Monday, April 29, 2013

Central to Spring

The fireworks display in Central Park was enjoyed by nearly 1,500 guests from their hosts' windows at "Central to Spring: Cocktails on the Park" to benefit the Central Park Conservancy.
To show their love of Central Park and welcome spring to their beloved backyard, more than 70 Park neighbors hosted cocktail parties in their fabulous homes as part of an April event called Central to Spring, encouraging their friends and neighbors to support the Central Park Conservancy's mission of restoration, maintenance, and enhancement of Central Park.

At 7:45 p.m., a fireworks display from Cherry Hill (mid-Park at 72nd Street) was enjoyed by nearly 1,500 party guests from their hosts' windows.

Central Park is a backyard for all New Yorkers – and especially for the people whose homes are on its perimeter. With views of the Park's rolling meadows, water bodies and trees through living room windows, Central Park's neighbors are just steps from one of the most extraordinary urban parks in the world.
Taking in the fireworks display at the Carson residence
Taking in the fireworks display at the Schafer residence
On the terrace of the Scurry residence
If the Park is New Yorkers' shared backyard, the Conservancy is the organization that guarantees it's the backyard New Yorkers deserve, all year long. Yet only 15 percent of the people who live within a five-minute walk of Central Park actively support the Conservancy's work.

After the first-ever Central to Spring, that number is bound to change as Park residents become more aware of the Conservancy's crucial role in their everyday lives.

Here are just some of the gracious hosts and their guests on a night that raised $160,000 for the conservancy:

Central to Spring: Cocktails on the Park at the Aijala residence ...
Justin Gibbons and Johannes Worsoe
Suzie Aijala and Lexi Diamond
Lucinda Ross, Ryan Ross, Ainar Aijala, and Suzie Aijala
Sally Cummins and Robert Cummins
Suzie Aijala, Lucinda Ross, and Ryan Ross
Central to Spring: Cocktails on the Park at the Carson residence ...
Bill Fried and Wolter Korijn
Jim Leary and Anne Shearman Betts
Joycelyn Engle, Lauren Lawrence, and Julianne Michelle
Myrna Small
Stephan Connery and Tania Connery
Pam Goldie-Morrison, Duncan Goldie-Morrison, Anne Louvel, and Alain Louvel
Sam Gordon, Judy Carson, and Russ Carson
Central to Spring: Cocktails on the Park at the Schafer residence ...
Amanda Brainard, Ursula Striker, and Charles Brainard
Annette Rickel, Alexis Mersentes, and Eleanora Kennedy
Bonnie Strauss and Dr. Roger Gould
Didi Schafer, Oscar Schafer, and Daisy Soros
Grace Leo and Lois Massen
Ursula Striker and Didi Schafer
James Green Didi Schafer, and Freddie Sayers
Central to Spring: Cocktails on the Park at the Scurry residence ...
Christina Roe, Allison Ross, David Ross, and Kevin Roe
Erica Juneja, Betsy Schiff, Robert Juneja, and Pam Scurry
Richard Peterson, Pamela Scurry, Howard Stein, Jessica Palmer, and Bill Waller
Richard Scully and Pam Scully
Virgilia Klein and Erica Juneja
Central to Spring: Cocktails on the Park at the Sorensen and Cochran residences:
Diana Vagelos, Roy Vagelos, and Gillian Sorensen
Natalia Nastaskin, Doug Blonsky, and Gillian Sorensen
Gary Felsher and Michele Felsher
Jeff Rosen and Maryam Arjonmand
Joan Jakobson, Kitty Berry, and Liz Peek
Nader Ahari, Kristin Olney, and Ali Granmayeh
Nancy Paduano, Aditi Malhotra, Piyali Kothari, and Judith Paduano
Susan Motamedy, Nader Motamedy, Suzanne Cochran, and Bob Cochran
Dan Paduano and Nader Motamedy
Suzanne Cochran, Lauren Cochran, and Judi Churchill
Central to Spring: Cocktails on the Park at the Tarr residence:
Jennifer Bakker and Anna Schecter
Patsy Tarr and Roy Furman
Chris Coyne, Alexandra Dean, and David Toby
Diane Guenther, Pipa Dichter, and Mary Wallach
Jeff Tarr, Patsy Tarr, and Andrew Tobias
Stephanie Young, Lou Rosenfeld, Patti Cohen, and Harvey Cohen
Central to Spring: Cocktails on the Park at Steve Bensinger and Carol Staab's residence where John Paulson was their esteemed guest.
Steve Bensinger, Carol Staab, and John Paulson
Neil Hochberg, Carol Staab, and Phil Stern
Chris Nolan (from the Conservancy)
Phil Stern, Kimberly Tanico, Neil Hochberg, and Paul Tanico
Greg McCarthy, Sheila Mulrennan, Carol Staab, Steve Bensinger, and Neil Hochberg.
Not even a few April showers could dampen the spirits of the crowd that gathered last Thursday evening at Scully and Scully to celebrate the blooming of Park Avenue tulips. Each spring Michael Scully, President of Scully and Scully, hosts a reception at his chic Park Avenue shop to coincide with this eagerly anticipated spring ritual. The tulips, along with all of the planting and maintenance that takes place on the Park Avenue malls, is made possible by the annual contributions from the community to The Fund for Park Avenue.
Barbara McLaughlin, Sadie Sink, Michael Scully, and Peter Van de Wetering
Michael Scully and Fund for Park Avenue President, Barbara McLaughlin, greeted guests as they arrived. Music from Alex Donner Orchestras filled the rooms, home-made hors d'oeuvres were passed by members of the Scully and Scully team, bowls of Eleni's red tulip cookies were there for the taking and real red tulips were in vases throughout the store. Table settings, combining in unique ways, the wide variety of top-of-the-line luxury gifts and home furnishings available at Scully and Scully were inspired by JB Glass of Glass Menands Swimwear; Karen Klopp, founder of; Paola Quadretti, the luxury womenands apparel designer; Tina Sloan, author of Changing Shoes and Clay Tompkins of Tompkins Menswear.

The highlight of the evening was a short performance by ten year-old, Sadie Sink, one of the members of the cast of the hit Broadway musical, Annie. As Barbara McLaughlin, explained, "Our red tulips caught the eye of the producers of Annie and the cast is now proudly supporting The Fund and our work. We're thrilled to have Sadie bring a little Broadway to Park Avenue!"
Sadie Sink singing for the guests
Among the 200 guests present for this special treat were: Elaine Arace, Pat and Stephen Attoe, Jennifer and John Argenti, Charles Bergman, Geoffrey Bradfield, Evie Brown, Friederike Biggs, Veve and Peter Brown, Mario Buatta, Sharon Bush, Frances and Bill Bruder, Dayton Carr, Blaine and Robert Caravaggi, Gale and Kendall Chen, Cece Cord, Hilary Dick, Kate and Alex Donner, Diane Dunne, Polly Espy, Jamie Figg, Andrea Fahnestock and George Hambrecht, Maria and Ken Fischel, Anne Ford, Deborah Foord, Mark Gilbertson, Eugenie Niven Goodman, Amy Hoadley, Council Member Dan Garodnick, Martha and John Glass, Eleni and Randall Gianopulos, Tom Gibb, Nina Griscom, Alexandra and Eric Hoyle, Eileen and Robert Judell, Konrad Keesee, Shirley King, Michèle Gerber Klein, Anki Leeds, Jacques Leviant, Nicole and Derek Limbocker, Caroline and Jose Los Arcos, Jack Lynch, Hildegard Mahoney, Annabelle and Alberto Mariaca, Mary Matthews, Martha McLanahan, Kevin McLaughlin, Caroline and Zubin Mehta, Seton Melvin, Robin and Norman Nelson, Eliza Nordeman, Maggie Norris, Bambi Putnam, Carol Prisant, Lindsay Pryor, Norman Rau, Susan and George Relyea, Missie Rennie, Dr. Annette Rickel, Sara and Axel Schupf, Pam and AJ Schwegel, Lisa Selby, Lisa and Bob Semple, Jeanne and Alexander Sloane, Stephanie Stokes, Barbara Tober, Vebjørn Sand, Dee Dee and Robert Scarborough, Ron Wendt, Peter van de Wetering, Michel Witmer and Mikel Witte.
Eleni's red tulip cookies
The Fund for Park Avenue relies on contributions from the community to plant, light and maintain the trees and flowers on the Park Avenue Malls from 54th to 86th Streets. Each year over 60,000 tulips bloom along the Park Avenue malls. This year's variety is Darwin hybrid Oxford. For more information or to make a contribution online, visit
Karen Klopp and Cece Cord
Joyce Cowin
Patricia and Stephen Attoe
Anne Ford, Missie Rennie, and Tina Sloan
Stephanie Stokes
Maria and Ken Fischel
Dan Garodnick, Deborah Foord, and Jo-Ann Polise
Shirley King
Eileen and Robert Judell
Veve Wheeler, Barbara McLaughlin, Susie Branch, and Ken Bijur
Eugenie Niven
Frances and Bill Bruder
Mario Buatta, Caroline Mehta, and Kathleen Lamborn
Dr Annette Rickel
Mikel Witte and JB Glass
Derek and Nicole Limbocker with Tina Sloan
Anki Leeds, Jamie Figg, and Anne Ford
Sharon Bush and Jamie Figg
Kathy Forgan and Konrad Keesee
Caroline and Jose Los Arcos
Eleni and Randall Gianopoulos
Tom Gibb and Robert Lindgren
Michael Scully, Andrea Fahnestock, and George Hambrecht
JB Glass, Martha Glass, and John Glass
Martha Glass, Nina Griscom, and Mark Gilbertson
Geoffrey Bradfield, Lisa Selby, and Vebjørn Sand
Evelyn Tompkins, Clay Tompkins, and Karen Tompkins
Maggie Norris
Charles Bergman, Stuart Levy, and Kerrie Buitrago
Karen, Clay, and Susan Tompkins
Kevin McLaughlin, Stephen Attoe, Robert Caravaggi, and Jay Jolly
Seton Melvin and Barbara McLaughlin
Alex Parsons and Jack Lynch
Kate and Alex Donner
Chairman of the Partnership with Children Board of Directors Patricia Soussloff, Executive Director Margaret Crotty, along with co-chairs Frederick Anderson and Bill Tucker welcomed over 400 guests to 583 Park Avenue on Tuesday, April 16th for Partnership with Children's Annual Gala. The benefit, emceed by Program alumnus, Jose Mendez, honored Bank of America Merrill Lynch Head of Global Wealth and Retirement Solutions, Andrew Sieg, Robin Hood, author and fashion journalist Constance C. R. White, and Chief Executive Officer for United Healthcare National Accounts Elizabeth Winsor.

The evening raised $750,000 for the Partnership with Children programs that their teams of Masters-level social workers bring in to 37 of New York City's most underserved public schools across all five boroughs.
Supporters including Ken and Linda Mortenson, Keith Banks, Valesca Guerrand-Hermes, Sunny Bates, Robin Koval, Thong Nguyen, and Stefan Zellmer took in a room filled with gorgeous tablescapes by some of the country's leading interior designers including Roderick Shade, DeBare Saunders, Ronald Mayne, Michael Tavano, Matthew Patrick Smyth, Michael Devine, Thomas Burak, Paula Caravelli, and Edward Lobrano.

For 105 years, Partnership with Children has worked with children growing up in NYC's poorest communities, helping them succeed academically, emotionally and socially. Their programs, benefitting over 15,000 students this year, improve attendance, graduation rates, school safety, and academic achievement. The organization is a proud partner with the New York Department of Education, Robin Hood, and the United Way. For more information on Partnership with Children, visit
Jeff Peek, Heliane Stedan, and Andrew Sieg
Oscar Plotkin and Sharon Bush
Michael Tavano and Marie Stewart
Jose Mendez and Barbara Carvello
Douglas Hannant, Michele Gerber Kieln, Frederick Anderson, and Valesca Guerrand Hermes
R. Couri Hay and Christine Rappaport
Elizabeth Winsor, Constance C.R. White, Emary C. Aronson, and Andrew Sieg
Alexandra and Louis Rose
Paula Caravelli
Maggie Norris, Melanie Fraser Hart, and Tracy Stern
DeBare Saunders and Ronald Mayne

Photographs by Park Conservancy);