Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Wonderland

The 18th Annual ACRIA Holiday Dinner in the Stephan Weiss Studio at the Urban Zen Center.
Last Friday night at The New York Botanical Garden, they celebrated the annual Winter Wonderland Ball. More than 450 attended. This a traditional dinner dance and refreshing in its simplicity, elegance and tradition. The Ball was held in the magnificent Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, the Garden’s Victorian-style crystal palace.

On view in the Conservatory was the 22nd Annual Holiday Train Show®an internationally acclaimed display of magnificent model trains winding through a sprawling landscape featuring replicas of iconic New York landmarks.
The evening began with cocktails under the Palm Dome in the grand rotunda, continiing with dinner and dancing in an adjacent beautifully-designed tent.

The evening raised more than $250,000 for the Garden’s Children’s Education programs. These programs allow children (of all ages), particularly underserved children in the Bronx, an opportunity to learn about nature in engaging ways through workshops and hands-on activities.
The Chairs were Byrdie Bell, Alina Cho, Cristina Cuomo, Linda Fargo, Brooke Gerschel, Emma J.P. Goergen, Patrick M. Herning, Annie Lansing, Alexandra Lebenthal, Christian Leone, Dalia Oberlander, Connie Anne Phillips, Alexandra Lind Rose, Gillian Hearst Simonds, and Sutton Stracke.

The Junior Chairs were Genevieve Bahrenburg, Hannah Bronfman, Sarah Chilton, Martin Dawson, Nell Diamond, Julia Catherine Erdman, Simon Hammerstein, Olivia Sandelman, and Victoria A. Thain.

The Honorary Chairmen were Sloan Barnett, Whitney Fairchild, Pauline Joerger, Nathalie Kaplan, and Molly Sims.
The Ball was generously sponsored by Bergdorf Goodman. Additional funding was provided by Glamour and Perrin Paris 1893 with support from Sally and Michel Perrin. The dinner was catered by Stephen STARR Events, the new on-site catering partner for The New York Botanical Garden.

Martin Jobes Design designed the Ball tent.
Adelina Wong Ettelson, Alvin Valley, and Whitney Fairchild
Jared MacLane and Katherine Petty MacLane
Laurel Marcus, Rosemary Ponzo, and Marilyn Kirschner
Connor Feagan and Geoffrey Jackson
Jennifer Wright
Douglas Lake and Elizabeth Lake
Pamela Lewy and Brian Murphy
Chris York, Kristin York, Meghan Brophy, and Richard Persutti
Andrew Wallace and Olivia Millot
Cristina Greeven Cuomo, Genevieve Bahrenburg, Alexandra Lebenthal, Alina Cho, and Alexandra Lind Rose
Bettina Zilkha, Jay Diamond, and Alexandra Lebenthal
Gregory Clark and Connie Anne Phillips
Brooke Rohrbach and Robert Bailey
Julie Tucker and Adam Tucker
Micca Wang
Elizabeth Kurpis, Vanessa Grout, and Melanie Lazenby
Ashley Sousa and Raymond Vargas
Jean Shafiroff, Victor de Souza, and Anne-Marie Belli
Scott Stackman and Emily Sherratt
Ally Hilfiger and Alina Cho
Luigi Tadini and Steven Cardwell
Dr. Eve Lehrman and Peter Lehrman
Alexandra Lind Rose
Brittany Weeden and Jared Abrams
Robbie Schroeder, Katherine Grady, Molly Bohonnon, and Michael Young
Ariana Rockefeller and Matthew Bucklin
Bill Reichman, Pamela Reichman, Courtney Stern, and Nicholas Stern
Chiu-Ti Jansen
Sally Perrin and Michel Perrin
Adam and Joy Marks
Andrew Torrey and Peter Kahng
Thomas Bell and Dr. Susan Krysiewicz
Roman Johnson and Tracey High
Gillian Miniter
Campbell O'Shea and Patrick O'Shea
Jeremy Schwab, Diana Seabrooke, Jackie Seabrooke, and Michael Ivers
Valentin Hernandez and Yaz Hernandez
Alex Bolen and Eliza Reed Bolen
Tiffany Archer
Sarah Rose, James Johnson, Patti Healy, and Samantha Pebley
Elizabeth Kurpis, Katie Fischer Cherry, Spencer Cherry, and Chloé Perrin
Edouard Gerschel and Nathalie Kaplan
Chrissy Rutherford
Frederick Anderson and Alvin Valley
Michael Allwin and Lily Galef
Meredith Ostrom, Allison Hodge, and Lauren Beene
Allison Ecung, Kim Hicks, and Allison Yang
Fritz Franz and Miller Gaffney
Nell Diamond, Savannah Engel, Tory Gossage, and Lauren Whatley
Alexandra Lambert and Lexi Bowes-Lyon
Last Wednesday a week ago, InStyle Magazine, Tiffany & Co. and The Urban Zen Foundation presented the 18th Annual ACRIA Holiday Dinner in the Stephan Weiss Studio at the Urban Zen Center.

Ariel Foxman, InStyle’s Editor hosted the evening, and Jessye Norman paid special tribute to the late Judy Peabody for her unsurpassed care and compassion towards those living with HIV and AIDS; Sam and Elizabeth Peabody accepted in her memory. Artist Jack Pierson presented Rob Pruitt and Jonathan Horowitz with the Artists Ending AIDS Award, and Darren Star honored Martha Nelson for her leadership, commitment to and support of the organization over the years.

Over $400,000 was raised to help people living with HIV and AIDS live longer, healthier lives. Hosts for the evening were Ross Bleckner, Francisco Costa, Gabby and Gianpaolo DeFelice, Ariel Foxman, Donna Karan, David Kleinberg and Jack Pierson.
Sheila Johnson and Donna Karan
Samuel Peabody, Jessye Norman, and David Kleinberg
Jay Johnson and Tom Cashin
Kyle DeWoody and Casey Fremont Crowe
Sam Shahid and AJ Michel
Eric Wilson, Malcolm Carfrae, and Quin Aluni
Ellen Langan, Rob Pruitt, and Brendan Dugan
Jack Pierson, Elizabeth Peyton, Jamie Kenyon, and Jonathan Horowitz
Cindy Weber Cleary
Kristen Somody Whalen and Seth Whalen
Martha Nelson, Quinn Tivey, and Dan Tietz
Bruce Weber and Donna Karan
Max Osterweis
Elizabeth Peabody, Alan Rogers, and Laurie Taylor
Clay Floren and Matthew Owens
Kyle Hotchkiss Carone, Indre Rockefeller, and Justin Rockefeller
Joanna Kane and Liz Flynn
Chelsea Leyland and Kate Foley
John DeStefano, Francisco Costa, and Derek Hester
Kelly Klein and Calvin Klein
Ariel Foxman and Bernadette Peters
Kevin Baker and Donald Baechler
Priscilla Rattazzi, Andrea Whittle, and Isabel Rattazzi
Alexander Gilkes and Misha Nonoo
Bruce Weber and Nan Bush
Elia and Mariana Zois
Gabby de Felice
Michael Angel and Mark Burnett
Darren Star and Martha Nelson
Graziano di Boni and Valerie di Boni
Roopal Patel
Ross Bleckner, Dan Tietz, and Jamison Ernest
Nacole Snoep and Meredith Melling Burke
Garrett Neff
Victor de Souza, Dawne Marie Grannum, Randy Polumbo, and Meghan Boody
Also last Friday night at the Park Avenue Armory, they held an opening night benefit for "The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic" directed by Robert Wilson, featuring Ms. Abramovic and Willem Defoe. The play runs through this Saturday.
Rebecca Robertson, Marina Abramovic, and Marco Brambilla
Sandy and Lisa Ehrenkranz
Marina Abramovic, Stefano Tonchi, and Suzanne Donaldson
Victoria Wyman and Farhad Farman Farmaian
Terry Kistler and Lizabeth Newman
Gisela Winkelhofer, George Economou, and Kyveli Alexiou
Helen Howe and Stuart Elliott
Janet Ross and Mary Wallach
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Joseph Silvestera, Alexandra Tajli Siladi, and Marcia Cohen
Tina Barney and Jeffrey Bishop
Olivia Flatto, Firooz Zahedi, and Barabara Hemmerle Gollust
Rita Saltzman and Nathan Bernstein
Olivia Flatto and Barabara Hemmerle Gollust
Debbie Gibbs and Mary Davidson
Dr. David Orentreich, Willem Dafoe, Marina Segovia, and Catherine Orentreich
Beth Rudin DeWoody and Hamish Bowles
Harley Trice and Joan Hardy Clarke
Carroll Guest and Jason Alhadeff
Linda Yablonsky and Alex Poots
Joan Hardy Clarke and Frederick Eberstadt
Jorge Vargas and Valentina Celada
Bonnie Comley and Stewart Lane
Ken Kuchin and Sheila O'Donnell
Hamish Bowles and Olivia Flatto
Mary Reen and Tanner Cohen
Robert WIlson, Olivia Flatto, and Adam Flatto

Photographs by