Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Swanning With Adrian

Guests gather at Guild Hall in East Hampton for John Heminway 's screening of “Battle for the Elephants.”
Swanning With Adrian

This is the time of summer that reminds us of why we are out here. The weather has been perfect-brassy, beautiful, sunny days, and cool, sparkling eves. The tomatoes are fire engine red, the corn pearly and popping with sugar, and the obligatory, behemoth events are over.

This not to say it is quiet. Lord no. I think I tallied 6 cocktail invites, 3 dinners, 2 screenings, 2 tournaments and a partridge in a ... and I’m not what you’d call very popular. Saturday I hauled myself over to East Hampton to see John Heminway and his extraordinary documentary “Battle for the Elephants.”

I’d actually seen it before, and know only too well, the story of the decimation of these noble creatures because of ivory poaching. But I wanted to support John’s work. Donna Karan hosted and it looked like a solid turnout.
John Heminway, Davina Dobie, Donna Karan, and David Koch.
Leonel Piraino and Nina Griscom. Candy Udell and Krista Krieger.
Thomas and Amy Guttman, Donna Karan, and Angela Boyer Stump.
Lauren Ezersky, Deborah Hughes, Declan Slonim, and Jeff Slonim.
The Swensons and the Judelsons.
Michele Gradin and Liz Kelly. Katherine and Krista Krieger.
The Craigs, Butlers, and Andersons.
Elise Boeger and Claudia Parks.
Deborah Srb and Iris Zonlight.
Caroline Roumenguere with Cassiopeia and Dylan Douglas, and Casiphia.
Jonathan McCann and Anthony Coron.
Josh Ginsberg, Richard Ruggiero, John Heminway, Nicole Mollo, Meredith Ogilvie Thompson, and James Deutsch.
There was a screening of “The Butler” in East Hampton the night before. I couldn’t make it out of the city in time, though I heard it was moving, if a tad manipulative. Jon Bon Jovi and Mercedes Ruehl approved.

Back to Sat: I tumbled through a chic, arty party at The Parrish Art Museum. One can rent the place out, apparently, and many are. Herzog de Meuron and Art of Eating make a nice package.
Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Bon Jovi at the UA East Hampton Cinema for a screening of "The Butler."
Next, we moved over to The 17th Annual Loves Heals party to benefit The Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education. Alison Gertz was an AIDS activist who contracted AIDS from a bartender at Studio 54 when she was 16, after only one, fateful encounter.

After she died, her best pals, including Dini von Mueffling vowed to continue her work, and Love Heals was born. The party was a celebration, however, especially when Dini announced that they had passed the 600,000 mark of teenagers educated by Love Heals. The theme, “Let’s Misbehave” (safely) saluted the Gatsby era. Carol Gertz (Allison’s Mom) wore her grandmother’s flapper dress, beautifully.  Her 101-year-old mother spent the day stitching beads back on it. I can’t even thread a needle and I’m half her age.
Amanda Ross and Dini von Mueffling. Eric Villency and Caroline Fare.
Dendy Engelman, Alina Cho, Bibhu Mohapatra, and Gigi Stone.
Nicole Trunfio slithered in a black fringe number, and Co-Chair Bibhu Mohapatra dressed Chairs Dini, Gigi Stone and Alina Cho in his fabulous frocks. Marla Maples (who is more beautiful than ever) was there with her daughter Tiffany Trump. They’re moving back East because Tiffany’s at U of P.

Newscaster Chris Wragge (I like him because he does shout outs for animals) was dapper in a white Gatsby-esque jacket. Arden Wohl was edgy and glam as always. Kelly Bensimon was there with her daughter Sea. Eric Villency was with some new, pretty girlfriend, and all of this against the backdrop of Wolffer vineyard’s rows of grape vines — quite something to behold.
Guests at the Wolffer estate.
Nicole Trunfio.
Though it was sold out, it was a cozy crowd of 200. They raised over $195,000. Joey Wolffer (the late, beloved Christian’s enterprising daughter) raised some money herself, out of her strategically parked ‘boutique truck’-impossible to miss on your way in, or out. We were presented with snappy little goody bags, and were actually thanked as we left — a nice touch that very few charities ever do.
Valentin and Yaz Hernandez. Kelli Delaney Kot and Dr. Mark Kot.
Alina Cho.
Carol Gertz. Marla Maples and Tiffany Trump.
Alana Zonan, Marissa Cohen, Monica Shatz, and Isadora Haddad.
Kelly Bensimon and Sea Louise Bensimon. Robert Tucker and Mitch Alfus.
Arden Wohl.
And then — by now it was 10:30 — we headed over to Vito Schnabel’s ‘Small Summer Party’, given with three of his pals at their fab rental house on the ocean in Southampton. A select few from Love Heals trotted ahead of us (slinking Nicole and sultry Arden — quelle surprise — and down the long staircase to the beach party below.

Vito Schnabel with mom Jacqueline.
Hundreds of little lights twinkled above, and big Bean baggy chairs surrounded the dance floor. Three bars quenched the mostly young, and uber glam crowd and an army of servers passed mac-and-cheese bites, and mini-burgers to the crowd, made ravenous by fervent dancing to the best DJ I have heard this summer.

I was very impressed by what a flawless evening these four young men threw — though Vito is certainly more sophisticated than your average bear. His beautiful Mom, Jacqueline curled up on a cushion with her beau, Alain. Amanda Hearst and Nicky Hilton circulated through the sea of impossibly, effortless chic revelers which included Tall Bruce, the literally tall and lanky member of the art collective, The High Quality Foundation, that Vito supports. He was a most expressive dancer and inspired many of us to let loose, a little more loosely. And then, suddenly it was 2:00, and I had tennis, church and a trip back to Gotham ahead. Oh well, just one more.
Photographs by Annie Watt (Battle for the Elephants); David X Prutting/BFAnyc.com (Love Heals).