Monday, April 14, 2014

Leveling the playing field

The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children's third annual Spring Luncheon at the Pierre.
The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NYSPCC), held its third annual Spring Luncheon this past Thursday noon at the Pierre. April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the Spring Luncheon program focused on the prevention of child sexual abuse. 

Elizabeth Mayhew and Valesca Guerrand-Hermes served as the Luncheon Co-Chairs. The afternoon program was hosted by NBC News’ National Correspondent, Kate Snow, and featured Aaron Fisher, nationally known as “Victim 1” in the Jerry Sandusky child abuse case, his mother, Dawn Hennessy, and his psychologist, Michael Gillum in a panel discussion with The NYSPCC Executive Director, Dr. Mary Pulido. The three panelists co-authored the book, “Silent No More, Victim 1’s Fight For Justice Against Jerry Sandusky."
Aaron Fisher, Elizabeth Mayhew, Valesca Guerrand-Hermes, Dr. Mary Pulido, Dawn Hennessy, and Michael Gillum
The luncheon had 180 guests in attendance, and raised more than $255,000 for The NYSPCC’s child sexual abuse prevention program, Safe Touches: Personal Safety Training for Children, and The NYSPCC’s Trauma Recovery Program.

Among those attending: Dr. Mary Pulido (Executive Dir, NYSPCC), David Stack President of The NYSPCC’s Board of Directors; co-chairs Valesca Guerrand-Hermes and Elizabeth Mayhew; Frederick Anderson, Graciela Bittar, Serena Boardman, Celeste Boele, Eliza R. Bolen, Alison Brokaw, Cristina Cuomo, Jennifer Creel, Ide Dangoor, Victor De Souza, Diandra de Morrell Douglas, Patrizia di Carrobio, Susan Edelstein, Lise Evans, Suzanne Gault, Maarit Glocer, Joan Granlund, Penny Gorman, Penny Grant M.D., Kimberly Guilfoyle, Shelley Goldberg (Reporter, NY1), Tania Higgins, Karen Klopp, Joy Marks, Valerie Mogul, Deborah Norville and Karl Wellner (Board of Directors, NYSPCC), Alexandra Lind Rose, Kelly Rutherford, Christine Schwarzman, Sarah Senbahar, Jean Shafiroff, Susan Shin, Whitney Topping, Bettina Zilkha
Cristina Greeven Cuomo and Valesca Guerrand-Hermes
Kelly Rutherford
Whitney Topping and David Stack
Guy Clark and Harrison Morgan
Suzanne Gault and Monica Taylor
John Lovrich, Brenda Tully, Natalie Wright-Umoh, Kathy Lotsos, and Sarah Dauber
Susan Kriskey and Kate Snow
Alexandra Fairweather
Beth Kojima and Thayer Fox
Guy Clark, Cynthia Maltese, and Harrison Morgan
Ide Dangoor and Bettina Zilkha
Karl Wellner, Deborah Norville, Dawn Hennessy, and David Stack
Frederick Anderson
Tania Higgins and Thayer Fox
Christine Schwarzman and Valesca Guerrand-Hermes
Alexandra Rose and Susan Shin
Chris Mack
Burwell Schorr and Eliza Bolen
Page Hoppkins and Ide Dangoor
Alexia Ryan and Nathalie Kaplan
Jennifer Creel and Kelly Rutherford
Elizabeth Mayhew and Kimberly Guilfoyle
Karl Wellner and Deborah Norville
Jean Shafiroff, Dr. Penny Grant, and Joy Marks
Last Thursday night on the Promenade of the David Koch Theater they had a dinner dance with supporters and the artists who took part in a performance of the winners of the Youth America Grand Prix. This is a ballet competition where young dancers from all over the world come to compete for scholarships to the leading dance schools across the nation. This is a joyous competition, fraught no doubt with private dramas of winning and losing, but all by young people who are dedicated and disciplined nevertheless. So there is much success both personally and for the ballet in the results of the Youth America Grand Prix.
Larissa Savaliev, Kamie Lightburn, Heather Georges, David Klein, and Stephanie Foster
Karen LeFrak and Blaine Trump
Gemma Bond and James Duffy
Christina Lyon, Denys Drosdyuk, Antonina Skobina, and Elizabeth Segerstrom
Shari Siegel and Carlos Lopez
Lauren Lovette and Michael Clofine
Tracey Huff, Diane Chachas, Suzie Aijala, and Angela Clofine
Peter Lyden
Andy Oshrin and Michelle Smith
Sessa von Richthofen and Richard Johnson
Julia Koch, Richard LeFrak, and Daisy Soros
Ralph Rucci and Deeda Blair
Barbara Garjian Hiscoe and Les Hiscoe
John Heilman, Marjorie Reed Gordon, Lucia LaCarra, and Marlon Deno
Jean Shafiroff and Joanna Fisher
Sharon Hoge and Jonathan Marder
Wilbur Ross and Laura Blankfein
Perry Brown, Amy Fine Collins, and Steven Ezra
Philippe Bigar and Evelyn Tompkins
Brad Collins and Troy Brown
Olu Evans and Misty Copeland
Giulio Rosetta, Kate Allen, and Darren Henault
Larissa Savaliev and Charles Askegard
Bobby Genovese and Dee Dee Taylor Eustace
Chris Astley, Amy Astley, Ed Morse, and Linda Morse
Brooklyn Mac and John Palatinus
B Michael and Mark Anthony Edwards
Allegra Kent
Sessa von Richthofen and Richard Johnson
R. Couri Hay and Zoe Bullock
Kathleen Murtha
On Wednesday, April 9th, more than 270 friends of God’s Love We Deliver gathered at the 11th Annual Authors In Kind. This literary luncheon, held at the Metropolitan Club, was emceed by Board Member, author extraordinaire and Authors In Kind founder, Linda Fairstein. Linda introduced each guest author, who then took the podium to share anecdotes and remarks about their work to the delight of our many guests. The authors signed books before and after the event, meeting and greeting guests and fans.
Linda Fairstein, Karen Pearl, Barbara Ehrenreich, Chef Mike Anthony and Robin Cook
Valerie McCarthy, Audrey Schein, JoAnn D. Smith, Eileen Schein and Karen Pearl
This year’s authors included:

Linda Fairstein - Author of the Alex Cooper crime novel series including her most recent novels, Death Angel and Terminal City

Robin Cook - New York Times bestselling author of Coma, discussed his latest book, Cell, a medical thriller with top-notch fusion of groundbreaking medical sciences and edge-of-your seat suspense.

Barbara Ehrenreich - Award-winning essayist, columnist, and author of New York Times bestseller Nickel and Dimed. Barbara discussed her new book, Living with a Wild God.

Michael Anthony - The Gramercy Tavern James Beard award-winning chef discussed The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook.
Linda Fairstein signing books
Robin Cook and Philip Geier
Barbara Ehrenreich singing books
Chef Michael Anthony
Karen Pearl, God’s Love President and CEO, opened with moving remarks about how this event supports the important mission of God’s Love. She showed the work, growth and progress of God’s Love through a photo slideshow featuring images of God’s Love volunteers, the construction of the God’s Love SoHo site and more. Linda Fairstein, the tour de force behind Authors In Kind, made lovely remarks on the work of God’s Love, its history and the community it serves. She introduced each author and also introduced the God’s Love agency video to a rapt audience.

Barbara Ehrenreich spoke of her history with God’s Love – a personal friend received meals from God’s Love years ago and she saw how important it was to have good, nutritious food delivered right to their door. Chef Michael Anthony spoke of his appreciation for God’s Love at a moment in his life when he had undergone surgery and could not shop or cook. He knows just how important it is to provide meals for people who cannot provide for themselves. As a former medical student, Robin Cook shared how important it is to take care of those who are too sick to take care of themselves.
Carol Rapoport, Chef Michael Anthony, Jana Levinson and Anne Keating
Pearl and Fairstein worked in tandem as they shared news with guests. They spoke of the renovation and expansion of the God’s Love headquarters in SoHo, and of the work that God’s Love is currently doing in its temporary site in Brooklyn.

Guests enjoyed iced coffee generously donated by RED THREAD GOOD Coffee -- the partnership was announced at last year’s luncheon. For every cup of READ THREAD GOOD Coffee sold, 2 cents are donated to God’s Love We Deliver.

As the event drew to a close, Pearl and Fairstein auctioned off a pearl necklace, donated by Angela Cummings for Assael. They also auctioned off a bag by CH Carolina Herrera and 8-packs of brownies for a year made by Chuck the Baker.
Vicente Wolf, Jeffrey Novick, Richard and Jane Novick and friends
In honor of Mother’s Day, God’s Love had a special Mother’s Day appeal, called “Meals for Moms.” For this appeal, for every donation of $250 or more, Linda Fairstein agreed to sign and send a copy of her new book, Terminal City. Guests were delighted at such a thoughtful appeal and a wonderful gift from Linda. Authors received gifts of pearls from Angela Cummings.

Other attendees of Authors In Kind included: Ken Aretsky, Michele Ateyeh, Dennis Basso, Michael Bruno, Jane Clementi, James Clementi Jr., Philip Geier, Lori Griffiths, Alexa Hampton, Fred Hill, Anne Keating, Ann Kempner, Danny Meyer, Peggy Siegal, Lesley Stahl, Blaine Trump, Robert Verdi, Vicente Wolf, Kathleen and Victor Zammit, Jens Audenaert, Rebecca Bond, Scott Bruckner, Joseph Dolce, Jonah Disend, Richard Feldman, Esq., John Gile, Jon Gilman, Barbara Goodstein, Christopher Idone, Adrian Kahan, Joseph Kirk, Chris Lacovara, Mark and Gaby Lehrer, Terrence Meck, Karen Naber, Richard and Jane Novick, Jeffrey Pfeifle, Scott Reinhardt, Alan Rogers, Michael Sennott, Jane and Patrick Shea, Sylvia Vogelman, Greg and Katy Williamson.
Michele Ateyeh, Brad Learmonth, Jon Gilman and Adrian Kahan
In its history of almost 29 years, God’s Love We Deliver has always been free of charge and never had a waiting list for its nutritious meals, unlimited education and other services. Because demand has increased more than 62% in the last five years, this year’s Authors In Kind, and the funds it has raised for God’s Love We Deliver, is more important than ever.
David Granville, Jeff Pfeifle and Alissa Wassung
Christopher Idone and guest
Erin, Jane and Patrick Shea
Dayle Berke
Jon Gilman, Michael Sennott, Sylvia Vogelman and David Ludwigson
Nic Cortese and Candy Bonder
Anne Keating and Lori Griffiths with a friend
David Ludwigson and Michael Bruno
Reno Tripiano and Lisa Zullig
Robert Verdi and Rebecca Bond
Scott Reinhardt and Stephen Covello with a friend
Linda Fairstein and Michele Ateyeh
Steven Marion and Peter Forsman
Virginia Graham, Jens Audenaert, Stephen Covello, Trent Huffman and Virginia Graham
Alexa Hampton
Bri Schultz, Bruce Nelson and Lily Nelson
Sunil Persaud and Michael MacKenzie
Chris Lacovara
Christina Zachariah, David Granville and friend
Clara Rodriguez and guests
David Ludwigson and Danny Meyer
David Ludwigson, Jane Clementi and Patrick Schultz
Dennis Basso and Blaine Trump
Dennis Basso, Karen Pearl and Jeff Pfeifle
Edie Lutnick and friend
Emmett Findley and Trent Huffman
Fred Hill and Richard Feldman
Gaby and Mark Lehrer
Greg and Katy Williamson
Guests at Authors In Kind
Jon Nathanson and Sara Throne
Jonah Disend and Shephathiah Townsend
Karen Naber and guests
Karen Pearl and Scott Bruckner
Sandy Silver and guest
Todd Sears, David Ludwigson and Alan Rogers
Vicky Shaede, Lawrence Lewis and Karen Pearl
Stephen Covello, Joanne Heyman and Terrence Meck
On Thursday, April 3, The New York City Police Foundation hosted its annual fundraising gala at the Waldorf Astoria, where the Foundation and Police Commissioner William Bratton honored The Rudin Family and paid tribute to members of the NYPD who have served with distinction.

“When the New York City Police Foundation was created, Jack and Lew Rudin were among the first supporters who recognized that the participation of private citizens was necessary to keep New York City and its inhabitants safe,” said Susan Birnbaum, President and CEO of the New York City Police Foundation.  “Over the past four decades, we have been extremely grateful that their support has extended to the next generations of Rudins, whose efforts continue to fund innovative programs that ensure the NYPD is the best-equipped police force in the world.”
Annelise Peterson, David Winter, Rikki Klieman, Benjamin Winter, and William J. Bratton
More than 800 of New York City’s business, civic, and cultural leaders attended tonight’s event. Established in 1971 as an independent, nonprofit organization, the New York City Police Foundation is the only organization authorized to raise funds for the NYPD.

Journalist Paula Zahn emceed the event, Charlie Rose presented awards and Wynton Marsalis entertained a crowd that including Rikki Klieman and Police Commissioner William Bratton, Susan Rudin, Ophelia and Bill Rudin, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Eric Rudin, Margo and John Catsimatidis, Margo and James Nederlander, Ann Tenenbaum, Thomas Lee, Nina Garcia, Robert Catell, Joyce and The Honorable David Dinkins, Caroline Hirsch, Diane Coffey, Somers and Jonathan Farkas, Felicia Taylor, Mitchell Modell, John Demsey, Tony Danza, Leonard and Allison Stern, Arnold Fisher, Francine LeFrak, Anh Duong, Suzanne Murphy, Drew Nieporent, Jeff Parsons, Catherine and Fred Adler, Sharon and John Loeb, Bettina and Jamie Prentice, Elizabeth Weymouth, Lisa Anastos and Scott Wilpon.
Samantha Rudin, David Earls, William J. Bratton, Rikki Klieman, Ophelia Rudin, and Bill Rudin
Bonnie Rudin and Mitchell Rudin
Brenda Lagrange Johnson and Bruce Gelb
The evening’s co-chairs were Bank of America, Elizabeth and H. Dale Hemmerdinger, Thomas Lee, Anthony Malkin, Stephen Meringoff, Edward Miller, Tom Moran, Ronald Perelman, Mitchell Rudin, Ann and Andrew Tisch, Benjamin Winter and David Winter.

The Foundation and Commissioner Bratton presented the Chuck Barris Foundation “Cop of the Year” Award to retired Chief Joseph Resnick, Detective Robert Dewhurst and Detective Elena Donnell for their efforts that led to the identification of “Baby Hope” and a confession by the man who murdered her 22 years ago. The Hemmerdinger Awards for Excellence for distinguished public service were presented to Deputy Inspector Jeffrey Mishula, Detective Kevin Hui, and Supervisor of School Safety Sashun Spivey.
Ann and Andrew Tisch
Anh Duong and Nina Garcia
Dale Hemmerdinger
John Mullen and Maureen McHugh
All proceeds from the event benefitted the New York City Police Foundation. The Foundation was established in 1971 by business and civic leaders as an independent, non-profit organization to strengthen the services of the NYPD and to improve public safety.  To date, the Foundation has invested more than $120 million in over 400 innovative NYPD programs including the International Liaison Program, the Real Time Crime Center, Gun Stop and Crime Stoppers. 
David Manning and Robert Catell
Paula Zahn
Eric Rudin
Tony Danza
William J. Bratton, Mayor Bill de Blasio, and Bill Rudin
Thomas and Ellen Chan
Christine Doherty and James Coleman
Barbara and Bill Aubry
Dwight and Alex Yee
Wynton Marsalis
Photographs by