Monday, June 2, 2014

Garden Partying

The scene at The Frick Collection's Spring Garden Party, Sprezzatura: A Celebration of Italian Renaissance Poetry and Style.
Last Wednesday night, there was the annual Frick Spring Garden Party for Fellows. Like everything else the Frick does, this is an elegantly simple party, or as elegant and simple as it can be in and around one of the great remaining mansions from early 20th century New York.

Frick Guest Curator Aimee Ng and Parmigianino's Schiava Turca.
The Frick is always the allure. The world feels better, at least for the moment once you are on the grounds and in the house of Mr. Frick with his stupendous collection paintings, sculpture and furniture, not to mention décor.

This year's party was named Sprezzatura. The name was taken from the famous and enigmatic portrait by Parmigianino, Schiava Turca, which is on loan to the collection through July 20th. The painting of the sumptuously costumed noblewoman epitomizes the "nonchalant grace" (sprezzatura) of Renaissance courtly behavior and fashionable style.

It wasn't the warm night that it had been only a couple of days before, so the 500 guests moved into the mansion once the Sun began to set over Central Park across the avenue.

In the 1935 Music Room The Bob Hardwick Sound had begun warming up the guests for the night of dancing and cocktails, champagne and hors d'oeuvres. A beautiful party in such an elegantly timeless environment.
Frick Trustee Aso O. Tavitian, Frick Trustee Ayesha Bulchandani-Mathrani, Chairman of the Frick Board of Trustees Margot Bogert, Frick Trustee Barbara Fleischman, and Frick Director Ian Wardropper
Wendy Cooke, Roquelle Lynn, and Elizabeth Baltz
Lana Smith, Yan Assoun, and Polina Proshkina
Bill Cunningham shooting Neil Totton and Stella-Maria Matzari
Jazz Band "The Flail" performing in the Garden
Neil Totton and Stella-Maria Matzari
Madeline Noal and Barbara Klein
Kate Falchi, Christina Eberli, Juliet Falchi, Alex Falchi, and Alexandra Brock
Eileen and Frederick Hill
Christina Eberli, Kate Falchi, Juliet Falchi, and Alexandra Brock
Simon Lewis and Frick Guest Curator Aimee Ng
Blue Quail Wine provided the wine
Roberto Camacho and Yan Wang
Benjamin Riley and Sarah Hylton
Kate and Barbara Reibel
Hardwick Caldwell, Andrew Fenet, and Jameson McFadden
Redmond Ingalls, Jennifer Macdonald, and Elizabeth Belfer
Barbara de Portago and James Figg III
Sam and Martha Loring
Livia Cheung and Cheuk Lai Choi
Turna Franz, Tim Franz, Soham Sen, and Carlton Bennett
Frederick and Lucy Danziger, Teresa Carbone, Frick Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer Robert Goldsmith
Joshua Knowlton and Alexandra Longanecker
Elizabeth Kurpis and Melanie Lazenby
Frick Deputy Director of External Affairs Tia Chapman and Peter Brechter
Christey Robinson and Carl Krebs
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Sharon Sharma Patal, Lydia Fenet, Morgan Tupper, Kate Reibel, and Lacary Sharpe
Barbara Reibel, Sandeep Mathrani, and Frick Trustee Ayesha Bulchandani-Mathrani
Frick Chief Conservator Joseph Godla, Frick Associate Curator of Decorative Arts Charlotte Vignon, Lucy Jane Lang, and Scott Asher
Jane Pakenhal and Paul Arnhold
Caitlin Davis and Amory McAndrew
Mick and Caitlin Davis
Alan Wintermute, Frick Trustee Ayesha Bulchandani-Mathrani
Sofia Blanchard, Frick Trustee Juan Sabater, and Marianna Sabater
Steven Picciano, Juliette Jeanfreu, Michael Espiritu, Tiffany Frasier, and Karl Yeh
Amanda Haynes-Dale, Daniele Bodini, Frick Director of the Center for the History of Collecting Inge Reist, Robert Freeman
Chris Peregrin and Sarah Maslin Nir
Emily Elliot and Brent Winston
Frick Head of Human Resources Dana Winfield and Dana Ribe
David Shields, Jameson McFadden, and Jerry Shields
Arnold and Hilda Neis
Lawrence Keigwin, Amanda Haynes-Dale, and Christian Kessee
Guest and Sarah McNear
Oval Room Atmosphere
Alexandra Brock and Kate Falchi Dancing
Frick Trustee Jean-Marie Eveillard and Jeremie Patrier
Guests, Chairman of Frick's Board of Trustees Margot Bogert, and Jerry Bogert
Jennifer Wright and Lisa Millman
Alessia Victoria Taveri, Morgan Arenson, and Daria Rose Foner
Frick Database Administrator Courtney Toumey, Frick Media Relations and Marketing Assistant Julia Lukacher, and Frick Manager of Media Relations and Marketing Alexis Light
Guests in the Garden Court
Ivan and Winifred Phillips
Frick Associate Director of Media Relations and Marketing Heidi Rosenau and Joe McGlynn
Lana Smith and guest
This past Thursday night, Joyful Heart celebrated its 10th anniversary at its annual Joyful Revolution Gala at Cirpriani 42nd Street.

Inspired by Mariska Hargitay's deep connection and love for Hawai'i, where she first experienced her own heart awakening, Mariska founded Joyful Heart in Kona in 2004 with the mission to heal, educate and empower survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse, and to shed light into the darkness that surrounds these issues. To learn more, visit
Peter Hermann
Ali Wentworth, Mariska Hargitay, and Debra Messing
Carl Folta, Mariska Hargitay, and Niels Schuurmans
Mariska Hargitay and Christina Davidson
Sir Martin Sorrell and Lady Cristiana Falcone Sorrell
Coco, Ice-T, and Kelli Giddish
Madeline Redstone
Lilly Pino and Danny Pino
Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin
Mariska Hargitay, Philippe Dauman, Debbie Dauman, and Maile Zambuto
Kym Worthy and A C Wharton
Penn Badgley
David Katz, Lenore Fedore, Mariska Hargitay, Michelle McCrea, and David Corpuz
Debra Lee
Jemima Kirke
Out East at Lexington Clothing Co. on Main Street, Hilaria Baldwin and Lexington launched the Hamptonite capsule collection for Summer 2014.

A percentage of all sales from the Hamptonite collection will go to Guild Hall Center for the Visual and Performing and Arts, which is dedicated to providing a cultural space and arts education for the local community. Lexington founders Tommy and Kristina Lindhe sit on the Guild Hall board. Likewise, Baldwin and her husband, Alec, are longtime supporters.
Hilaria Baldwin, Ruth Appelhof, and Kristina Lindhe
Carmen Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin, Ruth Appelhof, Kristina Lindhe, and John Maroney
Michelle Mesa, Genevieve Linnehan, John Maroney, and Cathryn Keller
Cole Rumbough
Michael Goldsmith and Harry
Josh Bartky, Oliver, and Eric Bartky
Morgan Rein and Gary Rein
Keith McDonald, Betsy McDonald, and Tom Friedman
Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin, Kristina Lindhe, and Tommy Lindhe
Gary Adamek, Ruth Appelhof, Hilaria Baldwin, Kristina Lindhe, and Tommy Lindhe
Marty Cohen, Michele Cohen, Hilaria Baldwin, and Kristina Lindhe
Stephen Elrod, Tony Baratta, and John Maroney
Gopa Dobson and Jay Dobson
Danny Romanoff and Chris Sullivan
Mark Mullett, Kristina Lindhe, and Keith Bloomfield
Kendell Cronstrom, Antonella Bertello, and Alejandro Saralegui
Catching up: Last month at the New York Athletic Club, the National Meningitis Association held its third annual "Give Kids A Shot! Gala," a benefit to save lives in the fight against Meningitis, a vaccine-preventable disease.

They honored Dr. Richard Besser, Chief Health & Medical Editor, ABC News, with the Health Achievement Award, presented by his WABC-TV colleague Dr. Sapna Parikh, who also served as M.C. for the evening; and Carol Tufano, who received the MOMS on MENINGITIS Outstanding Service Award, for her tireless volunteer support of NMA.

Errol Rappaport, longtime supporter of NMA was honored with the Nancy Ford Springer Humanitarian Award, presented by son Nick Springer, and husband Gary. Nancy, along with Lynn Bozoff were founders of the NMA.
Camile Knoll, Jeff Fratarcangeli, Nicole Fratarcangeli, Sarah Herbert Galloway, Barry Klarberg, Jonathan Hadaya, and Gary Springer
Rod Gilbert, Dr. Richard Besser, and Errol Rappaport
Zach Gelman, Elisabeth Cier, Gary Springer, Nicholas Springer, and Olivia Springer
Lucia Hwong Gordon
Olivia Malonda, Donna Mangubat, and Ulrika Nilsson
Carol Tufano
Bertie Lowenstein, Viivi Suominen, Errol Rappaport, Loraine Cancro, and Aline Marie
Mike Laforgen, Ashley Goller, and Martin Sahuri
Liv Ullmann and Nicholas Springer
Bertie Lowenstein, Lorraine Cancro, Sarah Herbert Galloway, and Rita Cosby
Sarah Herbert Galloway, Gary Springer, and Heather Randall
Ella Reider, Justin Galloway, and Alana Galloway
Barry Klarberg, Sarah Herbert Galloway, Allie Strassberg, and Matt Klarberg
Photographs by Christina Butler (Frick); Patrick McMullan (Guild Hall, Joyful Heart); Rob Rich (NMA)