Thursday, January 24, 2013

New York and beyond

Budapest Festival Orchestra's Great Performers series dinner on the promenade of Avery Fisher Hall.
On Sunday, January 20th the world renowned Budapest Festival Orchestra returned to Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall for a Great Performers series concert. The BFO have long been a highlight of the concert season, with the orchestra playing to sold out houses. The BFO performed Shostakovich: Jazz Suite; Bernstein: Serenade; Rachmaninoff: Symphony No. 2 under the baton of Iván Fischer, Music Director, joined by Dutch violinist Liza Ferschtman, who has entranced European audiences with her passionate, thoughtful playing.

Following the concert, the Friends of the Budapest Festival Orchestra hosted a gala and toasted Maestro Fischer's birthday on the Promenade of Avery Fisher Hall. With her usual effervescence and glittering smile, Daisy M. Soros, Chairman of the Friends of the Budapest Festival Orchestra welcomed more than 100 guests to the Annual Winter Gala and led the group in wishing Maestro Fischer a Happy Birthday.
Daisy Soros, Beth Jacobs, and Ivan Fischer blowing out his birthday candles
Members of the Board include: Daisy M. Soros, Chairman, Beth Jacobs, Vice Chairman, Blaise Pasztory, Treasurer, Sylvia Hemingway, Secretary, Noreen Buckfire, Ambassador Károly Dán, Stephen Fuzesi, Jr.; Emese Green, Dr. William A. Haseltine, Aniko Gaal Schott, Suzanne von Liebig, Ludovica Rossi Purini, John C. Whitehead and Victoria Wyman.

With the help of all its supporters, the FBFO supports music education programs in Hungary, "Cocoa Concerts" for children with the aim to engage children early to music, replaces and restores orchestral instruments to allow this wonderful orchestra to perform all around the world. For additional information about the FBFO, visit the website:
Daisy Soros, Ivan Fischer, and Beth Jacobs
Cathy Ranieri, Yves Gaden, John Wetzler, and Pat Wetzler
Dr Richard Bockman, Christie Urlich, Rob Urlich, and Gail Hayman
Gianluigi Vittadini and Adrienne Vittadini
Dafna Schmerin, Noreen Buckfire, and Dr. Michael Schmerin
Erno Hollo, Irene Hollo, and Blaise Pasztory
Gianluigi Vittadini, Adrienne Vittadini, Sahra Lese, Ivan Fischer, and Daisy Soros
Ken Roman and Irene Moscahlaidis
Ellis Rubinstein and Joanna Rubinstein
Andrew Saul, David Tobey, Julie Tobey, and Richard Feigen
Kathy Megyeri, Susan Hutchison, and Leslie Megyeri
Judi Sorensen Flom and Susan Hutchison
Fruzsina Dan and Ambassador Karoly Dan
Bill Cunningham and Sahra Lese
Adam Gyorgy and Sylvia Hemingway
Vera Blinken, Ambassador Gianluigi Vittadini, and Aniko Gaal Schott
Larry Saper, Analiese Soros, and Ronald Ulrich
Alexandra Huebner, John de Csepel, and Julie Tobey
Maria Eugenia Haseltine and William Haseltine
Joanna Rubinstein, Dr Michael Sheffery, and Beth Jacobs
Jane Cafritz and Hilaire O'Malley
Lady Va Maughan and Karlheinz Muhr
Sebastian Baverstam and Ivan Fischer
Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick celebrate his late mother Patricia Broderick at the opening of the "Paintings and Works on Paper" Exhibit at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery on January 21st.

The 47-year-old actress brought along her son James for the evening to check out Patricia's work from throughout her career.
Matthew Broderick, James Wilke Broderick, and Sarah Jessica Parker
Michelle Jaffe, Ilse Murdock, and Joe Santore
Zach Neumann, Matthew Broderick, and Martha Broderick
Paul Calendrillo and Marian Calendrillo
Andy Arnot, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, and Eric Brown
Kyle O'Donnell and Frank Selvaggi
Matthew Broderick and Isaac Mizrahi
Alex Merchant and Madeline Lagattuta
Debbie Korb and Stephen McRae
Rina Anoussis and Sarah Jessica Parker
Billy DiMichele and Benjamin Stark
Chris Sullivan and Zach Neumann
Jane Freilicher, Eric Brown, and Elizabeth Hazan
Janna Heiman, Lauren Leslie, and Jess Kimball
Ash Ferlito and Joshua Jelly-Schapiro
Cord Marlowe and Kelly Marlowe
Ash Ferlito, Ilse Murdock, and Jody Wood
Hannah Kraft, Janet Broderick, James Kraft, Zach Neumann, Martha Broderick, Alexis Broderick, and Matthew Broderick
Sarah Burns, Barbara Alton, and Juli Reddy
Fran Porcaro and Peggy Marx
Angie Schworer, Zach Neumann, and Richard Bird
Elizabeth Grobel and Alexis Broderick
Becky Sellinger and Jean-Jacques du Plessis
Angie Schworer, Yloy Ybarra, Jimmy Borstelmann, Heather McVeigh, and Richard Bird
On Tuesday, January 8th, over 75 friends and members of the Bermuda National Gallery gathered at Hawthorne Fine Art on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for a reception and private viewing of the American Art gallery's current exhibition, Isles of Tranquility: Paintings of Bermuda by Clark Greenwood Voorhees (1871-1933).

Guests included His Excellency the Governor, The Hon. George Fergusson and Mrs. Fergusson and Premier, The Hon. Craig Cannonier, JP MP and Mrs. Cannonier as well as Bermuda National Gallery Executive Director, Lisa Howie, Founding Trustee, Dr. Charles Zuill and Tucker Hewes, President of the Bermuda Fine Arts Foundation.
During the course of the evening, the Governor and The Premier both delivered speeches. Additional speeches were given by Jennifer C. Krieger, Managing Partner of Hawthorne Fine Art; Gary L. Phillips OBE JP, Chairman of the Bermuda National Gallery and Franklin Hill Perrell, Trustee of the Bermuda National Gallery. Also in attendance were Bermuda's Minister of Finance, The Hon. Everard 'Bob' Richards JP, MP and Minister of Economic Development, Dr. the Hon. E. Grant Gibbons JP, MP.
Gary Phillips, Margaret Fergusson, George Fergusson, Helen Clark, Tricia Phillips, and Bob Richards
Kate Brewster Duffy and friend
Tyler Bradford, Wil Bradford, Jane Hewes, Jennifer Krieger, and Jay Nichols
Gary Phillips, George Fergusson, Margy Hargraves, and Nina Muller
Tucker Hewes, Hedda Nadler, Jane Hewes, and Franklin Perrell
Rita Lascaro and Antonia Pocock
Gary Phillips, Jennifer Krieger, and Alida Fish
Margaret Furgusson
Premier Craig Cannonier and Helen Clark
Gary Phillips, The Hon. Craig Cannonier, Jennifer Krieger, and George Fergusson
Chris Maiato, Theresa Uckotter, and Bill Bailey
Jennifer Krieger, Ann Schutte, and Tricia Phillips
Tyler Bradford, Deetsie Bradford, Tae Hattori, and Harry Bradford
David Pursch, Margaret Fergusson, and Deborah and Samuel Pursch
Peter Davis and Jan Joroff
Peter and Marie Solange O'Driscoll, and Whit Clay
Robert Raynor and Astrid Monfils
Dan Christoffel and Lisa Chalif
Peter Lapsley, Ann Shutte, and Amanda Peters
Emily Perrell and George Fergusson
Tucker Hewes, and Alex and Nancy Ward
Phyllis Falino and Camille Casling
Rita Lascaro and Robert Skingle
Chris Maiato and Lisa Howie
Elizabeth Glass and Havalock Hewes
Eileen and James Toogood
Marianne Camille Spraggins and Bob Richards
Tatiana Vidus and Wil Bradford
Carol and Joe Henry
Daniel MacCarthy and Nicholas Bush
Craig Cannonier and Lisa Howie
Lynda Anderson and Sarah Reynolds
Frank J. Olt and Franklin Hill Perrell
Brian O'Gibney and Maureen Murphy
Earlier this month, Caron and Hanley Treatment Centers celebrated their  Inaugural Gala Event at The Breakers. This benefit raises critical dollars for Lifesaver Scholarship Fund helping Florida patients receive treatment.

From the initial invitation encouraging guests to come dressed in Palm Beach casual, to the deconstructed Caesar salad and comfort-style truffle mac ‘n cheese, to the very un-stuffy Marcia Mitchell Band setting a dance-till-you-drop tone from the moment Breakers staff opened the ballroom doors, to the heartfelt speeches by Gala co-chairs Liza Pulitzer and Nellie Benoit, the combined Caron and Hanley benefit made for a FUN night to remember raising funds for addiction treatment.

“The evening was especially meaningful to us,” said Pulitzer. “The proceeds from our combined event will be used for the Lifesaver Scholarship Fund which supports people who want help, but need financial assistance. About 40 percent of Caron and Hanley patients receive assistance and thanks to our guests’ generosity, even more will be helped.”
Nellie Benoit and Liza Pulitzer
Dick and Sally Robinson
As a finale, an hour-plus performance by former Foreigner rock-God, Lou Gramm, capped the evening as guests scooped up still-warm sweets from the Donut Divas, and snacked on sliders as they rummaged through swag bags overstuffed with goodies from Letarte, Alex and Ani, Christopher Kennedy Lawford, Lilly Pulitzer, OPI and more.  Entire tables of the Mangrove Group – Hanley’s young friends’ organization – and guests in the after-party kept the dance floor moving past midnight.

Seen at the sold-out event were Turner and Whitmore Benoit, Chris and Bobby Leidy, Dede Merck, Lou Hager, Alice and Chris Holbrook, Christopher Kennedy Lawford, Judith and Jarrett Kling, Wendy and David Novack, Ali and Lee Hanley, Michael McCarty, Angela Culveyhouse and Michael Vecellio, Kim and Payson Coleman, Bill and Nancy Rollnick, Chris Cook, Julie and Howard Rudolph, Francis and Sarah Fabrizio, Joanie and Paul Van der Grift, Les Daniels, Dick and Sally Robinson, and Holly and Michael McClosky among others.
Lesly Smith, Dr. James Walsh, and Danielle Hickox Moore
“We wanted to create a setting where our guests could have a good time and learn about addiction,” said Benoit.  “It’s really the last taboo. People just don’t want to think about it. But the truth is that one in four Americans will be touched by an alcohol or drug problem at some point during their lifetime.  The good news is that addiction is preventable and treatable. And the earlier treatment begins, the better the outcome.”

Sponsors for the Caron and Hanley event included Kim and Payson Coleman, Heidi Cox, Marvin H. Davidson Foundation, Florida Power & Light, Lydia and Robert Forbes, Gary and Dee-Dee Harris, Anne S. Keresey and Thomas Hazard Keresey, Donna Kress, Joan and Charles Lazarus, Kathy and Paul Leone, Mark Edward Partners, Sally M. Marks, Adele S. Merck, Catalina and Thomas A.N. Miller, Sean F. Conaboy - NSM Insurance Group, Margaret and Michael Picotte, Kitty and Hank Price, E. Burke Ross, Jr., Lesly Smith, Caroline and Bailey B. Sory, Louise H. Stephaich, Tom McCarthy, Ralph and Mary Gesualdo, and Duane Morris.
Quinn Johnson and Whitmore Benoit
Chris Leidy and Kendall Fabian
Caron and Hanley Treatment Centers have joined forces. As a result of this alliance of industry leaders, Caron and Hanley together are the largest and most comprehensive nonprofit addiction treatment provider in the country, focused on a 12-Step recovery program with a powerful clinical component. Caron is well known for pioneering addiction treatment that is gender-specific and specialized for adolescents, young adults, families, as well as in instances of relapse. Hanley has forged new ground creating programs focused on baby boomers and senior citizens. Combined, these innovators will now offer the country’s most comprehensive continuum of treatment ranging from adolescence through older adulthood.  In South Florida, Caron and Hanley Treatment Centers operate lifesaving addiction treatment centers at Hanley Center, Caron Ocean Drive and Caron Renaissance in Palm Beach County; and Gate Lodge in Vero Beach. 

For more information on Caron and Hanley Treatment Centers, or future events, please call (561) 841-1048 or visit
Mercedes Gotwald and Lou Hager
Hilary and Peter Pulitzer
Alice and Chris Holbrook
Lou Gramm and Dr. Rachel Docekal
Barbara Appleby, Clark Appleby and Susan Ford Bales
Thomas Hazard Keresey and Anne Keresey
Jimmy and Gloria Marcus
Drew and Amy Rothermel
Chris and Ann Quick
Linda and Mike Hanley, and Sharon McGinley
Ricky Grow and Amber Hopkins
Julie and Howard Rudolph
Marc Koch and Stacey Leuliette
Ashley Cherowitzo and Bobby Leidy
Judy and Jarrett Kling
K.C. and John Pickett
Chris Lawford and Mercedes Miller
To welcome in the new year, more than 500 arts enthusiasts and Museum of Biblical Art supporters turned out for the third annual 8 x 8 Holiday Art Exhibition and Auction.

Over 100 works of art measuring only 8 in. by 8 in., created by 92 artists, were displayed in a unique silent auction.  Bidders did not know who the artist was until placing the winning bid.  “Part of the mystery this evening is that you don’t know who the artist is – you have to fall in love with it,” said Scott Peck, MBA curator and co-director, in his welcome remarks to the crowd.  And fall in love they did. The auction was almost a complete sell-out.

The intriguing theme of 8 x 8 came from Jeff Levine who explained to the audience, “It began as a small idea three years ago from a conversation I had with Rabbi Rvi Drizin of the Intown Chabad.  The number 8 is a symbol for the Hebrew word for life, which is Chai,” said Levine.  “So, 8 x 8 is a double portion of life or a doubly- blessed life.  We decided to keep going with this religious idea.  Last year we made it an interfaith experience by adding the theme of Christmas to Chanukah, and this year we are delighted to present the show at the Museum of Biblical Art.”
Lorrie Smith and Jeff Levine
Tim and Cheryl Reynolds
Honorary co-chair Donna Weitzman began the evening’s remarks by underscoring the importance of the exhibition to increase “expressions of understanding and expressions of tolerance,” before handing the mike to her co-chair, Dr. Carolyn Farb, who is known, as Weitzman delightedly reminded the audience, as “The First Lady of Philanthropy in Houston.”   Farb, who first visited the museum to see the famous “Tapestry of the Centuries” painting by Vladimir Gorsky, related that it was a personal visit to Houston by 8 x 8 committee members Scott Peck, Bob Hopkins and Jeanette Korab, artist and widow of Gorsky, which convinced her that she had to participate.

Scott Peck introduced the evening’s guest of honor, Edith Baker, who is well known in Dallas as an artist, collector and former gallery owner.
Rini Andres, Edith Baker, Honored for her Support in Rebuilding the Museum, and Roger Lee
Dr. Carolyn Farb and Donna Weitzman presented  Baker with a Jewish-themed heirloom piece of crystal. Accepting with modest appreciation, Baker thanked everyone for coming and added, “We are trying to promote this unusual museum and make a lot of friends of all religions.  Please come again and bring all your friends!” Peck also presented original artwork by Jeanette Korab to Carolyn Farb and Donna and Herb Weitzman in appreciation for their support of the museum.

Other special guests were comedienne Ruth Buzzi of Laugh-in fame and her husband Kent Perkins who also happen to be excellent artists.  The 8 in. x 8 in. paintings they each contributed kicked off the spirited bidding for the live auction portion of the evening.
Sam and Susanne Tyuluman
Amy Petreikis and John Lynch
Additional bronze, metal and acrylic sculptures by renowned artists Gib Singleton, George Tobolowsky, and Frederick Hart, and a bronze cast of the “Madonna” from Michelangelo’s Pieta in Rome, Italy – authorized by the Vatican and one of a limited number of casts – were also in the live auction. J. D. Miller, a contemporary artist with Samuel Lynne Galleries in Dallas, had been delighting the audience from the beginning of the evening with a live, on-site painting during the event, which he finished and presented for the conclusion of the live auction.

Among the many guests in attendance were Katy and Lawrence Bock; Patty Jo and John Turner; Zona and Barry Pidgeon; Christi Harris and M. L. Speer; Carol Seay; Judith Seay; Patricia Meadows; Charles Ward; Susan Rogers; Doris Jacobs, Myra and Stuart Prescott, James Prothro, Patricia and John Zale and Nikki McCuistion.

Proceeds from the evening will benefit the Museum of Biblical Art and its educational programs. 
Julia Stjernstrom and AraDonna
Paulette Martsolf and Rick Martsolf
Carol Seay and Judith Seay
Becky Frey and Shelle Carig
Hector Hinojosa and Clara Hinojosa
Carmaleta Whiteley, Host Committee, Dr. Carolyn Farb, Honorary Co-Chair, and Donna Weitzman, Honorary Co-Chair
Artist Kent Perkins, Scott Peck, Museum Curator and Co-Director, Comedienne and Artist Ruth Buzzi
Christi Harris and ML Speer
Lawrence Bock and Katy Bock, Host Committee
Artist George Tobolowsky
Patty Jo and John Turner, Host Committee
Doris Jacobs and Terry Provencial
Suzanne Boch and Michael Grishman
Arthur Benjamin and Melina McKenna
On Friday January 5th the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) held an intimate reception and luncheon in The Mirror Room at The Colony Hotel's pavilion for longtime Palm Beach resident HRH Princess Alia bint Al Hussein of Jordan to formally acknowledge a mutual accord for the benefit of international animal welfare between IFAW and the Princess Alia Foundation. Accompanied by her husband His Excellency Mohammed Al-Saleh, Princess Alia joined  IFAW President Azzedine Downes for the signing ceremony along with members of IFAW's international executive team and IFAW's Palm Beach patrons.
The Colony Hotel, view from the Pavilion.
Since The Middle East finds itself as a geographical nexus for Africa's illegal wildlife trade, the agreement is a significant step in curtailing the export of exotic animals as pets and the illicit traffic of animal products, especially protecting elephants from the ivory trade. In addition to focusing on concerns relating to animals in crisis and distress, IFAW also deals with wildlife and habitat protection, responding to oil spills, typhoons and earthquakes. President of the Royal Jordanian Equestrian Foundation, Princess Alia has a spirited interest in the welfare and protection of animals with a lifelong passion for the safety and well-being of horses. She is the author of Royal Heritage – The Story of Jordan's Arab Horses. The mission of the Princess Alia Foundation is to show "compassion and respect for all creation."
Princess Alia arrives for the reception at The Colony. During the 1970s, Princess Alia's father the late King Hussein of Jordan often visited Palm Beach as a guest of Jim Kimberly. The king's eldest daughter, Princess Alia maintains the family's presence in Palm Beach.
Azzedine Downes was recently appointed president of IFAW, having previously served as the organization's executive vice president. Downes is credited with establishing IFAW's bureau in Dubai where he designed and implemented a Prevention of Wildlife Trade Program which has since trained more than 1,600 enforcement officers in 30 countries.
Princess Alia and her husband Mohammed Al-Saleh. Princess Alia's half-brother is His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan.
Minou Palandjian
Judy Schrafft
Bob McCall
Lesley MacGregor and Connie MacGregor.
Philip Milburn, IFAW vice president for philanthropy, and Ian Robinson, IFAW director the Emergency Relief Program
Princess Alia spoke eloquently about how important it is for the betterment of humanity to protect the world's wildlife.
Princess Alia and Azzedine Downes formalize the agreement between Jordan and the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Photographs by; Augustus Mayhew (IFAW); LILA PHOTO (Caron and Hanley); Elaine Ubiña (Hawthorne)