Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring prospectives and retrospectives

Post-concert at the Russian Team Room for Carnegie Hall's Golden Ticket event.
The Host Committee of Central Park Conservancy's Central to Spring – Cocktails on the Park event gathered at Le Cirque last Wednesday night for festive cocktails and hors d'oeuvres to plan the inaugural spring celebration on April 10. On this special evening in April, more than 100 residents of buildings surrounding Central Park will simultaneously host cocktail parties in their homes to toast the Park's gorgeous blooms and green meadows, highlighting the important work of the Conservancy. The event will culminate with a fireworks presentation in Central Park and The Empire State Building lighting up in green.

Only 15 percent of households in buildings along the Park are current donors to the Conservancy. Central to Spring will encourage friends in buildings on all sides of the Park to increase annual support to at least 50% among the Park's neighbors.
Le Cirque's Stella Room
Le Cirque's Central to Spring Cake
With a current annual budget of $45.8 million required for the Conservancy's care of the Park's 843 acres – 85 percent of which is raised from private sources – the Conservancy's continued success in maintaining this historic, green treasure will depend upon galvanizing those who benefit from the Park every day.

Among the attendees at Le Cirque were Central Park Conservancy President & CEO Douglas Blonsky, New York City Parks Commissioner Veronica White, Suzie Aijala, Susan Calhoun, Conservancy Trustees Judy Hart Angelo, Jay Mandelbaum, Didi Schafer, Donna Schwartz, and Suzanne Cochran, who is also serving as Chairman of Central to Spring. Central to Spring event partners and sponsors include Le Cirque and the Empire State Building.
Carmen Rodriguez, Donna Daniels, Veronica White, and Nina Chertoff
Didi Schafer, Linda Silverman, Suzanne Cochran, and Judy Hart Angelo
Marco Maccioni, Suzanne Cochran, Veronica White, Douglas Blonsky, and Terri Coppersmith
Marco Maccioni, Laurie Mandelbaum, and Jay Mandelbaum
Richard and Pam Scurry
Steve Bensinger and Carol Staab
Susan Calhoun and Melanie Shorin
Suzie Aijala and Lynn Wright
On Saturday, February 16, Rob Shmalo, recipient of Carnegie Hall's Golden Ticket, hosted 150 guests to a gala at Carnegie Hall to hear Grammy winning star Dianne Reeves, widely regarded as the foremost female jazz vocalist in the world today, perform alongside other jazz legends, including Esperanza Spalding.

Following the performance in Carnegie Hall's Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage, all guests, each encouraged to wear bow-ties and rhinestones, attended an after-party fete' at the Russian Tea Room and danced the night away to the sounds of DJ JonJon Battles.
Lauren Shmalo and Matt Anctil
Guests included Broadway star Daniel Reichard, Village People Cowboy Randy Jones, Carson Griffith, David Lipke, Darren Bettencourt, Arquisite Perfumer Carlos Huber, and Olympic figure skating champions Nicole Bobek, Tim Goebel, Sarah Hughes and Jeremy Abbott.
Tania Bass, Mary Lynn Gelderman, Inese Bucevica, and Marlene Shmalo
Nicole Bobek, Tim Goebel, Sarah Hughes, Jeremy Abbott, and Michael Solonoski
Deborah DiIorio, Ken Silva, Rosalie Joseph, and Patsy Polatchek
Bob Thorson, Jameson Bui, Adrien Henriet, Paul Winkler, and Joshua Bankhead
Ken Silva, Dario Timotic, Linda Penoyer, and Matt Anctil
Rob Shmalo and Victor Rodrigues
Jon Jon Battles
Bobby Cooper and Mylik Ganey
Adrien Henriet, Josh Machiz, Brian Chen, Eric Shoemaker, Cameron Steward, and Daniel Kempton
Randy Jones and Rob Shmalo
Randy Jones and Christopher Spaulding
Anthony Nehra and Eric Morriss
Joey Dudding, Ben Becton, and Victor Rodrigues
Andrew Brandt and Bob Tortora
Kristian Laliberte, Emerson Barth, and Justin Belmont
Will Grega, Randy Jones, and Ben Gettinger
Robbyne Kaamil, Andrews Balduino, Kristin Balduino, Dario Timotic, Joshua Bankhead, Mark MacKillop, and John Stevens
Michael SanGiovanni and Jason Shaw
Ken Silva and Robbyne Kaamil
Rick Slusher, Breanne Heldman, Marlene Shmalo, Albert Shmalo, and Lauren Shmalo
Bill Haberthur, B.J. Foreman, and Patrick Sheldon
Inese Bucevica, Sophie Bensamou, and Mary Lynn Gelderman
Wally Findlay Galleries in Palm Beach celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Quest magazine with a reception and retrospective.
Ashton de Peyster, Jean Van Sinderen-Law, Margo de Peyster, Talbott Maxey, and Mr. Ruddy
Moira Benjamin, Jeremy Wiesen, and Cindi Witter
Princess Maria Pia of Savoy, Prince Michel of Bourbon-Parma, Moira Benjamin, Leslie Smith, and Grace Meigher
Elizabeth Meigher, Chris Meigher, Princess Maria Pia of Savoy, and Prince Michel of Bourbon-Parma
John Terwilliger and Charlie Krusen
Ali Hanley, Matthew Mellon, and Nicole Hanley Mellon
Bill Bartholomay and Mai Hallingby Harrison
Adolfo Zaralegui, Crystal Totterman, and Lars Totterman
Bob Hardwick and Ali Hanley
Suebelle Robbins, Kim Dryer, Geoffrey Thomas, and Countess Sharon Sondes
Christopher Walling and Judy Schrafft
Marquesa de San Damian and Joanna Kendall
Page Kjellstrom
Douglas Jencks, Leslie Slatkin, and Larry Laslow
Pamela Tombari, Erik Walden, and Kari Talley
Caroline Freney, Jim Freney, and Pamela O'Connor
Maurice Amiel and Cynthia Van Buren
Judith Murat Grubman, Grace Meigher, and Candy Hamm
Fred Clark, Jim Apostolakis, and Bob Hardwick
Laura Codman and Christopher Castro Viejo
Evelyn Harrison and Jenny Garrigues
Stephanie Clark, Fred Clark, and friend
Cindi Witter and Jeremy Wiesen
Gregory Dryer and Kim Dryer
Lauriston Segerson, Chase Dreyfous, Rachel K. Ward, and Daniela Gross
The Child Mind Institute joined author and journalist Stephanie LaCava to host the launch party for its Creativity Workshops February 19 at 7pm at The Journal Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Designed and led by established artists with guidance from experts from the Child Mind Institute's Center for Learning and Development, Creativity Workshops provide teens with an opportunity to use art to test their strengths and explore their feelings in a lively and encouraging environment.

"The arts encourage children and teens to express their point of view and examine issues and experiences," said Child Mind Institute president Harold S. Koplewicz, MD. "We are thrilled to partner with Stephanie in launching Creativity Workshops because the arts are integral to child development and foster positive growth."
Harold Koplewcz and Stephanie LaCava
The evening features "The Art of Possibility," twenty-five works of written art by participants in the inaugural Workshop, where teens from local New York City high schools joined LaCava in the creative process. The 2-hour workshop began with each participant authoring a fictional story about transformation inspired by the prompt: Write about a situation that seemed to be the end of the world, where things turned out good in the end. Building on the theme of transformation, the teens then choose two sentences or 10 words to illustrate using colored pencils, charcoals, markers, and oil pastels.

"Transformation really means a change in the way you see the world – and a shift in how you see yourself. It is not simply a change in your point of view, but rather a whole different perception of what is possible," said LaCava. "Through the workshops we use art to shift teens' awareness to encompass more possibilities."
The Feb 19th Opening Reception for Creativity Workshops, a new program that invites teens to engage in a creative project designed with an artist showcased 25 local students art designed at this month's premier 2 hour workshop at the Child Mind Institute.
Guests of the Child Mind Institute gathered at the Journal Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the Feb 19th Opening Reception for Creativity Workshops, a new program that invites teens to engage in a creative project designed with an artist. 
Goodie bags were provided by Marc Jacobs. LaCava collaborated with Marc Jacobs on an accessories line inspired by her book with proceeds benefiting the Child Mind Institute.

Photographs by Patrick McMullan (Quest); Michael Dubin (Child Mind); Sarah Cedar Miller (CPC).