Friday, February 1, 2013

Landmark anniversaries

2013 Family Benefit Co-Chairs Beth Kojima, Tina Samii, Katerina Alevizaki-Dracopoulos, Amanda Waldron, Andrea Olshan, and Daisy Prince with Library President Anthony W. Marx
On Sunday, January 27, The New York Public Library welcomed guests to its medieval-themed 2013 Family Benefit, A Quest for Adventure! Library President Anthony W. Marx and the Benefit Co-Chairs Katerina Alevizaki-Dracopoulos, Beth Kojima, Andrea Olshan, Daisy Prince, Tina Samii, and Amanda Waldron oversaw the transformation of the Library's historic Astor Hall, in the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building on Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, into a wonderland for knights, princesses, wizards, and jesters. Families enjoyed live performances by WonderSpark Puppets and musical duo Rowan and the Rose, as well as arts and crafts, festive food, and, of course, animated readings.

The annual Family Benefit raises critical funds to support services and programs for children in the Library's 87 neighborhood branches, which serve millions of children and teens every year.
Astor Hall
Attendees enjoyed musical performances throughout the event
A happy attendee
Alexander, Lauren, and Julian Silverman
One of the festive performers at the event
The Library Shop was transformed into Booklandia, where children listened to stories
The Shields of the Shire craft station
The Hats in the Belfry craft station
Attendees watched puppet shows in the DeWitt Wallace Periodical Room
Shira Bressler and Rachel Blumenthal
On Thursday, January 24, 2013, The New York Landmarks Conservancy held a reception to kick off its 40th Anniversary, at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, located within the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House, at Bowling Green.  Five hundred guests attended to honor the work of the Conservancy, which has helped to save thousands of homes, nonprofit and religious institutions throughout New York. 

In 1973, after the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House was left vacant, the New York Landmarks Conservancy worked with U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan to move the Museum of the American Indian into the building.  The Conservancy began with large, single projects like the Custom House--the first building the Conservancy saved--and preventing the demolition of the historic Fraunces Tavern Block in Lower Manhattan.
Conservancy President, Peg Breen, Landmarks Commission Chair, Robert Tierney, Conservancy Chair, Stuart Siegel, and Living Landmark, Liz Smith
Elizabeth Stribling, Guy Robinson, and Peg Breen
Throughout its 40 years, the Conservancy has grown and built an experienced technical staff, focused on financial assistance programs with a total of $40 million in loans and grants to more than 1,500 restoration projects totaling $1 billion.  The Conservancy was created to go beyond advocacy and actually help restore historic buildings, and it’s the only group in New York that offers a range of assistance to achieve this restoration.

Most recently it has given emergency grants to landmark non-profits and religious institutions damaged by Hurricane Sandy.
Councilmember Gale Brewer, Kate Daly, Robert Tierney, and Mark Silberman
The Conservancy is a respected advocate for preservation at all levels of government. It helped initiate the stabilization of buildings on the south side of Ellis Island; landmark the great public rooms of The Plaza, and serves as a leading proponent of Moynihan Station. Most recently, the Conservancy is fighting to protect landmark quality buildings near Grand Central that are threatened by the Midtown East Rezoning proposal.  

By saving homes, cultural, social and religious sites, and preserving neighborhoods, the Conservancy provides local jobs, promotes tourism and enhances New York’s quality of life.  Hailed as a national model of enlightened and effective preservation, the Conservancy goes beyond the expected and sets new standards for the conservation of treasured landmarks, revitalizing architecturally significant structures and contributing to a “greener” City. 

For more information, visit
Margery Flannigan, Peg Breen, and Anne VanIngen
Liz Smith and Alexa Hampton
Otis Pearsall, Nancy Pearsall, Tom Chittenden, Alex Herrera, and Jane McGroarty
Andrew Dolkart and Carol Willis
Carol Clark, William Bardel, and Susan Henshaw Jones
Bruce Knecht, Ronne Fisher, and George Brandt
Cristabel Gough and Frannie Eberhart
Kathryn Berry and Walter Deane
The Parkinson's Disease Foundation held its annual CARNAVAL at Slate (54 West 21st Stret) this past Wednesday evening. There was live entertainment by DJ Brenda Black, as well as Samba dancing and a silent and live auction and buffet dinner.

They honored Peter Dorn, a longtime member of PDF's board and a creator of CARNAVAL. Co-chairs were Stephanie Goldman-Pittel, Sharon Klein, Amy Sole, Doug Stern and Jeffrey Zygler. The Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF) is the first national not-for-profit organization to focus on Parkinson's Disease. It was founded by William Black, founder of Chock Full O'Nuts.
Samba dancing ...
Mark Thompson, Barry Schmitt, Dianne Oplinger, and Travis Sittig
Lori Durakis, Kathy Titakin, Nick Titakin, Tom Durakis, and Joe Fontana
Samantha Pittel, Justin Pittel, Lisa Meyers, and Stephanie Pittel
DJ Brenda Black
PDF works for nearly 1 million people in the US who live with Parkinson's, by funding scientific research while supporting people who live with Parkinson's by providing educational programs and services.
Debbie Janoff, Peter Dorn, and Allan Janoff
Margaux Minutolo and Alexis Cortese
Stacey Schmitt, Robyn Hempel, and Cindy Kavrik
Mary Goldschlager, Ted Goldschlager, and Nancy Ozelli
Doug Stern, Russell Stern, and Jennifer Stern
Jack and Doreen Barry
Eddi Pelto, Alexandra Garreno, and Jeff Zygler
Carole and Al Goldberg
David Blomquist, Christiana Thurton, and James Beck
Shonelle Collins, Sanida Lukovic, and Christiana Thurton
Lauren Hayes and Beth Kroncke
Zac Stern and Doug Stern
Jen and Stephen Cummings
Amy Sawransky and David Weingarten
Jack Borenstein and Dawn Guzzetta
Meaghan Looram, James Looram, and Mary Looram
Mardi Schecter, Amy Sole, and Kathy Younkins
Amy Kos, Jay Kos, and Carole Goldberg
Tina Swierad and Anna Jurgowski
Russell and Jennifer Presgraves
Nancy Ozelli and Vanessa Fontana
On Tuesday January 29th over 40 environmentally-concerned New Yorkers gathered for the dinner launch of Urbangreenwalk, an organization dedicated to educating and inspiring the public on what they can do to have a less harmful impact on the environment. The dinner, at LOI restaurant, was hosted by Jessica Mezzacappa and Ellie Libby. Urbangreenwalk, the brainchild of founder Steven McClure, will create a museum-style video installation in the windows of such high-end fashion retailers such as Ralph Lauren, Burberry and Marc Jacobs and will highlight local not-for-profits making a difference in Green initiatives such as urban farming, solar power, and cleaning our waterways.

Amongst those enjoying the delicious Green and Greek treats from Chef Mary Loi, who has cooked at the White House and won many awards for her fare were: Steven McClure, Jessica Mezzacappa and John Zieman, Melinda Hackett, Cricket Burns, Leslie Stevens, Ellie and Jim Libby, Leslie Barrett , Don Evans, Gene Norden, Susan Singer, Michael Stern, and Joyce Green.

Urbangreenwalk's main event will start on Earth Day, April 20,2013 and be open to the public for the full week. For more information visit
Steven McClure, Lelsey Schultz, and Michael Stern
Paige Zelinsky, Christine Evans, and Katie Manko
Jessica Mezzacappa
Carmen Rodriguez, Christine Main, Jill Labert, and Sue Orchant
John Zieman and Dana Lowey
Nicole Caltum, Sam Naimiarfa, and Michela Pontin
Jessica Mezzacappa and Ellie Libby
Jim Libby
Leslie Stevens and John Zieman
Dana Lowey and Cricket Burns
Beth Ann Bonanno and Ganon Brosseau
Steve Diamond and Susan Towers
This past Wednesday night at Alice Tully Hall they held the premiere of "House of Cards," a new series especially produced for Netflix customers. The series which is about the behind-the-scenes in Washington social/poltical life, is Netflix's venture into original programming. The series stars Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Michael Gill and Mahershala Ali.
Samantha Mathis
Natasha Lyonne
Sakina Jaffrey
Nathan Darrow
Carla Gugino
Sandrine Holt
Sebastian Arcelus
Victor Garber
Tanner Williams
Joel Schumacher
Michael Dobbs
Kate and Rooney Mara
Carrie MacLemore
Boris McGiver
Michael and Karen Kelly
Beau Willimon
Kevin Kilner
George Stephanopoulos
Mahershala Ali
Constance Zimmer
Wass Stevens
Francie Swift
Josh Lucas
Peter Cincotti
Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey
Brian Zitka
Thomas Roberts and Patrick Abner
Soledad O'Brien
Taylor Schilling
Jane Atkinson

Photographs by; Chris Jorda (The New York Public Library); David Dupuy/ (urbangreenwalk); Susan Scovill (The Academy of Notre Dame).