Thursday, January 23, 2014

Great Expectations ...

Outside the Bohemian National Hall for The New York Ceramics Fair.
The New York Ceramics Fair celebrated its 15th anniversary on Tuesday night at the Bohemian National Hall. Despite the snow the place was full of well-wishers and lovers of all things ceramics, glass, porcelain and pottery from the 18th-21st centuries offered by 29 American and British specialists.

This show is the only one of its kind in the United States and has a loyal following of collectors and interior designers. Shaking things up a bit is Leslie Ferrin's exhibition, "Bacchanalistas: Passions + Pleasures," which presents ceramics by living artists whose art draws inspiration from ceramic history. Themes of passion, eroticism, sexuality, abundance and excess of food and wine are exemplified by the objects the dealers contributed to the show.
Inside the Bohemian National Hall
Among the guests: Geoffrey Bradfield, Roric Tobin, Harry Heissmann, Christopher Spitzmiller, Nancy Pearson, Ralph Harvard, Stiles Colville, Meg Wendy, Liz Lees, Betsy Pochoda, Leslie Grigsby, Ron Fuchs,Barry Hardwood, Catherine Futter and Karin Jones from Nelson Atkins, John Stuart Gordon, and Carol Sollis.
Chris Spitzmiller, Meg Wendy, and Harry Heissmann
Leslie Ferrin, Ferrin Contemporary
Bernard Derroitte and Paul Jeromack
Carol Sollis
Leslie Grigsby and Ron Fuchs
Rae Stern
Keeil Choi
Marilyn White and Nancy Pearson
Cliff and Holly Lee
Betsy Pochoda
Geoffrey Bradfield and Roric Tobin
Elizabeth Lees and Meg Wendy
Suzie and Scott Jacobson
A gala dinner dance for the benefit of Hospice of Palm Beach County was held at the Breakers. The evening was chaired by Ginny Burke, Anita Michaels and Hillie Mahoney with fashion show sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for Hospice.
Anita and Sam Michaels
Fred and Gail Alger
Lore Dodge and David Ober
David and Nicole Atkinson
Brock Hurely, Charlene Nederlander, James Nederlander, and Kristina Nederlander
Boaz Mazor and Renee Wood
Carol and Bob Garvy
Hillie Mahoney
Melinda and Tom Hassen
Sam and Vicky Hunt
Tom McCarter and Frances Scaife
Martin and Audrey Gruss
Oscar de la Renta fashion show ...
Jean Tailer with Anna and Bill Mann
Bob and Carol Garvy with Carol and Harvey Baxter
Amanda and Charles Schumacher
Lucy Musso, David Ober, and Lore Dodge
Hospice Evening décor by Scott Snyder
Jimmy and Margo Nederlander
Talbott Maxey and Kenn Karakul
Bob Nederlander, Pat Cook, and Mark Cook
Ginny Burke and Scott Snyder
Rachel Strassner and Peter Schuette, GM Saks Fifth Ave PB
Maureen Donnell of Newport and Palm Beach hosted a kick-off dinner at her ocean front home for the major donors to the Four Arts. The Four Arts gala dinner dance will be held on February 21st. Naeem Khan held a fashion show of his collection shown at Neiman Marcus just before the dinner.
Maureen Donnell and Naeem Kahn
Amb Edward Elson and Susie Elson
Robert Nederlander and Pat Cook
Marvin Davidson, Hillie Mahoney, and Dudley Moore
Naeem Kahn, Pamela Fiori, and Michel Witmer
Melinda and Tom Hassen
Peggy Moore and Mary Davidson
Bunny Whittaker
Rich Wilkie, Kit Pannill, and Steven Stolman
Lisa and John Cregan
Patrick and Heather Henry
Peter and Kay Lyons with friends
Sam and Vicki Hunt
Carol and Tom Kirchhoff
Carol Garvy and Naeem Kahn
Emilia Fanjul hosted her annual dinner dance for the Everglades Preparatory Schools at Cafe Boulud at the Brazilian Court. Pepe Fanjul, Emilia's husband, was Dinner Sponsor. The evening was called "A Night of Great Expectations" and so it was -- many think of it as the most glamorous party of the Palm Beach winter season.
Robin and Norberto Azqueta
Ashley and Mike Ramos
Hilary and Wilbur Ross
Amy Fine Collins and Brad Collins
Mei Sze and Jeff Greene
Sofia Maduro and Nancy Sambucco
Judith and Rudy Giuliani
Pauline Pitt and Jerry Seay
Virginia and Jorge Dominicis
Kate and Jimmy Gubelmann
Emilia and Jose Pepe Fanjul with Emilia Pfeifler
Lourdes and Pepe Fanjul
Grace and Chris Meigher
Dixon and Arriana Boardman
Helena and Roman Martinez
Judy and Alfred Taubman
Vanessa Mulroney and Mila Mulroney

Photographs by (Ceramics Fair); Lucien Capehart Photography (4 Arts, Hospice Evening, A Night of Great Expectations).