Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Endless Summers

Under the tent for the Southampton Hospital's 56th Annual Summer Party.
This past Saturday night in Southampton, the Southampton Hospital celebrated its 56th Annual Summer Party (theme: Endless Summer) in the tents at the corner of Wickapogue and Old Town Road. Guests arriving were greeted by 9 artist-designed surfboards from Peter Max, Michael Dweck and Peter Tunney provided by the event’s media partner Hamptons magazine and auctioned off on CharityBuzz.com.
Some of the artist-designed surfboards
Benefit Chair Laura Lofaro Freeman, Southampton Hospital President & CEO Robert Chaloner and Southampton Hospital Foundation President Steve Bernstein welcomed 650 supporters. The evening raised $1.5 million to provide critical support for the Jenny and John Paulson Emergency Department.

WNBC anchor Chuck Scarborough emceed, supported by Corporate Chair was Douglas Elliman Real Estate and Fashion Chair Michael Kors.  Guests danced to the music of the Alex Donner Orchestra. The buffet dinner was catered by Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs under the gorgeous tents designed by Steven Stolman.  The night’s live auction included fine jewelry from Sintessi and LJ Cross.
Emcee Chuck Scarborough welcomed the guests

Guests included Audrey and Martin Gruss, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Hilary Geary Ross, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Liliana Cavendish, Edward Cavendish, Janna Bullock with daughters Eugenia and Zoe Bullock, Edward Cavendish, Dottie Herman, Southampton Village Mayor Mark Epley, New York State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr., New York State Senator Ken LaValle, Martin and Jean Shafiroff, Howard Lorber, Donna and Dick Soloway, Melanie and John Wambold with sons George and John Jr., Somers and Jonathan Farkas, Margo and Jimmy Nederlander, Brendan and Eva Dillon, Cheri Kaufman and Bill Sclight, Scott Snyder, Alessandra and Dr. John Hubbell, Cynthia Maltese, Paola and  Larry Wohl, Leesa Rowland, Paola and Arnie Rosenshein, Richard Farley, Chele Chiavacci, Stewart Lane and Bonnie Comley, Rista Cosby and Tomaczek Bednarek, Cornelia Bregman, Margo and John Catsimatidis, Jean Remmel FitzSimmons.
Guests danced to the music of the Alex Donner Orchestra
The Southampton Hospital annual summer gala is possibly the oldest, longest running event of its kind in the Hamptons. Over the decades it has been supported (and chaired) by some of the most prominent families in New York. Like all charity galas with longevity, it has lost its supporters, but miraculously gained new ones, that have kept it going. Its chairs have been some of the most dynamic women in the community that is Southampton, as well as New York City too.

It makes sense: they are supporting the hospital that can take care of the members of the community, including those great philanthropists who support the major New York hospitals. Because of them and today's supporters, it remains the only major hospital on the East End of Long Island. Congratulations are always in order for its now long list of chairs, co-chairs and sponsors, who miraculously manage to deliver a very successful evening, no matter the obstacles and competition that is now rife when it comes to charity events on the East End of Long Island.
Jim Freeman and Laura Lofaro Freeman
Stanley Friedman and Lynn Follenius
Jeff Kronemeyer, Elyn Kronemeyer, Laura Lofaro Freeman, Gregory D'Elia, Alessandra Hubbell, and Dr. John Hubbell
Cognac Wellerlane
Kathleen Santiago, William Santiago, Marilyn Collins, Debra Maile, and Steve Maile
Bob Chaloner, Senator Ken LaValle, NY State Assemblyman Fred Thiele, and Dr. Kenneth Kaushansky
Robert Lee, Sharri Kane, Amy Kane, and George Kane
Allison Morrow and Jon Cohen
Peter Haveles, Sheila O'Malley Fuchs, and Joe Fuchs
Stewart Lane, Bonnie Comley, Katlean de Monchy, and David Post
Nancy Simpson
Kasia and Doug McCormick
Debra Halpert and Dennis McDermott
Mary Bryant McCourt, Michael Dixon, and Johanna Klausen
David Rice and Megan Rice
Caroline Lieberman, R. Couri Hay, and Cornelia Sharp Bregman
Scott Vallary and Ann Liguori
Ladd Willis, Haley Willis, and Cindy Willis
Nancy Stone, Jean Remmel Little, and Patty Kraus
Eileen Bie, Gary Bie, Jessica Bie, and Alexandra Bie
Leesa Rowland and Larry Wohl
George Wambold, John Wambold, Melanie Wambold, and John Wambold
Crystal Meszkat and Kenneth Meszkat
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Jennifer Hartman and Chuck Scarborough
Ben Kirsten Galef
Mary Unsworth, Ron and Lisa Arnold
John Wambold, Jackie Shafiroff, Ben Galef, and George Wambold
Debbie and Neal Sroka
Jeff Muhs and Beth McNeill
Dottie Herman
James Stanton and Kelli Shaughnessy
Erin O'Callaghan and Stephanie Hessler
Claudia Avendano, Sundar Subramaniam, and Evelyn Gutierrez Subramaniam
Jimmy and Margo McNabb Nederlander
Liliana Cavendish and Janna Bullock
Lucia Hwong Gordon, Helen Marx, Jacques Leviant, and Olga Knyazeva
Pierce Cassidy, Liliana Cavendish, and Edward Cavendish
Nancy Hebert and Elizabeth Dennis
Margo MacNabb Nederlander and Somers Farkas
Brendan Dillon and Eva Dillon
Maxwell Losgar, Wesley Nault, Steven Stolman, and Rich Wilkie
Andrea Warshaw-Wernick, Jennifer Miller, Randi Schatz, Kathy Reilly, and Suzan Kremer
Bill Cunningham and Jamee Gregory
Katie Lauzonis, Nicole Mancini, Lauren Buccellati, and Candelyn DuBois
Cheri Kaufman and Bill Sclight
Martin Gruss, Audrey Gruss, and Scott Snyder
Myra Weiser, Dr. Frank Weiser, Zita Davisson, and Gary Lawrance
Susan Wagner
Amanda Nisson, Beth Kojima, and Tanya Higgins
Teal Marx
Jennine Gourin and Howard Lorber
Richard Farley, Chele Chiavacci, Anne-Marie Belli, and Joseph Fichera
Cristian Lopez-Balboa, Olivia Lopez-Balboa, and Frank Lopez-Balboa
Andrea Giordano and Heidi Varucene
Dean Bakes and Cynthia Maltese
Patrizia and Dr. Steve Salvatore
Yan Assoun and Polina Proshkina
Brad Grossman, Nikki Grossman, Danielle Morris, and James Carney
Gabriella Ruiz, Ray Ruiz, Isabella Ruiz, and Dan Flynn
Donald Louchheim and Pingree Louchheim
Alex Donner
Samantha and David Yanks
Alexis Zoullas, Priscilla Zoullas, and Jeff Lincoln
Gary Bie, Eileen Bie, Cristal Schultheis, and Chris Schultheis
Paola and Arnie Rosenshein
Lisa Arnold and Mary Unsworth
Jean Shafiroff, Rita Cosby, and Kathy Reilly
John and Margo Catsimatidis, Donna Richard Soloway
John Wambold, Daniela Kronemeyer, Olivia Kronemeyer, Elliot Pierce, Aurianna Lajaunie, and George Wambold
Cornelia Sharp Bregman and Hilary Geary Ross
Laura Danforth, Seth and Florence Meyer
Jerry Kremer, Susan Kremer, Glen Myles, Jennifer Myles, Jennifer Miller, Seth Miller, Andrea Warshaw-Wernick, and Joel Wernick
Last Friday night in Water Mill, the Alzheimer’s Association hosted its official Rita Hayworth Gala Hamptons kick-off reception hosted by Anne and Jay McInerney at their Ashgrove Farm home. Among those attending were Founder and Gala Chair Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, actress Lauren Miller Rogen, Bob Balaban, Roger Waters, Brendan Shanahan and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps. They were celebrating the upcoming 31st annual Rita Hayworth Gala in New York City on October 21st.

Princess Yasmin started this charity in honor of her mother, the legendary actress Rita Hayworth, who lived with Alzheimer’s for many years before succumbing to the disease in 1987. The first Rita Hayworth Gala was held in New York in 1984, and the event expanded to include Chicago in 1987. To date, under Yasmin’s leadership, more than $63 million has been raised for the Alzheimer’s Association through the Rita Hayworth Galas. Yasmin, or Yazzie as she is known to her friends, started this event with the help of her friends. It is a tribute to her and to her mother that many of those friends who were there in the beginning, including Anne Hearst McInerney, are still working to assist in making this event one of the most successful annual galas in New York.
Guests in attendance included Police Commissioner William Bratton and Rikki Klieman Bratton, CSO of the Alzheimer’s Association Angela Geiger, Mark Locks of Tiger J LLC, Gala Steering Committee members Nicole Sexton, Cornelia Bregman, Sharon Bush, Liliana Cavendish, Chele Chiavacci, Somers Farkas, Nurit Kahane Haase, Karyn Kornfeld, Louise Kornfeld, Robin Meltzer, Margo MacNabb Nederlander, Marlyne Sexton and Martha Webster, along with Young Leadership Committee members Lizzie Meltzer and Noah Samuels.

Additional guests included Blaise Labriola, Alexandra Lebenthal, Bettina Zilkha, Peggy Siegal, Francine LeFrak, Jonathan Farkas, Stephen Kornfeld, Steve Kobre, and Tracy Sexton to name a few.
Anne Hearst McInerney and Jay McInerney
Nurit Kahane and Robin Meltzer
Liliana Cavendish, Anne Hearst McInerney, Richard Johnson, and Peggy Siegal
Marlene Sexton, Anne Hearst McInerney, Mark Locks, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, Chele Chiavacci, and Liliana Cavendish
Palmer Taipale, Nicole Miller, Debbie Bancroft, Charles Atkins, and Michelle Paige
Anne Hearst McInerney, Shala Rothenberg, Lauren Miller-Rogen, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, and Robin Meltzer
Curtis Yves, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, and Jim Calderone
Jay McInerney, Anne Hearst McInerney, Roger Waters, Nicole Miller, and Palmer Taipale
Nole Patton, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, Loraine Boyle, and Lizzy McManus
Sharon Bush, Jean Shafiroff, Cornelia Sharpe, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Katharina Otto-Bernstein, and Liliana Cavendish
Sessa von Richthofen and Alessa Johnson
Yaz Hernandez, Nicole Sexton, Alexandra Lebenthal, and Robin Meltzer
Pandora Duke Biddle and Cornelia Bregman
Francine LeFrak, Mark Locks, Louise Kornfeld, and Stephen Kornfeld
Kiane von Mueffling and Charlie von Mueffling
Bob Balaban
Jim Calderone, Curtis Yves, and Jim Caradine
Sessa von Richthofen, Alessa, and Richard Johnson
Bettina Zilkha, Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, and Sharon Bush
Eve Combs, Dianne Vavra, LuAnn de Lesseps, and Elizabeth Taylor
Angela Geiger, Lynn Carey, Kate Meyer, Debbie Lester, Kate Levy, Lizzy McManus, and Marybeth Lantzy
Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, Yves Hentic, and Pandora Duke Biddle
Karyn Kornfeld, Chris Segal, and Karen Segal
Richard Farley and Chele Chiavacci
Varinka Obolensky, Gregory D'Elia, and Lizzy Obolensky
Andrew Dornenburg, Karen Page, Commissioner Bill Bratton, and Rikki Klieman
Christopher Mason and Debbie Cox
LuAnn De Lesseps, Chris Robbins, and Carole Radziwill
Robert Wilson, Inga Maren Otto, and Nico Krull
Nathan Bernstein and Katharina Otto-Bernstein
Blaise Labriola, Angela Geiger, Nathan Bernstein, and Bonnie Pfeifer Evans
Lisa Millman, Jaquline Ytuarte, and Tracey Copeland
Rodger and Robin Meltzer
Steven Kobre, Karyn Kornfeld, Louise Kornfeld, and Stephen Kornfeld
Cynthia Maltese and Kristen Maltese Krusen
Morgan George and Matthew Woolsey
Berna Huebner, Lee Huebner, Chele Chiavacci, and Richard Farley
Marc Lawrence and Ubah Hassan
Photographs by Patrick McMullan