preserve the landmark park.
John Jay wellies!
Wellies decorated by Luncheon Co-Organizer Chris Duncan
We love our new Hort Lunch logo created by Pete Thomas
Next, well recognized meadow expert and landscape designer, Larry Weaner described his own ideology about fitting the right plants to a site's natural soil conditions over force-fitting the wrong species. Among the guests who came out from Manhattan to lend their expertise were landscape historian and author Mac Griswold whose latest book "The Manor: Three Centuries at a Slave Plantation on Long Island" will be out this summer; Warrie Price, President of the Battery Conservancy; Barbara Dixon, Vice Chairman of New Yorkers for Parks and landscape architect Mark Streiter, of Nelson Byrd Woltz.
Brilliant additions to the pre-blizzard program included a display of boots decorated with everything from faux fur to ladybugs and filled with bunches of calla lilies, daisies etc. as well as a bike raffle and 3 prizes for most creative wellies worn by a guest. One of the winners? A pair of tan hunter boots with NY Founding Father John Jay's portrait emblazoned on them! After signing up for upcoming volunteer days at Jay, everyone went home with a notebook full of midwinter garden dreams and rustic wood pencils to record them!
Cynthia McClintock, Warrie Price, Suzanne Clary, Shaun Duncan, and Barbara Dixon
Mac Griswold, Suzanne Clary, and Charles Birnbaum
Meghan Kelly, Elisabeth Casey, and Liz Garrett
Michael Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montaillou
Stephanie Hoover, Rita Schubert, and Elisabeth Moyer
Mark Streiter, Sascha Greenberg, Kathleen Kirschgaessner, and Shaun Duncan
Jane Canning, Melanie Smith, and Jannie Gerrish
Karen Thomas talks with Mark Streiter, Charles Birnbaum and Shaun Duncan on the Jay veranda
Shaun Duncan and Larry Weaner
Elisabeth Casey
Karen Thomas with her brother Jim Kelsey
Suzanne Clary and landscape designer Larry Weaner
GiGi's Playhouse, an organization consisting of local awareness and educational centers which provide resources and support to individuals with Down syndrome and their families, hosted a cocktail fundraiser on February 23rd 2013 at 48 Lounge. This annual event, themed "I Have a Voice," took place in 15 cities nationwide. New York City is the newest location to join the network and one that serves families throughout New York City and the tri-state area.

"Our organization has really had a positive impact on so many lives", says Debbie Morris, President of the board of managers for GiGi's Playhouse NYC. "To see all of our efforts appreciated and the community come together at our fundraiser is incredibly rewarding."

Guests Included: Tom and Jo Ann Fogarty, Tracy Nixon, Benno and Evelyn Ansbacher, Andrew and Debbie Morris, Heather and Gaurang Trivedi, Jean Sullivan and Richard Crane, Matthew and Lauren Fogarty, Eric and Becky Fogarty, Kevin and Sarah Brakstad, Amber Collins, Josh and Laura Blau, Tim Driscoll, Lisa Denby and Rob Orland, Gretchen Hayes, Julie and Tucker Siler and Marc and Sue Caruso.
Board Member Lauren Fogarty with June Price and Julie and Tucker Siler
Executive Director Britt Sady and Playhouse Volunteer and Physical Therapist Lisa Yoon
Richard Reilly, Richard Cane, and Jean Sullivan
Tracy Nixon and Debbie Morris
Evelyn and Benno Ansbacher
Josh Blau, Laura Blau, and Jennifer Patterson
John Ansbacher and Andrew Morris
Nicki Pombier Berger and Jed Berger
Gaurang Trividi, Heather Trividi, and Kate Gibbs
Kirsten DeBear, Stacey Calcano, and Alison Nixon
Rich and Gina Chute
Michael Kulma and Luella Adan
Lou Craco Sr., Betty Craco, and Lou Craco Jr.
Holly Horn and Alex Lamis
Duncan Montero, Amber Collins, and Amanda Mason
Sarah and Aaron Steinberg
Melanie and John Romolo
Kristen Jensen and Mina Valtas
Playhouse Volunteer Liza Tichenor and Zack Galler
Adam Arthurs and Siran Cao
Eva Douglas
Playhouse Volunteers Alyssa, Kiri and Karolina
Darya Cheban-Katz, Michael Hornbuckle, and David Mazzullo
Frank Sawyer, Sandra Sena, Peter Loftis, and Britt Sady
Kevin Brakstad and Becky Fogarty
Michael Johnson and Kenya Johnson
I Have A Voice at 48 Lounge
Down in Palm Beach: Lighthouse International held its sixth annual dinner dance at Club Colette on February 20th, honoring the POSH Palm Beach chairs and committee.

Arlene Dahl served as the Honorary Chairwoman of the sixth annual POSH Palm Beach Gala and Sale, and was joined by co-Chairwomen Iris Apfel, Kathy Bleznak, Kim Campbell, Trisha Cole, Jackie Weld Drake, Katherine Ford, Linda Hickox, Michele Kessler, Carla Mann, Grace Meigher, Lucia N. Musso, Margo MacNabb Nederlander, Kit Pannill, Nancy Paul and Norma Tiefel. Elisabeth Munder and Tara Vecellio were the Junior Co-chairmen.
Marc Rosen and Arlene Dahl
Fern Tailer and Tracy Hritz
The sold out evening honored Kit Pannill and Talbot Maxey, and included a special presentation by artist Sacha Newley, who presented a beautiful mother/daughter pastel portrait.

Those attending the black-tie event were treated to an exclusive preview of POSH Palm Beach, a highly anticipated clothing and accessories sales event featuring gently worn and even brand new items donated by socialites, celebrities, designers and fashionable retailers. The highly anticipate sale opened to the public on February 21 and 22.
Kit Pannill, Mark Ackerman, and Talbott Maxey
Guests included Lighthouse CEO Mark Ackermann, Arlene Dahl, Marc Rosen, Talbot Maxey, Kit Pannill, Mary Lou Whitney, Kim Campbell, Bill Condi, Grace Meigher, Beth de Woody and Firooz Zahedi, Carla and George Mann, Sasha Newley, Somers Farkas, Tom Quick, Lore Dodge, Tara and Christopher Vecellio, Francine LeFrak, Rick Friedberg, Travis Howe, Grace Meigher, Adam and Elizabeth Munder and Fern Tailer.

Founded in 1905, Lighthouse International is dedicated to preserving vision and providing critically needed health care services to help people of all ages overcome the challenges of vision loss and blindness and enjoy safe, independent lives.
Barbara Rogoff and Bob Hoak
Somers Farkas and Sacha Newley
Lucy Musso, Tom Quick, and Grace Meigher
Carla and George Mann
Harvey and Myrna Daniels
Julie and Mike Connors, and Lore Dodge
Sally Ann Howes and Douglas Rae
Sharon Sondes and Geoffrey Thomas
Sacha Newley, Kit Pannill, Mark Ackerman, and Talbott Maxey
Jimmy Tigani and Else Gillet
Marylou Whitney and John Henderickson
Marc Rosen and Marylou Whitney
Tara and Chris Vecellio
Susan Malloy and Eva Bodnar
Ann Downey and Mona De Sayve
Sacha Newley and Susie Elson
Elisabeth and Adam Munder
Beth Rudin DeWoody and Firooz Zahedi
Else Gillet and Arlene Dahl
Kim Campbell and Bill Condie
More baubles from Palm Beach: Quest hosted the annual luncheon for its coveted A-list of Palm Beach ladies. Club Colette was again the venue, serving up their classic cheese souffles for 50 of PB's top women. Also on table were some stunning gems and baubles from the Geneva jeweler, de Grisogono. The buzz around the room was especially upbeat, with several pals toasting the birthday of their fellow Aquarian, Grace Meigher.
Sabrina Forsyth, Grace Meigher, and Emilia Saint Amand
Emilia Fanjul and Susie Elson
Britty Bardes, Emilia Saint-Amand, and Sabrina Forsyth
Joyce Sterling, Frances Scaife and Kit Pannill
Sabrina Forsyth and Dan Ponton
Annette Tapert and Kate Khosrovani
Chris Meigher, Hillie Mahoney and Britty Bardes, Kate Khosrovani
Gracie Meigher, Muffy Miller and Pauline Pitt
Lore Dodge and Kit Pannill
Mila Mulroney and Linda Olson
Denise De Luca and Paulette Koch
Kate Khosrovani and Muffy Miller
Kate Khosrovani, Hillie Mahoney and Michele Heary from de Grisogono
Lore Dodge and Kit Pannill
Mila Mulroney and Kate Khosrovani
Emilia Saint-Amand and Sabrina Forsyth
Candy Hamm and Jessie Araskog
Frances Scaife, Emilia Saint-Amand, and Jackie Drake
Margo dePeyster, Mai Harrison
Karin Luter and Britty Bardes
Mai Harrison and Margo dePeyster
Margo dePeyster and Inge Anderson
Lesly Smith, Mila Mulroney, and Jackie Drake
Mai Harrison and Maria Pia Savoia
Kate Khosrovani and Eileen Burns
Paulette Koch and Anka Palitz
Hillie Mahoney and Margo dePeyster
Joyce Sterling
Giovanni Mattera and Mai Harrison
Kit Pannill and Helena Martinez
Anka Palitz and Frances Scaife

Photographs by Cutty McGill (Jay Estate); (GiGi's Playhouse); Lucien Capehart Photography (Posh & Quest).