Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer cocktailing

The scene at The Studio Museum in Harlem's summer opening reception.
The New York Stem Cell Foundation's annual summer cocktail party was held this year on July 19th at the spectacular waterfront home of Margo and Bob Alexander in Amagansett, at Barnes Landing overlooking Gardiner's Bay. Margo Alexander is a member of the board of NYSCF, which was founded in 2005 to accelerate the search for cures through stem cell research, and now operates its own research institute in New York where the most cutting-edge stem cell research in the country is done.
In addition to the 40-plus researchers in its own laboratory, NYSCF also supports more than 60 stem cell scientists working in major research institutions around the world. At the Alexanders, guests heard Susan Solomon, co-founder and CEO of NYSCF, describe the foundation's work, and NYSCF scientists Valentina Fossati, who is working toward a cure for multiple schlerosis, and Danny Freytes, a bioengineer working in tissue engineering, explain their research. Among the guests at the Alexanders were Shirley Cook, CEO of Proenza-Schouler; Jodie and John Eastman; Jill Furman and Roy Furman; Herbert and Svetlana Wachtell; Marcia and Jonathan Sobel; Barbara and Alan Washkowitz; Alice Shure and Paul Dupee; Katama Eastman; Valerie Heller and Gail and Dr. Roy Geronemus.
Valentina Fossati PhD, Susan Solomon, and Margo Alexander
Bob and Margo Alexander with Oliver
Scott Noggle, PhD, Donald O. Freytes, PhD, Valentina Fossati, PhD, Dieter Egli, PhD, and Scott Dipnick, PhD
Gail Geronemus, Lauren Noggle, and Scott Noggle PhD
Missy Falkenberg and Bill Priest
Jeff Wallerstein, Paul Goldberger, Svetlana Wachtell, Herbert Wachtell, and Dieter Egli, PhD
Tina Louise
Elliot Weiss and Lauren Thayer
Melissa and Ben Goldberger
Susan Solomon, Dorothy Frankel, Kathy Bristor, and Margo Alexander
Alan Washkowitz, Barbara Washkowitz, Jill Furman, and Roy Furman
Alex Goldberger and Carolyna De Laurentiis
Marcia Dunn and Jon Sobel
Stephen Chang, PhD and Tom Twomei
Julia Grimes, Valentina Fossati, PhD, and Katama Eastman
Tom Twomei and John Eastman
Victoria Gordon and Scott Lipnick, PhD
Christine Lin, Piero Incisa, and Shirley Cook
Ellen Krass and Ed Bleier
Elizabeth Nash, Tom Nash, Valentina Fossati, PhD, and Piero Incisa
Margo Alexander, Susan Solomon, Sue Steinberg, and Ellen Krass
Last Wednesday a week, the Studio Museum in Harlem held an opening reception for its Summer 2013 exhibitions.
Agnes Gund and Thelma Golden
Peter Sung and Derek Adams
Cullen Washington
Thelma Goden and David Adjaye
Majora Carter, Val Style, and Timothy Stockton
Charles Rosen, Monique Long, and Duke Dang
Maxine McCrey and Chaka Tonge
Jeanette Waters and Shannon Ali
Rashad Bailey and Donia Allen
Becca London and Sophia Popovits
Danny Abel, Abbe Schriber, and Vivian Crockett
Gerald L. Leavell and Ivan Ford
Sue Ding and Evi Briggs
Dana Liss and Caitlin Cherry
Ruben Kennedy and Dane Campbell
Clifford Temple
Sonia Louise Davis and Kim Drew
Christy Kemison and Abbe Schriber
Ryan Lee, Timothy Stockton, and Cheryl R. Riley
Rashad Bailey and Samantha Osborne
Henry Cruz, Kenrick Shere, and Timothy Stockton
Felicia Crabtree and Susan Wright
Jennifer Packer and Elizabeth Gwinn
Rafi Crockett
Elan Ferguson and Malaika Laga
Jane Penn and Hans Parker
Erin Campbell, Ike Kitman, Robin Cembalest, and Virginia Sanchez
Norris Robinson
Robert Pruitt and Naima Keith
On Thursday night July 11, 2013, Tricia and Jason Pantzer hosted a benefit for the American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra at their home in East Hampton. This benefit evening featured Jeffrey Siegel performing his Keyboard Conversations with an all Gershwin program. The evening of music and mingling conveyed the essence of camaraderie and cultural interest.

The event began with a cocktail reception followed by a warm welcome by AFIPO Board Member Tricia Pantzer. Jeffrey Siegel then took the spotlight with a presentation of music and conversation in the Pantzer’s gorgeous contemporary living room. After performing, Mr. Siegel entertained questions from the audience.
The Pantzer living room.
Dozens of patrons attended the event including Ninah and Michael Lynne, Allison Berg, Danielle and Hayim Grant, AFIPO Board Member Pamela Henes and Jonathan Henes, Deborah Colacino, Pam and Ed Pantzer, Joan and Ed Cohen, Cindy and Matthew Mark, Marcie and Jordan Pantzer, Lisa and Michael Barr, and Jen Harris among others.
Danielle Grant, Cara Klein, Tricia Pantzer, Lisa Barr, Cindy Mark, and Jennifer Harris
Jason Pantzer, Jeffrey Fine, Jonathan Henes, Jeffrey Klein, and Matthew Mark
Edward Pantzer, Barbara Heyman, and Michael and Ninah Lynne
Tricia Pantzer, Wendy Chaikin, and Pamela Henes
Cara Klein and Deborah Colacino
Pamela and Edward Pantzer
Jason and Tricia Pantzer with Marcie and Jordan Pantzer
Ed Cohen and Mark Cohen
Jason and Tricia Pantzer, Jeffrey Siegel, Joan and Edward Cohen
Jonathan Morgan and Alexandra Engler
William and Wandy Hoh
Chicago, IL: On June 25, an intimate group of 65 supporters gathered at RL for the fifth annual “Early Birds & Bookworms,” an exclusive book signing and author breakfast hosted by Bunky Cushing to benefit the Jane Addams Senior Caucus (JASC). Guests enjoyed a delicious breakfast before hearing from Pamela Fiori, former editor-in-chief of Town & Country and author of "In the Spirit Of Palm Beach." The event raised more than $15,000 to support the mission of the Jane Addams Senior Caucus (JASC).

Bunky Cushing has supported the fundraising efforts of numerous organizations in Chicago including the Howard Brown Health Center, English-Speaking Union, Chicago Historical Society, and the American Friends of Versailles.
Coffee reception at Ralph Lauren before Author Breakfast with guest Pamela Fiori
The Jane Addams Senior Caucus was founded in 1976 and has organized to improve the quality of life for senior citizens by winning improvement in safety, affordable housing and health care, such as founding the White Crane Wellness Center. The primary goal is to develop senior leadership and organized power for social justice. For more information please visit
Jennifer Lane, Darby Hills, and Toni Canada
Liz Stiffel and Kathy Piccone
Marcia Buchanan, Pamela Fiori, and Judith Scholl Lee
Marcy Gookin and Gia McDermott
Joan Moore, Gabriela Cleveland, and Cindy Yingling
Elizabeth Price and Carlette McMullan
Hazel Barr and Sean Eshaghy
Bunky Cushing and Pamel Fiori
Melissa Babcock and Kristina McGrath
JP Anderson and Megan McKinney Whitfield
Will Jablonski and Heather Ingram
Mamie Walton, Stanley Paul and Nancy Kelley
The Freer Sackler Galleries of The Smithsonian Institution along with Tiffany Dubin, Ann Nitze, Susan Pillsbury, and Sana Sabbagh hosted a tea and champagne reception on Tuesday afternoon, July 16, at Gem Palace’s Private Salon (49 East 74th Street).

It was a glittering afternoon among friends with some of the world’s most dazzling jewels in anticipation of the Freer Sackler Galleries Gala, Some Enchanted Evening,  which will be held on October 17 at The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria Thomas are the Gala's Honorary Co-Chairs. 
Gem Palace's Jewels
Two dozen guests included: Mrs. Kenneth A. Buckfire, Ms. Tiffany Dubin, Ms. Christophe de Menil and Miss Alina Morini, Ms. Marjorie Reed Gordon, Ms. Jane Stanton Hitchcock, Marife Hernandez, Kathleen B. Hearst, Lily Hoagland, Marianna Kaufman, Siddharth Kaliwal (owner of Gem Palace), Karen Klopp, Ms. Patricia Kluge and Miss. Keesha Johnson, Lisa Miller, Ms. Ann Nitze, Jana Pasquel de ShapiroMs. Katharine Rayner, Jane Richards, Ms. Sana Sabbagh, Mrs. Jonathan M. Tisch, Ms. Laurie Tisch, Ms. Elizabeth Farran Tozer and Katy Zeigler.
Tiffany Dubin and Evelyn Tompkins
Siddharth Kasliwal, Jana Pasquel de Shapiro, and Samarth Kasliwal
Laurie Tisch
Katie Ziglar and Jane Richards
Ann Nitze, Samarth Kasliwal, and Noreen Buckfire
Marife Hernandez and Ann Nitze
Tiffany Dubin, Jana Pasquel de Shapiro, Ruth Runberg, and Jonathan Marder
Kathy Rayner and Ann Nitze
Laurie Tisch and Karen Klopp
Lily Hoagland
Kathleen Hearst, Ann Nitze, and Marife Hernandez
Jennifer Brown
Jana Pasquel de Shapiro and Jonathan Marder
Photographs by; Nina Drapacz (AFIPO); Matt Messner & Dan Rest (Early Birds)