Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Coming to a close ...

Alan Keeley, Kent Farrington riding Zafira, Juan Carlos Cabelli, and Jennifer Judkins at the 38th Annual Hampton Classic Horse Show
The 38th Annual Hampton Classic Horse Show came to a close with Grand Prix Sunday. Kent Farrington won the $250,000 FTI and FEI World Cup Qualifier on September 1st. Richie Maloney took second place followed by a 5-month-old pregnant Georgina Bloomberg! The Hampton Classic Derby was also completed on Sunday. The impressive list of past Olympic team riders, medalists, and their horses were watched by nearly 3000 people in the grandstands and tents.

Spotted in the VIP tent were grandpa to be, Mayor Bloomberg, Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley, Christie Brinkley and daughter Sailor Cook, Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld, Sofia Vergara, Annette and Matt Lauer, Terry Allen Kramer cheering on her equestrian granddaughter, Brianne Goutal, Margo Nederlander, Olha Palluch, Dan Rattiner and Chris Wasserstein, Jane and David Walentas, Patty Raynes, Stewart Lane, and Bonnie Comley, among others.
Georgina Bloomberg sails over the fence
Kent Farrington, winner of the FTI $250,000 Grand Prix
Courtney Caverzasi, Martha Stewart, Priscilla Smith Gremillion, and Kevin Sharkey
Alan Keeley, Bonnie Comley, Stewart Lane, Leah Lane, Lenny Lane, and Frankie Lane
Libby Edelman, Jesse Edelman, Sam Edelman, Christy Brinkley, and Sailor Edelman
Howard Lorber and Sophia Vergara
Christie Brinkley takes a photo
And poses for one
Mary Kate Olsen
Jon Bon Jovi and Matt Lauer
Jerry Seinfeld and Sascha Seinfeld
Nina Griscom, Matthew Raynes, Ashley Raynes, Nick Raynes, and Patty Raynes
Mary Kate Olsen
Jon Bon Jovi
Kramer table
Trish Burke and Eddy Burke
Shamin Abas and Christie Brinkley
Robbins Wolffe table
Sotheby's International table
Matt Lauer and Annette Lauer
Jennine Gourin and Howard Lorber
Jos. M. Troffa table
Cassandra Seidenfeld and Robert Lyster
Sophia Vergara and Dottie Herman
Bloomberg table
Cornelia Sharp Bregman
Jennifer Harrison and actor Robert Davi
Pilatus table
Cassandra Seidenfeld, Lucia Hwong Gordon, and Lisette DeLuca
Whitney Fairchild and Mark Gilbertson
Firefly Farm table
Tammy Regan
Sara Hagen
Jean Shafiroff
Marders table
Joy Marks
Kelly Killoren Bensimon
Beth Hall
Stewart Coleman, Kedaki Lipton, James Lipton, and Meryl Rosofsky
Michelle Medoff and Elisa DeStefano
Rod Gilbert and Judy Gilbert
Wolffer Estate table
Kathy Pournis and Othon Pournis
Mayor Michael Bloomberg and daughter Georgina Bloomberg
Hermes' table
Leah Lane and Sailor Cook
Peter and Suzanne Shaw Cook
Callan Solem table
Oakland table
Crown family table
One of the many luncheons held on Saturday at the Hampton Classic Horse Show was a beautiful sit-down lunch hosted by Longines, the official watch and timekeeper of the Hampton Classic. Longines partnered with London Jewelers to celebrate The Today Show correspondent and animal enthusiast Jill Rappaport for her philanthropic efforts with the ASPCA. More than 100 guests attended the luncheon which was held in one of the chalets overlooking the Grand Prix ring. Guests included Katie Couric, Susan Saiter Sullivan, and Stuart Match Suna and family. Longines presented the ASPCA a generous donation in Rappaport's honor.
Valerie Angeli with DaVinci, Candy Udell, Jill Rappaport with with Rubie, and Jennifer Judkins
Nancy Moon and Katie Couric
Longines presenting a check for $5,000 to the ASPCA honoring Jill Rappaport and her work
Stuart Match Suna and family
Urs Schiendorfer, Laurent Roncalli, and Gilles Robert of Longines
Brian Lancey, Elizabeth Lancey and Steve Jager
Cathy and Leigh Duemler with Jill Rappaport
Chrystine Tauber, President of the US Equestrian Association, Jill Rappaport, and friend
Valerie Cox, Wendy Wegner, Susan Holtz, and Valerie Angeli
Debra Halpert and Candy Udell
Jewel Morris and Susan Saiter Sullivan
Jill Rappaport and Shanette Barth Cohen, Exec. Dir. pf the Hampton Classic
Juan-Carlos Capelli, VP International Marketing Longines with Mark Udell of London Jewelers
Kathy Rae Moley and Stephen Hayduk
Holding a place at the table
Luncheon guests
Surprise gift from Longines
Last Friday night at Ann Madonia Antiques on 36 Jobs Lane in Southampton, they held a cocktail reception and booksigning for authors Gary Lawrance and Anne Surchin and their newly revised edition of Houses of the Hamptons, 1880 – 1930 (Acanthus Press).

Click to order Houses of the Hamptons.
Each of the thirty-four properties included are illustrated with extensive current as well as archival photographs, along with their histories and their architectural layouts.

This is a beautiful book with 334 pages, illustrated with both black and white and color photographs of some of the greatest houses of the Hamptons built in the half century ending in 1930.

Many of the great houses are gone, demolished by people who only wanted the land for some other projects (like breaking up the acreage and selling off the lots) or architectural choices, such as more contemporary styles.

However, many remain including “Westerly” which is now the summer home of Tory Burch, and “Ballyshear” which was purchased by Mayor Bloomberg last year for $20 million, “Old Trees” on Lake Agawam in Southampton which now belongs to hedge fund owner John Paulson. One of the greatest houses, built in 1929 by Henry Francis DuPont on the beach on Meadow Lane, is no longer extant. Sold after Mr. DuPont's death, the house went through several changes including a ludicrous architectural venture by one erstwhile tycoon-of-the-moment, Barry Trupin in the 1970s to a final sale (for $21 million) to Calvin Klein who had the entire house demolished, after which he built a modern two-story glass and steel house which was featured in last weekend’s New York Times.
The scene at Ann Madonia Antiques
Gary Lawrance with Sue and Ann Madonia
John Wanamaker-Leas's Family Home was in the book
Zita Davisson, Gary Lawrance, and Fred Pignataro
Sandra Walser
Sophy Haynes with Gary's replica of her Family Home "Keewaydin"
Raul Montes de Oca, Lucy Puig, and Jose Pincay
Esther Paster was thrilled to have her copy signed
Pandora Biddle, Gary Lawrance, and Caroline Nation
Blake Valentina Lander, Gina Lander, and Marybeth Corazzini
Jean Shafiroff, Gary Lawrance, and Rose Hartman
Ann Madonia, Cynthia Eden, Gary Lawrance, and Suzette Smith whose Home "Villa Mille Fiori" is in the book. Her Family called it "The Villa".
Gary with Donna and Dick Soloway
Cara Moxley and Joan Navin
A week ago Sunday in East Hampton, Mary Jane and Charles Brock invited friends and family for a "visit" with the Big Apple Circus on the grounds of their East Hampton home. Mrs. Brock is a vice-president and director of the non-profit Circus.
BAC Co-Founder Michael Christensen clowns around with BAC Artistic Director Guillaume Dufresnoy
Yves and Patricia Robert
Host Charles Brock with BAC Board Chairman Rick Mayberry
Doria and Philippe De La Chapelle
The Teryazos's
Hostess (and BAC Board Vice Chairman) Mary Jane Brock with Guillaume Dufresnoy
Bruce Cohen, Nancy Kalow and Barbara Slifka
Jim and Ellen Marcus
The Leveys
Henry Buhl
Jim Lawson, Anne Ekstrom, Concepta McSeain and Ted Hartley
The Drukers and the Brocks
Richard Barons and family
The Weisses: Lauren Thayer, Georgia, Elliot, and Lillie
A hole in one!
The host says it's time for the show
Volunteer Russell Byrnes didn't know he had so much red string in his ear
The BAC acrobats demonstrated their amazing skill
This father demonstrated skills of his own

Photographs by Rob Rich (Hampton Classic); Lisa Tamburini (ASPCA at Hampton Classic); Richard Lewin (Houses of the Hamptons, Big Apple Circus)