Monday, January 27, 2014

Exhibitions and Benefits

A private cocktail reception to welcome the Randall’s Island Park Alliance Fielding Dreams NYC Gala Honorees.
This past Thursday night, Randall’s Island Park Alliance Board Member Richard J. Mack and his wife, Christine, a Dinner Committee Co-chair, hosted a private cocktail reception to welcome the 2014 Fielding Dreams NYC Gala Honorees, which included NIKE, Inc., Jeff Zucker, President of CNN Worldwide, and Karen Cohen, RIPA Founder and President Emerita and the first Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

The event served as a kick off for the Alliance’s annual fundraising gala, which will take place at The American Museum of Natural History on March 11. The Fielding Dreams NYC Gala recognizes the importance of Randall’s Island Park and its supporters who help the Alliance provide an unparalleled destination for athletic, cultural, and environmental activities for all New Yorkers. As the dedicated steward of Randall’s Island Park, the Alliance sustains, maintains, develops and programs the Park.
Dean Landis, Caryn Zucker, Jeff Zucker, and Karen Cohen
Attendees for the private affair included: Alliance Co-Chair Nancy Neff; Gala Co-Chairs Michael D. Boxer, Mark I. Greene, Richard J. Mack; Dinner Committee Co-Chairs Christine Mack and Caryn Zucker; Steering Committee members Rodney Cohen, Justin H. Green, Justin G. Hamill, Dean I. Landis, Bradford R. Peck, Bimla Picot, Jennifer Rich, Patricia W. Shifke; Auction Committee members Melissa Boxer, Justin Hamill, Leslie Myers.

Randall’s Island Park is New York City’s only comprehensive athletic and recreational complex, and its 330 acres are crucial to the physical and emotional well being of the city’s children. We believe that our children deserve the same recreational and after-school opportunities as children in the suburbs and other U.S. cities.  Access to high-quality outdoor fields, play spaces and nature is key to their quality of life as city kids, and without Randall’s Island, it would not be possible. Sustaining this resource is the Park Alliance’s primary mission.
Caryn Zucker and Kate Peck
Melissa Boxer and Lisa Bezos
Jeff Zucker, Nancy Neff, and Richard Mack
Stacey Bronfman, Matthew Bronfman, and Tasha Genatt
Simone Levinson and Christine Mack
Jennifer Rich, Caryn Zucker, and Stephen Rich
John Barber and Michael Boxer
Karen Cohen, Mark Greene, and Jane Greene
Kate Peck, Brad Peck, and Pinky Keehner
Michael Boxer and Leonard Boxer
Richard Mack and Christine Mack
Courtney Hall and LaShann Hall
Nancy Neff, Bimla Picot, and Richard Gross
Nancy Neff and Caryn Zucker
Paula Mahoney, Justin Green, and Mark Greene
Pat Shifke and Mark Shifke
Pia Marks and Natasha Bell
Sam Weinhoff, Aimee Boden, and Richard Gross
The Horticultural Society of New York (The Hort) held its 1st Annual Floral Motifs Exhibition and Benefit on January 15th, 2014 at the New York Design Center.

The event was hosted by Jim Druckman, President and C.E.O. of the New York Design Center, and The Hort’s Co-Chairmen Kamie Lightburn and Mary Van Pelt. Prior to the reception, John Chadwick (of Interiors by John Chadwick) led guests on a private walkthrough of the 1stdibs@NYDC showrooms. Exhibited artists include: Hunt Slonem, Jessica Tcherepnine, Karen Tompkins, Victor Schrager, Francesca DiMattio, and Daniel Gordon. The exhibition will remain on view in the 1stdibs Gallery at the New York Design Center (200 Lexington Avenue, 10th Floor) through February 14th.
Anne Shearman Betts, Mary Van Pelt, Missey Condie, and Kamie Lightburn
The mission of the Horticultural Society of New York is to sustain the vital connection between people and plants. The Hort’s social service and public programs educate and inspire, growing a broad community that values horticulture for the many benefits it brings to our environment, our neighborhoods, and our lives.

The Hort's Gallery encourages gardeners and artists alike to appreciate the creative intersection between art and nature. Our exhibitions showcase emerging and established contemporary artists inspired by horticulture, botany, landscape, and the environment.
John Chadwick, Mary Van Pelt, and Bruce Addison
Guests included: Bruce Addison, Dana Albarella James, Lise Arliss, Betsy & Michael Bacon, Elizabeth Belfer, Gillian Boyer, John Chadwick, Angela Clofine, Melissa Condie, Amy Connor, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cushing, John Danzer, Jim Druckman, Jenny Du Pont, Tom Gibb, Bruce Hallett, Paige Hardy, Kate Hemphill, Shannon Henderson, Melanie Holland, Nell Kleinschmidt, Robert Lindgren, Lois Mander, William Manger, Jr, Lara Marcon, Chrissie McCarron Harvey, Peter Nadin & Anne Kennedy, Paige Rustum, Victor Schrager, Victoria Shaw, Anne Shearman-Betts, Isaac Sutton, Mish Tworkowski & Joseph Singer, Jessica & Peter Tcherepnine, Karen Tompkins, Mary Van Pelt, Arete Warren, and John Yunis.
Jenny Du Pont, JimDruckman, and Bruce Hallett
Zachary Turner, Elizabeth Bak, Sarah Boston, and Missey Condie
Kate Hemphill and John Yunis
Sara Hobel and Jessica Tcherepnine
Tom Gibb and Robert Lindgren
Also this past Thursday evening at Sotheby's Save Venice held a panel discussion, Why Save Venice, to illustrate Venice's broad appeal. The evening was very well attended by Save Venice supporters and Venice lovers alike.
Save Venice Inc., has raised more than 20 million dollars to restore over 400 works of art and architecture in Venice. Every year, the Board of Save Venice, including a Projects Committee of renowned experts, selects restoration projects in collaboration with the Venetian Superintendencies of Monuments, Fine Arts and Museums. Save Venice currently has more than 30 projects underway throughout the city, made possible with support from individuals, foundations, and Chapters in Boston and California.
Frederick Ilchman, Karen Wilkin, and Matthew White
Ann Hotung, Andrea Karambelas ,and Irina Tolstoy
Chantel Foretich and Nicola Tegoni
Andrea Lakian and Margery Eagan
Glen Wright, Mary Frank, and Charles Tolbert
Robert Garrett, Tamara Durn, Frederick Ilchman, and Amy Gross
Courtney Jones, Bruce Hortel, Tanny Jones, and Christopher Cooley
agna Rucewicz, Richard Baiano, and Kimberly Tamboer
Elisabeth Hartnet
Pat Lovejoy, Angelina Eschauzier, and Juliet Alexandra
Beatrice Esteve, Claudia Esteve, Jose Esteve, and Tia Chapman
Cynthia Humphrey, Tom Humphrey, Natasha Schlesinger, and Adam Schlesinger
Rachel Kase and Andrea Kust
Yung Hee Kim and Susan Shin
Fern Wachter, George Wachter, Stephen Brighenti, and Wanda Brighenti
Nicolo Foscari and Maria Giulia Prezioso
Blair Clarke and Alistair Clarke
Karen Wilkin, Christopher Apostle, Hester Diamond, Frederick Ilchman, Mary Frank, and Fred Wilson
Yildiz Blackstone and Tara Liddle
Petra Lovrekovic and Robert Bailey
John Cook, Candice Wexler, Mary Frank, and Howard Frank
Frederick Ilchman, Sarah Ilchman, and Warren Ilchman
Bulgari hosted chairmen, committee members, and supporters of Lighthouse International's annual POSH Palm Beach gala and designer clothing sale at Café Boulud for a pre-event cocktail reception on January 16, 2014.

Mark G. Ackermann, Lighthouse International's CEO, in from New York for the event, recognized the contributions of Arlene Dahl, the Honorary Chairperson, and Dinner Dance Co-Chairpersons Susan Bodnar Malloy, Grace Meigher and Mario Nievera. Junior Co-Chairs are India Paull and Elizabeth Meigher.

Bulgari Vice President Nathalie Diamantis, who also flew in from New York, presented the evening's stunning showcase of jewels and watches from their iconic Serpenti collection, selections from the new Diva collection, inspired by the glamorous women who have worn Bulgari on and off the silver screen, and alligator handbags from the Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.
Steve McCard, Nathalie Diamantis, and Mark Ackerman
Kristina McPherson and Bettina Anderson
Grace Meigher and Kit Pannill
Susan Malloy, Marc Rosen, and Beth de Woody
Lighthouse International's POSH Palm Beach returns for its seventh year with a dinner dance on February 19 at Club Colette honoring Palm Beachers, Ann Downey and her daughter, Mona de Sayve. Those who attend the gala will be treated to sneak peak of the POSH sale. The POSH Palm Beach sale -- which features clothing and accessories from socialites, celebrities, designers and fashionable retailers -- will take place on February 20 - 22 at Lake Pavilion at 101 South Flagler Drive. The event will include special fashion-related guest appearances, happenings and activities, including a POSH luncheon special offered by Hamburger Heaven.
Tom McCarter and Frances Scaife
Nancy Brinker and Nancy Paul
POSH Palm Beach has already gathered a stunning inventory of designer apparel and accessories from couture to casual. Donations are greatly appreciated and continue to be collected. For information about the gala, ticket sales to the gala and sale or to make donations, contact Barbara Rogoff at or call 561-828-1522.
Bob and Claire Rigel with Tom Hall
Elisabeth Munder and India Paull
Eleanora Kennedy and Katherine Mondadori
Jody Grass, Barbara Rogoff, and Peg Greenspon
Mario Nievera, Laura Medeiros, and Edward Schmidt
Carla and George Mann
Mark Ackerman and Nathalie Diamantis
As the temperatures continue to drop below freezing in New York City, a non-profit organization called Blankets for Warmth founded in 2001 donates blankets to the homeless to help keep them warm. Saturday night, a week ago, at the Pratt mansion on 5th Avenue, there was a birthday party given by the organization’s founders, Jon and Michelle-Marie Heinemann (it was her birthday). The Heinemanns gave a blanket on behalf of each of the 150 guests to the Artest Foundation in Harlem to distribute to the needy. 

The foundation was founded by Ron Artest Sr., whose son Ron Jr. is a New York Knicks’ forward and serves as a consultant for the organization. Blankets for Warmth trucks have also partnered with the Coalition for the Homeless as they distribute coffee and hot meals around town.
Among those dancing to the beats of DJ Anita Sarko were Barbara and Donald Tober, Maggie Norris, William Ivey Long, Liliana Cavendish, Robert Rufino, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, Joe Alexander, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Lord Colin Campbell, Mimi Strong, Tony Lo Bianco, Michele Gerber Klein, Victor De Souza, Leesa Rowland, Larry Wohl, Donna and Richard Soloway, Rafael Feldman, Susan Shin, Vinnie Potestivo, Andrew Barlow, Cheri Kaufman, Bill Sclight, Cassandra Seidenfeld, Cole Rumbough, Sydney Lemmon, Steven Knobel, Nicole Noonan, Christopher Pape, Meriel and Alex Lari, Colette, Sam Bolton and Alessandra Emanuel.
The Heinemann family
Robert Ruffino, Naz, and Mario Rinald
Tina and Dacid Storper
Cheri Kaufman and Bill Sclight
Lucia Hwong Gordon and Grace Li
Richard and Donna Soloway
Barbara and Donald Tober
Jesse Peterson and Anita Laljit
Ryan Nessing and Maggie Norris
Bettina Bennett and Victor De Souza

Photographs by Patrick McMullan; Matteo Prandoni/'s Island, SaveVenice); Lucien Capehart Photography (Posh).